Streetnames of Stourbridge and Its Vicinity
(Volume 1)

Some years ago H Jack Haden created a 390 page book describing the Streetnames around the Stourbridge area. Long out of print this book is frequently the most requested volume at Stourbridge library.

There have been many requests for the book to be reprinted. However, at 390 pages this is prohibitively expensive so a new method of publication was sought. The concept of publishing the book on a CD-ROM was put forward, and accepted by the original author and also the Society committee. I agreed to take on the job of production.

I looked at a number of formats, including web-based, browser-based and even a series of pictures on a disk. Eventually, however, there seemed to be only one option that would show the pages as they were originally shown in the book, and allow the reader/researcher to find a page (i.e. a street) quickly and efficiently.

The original typed manuscripts were available and were used for scanning the book. Then Adobe Acrobat was used to stitch the pages together into one large document. The advantages of using Acrobat were that an index can easily be made linking the reader to the page he/she is searching, the reader does not need to buy software to view the book, small portions can be "copy and pasted" into documents or printed to go into family files.

By using the version of Adobe Acrobat 6 supplied with the disk it is possible to select any area on the page, copy and paste it into another document, see example below

Another example would be an entry from one of the names. These images are copied to the clipboard and can be viewed, edited and saved using any image manipulation software (such as Paint Shop Pro, or Word).

Copy from pdf file, actual quality on screen is higher

So, as you can see, providing the images as Adobe Acrobat pdf files has distinct advantages.

To buy the disk costs £5.00, plus postage and packing. Payment can be in a number of ways, by cheque using the address on the Black Country Society website, see the "publications" page. In the UK £1.00 will cover postage and packing, cheques should be made payable to "The Black Country Society".

If you are buying from outside the UK, please email me for details of payment, I can accept Paypal and this is the easiest method of transferring funds. UK buyers can also use this form, but must pay the Paypal charges, please email for information.

If you have any queries please contact me, I regret I cannot supply images of streets, I have spent many hours creating this CD-ROM on behalf of the society, the cost is low and we have to recover our costs. 100 of the CDs we have produced will be donated to schools in the Black Country for their libraries, as well as copies to archives and public libraries. Any profit from this disk will go towards my next project, that of digitising the early issues of The Blackcountryman to publish those in a similar way.

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