Article Author Volume Issue Key words Names appearing in the article

Evolution + Development of a Local Technical Society

WM Larke CBE 01 1 iron, Wolverhampton, association Harry Spencer, Moses Millard, John Wilkinson, George Adams, Samuel Newton,

What is the Black Country

Dr JM Fletcher 01 1 Domesday, coal, mining  

The Hurst Hill Gardener

Len Hickman 01 1 poetry  

On Behalf of the Working Classes

Harold Parsons 01 1 Dudley, theatre Billy Russell,

Wednesbury Spots & Boxes

Dr JM Fletcher 01 1 pubs, steel  

Sinking of Baggeridge Colliery

R Newnham 01 1 coal, mining, Dudley Herbert Hughes,

Baggeridge Lives on in Bronze

  01 1 medallion George Lockett, Linda Payton

A Full Man

Prof. JF Coales 01 1   WM Larke,

In Search of Aynock & Ali (Ayli)

Heavy Loader 01 1 humour  

The Terror That Walked By Night

Jean Marsh 01 1 crime, Wyrley Gang George Edalji, John Green,

Coats of Arms: Walsall

  01 1 heraldry  

Coseley Crusader Cricket Association

Harry Harrison 01 1 sports, association Bill Hicklin,

Who Decides

G Moran 01 1 government, housing  

The White Swan Burnt Tree

John Brimble 01 1 pubs, Hanson's Arthur Freeman, George Lewis, Ben Gaymer, Fred Holden

The Withymoor Penny Token

R Newnham 01 1 iron, Dudley, canal James Griffin,

Sandwell Priory

R Boffy 01 1 church Gervase Pagnell, Wolsey, Luna Clifford, Whorwood,

Pigeons at Coseley

  01 1   J Adams, E Jordan,

Dudley Port

John Brimble 01 1 canal  

Yells and Beyond

  01 2 Halesowen, Shenstone, Leasowes, Brett Young

The Black Country Ironworker 1866

  01 2 social conditions  

The Black Country is Britain

Lord Wigg 01 2 school  

Bilston Enamel A Lost Art

JA Wylde 01 2 industry Benjamin Bickley,

When The Bagpipes Cum Ter Wensbry

H Fletcher 01 2 dialect  

Question + Answer

Molly G Williams 01 2 humour  

A Town By Any Other Name

John Brimble 01 2 Tipton, domesday Tibbington


  01 2 iron, Dudley, canal, Stewart and Lloyd  

Our Dorothy

Harold Parsons 01 2 biography, Dudley, tennis, sport Dorothy Round

Coats of Arms: Warley

  01 2 Warley, heraldry  

Black Country Fingers Grasp The World

  01 2 industry Thomas Piggott,

The Cog

Harold Parsons 01 2 industry Joseph Mercer,

The Rogues of 'hampton

Jean Marsh 01 2 Wolverhampton, crime Jonathan Wild, William Wood,

Once There Was An Abbey

Vivian R Hampton 01 2 church, Halesowen Somery, Thomas Warley, William Booth

South Staffs Works Managers

WM Larke CBE 01 2 industry Alfred Hickman, Percy Gilchrist

Two Gentlemen of Yells

Ruston + Homer 01 2 Halesowen, Shenstone, Leasowes, Brett Young, William Shenstone,

Venice of The Midlands

F Pepworth 01 2 canals James Brindley,

Tipton Wake

John Brimble 01 2 cholera  

We Were There

John Brimble 01 3 coal, mining, Dudley B Fellows,

Son of Sir

Colin Spencer 01 3 iron, Dudley, canal, trams John Spencer, TH Spencer, Sam Bayliss

The Choir Trip

Molly G Williams 01 3 poetry  

The Thick Coal Seams of South Staffordshire

HD Poole 01 3 coal, mining techniques, Dudley  

Jesse Pennington

  01 3 football, WBA, Jesse Pennington,

The Life of A Sandrat

  01 3 industry, childhood reminiscences  

Chriss With Two Esses

Harold Parsons 01 3 Stourbridge, The Archers Jack Nichols,

August Heat in Foundry Lane

J William Jones 01 3 poetry  

The Billy Russell Page

  01 3 Dudley  

Makers of the Black Country Tom Mondon

JM Fletcher 01 3 Netherton, William Little and Sons,  

But of Course

  01 3 short story  

Forget That Gold Watch

JM Fletcher 01 3 retirement story Norman Hawley

Early Days of Baggeridge Colliery

Jos W Stainton 01 3 coal, mining, Dudley James Stainton,

Foreign Travel '68

Denise Boffy 01 3 memories  

Around The Pubs of Sedgley

RA Shepherd 01 3 pubs, poetry  

Motorways Across The Black Country

F Pepworth 01 3 development of motorways  

Weekend Retreats

Harold Parsons 01 3 Bewdley, caravans Elson, Woodward, Cartelidge

Strike At The Patent Shaft

H Fletcher 01 3 industry Harry Davies, Sid Brotherton

Craftsman At Work

Edmund H Bissell 01 3 industry Geoffrey Wilding,

Tom Hickman - Champion

Tom Langley 01 3 sport, boxing, The 'Gasman' Emma Baker, Luke Walker,

The Charity

Gladys R Harris 01 4 dialect  

Who Was TH Gough

  01 4 Dudley Thomas Gough,

Medical Men Of Wednesbury

H Fletcher 01 4 Wednesbury, dialect Dr Crew, Dr Coleman, Dr Dingley

Writing A Local History

JF Ede 01 4 Wednesbury  

Slaughterman v Shark

Jane o'Hare 01 4 sport, fishing Michael Spencer,

Days of The Pig

Charlie Depper 01 4 dialect  

Bustleholme Mill

AH Price 01 4 West Bromwich, industry Thomas Foley, John Simcox, John Lowe,

The Machine Minder

J William Jones 01 4 poem, industry  

A Dudley Hangman

Jean Marsh 01 4 Dudley, Collier, Smith, William Collier,

Birmingham Canal Navigation Society

  01 4 canals  

The Dog Show

Carol Marsh 01 4 story  

The Earl of Dudley's Saltwells Colliery

HD Poole 01 4 Coal Mining, industry  

Ben Banks & The King

GA Moore 01 4 Iron working, industry  

Dudley Priory

RE Boffy 01 4 Church, history Pagnell, Walter Wrottesley, Thomas Ruggeway,

Sketches By Bubb

  01 4 story, Gorsty Hill,  

Visit To The Leopard

M Watson 01 4 Great Bridge Albert Jones, Jack Davies,

A 19th Century Curate

Peter Barnsley 01 4 Haden George Barrs,

The Skin Of A Pig From Walsall

JM Fletcher 01 4 Leather  

Stage Coaches

F Pepworth 01 4 Transport  

The Fire Fighting Gilberts of Darlaston

  01 4 Firemen Arthur Gilbert,

The Darlaston Fire Brigade

Molly G Williams 01 4 Darlaston  

Tale Of A Monmore Firm

Colin Spencer 01 4 Monmore Green Bayliss, Jones, Cotterills,

Malleable Iron and the Black Country

JA Wylde 02 1 Ironworks, Reamur, Seth Boyden,


Kathleen M Fletcher 02 1 poem, industry  

Round The Region

  02 1 Stourbridge, Dudley  

Charles Leslie Baker

Harold Parsons 02 1   Clebak

How The Union Came

  02 1 Industry, unions  

Wednesbury Wakes

H Fletcher 02 1 dialect  

A Spencer Was There

Colin Spencer 02 1 Spencer family history  

Billy Russell Remembers

  02 1 Darlaston, Theatre Gilbert,

Bradley Murmurs

Dickie Bird 02 1 Allotment, dialect  

Sketches By Bubb "Mild but Bitter"

  02 1 Story  

Discovering Black Country Folk Songs

John Raven 02 1 Folk Music,  

The Whum Bruwed

Len Hickman 02 1 poem, industry  

Two Old Cradley Mills

Peter Barnsley 02 1 Drews Holloway, Richard (Augustus) Eaton, Francis Rufford, William Hunt, Shilton Mill

Campin' Wi The Scarts

MG Williams 02 1 poem  

The Netherton I Remember

Tom Mondon 02 1 Pig rearing, home life,  

The Black Devil

Jim Jones 02 1 story  

The Old Man's Prayer

  02 1 poem  

Office Boy 1913

B Williams 02 1 Wednesbury, industry,  

Black Country Characters of Yesterday

  02 1    

The Black Country

Aristotle Tump 02 1 poem  

Listen to the Children

  02 1 games  

Stage Coaches

F Pepworth 02 1    

Cast Iron From West Bromwich

JM Fletcher 02 1 Industry, Bullock & Co,  

The Happy Fliers of Woodcross

  02 1 Pigeons  

The Journey

Maurice Wiggin 02 2 story  

In The Kitchen 100 Years Ago

J Baker 02 2 Kitchen equipment,  

End of A Grate Era

JA Wylde 02 2 Industry, Tipton, Charles Lathe,  

Black Country Crime & Punishment 90 Years Ago

H Jack Haden 02 2   Herbert Hall, James Lowe, William Tromans, John Priest, William Bate, John Brazier

The Christmas Party

Kathleen M Fletcher 02 2 poem  

The Market Place

HL Kershaw 02 2 Oldbury,  

Heroism & A Miraculous Rescue

JM Fletcher 02 2 Brierley Hill, Wallows Colliery, George Skidmore,

Black Country Industrial History

Dr Stanley Chapman 02 2 Industry, Cadbury, Richard Smith

The Chain of Events From 1910

Billy Russell 02 2 Darlaston, theatre,  

These Inns Are Out

George Stevens 02 2 West Bromwich,  

Village Statesman

Peter Barnsley 02 2 Cradley, politics,  

Sketches by Bubb: All That Glitters

  02 2 story  

Before The Motorway Came To Wednesbury

H Fletcher 02 2 dialect,  

Female Nail Makers

  02 2 Industry, Halesowen, Lye  

More Black Dots

  02 2    

The Dog That Died of Shame

JMF 02 2    

Back to Square One

Clebak 02 3 poem, cartoon  

My Visit To Staffs

TP Garlick 02 3 Diary, Wednesbury, Darlaston, Wolverhampton, George Flowers,

Torkin of Economy

Molly C Williams 02 3 poem, dialect  

John Bradley From Stourbridge

Norman Mutton 02 3 Biography, Industry, Mary Haden, Henry Foster, Bate Richards,

Patches, Patch Boxes and a Queen

Eric Benton 02 3 Wolverhampton, industry, Charles Mander, John Bickley, Bernard Rackham, Egan Mew,

Bells of Yell's

CG Murray 02 3 Halesowen, Billie Spooner,

Little Song of The Engine

J William Jones 02 3 poem  

Penknife Craftsman

J Brimble 02 3   Samuel Wilkes,

Mines Drainage

B Poole 02 3 Baggeridge colliery, Newcomen, John Fidoe, John and William Gibbons, William Clarke

World Without Music

Carol Marsh 02 3 Story John Rowe,

James Whale

Peter Barnsley 02 3 Biography, Theatre  

Uralia Films

  02 3   Michael Ball, Roger Crombleholme, Ned Williams,

Aston Technical College

John M Fletcher 02 3 Education CA White,

The LNWR 0-8-0 in the Black Country

Michael Hale 02 3 Trains,  

Chores Galore

  02 3 Guest Hospital, Dudley  

A Fellow of Infinite Jest

Billy Russell 02 3 Biography, Theatre, Ernie Garner,

The 1769-1969 Canal to Motorway Medallion

Richard Newnham 02 3    

The Bayliss's of the Black Country

GA Moore 02 3 Family history, William, Biddle, William Butler, Joseph Sankey, Hyslop,

