"My Little Bit of Mining History"

(By Betty Stewart nee Bertha Ward)

Recently in The Blackcountryman magazine you mention that you are interested in other mines. I enclose my little bit of mining history - I was born in Daisy Bank and I will be last in my family to remember it personally.

"During the coal strike of 1926 local works were having difficulty staying open because of coal shortage. My widowed grandmother* owned the ground opposite "The Old Bush" and she was urged by locals to open up a pit to supply locals with coal.

Striking South Wales miners (two I think) came to sink and run the pit. I remember very well that when no-one was around on a Sunday, my cousin (who was a little older than me)and I would go over and look down.

Coal went by barge from Darlaston or Moxley basin. Also later my father drove a lorry. This continued into the time of the Coal Strike in 1931.

After they finished mining a coal boat was sliced into two and upended, it made a very nice sun-shade seat near to the bowling green.

There were possibly two or more pits locally near to the Ship and Rainbow, only a short distance away.

*My grandmother was Sarah Jane Ward - The Old Bush, Skidmore Road, Daisy Bank. She had 4 sons and 4 daughters and was widowed in 1909. The Old Bush was later sold to Joseph Adams in the 1930s.