Castle Dudley

James H Rushton 02 3 History, Gervase, Somery, Sutton, Leveson

1066 and Ali

HL Kershaw 02 3 Dialect, story  

The First Mayor of Smethwick

Harold Parsons 02 3   Jabez Lones,

A Fruitful Idea

D Herbert Richards 02 3 Tipton, dialect  

Our Heritage

Kathleen M Fletcher 02 3 poem  

Morning Shift

J William Jones 02 4 poem  

Sketches by Bubb

  02 4 Stewarts & Lloyd, Monte Cassino  

Operation Polly

F Savage 02 4 Oldbury, David Taylor

Accles and Pollock

Harold Parsons 02 4 Industry, George Accles, WW Hackett, Tom Pollock

Turning Back The Pages

Billy Russell 02 4 Dudley Castle, flight  

Born To The Cut

John Fletcher 02 4 Walsall, canals Rusty Tom Russell, Cogy Phipps, Elsie Peck

Historic Black Country Bridge

  02 4 Horseley, canal, Coventry Vignoles

A Day By The Sea

Grace E Allen 02 4 Memories,  

It's That Name Again

Robert J Hetherington 02 4 Origin of Black Country  

The Bicentenary of The Birmingham Canal Navigation

Richard Newnham 02 4   Matthew Boulton, Samuel Galton

Moon Landing Inspired Poetry

  02 4 poem  

The Funeral of Sgt Tyler

Peter Barnsley 02 4 Cradley, Great War Joe Tyler, Joseph Jaquiss

A Sunday Afternoon

John Richards 02 4 West Bromwich, John Blackham, Silvester Horne, John Eld

Halesowen Abbey

R Boffy 02 4 History, John Botetourt, John Dudley

Gooen Hoppen

Albert Head 02 4 Hop picking,  

Tipton Firm's Golden Jubilee

  02 4 Dudley Port, Ernest Jeavons, William Waite, HE Shaw, Malcolm

Hunting Out The Family Past

EHG Chitham 02 4 Family history, Bloxwich, genealogy Elizabeth Brindley, Evrall, Everall, Boulton, Joseph Duffield

In The Lofts

Max 02 4 Pigeons,  

Bilston Carriage Mon

H Fletcher 02 4 Dialect,  

Bringing The Black Country To Book

Harold Parsons 02 4 Bilston, John Freeman, Sarah Ann Johnson, Ikey Boden

Appurtenances of History

J Brimble 02 4    

The Ring & The Book

H Jack Haden 02 4 Sport, Boxing, Tipton Slasher, Ernest Ryder, Ben Crouch, William Perry

The 13 Locks

Terry Langford 03 1 poem, canals  

The Ascent of Ocker Bonk

  03 1 story  

Calling All Cars

David Burgess Wise 03 1 Clyno, CC Heckford, BE Browning

Roberts and Cooper's Outing

  03 1 Nostalgia  

Black Country Dialect

Eva M Starkey 03 1 dialect,  

Walsall Author - Noreen Dilcock

  03 1 'The Little Masters'  

Only 6 Beds For The Poor

Frank Squires 03 1 Wolverhampton, dispensary John Wrottesley, EH Coleman

Black Country Cat

Bruce Peter Thomson 03 1 poem  

Weaver Poet

Noah Cooke 03 1 Kidderminster, carpet, Benjamin Riley

Birth of A Colliery

SA Williams 03 1 Turners Hill, mining, Ellowes B Williams

The Castle Keep

Clebak 03 1 poem  

In The Lofts

Max 03 1 pigeons  

Characters & Street Cries of old Coseley

J Foster 03 1 Nostalgia John Marsh, Peter Flippitt

Signs of Dudley Pubs

Brian Kelly 03 1 Pub names  

Bradley Murmurs

Dickie Bird 03 1 Darlaston, dialect  

Black Country Society Medallists

  03 1    

Elegy For A Craftsman

Peter Barnsley 03 1 Cradley, chainmakers Sam Bate, Alan Beasley

The Not So Good Old Days

H Jack Haden 03 1 crime, Brierley Hill, Old Hill, Cradley, Halesowen Ann Jones, Eliza Southall, Samuel Detheridge, Benjamin Burkes, Rachel Smart, Jewkes, George Taylor, Matthew Chapman, Mary Bache, Thomas Luke, George Raybould, Walter Pritchard, Sarah Poutney, Ellen Bagnall, William Hill, Agatha Cooper, James Stokes, Joseph King, Joseph Allen, William Harper, Louisa Cox, William Bowen, Turney

What's In A Name

HE Green 03 1 Walsall, WF Blay

Seeking A Link With the Victory

Dorothy Whick 03 1 HMS Victory, Tipton, John Whick, Hannah Rollason, Sarah Jordan, John Hill, Mary Stanley, William Till

Interlude With A Stranger

DH Richards 03 1 dialect, story  


Kate Fletcher 03 1 poem, dialect  

Writing From The Schools

  03 1 Churchfields School  

Come Again Christmas

  03 1 Christmas Carol  

S'no Joke

TJ Willetts 03 1 story, dialect  

The Story of David & Goliath

AJ Butler 03 1 story, dialect  

The Spirit of

Geoff Bubb 03 1 story  


Harold Parsons 03 1 story, witchcraft  

£100 Launched the General Hospital Wolverhampton

Frank Squires 03 2   GB Thorneycroft, Dudley Fereday, Edward Cooke, George Briscoe, Henry Rogers

The Lost Film

Peter Barnsley 03 2 Bladys', cinema, Kinver, Old Hill Ben Priest, Baring-Gould, LC McBean, Leonara Morgan, Stuart Edwards

Welding Technology

Colin Spencer 03 2 industry, chainmaking Wolverhampton, Charles Onions

Rhubarb be the Barrel-load

Geoff Stevens 03 2 story, dialect  

Car Ownership

  03 2    

The Future of the Black Country Canals

Lewis Braithwaite 03 2 canals, industry  

The Ascent of Ocker Bonk

  03 2 story  

The 'Fiddle' Pipe

SA Williams 03 2 Gornal Wood, Will Evans


J William Jones 03 2 poem  

The Edwardian Family Dixon

E Rowbotham 03 2 story, dialect  

Are There Others?

HB Gaymer 03 2 Town Names  

In The Lofts

Max 03 2 pigeons  

Lord Dudley & The Making of The Black Country

TJ Raybould 03 2 industry, Round Oak, canals TT Foley

170 Years of Worship

  03 2 Bilston,  

The 'Seven' Sisters

Geoff Bubb 03 2 Wrens Nest,  

Amazing How Things Get About

Billy Russell 03 2 story, dialect, Crooked House  

Bilston Riots

John P Mellor 03 2   Rowbottam, Jarvis, Wainwright

England In The Thirties

JB Priestley 03 3 Dudley  


Denise Bragger 03 3 poem  

Another Famed Blackcountryman

JMF 03 3 Staffordshire Bull Terrier  

The Ascent of Ocker Bonk

  03 3 story  

A Bucketful o' Pillins

DH Richards 03 3 dialect  


Carol Marsh 03 3 story  

In The Lofts

Max 03 3 pigeons  

Postscript To Bladys

H Jack Haden 03 3 Baring-Gould, 'Bladys', cinema Ben Priest, Irene Jackson, Julian Watson

The Brockhouse Story

Harold Parsons 03 3 Wednesbury, industry, Deeley, Daniel Howard

The Cut

D Male 03 3 canals, Tipton, Nostalgia  

Natural Gas and Black Country Industry

Harold Parsons 03 3 Industry, Round Oak  

Childhood in Smethwick

A Turner 03 3 Nostalgia  

Black Country Gains Mention in 'House'

  03 3    

Half Jed Ali

Tom Langley 03 3 poem, dialect  

Nurses Were Drunk on The Wards

Frank Squires 03 3 Wolverhampton, hospital, Dispensary  

The Canal I See

Jill Blackham 03 3 poem  

Report on Canal Survey

Lewis Braithwaite 03 3    

Romsley Local History Society

  03 3    

A Garden of Rest

Jim Howells 03 3 Willenhall, Cholera, Luke Williams

From the back ov Brumidge t' the Rushun Frunt

Geoff Stevens 03 3 dialect,  

The Wolverhampton Trolley Bus System

J Hughes & RC Oliver 03 3 Guy, Sunbeam  

Francis Emily Campbell Black Country born Author

  03 3 Smethwick, Brierley Hill, Kinver Murdoch Campbell, Dibben

Narrow Boat To Freightliner

AF Moseley 03 4 canals, Horseley Fields  

Try 'un be a Better Mon

J Jones 03 4 poem, dialect  

Some People I Knew

Wm H Howell 03 4 Wednesbury, nostalgia Sammy Noble

Tipton's Parliament

John Brimble 03 4 Local government, James Whitehouse

The Victoria Palace Tipton

Geoff Stevens 03 4 Tipton, cinema William Doughty, Jimmy Jones

A Century Of Fastenings

John M Fletcher 03 4 Darlaston Charles Richards, Wynn

Black Country Industrial Advertising in the late 19th Century

Harold Parsons 03 4 Walsall, industry, Staffs Directory Mary Harvey, Charles Bunn

Owd George

Kathleen M Fletcher 03 4 poem, dialect  

Johnny Smith of Essington

Geoffrey T Allman 03 4 Essington  

Black Country Pleasures a Century Ago

H Jack Haden 03 4 Stourbridge, Dudley, Cradley, Lye  

Goodyear Factory Extension

  03 4 Wolverhampton, industry  

It Runs In The Family

J William Jones 03 4 story  

A Pretty Girl Sings For A Drunken Man

  03 4 song  

Memories of Old Walsall

Alan Brockhurst 03 4 nostalgia, Alan Brockhurst

Quarry Bank Epidemic

J Cartwright 03 4 smallpox Tibbetts

Sketches By Bubb

Geoff Bubb 03 4 story  

Dudley Caves Rescue Team

  03 4 mining, canals  

A Cabhorse Pulled The Ambulance

Frank Squires 03 4 Wolverhampton, hospital, dispensary  

The Navigation Inn Willenhall

E Giles 03 4 Willenhall J Watkins, JH Chester, Samuel Eastwood, Arthur Tonks, Daniel Banks

A Walsall Wobbly

John M Fletcher 03 4 industry, trade unions Donald Bennett

The Cold Canal

Harry Bates 03 4 poem  

Bradley Murmurs

Dickie Bird 03 4   John Henry

The Rockson Motor Cycle

Peter Barnsley 03 4 Cradley, industry Harry Rock, Joe Sim

The Brook

J William Jones 04 1 poem  

Recollections of The Black Country

JG Faulkner 04 1 nostalgia, pigeons, church Ben Daley

Encouraging Initiative

  04 1 Darlaston Methodist Church  

Wolverhampton Exhibition 1902

Hilary Boucher 04 1   Thomas Graham, J Herbert

Gornal - Some Impressions

Harry A Hickman 04 1 nostalgia, Baggeridge colliery, Gornal  

Palaeontology of the Wrens Nest

Michael Knight 04 1 mining  

Canal Boats at Dudley Port

John M Fletcher 04 1 canals John Lukis, Matthew Hughes

The Gloves

Jimjo 04 1 story  

Day Trip

Rowena Brookhouse 04 1 story  

Reg'lar Reeder

Kate Fletcher 04 1 poem, dialect  

Are There Fairies at the bottom of my garden?

Janet Smith 04 1 nostalgia  

The Crescent Lock Makers

G Stevens 04 1 Willenhall, industry John Worral, Charles Adams, George Harthill

An ode to the Black Country

J Hackett (Mrs) 04 1 poem  

John Thompsons at War

Harold Parsons 04 1 Industry, Dudley,  

A Club Is Born

H Jack Haden 04 1 Brierley Hill, Labour Club, Charles H Sitch, William Pearson, Alfred Marsh, David Turner

The Nailmakers

Austin Moseley 04 1 Industry, Halesowen Kenneth Lee, Wesley Perrins, Samuel Smith, Samuel Evers

The Beauties of Lye Waste

George Wooldridge 04 1 poem  

Canal Pollution Survey

AR Tindall 04 1    

Coffee With Milk, and nuts for the kids

H Jack Haden 04 1 workhouse, Poor Law, Christmas, Dudley, Wordsley, Stourbridge  

Sketches By Bubb

Geoff Bubb 04 1 story  

A Rare Recipe

Peter Barnsley 04 1 groaty pudding  

The Sunbeam Motor Company

Hilary Boucher 04 2 Wolverhampton, industry Thomas Cureton, John Marston

Thomas Holcroft & Sons

Geoff Stevens 04 2 industry, Bilston, RH Halbeard

Mr Cherrington's Log Book

John M Fletcher 04 2 Darlaston, school, B Bott, Eliha Bayley, Joseph Evans

25-Years Old & Going Strong

H Jack Haden 04 2 Stourbridge, Geoffrey Beard

Walsall's Good Samaritan

J William Jones 04 2 Sister Dora Dora Pattison

Hand Me The Audnam

Peter Barnsley 04 2 local names, Lye, Dudley  

Fower Baths A Day At Bilston

Geoff Stevens 04 2 story, dialect, Bradley Dick Hopson, Elias Harper


Clebak 04 2 poem  

Farrington's Sunday

Carol Marsh 04 2 story  

The Freeman

J Westwood 04 2 poem  

Castles & Roses

AH Price 04 2 Wolverhampton, canals, David Baugh

Old Walsall Pubs

Alan Brockhurst 04 2 nostalgia  

Hugh Lewis Pawnbroker/Philanthropist

John Brimble 04 2 Tipton, Guest hospital Joseph Ellwell, Phoebe Caddick

Brierley Hill Railway Station

Michael Hale 04 2   R Groves, J Berry, G Parsons, G Rea, George Gibbs, Charles Taylor, Rachel Price, John Herdman

The Lye Waek Groaty Puddin'

D Brooks 04 2 poem, dialect  

The Staffordshire Classic

Brian W Johns 04 2 cars, nostalgia William Brindley,

Look Back in Langour

NP Lester 04 2 Wednesbury, nostalgia Tom Hollingsworth, LC Foster

The Story of Pendeford

  04 2 Wolverhampton, airport  

From Russia With

John M Fletcher 04 3 Walsall,  

The Limerick Great Bridge

J William Jones 04 3 poem  

When Seed Productivity Was A Growing Industry

Harold Parsons 04 3 Kinver, Wordsley, Webbs,

The Lock Industry In the West Midlands

S Mould 04 3 Willenhall, Brewood  

The Local History Library Wolverhampton

Hilary Boucher 04 3    

At The Works 50 Years Ago

Alan Brockhurst 04 3 industry, nostalgia  

New Venue for The Sheridan Debating Society

John M Fletcher 04 3 Walsall,  

Black Country Town

Glynnis Rollinson 04 3 poem  

From Walsall to Cannock in 150 Years

G Stevens 04 3 industry Thomas Gameson,

The Knightin' O' Sir Walter Raleigh

B Marsh 04 3 dialect, story  

Ower Betty's Mon

Barry Walker 04 3 poem, dialect  


J Hunt 04 3 Romsley Joe Ledbury

Victoria Park, Tipton

J Brimble 04 3 Tipton Daniel Hipkins, GM Waring, GS Peake

The Open Space Environment of the Black Country

  04 3    

On The Roads of Caldmore

  04 3 memories, Walsall, Les Allen, Harper, Jack Buller, Carless, Clews, Dick Evans, Purchase, Lasty

Thru The Tunnels wi Ali

HL Kershaw 04 3 dialect  

New Hawne Colliery

Peter Barnsley 04 3 mining, Halesowen, Corngreaves Shelah Garratt, Job, James Marchant, Arthur Grove, John Chapman, Jesse Adamds (Adams), Richard Spooner

Black Country Firms At Foundry Exhibition

JM Fletcher 04 3 industry  

Engine Sheds at Wolverhampton

  04 3 Wolverhampton, Bushbury Ramsbottom, Webb

Brierley Hill Railway Station

Philip Yorke 04 3 memories  

Shuffrey of Walsall

  04 3    

Black Country Society in Action

  04 4    

A Master Craftsman (of Churchill Worcs)

Francis E Campbell 04 4 Churchill, water mill, industry Claude Bache, John Salter, George,

An Esteemed Black Country Woman

Peter Barnsley 04 4 (printing error - missing from magazine)  

Have You Paid Your Rates

  04 4 (printing error - missing from magazine)  

Famed Sunbeam Mechanic

Harold Parsons 04 4 (printing error - missing from magazine)  

Operation Lifeline

  04 4 canals,  

Some Black Country Folk Words

David Foster 04 4 dialect,  

Tipton Wake (A Memory)

J William Jones 04 4 poem  

The 1921 Coal Strike

H Jack Haden 04 4 mining, Dudley, Tipton, Netherton, Cradley Heath, Harper Parker, AH Bassano, Levi Foster, William Williams, James Rowley, Thomas Thomson

£400,000 Heat Treatment Plant - built to use natural gas

  04 4 Darlaston, Glynwed  

The Bloody Fight Between The Darlaston Champ & The Wolverhampton Pet

Tom Langley 04 4 sport, boxing, Timer Hill, William Small, Jem Butler, Joe Burton, John Nanney, Bill Baker

Brierley Hill Alliance FC

  04 4 football Arthur Griffin

Subterranean Fires in the Black Country

HG Archer 04 4 mining, Wednesbury, underground fire Richard Goldby

Pollution Survey Walsall Canal

  04 4    

Princes End Railway Station

Michael Hale 04 4 Tipton, railway  

The Guest Hospital Dudley

  04 4 Dudley, hospital Rev. George Osborne, Richard Smith, James Cooper, Joseph Guest,

Sketches By Bubb

Geoff Bubb 04 4 story  

Stourton Castle

Primrose Rostron 04 4 history, Richard Murdak, Roger de Gresbrok, Reynold Pole

Wolverhampton Low Level Railway Line

  04 4 railway,  

Story of Pargeter St, Walsall

Henry E Green 05 1 Portland Vase, John Northwood, Philip Pargeter,

New Hawne Colliery - a case of duplication

John Thompson + R Moss 05 1 mining, Halesowen, Jesse Adams, Moses Round,

Harry Hulse - Publican Extraordinary

John M Fletcher 05 1 Herberts Park, Wednesbury,  

Biblical Names in the Black Country

GA Moore 05 1    

The Hill and Smith Story

Harold Parsons 05 1 Brierley Hill, industry Henry, Joseph Smith, Edward Hill

Wedgebury Market

M Hutchinson 05 1 Wednesbury, John Shelton, Joe Pudden,

Blackberry Podge

Carol Marsh 05 1 dialect, memories  

Breweries and Brewers

Derek Preedy 05 1 Brierley Hill, Netherton, Banks's, Hanson's  

A Craftsman to be Remembered

PJ Freakley 05 1 boat builder, Les Allen,

The 1921 Coal Strike

L Rowbottom 05 1 industry, mining, Sankey Commission,  

Putting Memories to Print

JMF 05 1    

Two Recent Canal Reports

Lewis Braithwaite 05 1    

The Picture on The Fountain Wall

SA Williams 05 1 Gornal, Tom Griffiths,

Sketches by Bubb

  05 1 story, dialect  

Tramways of the Black Country

  05 1    

Beefsteak and Barley Water

J William Jones 05 1 industry, memories, dialect  

Joe and the Angel

K Fletcher 05 1 dialect, poem  

A Firm Hold on the Trade

G Stevens and K Fellows 05 1 Lye, Elijah Wood,

A Black Country Farmer

Peter Barnsley 05 1 Lutley, Halesowen, Cradley, Joe Beasley,

Creation and Hymn to the Furnace & the Fire

David Calcutt 05 1 poem  

Disaster at Coombes Wood

Peter Barnsley 05 2 mining, Jabez Edwards, Herbert Smith, Fred Smith, John Westwood, Harry Jones, Archer Cartwright

Gabriel's Hounds

Clebak 05 2 poem  

Confessions of a Cut Kid

Tom Price 05 2 canals, nostalgia  

Bradley & Foster - Darlaston

L Holden 05 2 industry, Darlaston Samuel Mills

The Black Country v the Potteries

Tom Langley 05 2 sport, boxing, Emanuel Tinsley, Harry Caton, Hughes, Jack Tipper, Ebenezer Lawton, Bob Billings

The Bull Terrier's Dance

David Calcutt 05 2 poem  

Charles II at Bentley

Donald Foster 05 2 history, English Civil War,  

Bradley & Moxley Railway Station

Michael Hale 05 2    

Simple Directions - Gornal Version

SA Williams 05 2 Gornal  

Down Goes Another One

  05 2 Monmore Green, industry, GKN  

Black Country Dialect Poets

Geoff Stevens 05 2    

Cum an' See The Paycocks

Albert Sargent 05 2 Gornal, sport, football, nostalgia Len Cooper,

View From A High Window

J William Jones 05 2 poem  

Great Tin-Plate Workers Strike

Wm. Highfield 05 2 industry, Wolverhampton, Edward Perry, George Winn, Alfred, John Briggs

The Black Country Kid

Jim Jones 05 2 poem  

Extract from the writings of

Eli Ashdown 05 2 Dudley, Eve Hill Tommy Pee,

Model Maker

JCJ Hartland 05 2 Wolverhampton, industry Thomas Price,

The Black Country Tartan

Geoff Stevens 05 3    

Jack Judge and 'Tipperary'

HL Kershaw 05 3 Oldbury,  

Filming at Baggeridge

Peter Barnsley 05 3 Mining, cinema, Gornal  

The Staffordshire Primer

Albert Sargent 05 3    

The Aaron Manby

JS Allen 05 3 industry, Horseley, Tipton,  

Commemorating the Aaron Manby

  05 3 medallion, industry, steamboat Aaron Manby, Joshua Field

Sketches By Bubb

Geoff Bubb 05 3 story,  


Leonard Webster 05 3 poem  

Four Square & Foot Sure

Geoff Stevens 05 3 industry, Lye, Benjamin Baker, Joe Baker, Fred, Stanley, Lawrence

King of the Black Country

Michael Hale 05 3 railways,  

Witley Colliery

Peter Barnsley 05 3 mining, Halesowen, Tom Newell, James Brooks, Emanuel Shilvock, Frank Jew

Aynuck's Donershun

Molly G Williams 05 3 poem, dialect  

Tipton Lifting Bridge v Pickford's Heavy Haulage

J Daker 05 3 industry  

The Baggeridge Poker

SA Williams 05 3 mining, Gornal, Ben Baker, Sam Jones

Tipton Carnival

J William Jones 05 3 poem  

The Christian Church and the Black Country

Rev. Eric J Alldritt 05 3 Rowley Regis, Gornal, religion, Daniel Mathews, George Barrs, Simeon Burns

The Fighting Holden's of Walsall

Tom Langley 05 3 sport, boxing, Walsall George Holden, Charley Davis, Bob Martin, Sam Harris, Paddy Gill, George Chattaway, Eli Jukes

For Bilston Read G3CAQ

B Moorwood 05 3 ham radio, Frederick Dunn

Women in the Nail & Chain Industry

JMF 05 3 industry,  

Name This Child

H Jack Haden 05 3 names Anchorite Brindley

Impression as last steam train passes through Wolverhampton

Geoff Bubb 05 3 poem  

Snow Hill/Stourbridge A Sentimental Journey

  05 3 railways,  

History Under the Foundation Stone

John Brimble 05 3 Tipton, fire brigade James Whitehouse, Samuel Millington, William Bedworth, William Bristow, William Whitehouse, George Thompson

Return of the Miner From the Pit

David Calcutt 05 3 poem  

A Black Country Woman in Wales

  05 4 nostalgia  

By Rail to Halesowen (Part 1)

Michael Hale & Ned Williams 05 4 Halesowen  

Making History at Bilston

J Jones 05 4 Wood St Baptist Church John Etheridge

Life and Death of Darby Hand Cricket Club

Peter Barnsley 05 4 sport, RS Paskins Ltd Tony Faulkner, Dave Marshall

The Brewer's Swan Sung

Geoff Stevens 05 4 Netherton, brewing, The Old Swan Pardoes, William Hotchkiss, William Smith, Thomas Plant, John Rollinson, Samuel Bagley, W. Onslow, Elijah Bywater, Joseph Davies, Wilfred Simms, Francis Billingham, John Dunn, Ernest Rolfe, Harold Slater, Albert Lyndon, Harry Brown, Frederick Pardoe

and The Brewer

G Stevens 05 4   George Cooksey, Pardoes

Giving a Straw for Old Bricks

John Brimble 05 4 Tipton, industry, brickmaking Bert Richards,

Impressions of Church Hill, Wednesbury

Roger Taylor 05 4 nostalgia, Wednesbury George Silas Guy

West Bromwich in the Thirties

Arthur E Truby 05 4 nostalgia, Dartmouth Park, WBA 'Dozy' Abel, Stanley Davies

Toll End, Tipton

DD 05 4   Henry Tolle, John, Richard and Thomas Tole, William Atwell, Richard Attwood,


JC Shelwood 05 4 poem  

The Choice is Ours

Peter J Horton 05 4 canals  

A Chance for Bird Watchers

PB 05 4    

Full Circle

Harold Parsons 05 4 mining, Tipton, Sedgley Richard Smith, Rundells, Joseph Smith, Mary Morris, Mary Blair

A Night on the Galusha

J William Jones 05 4 poem, Penn Joseph Jones,

The Black Country

Revd JB Owen 05 4 mining, industry GB Thorneycroft,


WK Wildman 05 4 poem  

Tipton 1912

John Brimble 05 4 health, industry  

A Trolleybus Round the Outer Circle

ER Clarke 05 4 transport  

Wormwood Farm - short story

Clarice Hackett 05 4 nostalgia  

Sunday Morning Adult School

  06 1 Tipton,  

The Mander Story

Harold Parsons 06 1 Wolverhampton, industry Benjamin Mander, John Mander, William Bacon, John Weaver, Charles Mander

A Black Country Childhood

Stanley H Edge 06 1 Haden Hill, nostalgia, mining, Halesowen, chainmaking  

A Methodist Quarterly Ticket

  06 1 religion  

Samuel Lewis & Company

  06 1 Withymoor, industry, chainmaking  

The Black Country From an Early Railway Guide

Paula Bryars 06 1 Dudley, Darlaston, Willenhall, Walsall, industry  

The Wairter 'Otter 'Unt

Albert Sargent 06 1 story, dialect, nostalgia  


  06 1 Halesowen, Lea Smith, Paul Matthews

By Rail To Halesowen (Part 2)

M Hale & N Williams 06 1 railway  

Ode Pairkins

Geoff Stevens 06 1 poem, dialect  

50 Years of Wireless in Wolverhampton

Harold Parsons 06 1 Radio, Wolverhampton HH Speke, H Taylor, Harry Stevens, J Rushton, Renee Grenshill

Scenes of Contrast

  06 1 photographs, New Hawne colliery, Dudley castle, Kingswinford  

Josiah Parkes & Sons

Harold Parsons 06 1 industry, Willenhall, Portobello, lockmaking William Parkes, Cyril Parkes, Arthur Parkes

A Black Country Woman at Home

anon 06 1 nostalgia  

The Black Country at War

SA Williams 06 1 nostalgia, story, Dudley Tom Millward

The Public Houses of Wednesbury

G Norton 06 1 nostalgia  

Landscape With a Label

Leslie J Jay 06 1 mining, industry, railway William Cobbett,

Martha's Square Cairke

J William Jones 06 1 story, dialect, nostalgia  

Days Remembered

"Stev" 06 1 poem  

Staffordshire Blues, Quarries & Halfenders

Geoff Stevens 06 1 bricks, industry, Stourbridge, Lye, West Bromwich, brickmaking EJ Pearson, William Mees, William Gilbert, George Timmis, Elihu Burritt, Ellen Coleman, Joseph Hamblett

The Black Country as Subject of Study

TP Longman 06 1    

Thoughts on Trams

Colin Spencer 06 2    

Tommy Redpenny

J William Jones 06 2 poem, nostalgia, dialect  

The Archetypal Blackcountryman

Donald Foster 06 2    

Playtime Rymes

  06 2 poem  

A Darlaston Gun Catalogue

John M Fletcher 06 2 Geo. Tonks & Son, industry  

Memories of a Black Country Woman

  06 2 Tipton, nostalgia,  

Historic Churches of the Black Country

John S Roper 06 2 Halesowen, Clent, Wednesbury, Dudley, Luke Booker, John Hampton

The Stour Vale Line

Arthur E Truby 06 2 railways, Dudley  

Historical Items in Dudley Precinct

John Brimble 06 2    

All Saints Church, Darlaston

John M Fletcher 06 2   Samuel Mills

An Old Hill Smithy

Ron Moss 06 2 industry, chainmaking, Arthur Bradney, Septimus Badger, Joseph Mason, Edith Attwood, Emily Coley

Black Country Friendly Societies

H Jack Haden 06 2 Foresters, Stewponey John Becher, John Taylor, William King, Michael Grazebrook

The Black Country's Earliest Recorded Wireless Transmission

WCL Morwood 06 2   Howard Littley, H Clark

Life in Halesowen & Old Hill

Stanley H Edge 06 2 nostalgia, Halesowen, John Burton, Dr Young,

Ali The Learner

HL Kershaw 06 2 story, dialect  

What Sort of Black Country?

  06 2    

Railway Stations at Darlaston

Michael Hale 06 2 Darlaston, railways  

The Coin & Medal Collection of the Black Country Society

John Brimble 06 2    

An Airship Over Amblecote

J Robert Williams 06 3 Stourbridge James Harrington, Stanley Spencer

This Cannon Has Fired For Almost 150 Years

Harold Parsons 06 3 industry, Bilston, Richard Hickman


E Cotterill 06 3 poem  

The Birth of a Small Car

Stanley H Edge 06 3 Austin, industry, Lickey Grange AV Davidge, Herbert Austin, SH Edge, Alf Depper

Black Country Park

ME Garlick (Mrs) 06 3 poem  

Who Was Walsall's Thomas Pearce

Henry E Green 06 3 constable Thomas Pearce

Smethwick's Early School Board Education

LE Webster 06 3 education, Smethwick, Crocketts Lane  

A Black Country School in Wales

Ron Moss 06 3 Cradley Heath, Macefield School, Eva Pine

Early Days Beneath Dudley

John M Fletcher 06 3 canals, Dudley tunnel Vic Smallshire, John Gittings, Richard Amott, Alan Garnell

Osses, 'Oss-roads and 'Oss-muck

JJ Wood 06 3 Brierley Hill, nostalgia, Pensnett, Baggeridge Walter Knott, John Amphlett

Gooin' Hoppin'

IG Stevens 06 3 dialect, nostalgia  

Tipton UDC's Last Steamroller

  06 3    

A Haunting at Holly Hall

Ned Williams 06 3 Holly Hall, Low Town, Jolly Collier Mary Anne Guest, Westwood

The Man & The Machine

J William Jones 06 3 poem  

Black Country Place Names

LO Clarke 06 3    

A Survey of the Stourbridge Canal

Pam Purcell 06 3 canals  

Ride a Cock Horse

Primrose Rostron 06 3 history  

A Hundred Years of Tubes

Harold Parsons 06 3 Weldless Steel Tube, industry, Reliance, Wednesfield, Francis Lloyd, William Lloyd

Bad Verse in "Good Woods"

Peter Barnsley 06 3   George Griffith,


Geoff Stevens 06 3 West Bromwich, biography, David Christie Murray,

The Halesowen Cavalry

J Robert Williams 06 4 Grazebrook, Joseph and George Carruthers, J Ellis Sutton, Richard Bloxidge, W Bowen Round,

She Lived in Six Reigns

  06 4 Sedgley, cholera Martha Southall, Jim Hall, C Cirdlestone, William Lewis, TG Swindell, J Barrett

Drama At The Hawthorns

Peter Barnsley 06 4 WBA, Aston Villa, 1959  

Sky-High MPs in 19c Dudley

H Jack Haden 06 4 Dudley, Corbett, ballooning Short, John Norton-Griffiths, Fitzsimons, Alfred Bunn, CFG Clarke, George Bean,


HM Durman 06 4 Willenhall. Lockmaking, nailmaking, industry Elihu Burritt, Henry Parker, Joseph Wilkes

Downings Hand Pumps

Ron Moss 06 4 Rowley Regis, Gornal, industry Daniel Mathews,

Kitchen Utensils in the Black Country Society's Collection

John Brimble 06 4    

The Gas Industry, The Tube Trade & The Fosters

David Foster 06 4 Wednesbury, industry, William Murdoch, Cornelius Whitehouse, James Russell, Thomas, Humphrey and Kenneth Foster,

Sandwell Park Colliery Company

D Dilworth 06 4 mining, industry Reuben Farley, Joseph Cooksey, Joseph Debney

The Rolling Mill

Geoff Stevens 06 4 poem  

Cobb's Engine House

Les Baker 06 4 poem  

Breakdown - No 2 Rolling Mill

J William Jones 06 4 poem  

Arrangements for Public Examination of Black Country Structure Plans

  06 4    

A Wednesbury Sailor

Roger Taylor 06 4   Jack Ebsworth


Bill Nicholls 06 4 poem  

Capers of a 'bus Conductor

JWB Smith 06 4 story, dialect  

JPS Means Beer

Geoff Stevens 06 4 Brierley Hill, pubs, brewing Joseph Simpkiss, Frank Riley

The 'Ode Road

Jay Jay 06 4 poem  

Development of Technical Education in Smethwick

LE Webster 06 4   Hugh Nettlefold, Jabez Lones, Edwin Adams

The Beginnings of Methodism in Wednesbury

JM Fletcher 07 1 Riots John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Francis Ward

The Story of a Large Tipton Family

Joan Parsons 07 1 nostalgia, Tearne,

Happy Days

Ena Massey 07 1 Toll End, nostalgia Ben Aston

West Brom's Last Resort Against the Kaiser

J Robert Williams 07 1 Great War,  

West Bromwich Gun Trade c19

Geoff Stevens 07 1 industry, Hill Top, Joseph Belcher, John Siddon, Peter Grice, Joseph Robinson, John Tonks, Paul Cashmore, Spittle brothers, Elizabeth Sutton, John Carter

The Visitors

WEC 07 1 story, boxing  

The Face on the Blind

AH Bryan Holden 07 1 Cradley Heath, story? John and Mary Robbins,

A Little Black Country Colliery

AE Price 07 1 Coombs Wood, mining Parkes, Jimmy Jackson

Carnival Day

Rowena O Brookhouse 07 1 story, dialect  

Post Boxes Made in the Midlands

Harold Parsons 07 1 Cochranes, industry  

More Reminiscences of Walsall History

Henry E Green 07 1   John and Henry Stone, Edward Leigh

A Black Country Carol

Mary Chitham 07 1 poem  

Items in the Socety's Historical Collection

John Brimble 07 1    

The 50th Anniversary of the Wolverhampton Trolleybus

Roy Clarke 07 1 transport  

Tipton Free Library

John Brimble 07 1    

How About This Then?

Donald Foster 07 1 poem  

Christmas - and After

J William Jones 07 1 poem  

Uncle Will

Primrose Rostron 07 1 industry, Stourbridge William Grazebrook, EJ Whitehurst

Dudley's Historical Buildings

  07 1    

Memories of a Black Country Childhood

Edith Rubery 07 2 nostalgia, Darlaston, Victoria Ironworks John Tunner Rubery, Alfred Ernest Owen, Thomas Rubery, John Nichols

Early School Days

Ena Massey 07 2 nostalgia, Toll End  

Can We Save Haden Hall?

Peter Barnsley 07 2 Old Hill, Ricardo de la Hauede, Anne Haden, George Barrs

Observations on Hilltop, West Bromwich

Christine Lloyd 07 2   Christine Lloyd

From Brierley Hill to British Columbia

Stan Hill 07 2 Nanaimo, mining, Dudley George Robinson, George and John Baker, Joseph and Catherine Bevilockway, John Biggs, George Dunn, Elijah Ganner, Edwin Gough, William Harrison, Thomas Hawkes, William Incher, Thomas Jones, Thomas Lowndes, John Malpass, John Makin, Matthew Miller, Richard and John Richardson, Jesse Sage, John Thompson, Richard Turner, Joseph Webb, Thomas York

The Making of a Museum

John Brimble 07 2    

Washday Heroine

AH Bryan Holden 07 2 nostalgia,  

Square Dealing

Primrose Rostron 07 2 coinage, Stourbridge, Lye, Dudley, tokens William Buffery, Richard Ambler James Wilkinson, Will Biggs, Edward Nightingale, R Astin

A Day to Remember

Edith Cotterill 07 2 story, dialect  

The Elwell's Wednesbury Church

JM Fletcher 07 2 Wood Green  

The Wesley Handstamp (1973)

  07 2 religion  

Wolverhampton Publican on the Run

Berrows Worcester Journal 2/8/1750 07 2 Wolverhampton, Cock and Bell James Calcomb, William Watkins

Landscape Without Treece

Geoff Stevens 07 2 biography, poetry Henry William Treece

A Methodist Worthy

  07 2    

A Boozer's Guide to a Font of Knowledge

H Jack Haden 07 2 Pubs, Stourbridge, pub signs  

Vote, Vote, Vote

Arthur E Truby 07 2   AE Hazel

Coseley Railway Station

Michael Hale 07 2 Deepfields, railways  

John Petty (a Tribute)

Alan Price 07 2 Walsall, biography John Petty

Chain Shop For Sale

Ron Moss 07 2 Cradley Heath, chainmaking Ishmael Bennett

I Remember

HM Plant 07 2    

Black Country Slaughterhouse

J William Jones 07 3    

The Kinver Light Railway

Tom R Bennett 07 3 Railways, archaeology  

The Black Country Society's Historical Collection

  07 3    

Halesowen Station Edwardian Heyday

Michael Hale 07 3 railway HW Payton

The 1831 Riots in the Black Country (Part 1)

J Robert Williams 07 3 Swindon, industry, Truck Acts James Perry, RP Williams, John Swatkins, Thomas Timins, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Wilcox, Samuel Dudley, Samuel Banks, William Smith, Joseph Eggington, Oswald Moseley

Tribute to a Cemetery

Kate Fletcher 07 3 Bilston, nostalgia, dialect John Etheridge

A Grazebrook of Stourton (1884-1974)

PR Rostron 07 3 Netherton, industry Owen Grazebrook

The Centenarian, a Fantasy

Edith Cotterill 07 3 story  

A Taste of Sunday Dinner

Geoff Stevens 07 3 Delph, Bathams George Harper

Sixty Years of Guy Motors

Harold Parsons 07 3 industry, Wolverhampton Sidney Guy

The Bargain

JM Fletcher 07 3 dialect, Bilston Ken Nation, Billy Cole

Lazy Days of Summer

Ena Massey 07 3 nostalgia  

Little Known Black Country First

  07 3 Wolverhampton, football Joseph Heath

Two Missioners

Albert Head 07 3 Cradley, Hollybush, Robin Hood, pubs Phil Box, Jack Worral

Tis to be Hoped That he is Not

Arthur E Truby 07 3 dialect  

From Saddle to Stage

ECM Baker 07 3   Val Morgan

Norton Museum, Bromsgrove

Ron Moss 07 3    

Redundancy at the Forge

Geoff Stevens 07 3    

The Haden Saga

H Jack Haden 07 3 Old Hill, Haden Hill Ann Haden, Peter and Vera Ashe, Isable and Hendry Haden, Thomas and Henry Haden, Thomas Grove, Richard Russell, George Barrs, James Payton Badley, Walter Bassano

Monte Carlo Interlude

Tom Langley 07 3 dialect  

Aynuk's Ark

Jay Jay 07 3    

St. Mark's Church, Ocker Hill

Colin Nicholls 07 4 Tipton LW Stanton, William Rowett, RJ Clarke, Angelo Solari, EJ Norman, CW Pearson, TW Harvey, HCA Colville

The Future of the Canals of the Black Country

Extract from Hansard 07 4 canals John Stonehouse, Bruce George

The 1831 Riots in the Black Country (Part 2)

J Robert Williams 07 4 industry, Wednesbury, Dudley Theodore Price, Joseph and Thomas Pargeter, Stephen Grainger, George Bate, William Hart, Thomas Perrins, Thomas Jones, Thomas Sidaway, William Bennett

A Staffordshire Mon

M Hutchings 07 4    

Around the Cape

AH Bryan Holden 07 4 nostalgia, Smethwick Uncle Abe

The Voice of the old Black Country

AG Price 07 4    

An Orange from Dubby

Ethel R Guy 07 4    

The Errand

J William Jones 07 4   Bill Jeavons, Harry Baxter, Connie Baxter

Bible Ballards

Edith Cotterill 07 4    

Old Fashioned Christmas

Ena Massey 07 4 nostalgia  

Black Country Guns & Slave Trade

WA Richards 08 1 industry, guns James Farmer, Samuel Galton, John Whateley


J William Jones 08 1    

The Grazebrooks at Audnam

Primrose Rostron 08 1 industry, glassmaking John and Michael Grazebrook

The 'Vic'

Ron Moss 08 1 pub, Dudley Wood George Bridgewater, Dud Dudley

Bible Ballads

Edith Cotterill 08 1 religion  

Boatmen's Missions in the Black Country

Hugh Potter 08 1 Walsall, biography  

Curious House at Bradmore

  08 1 Wolverhampton GE Lee

Action for Owen St

A Black Country Society Report 08 1    

Noah's Ock

AJ Hinchmough 08 1 dialect, story  

The 1831 Riots in the Black Country

J Robert Williams 08 1 Dudley, Bilston, mining Thomas and Isaac Badger, George Bate, Stephen Grainger, Joseph and Thomas Pargeter, Thomas Bissell, Benjamin Blomer, William Whitehouse, Joseph Cox, Robert Walker, Thomas Jones, Theodore Price

Sweeping Changes

Geoff Stevens 08 1 industry, brush making David, Sidney and Howard Clark, Don Cooper

Museum Notes

John Hallam 08 1    

Passenger Trains from Dudley - again

Michael Hale 08 1 railways, Dudley, Blowers Green  

Early Local Film Relics

Bill Pardoe 08 2 Kinver John Hodgson, Benjamin Priest

Recollections of West Bromwich

CEM Fillmore 08 2 nostalgia, JB+S Lees Benjamin Crowther, Arthur Whitcomb Smith

Tar and Rain

J William Jones 08 2    

1st Day Cover Commemorates Warley Church Reopening

  08 2    

Model Layout of Black Country Museum

  08 2    

A Secondary School for Smethwick?

LE Webster 08 2   Robert Morant, George Ryder

Holly Bush Inn

Jack Daker 08 2    

Preserved for Posterity

Michael Hale 08 2 railways, Wolverhampton  

The Chapels of All Saints Church West Bromwich

CW Hannah 08 2    

Keys by The Million

  08 2 industry, Willenhall, Portobello, lockmaking Josiah Parkes

They Serve the Black Country

  08 2 biography, Dudley Ron Moss

Art in the Black Country 1975

Austin Moseley 08 2    

Art in the Black Country 1909

John Brimble 08 2    

Wattis, a Blackcountryman

Geoff Stevens 08 2 Wednesbury, industry, William and Cameron Tome Wattis

Listen to the Children

  08 2    

Discovering History Through Streetnames

John Brimble 08 2 West Bromwich, Toll End, Tipton Joseph Stokes, Stephen Hipkins, Edward and Daniel Hipkins, WH Powis, Joseph Baker, Joseph Sherwood, JE Salter, Simeon Webb, JW Bourne, John Twist

The Lyng in the Twenties

Lew Turner/Alan Price 08 2 West Bromwich, education Horace Adolphus, Charlie Green, Jimmy Stanton, Jimmy Walker, Freddie Weaver, Jack Harvey, Arthur Key, Eric Hobday, George Fleet, Georgie Skidmore, Joe Cox, Harry Davy, Charlie King, Harry Rose

John Henry Carless VC.

AH Price 08 2 Walsall, biography John Henry Carless

Caractacus at Wednesbury

LO Clarke 08 2 Wednesbury  

Sandwell Priory Seal

D Dilworth 08 2    

The Good Lord Lyttleton

Primrose Rostron 08 3 biography, Hagley Lucy Fortescue, Thomas and George Lyttleton

Uncle Jack

James Corbett 08 3    

Robert Blatchford on the Cradley Heath Chainmakers

CJL Elwell 08 3 chainmaking, industry Robert Blatchford

Samuel Butler on the Ballad of Wedgebury Cocking

CJL Elwell 08 3    

What is a Baptist Church

Penelope Marston 08 3 Gornal, Robert Street Henry Burgess, Joseph Turner, Jenny and Dawn Hemmings, Paul and Sharon Bayliss, Tina Green, Anne Marston

Memories of the Midnight Coalman

SA Williams 08 3   Walter Knott, Ben Parry

Gornal Cottages

TR Bennett 08 3 Sedgley, cholera Thomas Hartell, Henry Pytt

Walsall Canal Survey

Hugh Potter 08 3 industry, canals  

Hero for a Day

ER Guy 08 3 Coseley Ben Hawthorne

Heritage Craft Project 1975

Wendy Williams 08 3 Hagley  

The Blackcountryman's View of BIP

  08 3 industry, plastics Ernest Goode, Sam Mayo, Alfred Williams, Harry Jelf, Jack Williams, Jim Hemmings

I Talked to Julia Varley

Michael Rix 08 3 biography, trade unions, BSA Julia Varley, Polly Flinders

Nineteenth Century Tipton Writers

J Brimble 08 3 Ocker Hill William Ker, Richard Rymer, Silas Henn, Alfred Hickman, Joseph Hall, Benjamin Legge, Thomas Hand, Arthur Underhill, Hildric Friend, John Williams

Birth of a Secondary School

LE Webster 08 3 Holly Lodge, Smethwick Robert Morant, Frank Chapman, William Downing

All Without Hands

H Jack Haden 08 3 biography Rupert Simms

Holly Bush Inn

Jack Daker 08 3 pub, A491 Ernie Meacham, Colin Nicholson, Sam Forrest, Peter Smith

Ma Luvly Dudley Wench

JR Flavell 08 3    

Travel By Flyboat

Primrose Rostron 08 4 Wolverhampton, canals, Richard Lyttleton, Elizabeth Prowse

Newtown, Wednesbury

Geoff Stevens 08 4 poem  

Centenary Exhibition

J Brimble 08 4 West Bromwich, biography, Reuben Farley, David Christie Murray

The Truth of the Matter (story)

J William Jones 08 4 story, dialect  

The State of the Willenhall 'Union'

Mike Knight 08 4 industry, lockmaking, Willenhall Josiah Parkes, Ed Fryer

The Stourbridge Canal

Keith Lloyd 08 4 Dudley Abraham Lees, Francis Homfrey, Henry Price, Edward Brewer

Looking at Landscape

JM Fletcher 08 4    

Holly Lodge Grammar School

LE Webster 08 4 Smethwick Phyllis Bishop, William Jackson, Frank Barton

Tiswas or Caltrop

Ron Moss 08 4 Lye  

Dudley Port Explosion 1922

J Brimble 08 4 industry, Tipton John Knowles, WW Doughty, Simeon Webb, Charles Lathe, Joseph Powell, Mabel Weaver

Wimmin an' Children Fairst

Arthur E Truby 08 4 West Bromwich, dialect, nostalgia, Scott Arms  

Glass Bottles and Stone Jars

J Brimble 08 4   Henry Gardner, PA Green, Thomas New

Thompson's Traction Engines

M Hale 08 4 industry John Thompson, Fred Apperley, Len Crane

Kate's Kwowtairshuns

Kate Fletcher 08 4    

A Londoner's Impression of the Black Country - 30 Years Ago

  08 4    

They Called me Bob an' it Stuck

JM Fletcher 09 1 Wednesbury Martin Kenealey, Nick Lacey, Frederick Platt, Roy Wolverson

Wolverhampton Fiesta 1976 - Vintage Rally

Jim Boulton 09 1 Wolverhampton, Clyno, Sunbeam, Star Motors, Guy Motors, AJS, HRD,  

Aynuck's Misfowerchewn

Kate Fletcher 09 1 dialect,  

A History of Ruiton United Reform Church

Vincent Welch 09 1 Gornal, John and Thomas Underhill, Theodisius Theodisius, Thomas Heathcote, John Hill, Edward Hughes, Bate Phillips

More About the Ballad of Wedgebury Cocking

Peter Radford 09 1 Wednesbury Samuel Butler, Michael Bass

Angelo Antonio Nicolo Solari

Edith Cotterill 09 1 Ocker Hill, St Marks, biography, religion Angelo Solari, Hannah Willis, Arthur Underhill

Memories of St George's Darlaston Green

RG Fox 09 1 Rubery-Owen, Darlaston James Bradshaw, Manton Hathaway, Joel Jones, Samuel and John Tunner Rubery, Alfred Ernest and David Owen, George Oliver, Ernest Chattock, Charles Armitage, Harry Gordon Davies, Horace Meadows, B Paton Jones, Brynmor Jones

The Tipton Cenotaph

J Brimble 09 1 Victoria Park Alfred North, AG Batten, WW Doughty, Douglas Pielou, JW Sargeant

Airta Swaitniss Cometh Fire

Geoff Stevens 09 1    

National Railway Museum Commemorative Plate

Michael Hale 09 1    

Bridge St Chapel, Walsall

CJL Elwell 09 1 biography Thomas Grove, W Henry Robinson, Alexander Gordon, John Bradford, Joseph Spittle, Charles Forster, Samuel Loynes, James Booker, Matthew Foxall, Thomas Cooper, EJ Elwell, Samuel Barber

Some Notes on That Engine

Michael Hale 09 1    

A Tater Like a Ball O' Flour

Arthur E Truby 09 1 West Bromwich, nostalgia Billy Buff, Percy Holmes

The Big Top

Primrose Rostron 09 1 Wolverhampton  

Birth of a Nation

Edith Cotterill 09 1    

A Permanent Way for Today

Geoff Stevens 09 1 West Bromwich, railways  

I Was Born Here

Jim William Jones 09 1    

The Tennant Brothers

SA Williams 09 1 Gornal, biography JT and George Tennant

Black Country Beauties

Primrose Rostron 09 2 Bilston, enamels, Wednesbury, James Ross, Isaac Beckett, Benjamin Bickley, Samuel Yardley

Staffords' Get Together

John Brimble 09 2    

Bradley Hall (late of Kingswinford)

Ron Davies 09 2 Kingswinford Richard Taylor, Henry Webb, C Corbett

Kingdom Hall, Jews Lane

Timothy Bill 09 2 Gornal  

Adam's Opple

E Cotterill 09 2    

The Immortal Match

Tom Langley 09 2 Chasetown, boxing, football, sport Jimmy Baker, Sammy Spittle

The Cottage Spring

Tom Langley 09 2 Chasetown James Baker

Swans on the Cut

Michael Hale 09 2 Tipton, canals  

Reflections of a Baggies Supporter

SWA 09 2 WBA, sport, football  

Irish Echoes

  09 2    

The Bellringers

Arthur E Truby 09 2 industry, nostalgia  

Steam Scene

Bryan Holden 09 2 Round Oak  

The Black Country Society & Future of the Region

  09 2    

The End of a Tipton Chapel

John Brimble 09 2 Tipton Green Thomas Davis, Edward Hipkins, Jonathan Howl, John Twist

Days of the 'Dudley Dasher'

Jack Haddock 09 2 Walsall, Dudley, railways, Palethorpes Walter Franklin

Coombs Wood Canal Trip

Ron Moss 09 2 Halesowen  

The Blackcountryman (not the magazine)

John Brimble 09 2 Tipton, pub, Britannia Tom Paskin

Manx Cars Powered by Locally-made Motors

K Lloyd 09 2    

A Wednesbury Firm Passes It's 50th Anniversary

Harold Parsons 09 3 Prodorite, industry William and Don Cattaway, CF and William Burton

Foxfield Light Railway

Keith Lloyd 09 3 Blythe Bridge  

William Frederick Blay

HG Green 09 3 Walsall, biography Thomas Pearce, William Glew, Frederic Willmore, Emma Hartshorne, Josiah Mason, John Turner, Eva Maria Clarke


J William Jones 09 3    

Beggars 'Ud Ride

Edith Cotterill 09 3 dialect, nostalgia  

Cheap Ticket to the Hawthorns

Michael Hale 09 3 WBA, railways WT Poultney, Alexander Ramsey, F Chapman, RHK Wickham

Pony Power

Primrose Rostron 09 3 Himley, mining  

Sgt Bates of the Wednesbury Rifles

J Robert Williams 09 3 biography  

The Marvellous Flute

H Jack Haden 09 3 Stourbridge, biography James Matthews, Edward Bindon Martin, William Akroyd, Frank Evers, Henry Onions Firmstone, Charles Evers and James Evers Swindell, EJ Renauld, WJJ Welch, William G Goddard, John Harward, Charles and William Holcroft, William Jonadab Turney

Code Cumfort

Kate Fletcher 09 3 dialect, poem  

Richard Samuel Chattock

CJL Elwell 09 3 West Bromwich, biography,  

How the Stripes Went Up

Mark Gardner 09 3 WBA, football, nostalgia  

Railway Horses at Tipton

Michael Hale 09 3 railways  

A King Died at Smethwick

LE Webster 09 3 Smethwick Esau Smith


Cliff Emberton 09 3 nostalgia Richard Hancox, Elijah Wills, JR McClean, John Gittings

Report on Conservation Areas Advisory Committee

Brian Moore 09 3    

The Flying Machine Comes to Wolverhampton

Harold Parsons 09 4 Dunstall Park, aviation  

High Hope for the Bean Car

Michael Hale 09 4 Dudley, industry, Smethwick  

Glass Paperweights

Primrose Rostron 09 4 Stourbridge, industry, glassmaking  

The Night of 'Alloween

Edith Cotterill 09 4 dialect  

Tale of a Rope

DH Richards 09 4 Ocker Hill, dialect Ted Wilkes, Teddy Hampson, Fred Taylor, Sim Barker

Day of a Slag Heap

Geoff Stevens 09 4    

Two Black Country Poets

CJL Elwell 09 4 Halesowen, Bilston, Walsall William Shenstone, Henry Newbolt, John Delap Halliday, Alfred Harrison, Tom Webb

A Shunting Loco Named JT Daly

Keith Lloyd 09 4 Tipton George Hobley, Fred Capewell, George Rushton

Scene of Contrast

JW Jones 09 4    

Halesowen Local History Group

Dr. Johnson Ball 09 4    

A Sunday in September

Harold Parsons 09 4    

Only Here for the Beer

Michael Hale 09 4 Brierley Hill, Bromley Lane, mining George Babbs, John Cash, Samuel Thompson

The Bloomfield Colliery Engine 1776

Richard Newnham 09 4 Tipton, industry John Roebuck, Isaac Perrins

Recent Additions to the Historical Collection

J Brimble 09 4    

A Cautionary Tale

AG Badger 09 4    

The (Black) Country Blacksmith

WE Evetts 09 4 West Bromwich  

The Vine, Burnt Tree

Katherine Lloyd 09 4 Burnt Tree, pub  

Review Article

H Jack Haden 09 4    

Wednesbury Redcoats

J Robert Williams 10 1 Boer War, military OP Roberts, HH Hampton, BT Smith, ATJ Davies, Max G Welshman, W Millner

Ayli's Monthly Wairjiz

Kate Fletcher 10 1    

Society Members Go A-visiting Carvers of Walsall

Harold Parsons 10 1 Brownhills, industry Joseph and David Carver, Joseph Smith

Gornal's 19c Link with No. 10

Archie Williams 10 1 mining, industry William Jones

An Old Mine

Jim William Jones 10 1    

Tipton & Coseley Building Society

Keith Lloyd 10 1   TH Round, RH Fitzsimons, Oliver Howl, A Allen, JH Shenton, James Dudley, D Lyons, A Copeland, W Kenton, C Round, Percy Brown, William Hill, Arnold Sowdon, Stewart Eaton, George Bott, Alfred Hughes, Daniel Hartland

The Good Samaritan (dialect)

Ian P Southall 10 1    

Some Aspects of Parish Life in West Bromwich

GW Hannah 10 1 Poor law Goodwin and William Smith, Thomas Clarke, John Parkes, Charles Starkey, John Lander, Joseph Culwick, Thomas Guest, Thomas Sylvester, Edward Kenrick, Robert Owen, Hannah Horton, James Japes, James Walker, Sarah Fenton, Edward Stillingfleet, Joseph Round, Jacob Glover, William Izon, Thomas Sidaway, Thomas Ferreday

A Topographical Catalogue

CJL Elwell 10 1 biography James Gee, Jane Davis, William Elwell, Thomas Hodgkins, Benjamin Mold

Artists of Tomorrow?

H Parsons 10 1    

When Jesse Pennington Wore a Blue Shirt

WE Evetts 10 1 WBA, football, biography  

The Other Londonderry

Mabel & Len Webster 10 1 Smethwick, biography Mabel Webster, James Cornelius Stamps, Gordon Webster

Spakein' Up for the Black Country

Geoff Stevens 10 1 dialect Thomas Pinnock

Netherton Wayfarers

Terry Willetts 10 1 football, Netherton, sport Percy Robberts, Joey Taylor, Percy Sankey, Billy Aston, Stuart Whitehouse, Leslie Horne, Jock O'Hara, Harold Smith, Jerry Hooper, Joey Round, Teddy Harcourt, Claude Edwards, John Williams, Sid Foley, Bertie Edge, Cyril Lilley, Jerry Hooper, Horace Goodwin, Stan Faulkner, Henry Bird, Alf Hewitt, Sidney MacDonald, Sid White, Tom Danks, John Bird

Byron and the Black Country

CJL Elwell 10 2 Halesowen  

Family's 112 Years at One Pub

Harold Parsons 10 2 Colley Gate, pub, Round of Beef Norman Cox

10th Anniversary of the Black Country Society in Verse

Jim William Jones & Kate Fletcher 10 2    

The Day of the Privies

DH Richards 10 2 Princes End, Tipton Ted Bailey

Baggeridge Pit Ponies

Bryan Holden 10 2 Sedgley, mining Harold Worton

Reflections from Coalpool, Walsall

Ethel Badger 10 2 Walsall, nostalgia, Rushall  

Parson Owen of Bilston

John Rowley 10 2 biography, Joseph Butterworth Owen, Charles Girdlestone

The Shifnal Buttery & Other Mock Tudors

Ron Davies 10 2 Wolverhampton Ian Campbell Hannah

Spinning Lucky Charms

Primrose Rostron 10 2 Stourbridge, industry, glassmaking  

Wesley at Dudley

Stephen Porter 10 2 Dudley, religion, Wesley  

Did You Know?

GB Stevens 10 2    

Early Black Country Flying Machines

Jim Boulton 10 2 Wolverhampton, industry, aviation AE Hartill, Granville Bradshaw, Richard Lisle, Elijah Mason

Black Country Museum Social History Advisory Panel

J Brimble 10 2    

Reminiscences of Brierley Hill

Pearl Taylor 10 2 EJ + J Pearson, nostalgia Pearl Mullett

Owd Ned (prize winning poem)

EC Toye 10 2    

Tubework Tales

Arthur E Truby 10 2 dialect  

An Appalling Colliery Accident

Roger Hoole 10 2 Wednesbury, mining William Jones, John Pitt, William Gettings, Job Jones

The Stourbridge Goods Branch

Michael Hale 10 2 railways  

Dudley Jubilee Celebrations 1935 & A Royal Visit to Tipton 1909

J Brimble 10 2   TE Carter, T Mansell

Minding Doors

Archie Williams 10 2 Gornal, nostalgia, mining Joe Baker, Noah Potts

For Short Flighty Types

Geoff Stevens 10 2 pigeons Joseph Patrick, George Whitall

Boz in the Black Country?

David W Reeves 10 2    

A Bilston Haulier

AL Hammonds 10 3 industry Lawrence Hammonds, John Davis, Joseph Sankey, Fred and Enoch Brittle, Bill Beddard

Forty Years On

Arthur E Truby 10 3 West Bromwich, Cronehills, education  

Leisure & Recreation 100 Years Ago (Part 1)

H Jack Haden 10 3 Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, sport George Morris, Robert Broomhall

Reynolds Hall

Henry E Green 10 3 Walsall William Persehouse, Edward Lyttleton, Thomas Wilbraham, John Walhouse

The New Era

WE Evetts 10 3 Bean Cars  

At the Grave of an Old Bargee

J William Jones 10 3    

Preserved Waterwheel-Driven Tilt Hammer at Halesowen

Ron Moss 10 3 Halesowen  

The Little Powder house

JMF 10 3 Tipton Bert Richards

Gornal versus Brierley Hill

Tom Langley 10 3 Bilston, boxing Charley Hedge, John Bate, Jem Hall, Surrender Lane, Abel Hill

From a Fortune to a Farthing

Geoff Stevens 10 3 Wednesbury, Darlaston, Butcroft, Spring Vale George Bishop, Tom Burford, Emily Lashford, Silas Tonks, Samuel and Joseph Steatham, Joshua Rushebrooke

The Saga of Sedgley Junction (Part 1)

Michael Hale 10 3 Palethorpes, railway  

Sister Dora, George Elliot and Walsall

CJL Elwell 10 3 Walsall, biography Dorothy Pattison, Redfern Davis, Kenyon Jones, Richard Twigg, Frederic Willett, Edward Fitzgerald, James MacLachlan, Alexander Gordon

Black Country 'Toys'

Primrose Rostron 10 3 Bilston, Wednesbury, snuff boxes, caddy spoons Samuel Pemberton

Going to be Bishoped

Higgins (Mrs) 10 3 Gornal, dialect Molly Stubbs

Our Lot

Terry Willetts 10 3 Netherton, dialect Fred Hancox

Tipton Arms

Katherine Lloyd 10 3 Tipton, pub, Britannia  

Tipton Born…AJS…Test and Competition Rider

Jim Boulton 10 3 Tipton, Sunbeam, biography, motorcycles, industry Tommy de la Hay, George Dance, Clarence Wise, Frank Giles

Hales Lane, Smethwick

LE Webster 10 3 Smethwick  

Fires, Fireirons & Fireplaces

SA Williams 10 4 Dudley, biography, Gornal Wood, mining, Ellowes colliery Ben Williams, Rupert Griffiths, HAD Round

Leisure & Recreation 100 Years Ago (Part 2)

H Jack Haden 10 4 Wordsley, Dudley, Stourbridge, Cradley Heath, Lye, Darlaston Band Thomas Keogh, FJ Turner, HT Walters, Jeremiah Skidmore, WG Webb, AG Girdlestone, WJJ Welch

50 Good Years of Progress for Goodyear

  10 4 Wolverhampton, industry Abe LaDue

Medieval Musicians in the Black Country

JM Fletcher 10 4 Goliard Chris Brown, Andrew Geuter

The South Staffordshire Railway (Part 1)

CJL Elwell 10 4 railways Charles Smith Forster, Edward Elwell, John Hyatt Harvey, George Thorneycroft, Horatio Barnett

Alexandra High School Tipton 1927-1977

John Brimble 10 4 Tipton Daniel Hipkins, Thomas E Salter, Simeon Webb

Early Open-topped Cylinder Newcomen Engines Worked in the Black Country

  10 4 Cochrane's, industry, Dudley, Woodside William Patrick

The Saga of Sedgley Junction (Part 2)

Michael Hale 10 4 Sedgley, Palethorpes  

Oak House, West Bromwich

Wendy Richards 10 4 West Bromwich Thomas and John Turton

Himley Hall

Jackie Cartwright 10 4 Dudley, Baggeridge Colliery, Richard Dudley, Jeremy Ednam, Rosemary Ednam

The Black Country of David Christie Murray

LE Webster 10 4 West Bromwich, biography, mining Edward Coleman

Moment of Steel

J William Jones 10 4    

When the Ref Scored a Goal

WE Evetts 10 4 WBA, sport  

The Dudley Loyal Association

J Robert Williams 10 4 military John Moore, Edward Foley, Joseph Amphlett, Thomas Dudley, Joseph Wainwright

Dudley Rambler

Arthur E Truby 10 4    

Postcard Aspects of Transport History

  10 4    

Moxley Waste

Geoff Stevens 10 4    
Thomas Monk J Ian Langford 11 1 Tipton, canals, biography John Mills
Rodney's Rest Archie Williams 11 1 Gornal Teddy Turner
Farewell to Oldbury Grammar School LE Webster 11 1    
A Pigeon's Lament Marilyn Tams 11 1    
A 19c Black Country Immigrant D Herbert Richards 11 1 Tipton, St Johns Dick Jarvy
Geo. Tonks and Sons Malcolm Timmins 11 1 Darlaston, gunmakers, industry, biography George and Albert Tonks
The South Staffordshire Railway (Part 2) CJL Elwell 11 1 Dudley, railways Sergeant Clarke, Philip Williams, John Bagnall, Edward Ellwell, JB Wynter
The Black Country Museum   11 1    
17c Walsall Pewterers Ronald Homer 11 1 Walsall, industry Thomas Cheshire, George and Thomas Gesson, Christopher, William and Richard Nicholas, Robert and Thomas Senore, William Sinay, Richard Synerdy, Thomas Wilkes
Profile of an Ironmaster - Francis Grazebrook Primrose Rostron 11 1 Netherton, industry, biography, Dudley  
Dad's Army in Wolverhampton - 1914 Style J Robert Williams 11 1 Wolverhampton, Dudley, military F Carr, AN Tomlinson, EJ Cowern, HG Kimberley, A Manby, ST Martin, P Warrilow, CW Cotterill, JB Fellows, JA Edwards, John Bryce, CF Leeson, J Hammond, GV Evers, AE Gilmore, A Lavender
The Fight Game   11 1 Tipton, boxing William Perry, Morris Roberts
The Long Knowle Story Ron Davies 11 1 Wolverhampton KH Smith, JR Wooddisse, George Lewis, WJ Bradburn
Sedgley Junction Signal Box JH Lloyd 11 1 Sedgley, railways  
Black Country Honeymoon Tom Langley 11 1 dialect  
Windmill End Pumping Station Geoffrey C Hartland 11 1 Dudley, Rowley, industry William Blow Collis, J Clements, Harold Millington
West Bromwich J William Jones 11 1    
A Plethora of Pits D Herbert Richards 11 1 Halesowen, Sedgley, mining  
An Inventory of Church Goods Henry E Green 11 1 Walsall FW Willmore, William Smythe, John Nightyngall, Richard Hopkins
Brief Encounter WJ Smith 11 1 Bilston, dialect  
Wheege? Arthur E Truby 11 1    
Coal Mining in the Straits, Lower Gornal Archie Williams 11 2 Gornal, mining Jack Cartwright, San Ceyney, William and Leonard Pugh, Price Lloyd, John Turner
What is a Cuberlo? Arthur Truby 11 2 West Bromwich, industry  
Netherton Breeze Burners Terry Willetts 11 2 Netherton, industry Elijah Willetts, Ruth Parkes
Langley Green Railway Station Michael Hale 11 2 Oldbury, railways  
The Brickmakers' Battle H Jack Haden 11 2 EJ+J Pearson, industry, unions J Gregory, CW Thomas, JA Asquith-Baker, Samuel Edwards, CH Sitch, James Mason
Boyhood at Ettingshall John Gower 11 2 Bilston, nostalgia, home life Mr Sellick
Mushroom Green - A Feminine Tribute Katherine Lloyd 11 2 chainmaking, industry  
Methodist Chapel, Coalpool Ethel Badger 11 2 Rushall, religion John Brewer, John Bates
Wolverhampton, Broad St Bridge Ron Moss 11 2   Eastlake Thoms
The South Staffordshire Railway (Part 3) CJL Elwell 11 2 Walsall, Dudley, railways Samuel Haines, Dick Dyott, Richard Smith, George Potter Neele, John Douglas Payne, George Wells, Horatio Barnett
Roots.. And How To Find Them Terry Willetts 11 2 genealogy  
Local Studies at Ellowes Hall School AW Dunphy and TC Lewis 11 2    
Any Old Bottles..? Primrose Rostron 11 2 Stourbridge, industry, glassmaking John Bague, John Bowles, John Henzey
Wolverhampton's Own Infantry Regiment J Robert Williams 11 2 military George Molineaux, George Pigot, John Lane
Black Country Museum Transport Group Progress   11 2    
The Titford Canal Keith Lloyd 11 3 Warley RVC Joyney
Hare Raising Tale DH Richards 11 3 Tipton, Princess End, dialect Alf Smerdon
Sonnet Terry Willetts 11 3    
Transportation for Life J Robert Williams 11 3 Stourbridge, canals Edward Campbell Brewer, John Perry, Thomas Morris, Henry Ebershard, William Craig, Joshua Bloomer
A Little Known Sunbeam Product Jim Boulton 11 3 Wolverhampton, industry Tom Pedley
GWR Prestfield Station Michael Hale 11 3 Wolverhampton, railways  
The Effects of the 1926 General Strike in the Midlands Angela Box 11 3 industry, mining  
Thomas Phillips RA. (1770-1845) Primrose Rostron 11 3 Dudley, biography  
Halesowen's Champion Model Locomotive Builder Bryan Holden 11 3   Len Jones
An Excursion Through the Black Country Mike Knight 11 3 Wolverhampton, Turners Hill, Dudley, Roseville, Tipton, Oldbury  
Election Recollections Tom Langley 11 3 dialect Jem Smith, Empire Jack, Samuel Smith
Final Shift (poem) Jim William Jones 11 3    
The Famous Lady of Silverhampton Geoff Stevens 11 3 Wolverhampton, biography Henry Hartley Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft
From Necessity to Nuisance H Jack Haden 11 3 EJ+J Pearson, coinage, biography John Wilkinson, Samuel Fereday, James Griffin, Charles Evers Swindell, Joseph Russell, George Henry Green, Elliot Evers
Thomas Jackson of Walsall CJL Elwell 11 3 biography, military  
Walsall Locks Keith Lloyd 11 3    
The Stourbridge Lion Bill Pardoe 11 4 industry, biography John Urpath Rastrick, James Foster
All Those Names Jim William Jones 11 4    
Lady Clerk - 1918-1933 Ethel Badger 11 4 nostalgia, EW Turner and Co, Bloxwich, Wednesbury  
Oldbury and Banking KJ Lloyd 11 4    
CS Kipping - Chess Expert and Wednesbury Headmaster CP Vale 11 4 Wednesbury, chess, biography  
The Boat Inn Katherine Lloyd 11 4 Coseley, pub Harry and Anne Harvey
When 100 Boats Massed at Stourbridge AE Roden & SB St. John 11 4 canals  
The High Level Travers of the Black Country Arthur Truby 11 4 Halesowen,. Tipton  
Sir Charles Marston - Man of Wolverhampton (Part 1) Marjorie von Harten 11 4 Wolverhampton, Sunbeam, biography, industry Edward Perry, John Marston
One Small Step Geoff Bubb 11 4    
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 11 4    
The Caul John Brimble 11 4    
The Largest Anchor in the World Michael Hale 11 4 Tipton, Great Eastern, industry  
Pets in the Black Country Tom Langley 11 4 Wednesbury, Darlaston Billy Simmonds
Borrow and the Black Country CJL Elwell 11 4 Willenhall, biography George Borrow, Joseph Hammersley, Sarah Tildesley, Tom Hickman
Railway Smiths and Bridge Builders Bill Carter 11 4 Carter, Ford and Co, Wednesbury Simeon Carter
Willenhall War Weapons Week 1918   11 4    
The Red Lion of Wednesbury Geoff Stevens 11 4 pub Richard Davis, Joseph Wilkes, Jemmy Adams, Edwin Richards, Thomas Mills, Joseph Robert Madeley
In Respect of me dialect Marilyn Tams 11 4    
The Other Tipton John Brimble 11 4    
Isabella (1859-1943) PRR 11 4 biography  
Sir Charles Marston (Part 1) Marjorie von Harten 12 1 Wolverhampton, biography, Bridgnorth John Marston
Memories of Wordsley Hospital 1913-1954 (Part 2) J Godfrey 12 1 Stourbridge, workhouse  
Brickhouse Barn, Rowley HR Wilson 12 1 Rowley Humfrey Lowe, Mary Paynton, Samuel and Jane Roaper, Christopher, Ann and William Chambers
Trials Ensuing From the 1831 Black Country Riots (Part 1) J Robert Williams 12 1 Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge, mining William Bennett, John Henzey Pidock, John Amphlett, John Turner, William and TW Grazebrook, Robert Scott, Henry Roberts, Henry Bradley, Richard Foley, Francis Rufford, TW Hodgetts, Edward Dudley, Thomas Cowley, John Rowe, Henry Smith, Cornelius Walters, Francis Lloyd, Benjamin Butler, John Morris, Richard Banks, Isaac Langford, Thomas, Mary and Samuel Horne, Henry Bennett, Edward Williams, John Onions, Richard Barker, Frances Pool, Ann Stone, Thomas Carter, Mary Hayes, John Lyman, Richard Hickman, George Prince, Joseph Walker
Dudley Castle (at dead of night) Jim William Jones 12 1    
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 12 1    
Another Historical Vehicle Parade at Sandwell   12 1    
West Midlands Creative Literature Collection   12 1    
Brevitt in the Limelight Harold Parsons 12 1 Willenhall Joseph and Josiah Brevitt, Frederick and Tim Rissbrook
Agenoria and her Railway Michael Hale 12 1 Shutt End, Pensnett, railways John William, LG Bourne, James and William Orme Foster, John Bradley, JHH Foley, John Keelinge, John Urpeth Rastrick, Richard and Frederick Smith
James Woodhouse HR Wilson 12 1 Rowley, biography, Warrens Hall Humphrey and William Woodhouse, William Shenstone, Hannah Fletcher
The Sunbeam Robert Champ 12 1 Wolverhampton, industry John and Charles Marston, Edward Perry, William Newill
King Street, Darlaston Malcolm Timmins 12 1 Poor Law WS Booth, Ann Bayley
The 1922 3 1/2hp Union motor Cycle Mike Knight 12 1 Willenhall, industry  
Sister Dora Harold Parsons 12 1 Walsall  
Historic Mural Harold Parsons 12 1    
The Custom of Heaving in the Black Country DC Woods 12 2 Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Walsall Patrick Casey, Patrick Walsh, Theresa Evans, Herbert Hancox, Esther Heap
Trials Ensuing From the 1831 Black Country Riots (Part 2) J Robert Williams 12 2 Dudley, mining, West Bromwich, Sedgley, Kingswinford, Stourbridge William Baker, Thomas Biggs, William Portman, Samuel and Charles Wood, Edward Dudley, Joseph Powers, Jno Fellowes, Jno Turner, William Pearson, William Rushton, John Collins, Danniel and John Dunn, William Lappage, William Albury, Jas Shaw, Thomas Hill, John Owen, John Camden, John Timmins, Abraham Bagnall, Moses Walters, Henry Liney, Enoch Jones, William Sarjant, John Jones, Samuel Turner, Benjamin Groves, Enoch Bassett, Thomas Roper, Joseph Thomson, Elijah Page, James Parkes, Richard Nicholls, Richard Lewis, Henry Pugh, John Lambert, Joseph Lacy, Giles Barker, William Price, Luke Westley, Samuel Homer, John Adams, Isaiah Plant, George Hyde, James Farley, Elisha Wood, John Norris, Edward Perring, John Nicholls, Henry Bellamy, John Hill, George Doore, William Bussey
Black Country Nicknames WG Till 12 2 Darlaston, gunmakers, industry, biography Jack Foster, Jack Wilkes
Parish Happenings - Aspects of West Bromwich Life 1766-1828 GW Hannah 12 2 West Bromwich Robert and Thomas Owen, Hannah Horton, James Jakes, John Unet, Thomas Corfield, Thomas Barnes, Samuel Warren, Job Millard, James Frost, Abel Brewerton, Thomas Clarke, Joseph Barrs
Holidays at Great Bridge - early 1920s CJB Dodd 12 2 Golds Hill Church, nostalgia Bayley Taylor Smith, William Thomas
From the Black Country Society's Photographic Collection KJ Lloyd 12 2    
The 'Lion' KJ Lloyd 12 2 Stourbridge, railways  
Early Days of Football in Wednesbury JMF 12 2    
Lent & Easter in the old Black Country Tom Langley 12 2 Willenhall, nostalgia Abel Colbourne, Big Wall Ball
Sir Charles Marston - Man of Wolverhampton (Part 3) Marjorie von Harten 12 2 Wolverhampton, biography, industry, tricycles John Marston
The Street - Sunday Morning at Dawn) Jim William Jones 12 2    
A Day at the Races J Robert Williams 12 2 Stourbridge Frank Wooldridge, WG Webb, W Harcourt Webb, John Saunders, Percival D Folkes, CL Taylor
M&W Grazebrooks Netherton Ironworks Primrose Rostron 12 2 industry, biography Shaw Hellier, Michael Grazebrook
Johnnie Friar's Racing Maggots Arthur Truby 12 2 nostalgia  
Old and New at Watery Lane, Tipton KJ Lloyd 12 2    
Cardinal Newman and the Black Country CJL Elwell 12 2 biography, religion Michael Crewe, John Sherlock, George Spencer, Sister Dora
Memories of Wordsley Hospital 1913-1954 (Part 1) J Godfrey 12 2 workhouse  
The Pit Ponies Howard Gauden Hill 12 2 mining, industry, Hingleys, Hawne, Mushroom Green, Tom Butler, George Carpenter, Robert Fellows
Okells' Farm Edith Cotterill 12 3 Tipton, Ocker Hill, nostalgia  
Sir Charles Marston (Part 4) Marjorie von Harten 12 3 Wolverhampton, biography John Marston
When The Cinema Came to Stourbridge Kathleen Crew 12 3   Alfred Wall, Ernie Garner, Douglas Phelps
Description of Dudley and Adjacent Area in 1837 (Part 1) by Visiting French Engineer JS Allen 12 3 Horseley, industry  
Boots and 'Apons' Ron Moss 12 3 Cradley Heath, Old Hill, industry James Billingham, Henry Bradley, Samuel Clarke, Jabez Downing, Arthur Edge, Priscilla Foley, Fred Holland, George Homer, John, Joseph and Thomas Jones, Joseph Nutting, John Pearson, John Poultney, Joseph Price, Samuel Sturman, Henry Wesson
With Full Military Honours J Robert Williams 12 3 Cradley Heath, Dudley, Netherend, Oldswinford Joseph Bromwich, W Field, JGC Browne, William Drew, Timothy Shaw, Joseph and Aaron Hindley, Eli Forrest, C Sheddon, J Thompson, John Skelding, G Adley, Joseph Wright, Richard Worton, JR Sawtrell,, Frank Evers
A Half Century of Yale at Willenhall Harold Parsons 12 3 locks, industry, H+T Vaughan, EA Tonks H Millard, Maurice Perry, Deryck Thorpe
A Sovereign Remedy Archie Williams 12 3 Gornal Wood, industry  
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 12 3    
Passing Strangers Geoff Bubb 12 3 Rowley  
The Grazebrook Blowing Engine David Humphries 12 3 Netherton, industry  
Now 'er Comes Jim William Jones 12 3    
George Barnsby and the Social and Political History of the 19c Black Country Richard H Trainer 12 3 West Bromwich George Wilkes
A Baths at Tipton John Brimble 12 3   JR Baker, AE Bannister
A Horse Load of Salt Primrose Rostron 12 3 Droitwich John Pedmore
The Stourbridge Town Branch Michael Hale 12 4 railways Henry Hughes, WJ Turney, T Bantock, H Sherrard
The Ingenious Mr Keir of West Bromwich CJL Elwell 12 4 Tipton, biography James Keir, Edward Ellwell, Samuel Galton
The Day the Pig Bosted I Wheldon 12 4    
Sir Rowland Hill Celebrations KJ Lloyd 12 4    
Society Members in Action   12 4    
Sir Charles Marston (Part 5) Marjorie von Harten 12 4 Wolverhampton, industry, biography, Sunbeam Louise Marston
Electric Moment Walter J Smith 12 4 Carters Green, nostalgia  
A Description of Dudley and Adjacent Area in 1837 (Part 2) by a Visiting French Engineer JS Allen 12 4 industry, mining  
Quakers in Dudley Arthur Truby 12 4 religion Robert Nayle, Thomas Martin
Trial of Bill Burn Primrose Rostron 12 4 Stourbridge Michael Grazebrook
Dudley and Limestone KJ Lloyd 12 4    
The Enville Hall Disaster of 1904 Richard Benbow 12 4 Stourbridge Henry Lambert, Ernest Nicholls, T Addison
A Wednesbury Locomotive   12 4    
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 12 4    
Rowley Rag HR Wilson 12 4 Rowley, industry  
Hailstone Quarry Jim William Jones 12 4    
Thirty Years on Michael Hale 12 4 Princess End, railways  
The Art of Ewart Chapman   13 1    
Pubs for Sale H Jack Haden 13 1 Old Hill, Cradley Heath, Ocker Hill, Tipton, Woodside, Blackheath, West Bromwich, Dudley, Hateley Heath, Greets Green, Great Bridge, Horsley Heath, Stourbridge Arthur West, GM Lacy, Samuel Bennett, John Partridge, William Ernest Mitchell, Albert Wright, JW Pugh, EH Baker, William Hale, William Henry Morris, William Holland, John Rogers, W Tansley, GE Buller, HE Malugani, JW Kay, Robert Wootton, J Payne, J Loach, J Taylor, James Tate, John Beddow, Edward Parry, WE Cholmondley, AR Harding, William Whitehouse, William Thomas Martin, Thomas Round, Joseph Greaves Jubb, Richard Dainty, J Edwards, WT Manley, Hannah Shepurd, William Whitby, John Hadley, William Burrows, R Amos, Priscilla Pearson, Amos and Edward Dagger, Samuel Chrimes, W Ball, Samuel and William Naylor, Edwin A Holden, John Dando, TR Bywater, Silas Tilley, WH Smith, B Asbury, William Boyd, A and EH Skidmore, W Barnwell, Arthur King, Ernest Gwilt, F Bradley, James Willetts, J Woodall, AO Hicknan, Albert Tromans, Nehemiah Homer, James Hadley, RA Parratt, John Darby, James Ward, Jeremiah Bourne, Thomas Higgins, Enoch Davies, Robert Woodhouse, Thomas Allender, Thomas Ingram, A Clewes, Henry Cox, Ernest Bowker, James Floyd, M Martin, A Bates, John and Jane Griffin, Thomas Badger, Harry Albert Canadine, T Griffin, John and SG Wall, John Scott, James Clarke, W Greenfield, Alice Haywood, William Baker, Thomas Wilbraham, G and C Share, CAE Edwards, A Timperley, Mary Kendrick, G Heathcock
Slum Clearance in the Black Country Ann Bonner 13 1    
Sots 'Ole Arthur Truby 13 1 nostalgia, West Bromwich Richard Reeves
Zeppelins over the Black Country T Cope 13 1 Bradley, Bilston Maud Hughes
A Chess Problem Solved Arthur Truby 13 1    
Historic Steel Billet Archie Williams 13 1    
A Glimpse into Life at Dudley Castle Richard Benbow 13 1    
St. James's Mission Old Hill HR Wilson 13 1   JE Linnell, GF Burr, JS Marriot, DJ Scurry Jones
Winter's Hand Jim William Jones 13 1    
Reminiscences of Tipton Edith Cotterill 13 1 nostalgia  
Tipton Councillor, Arthur Bannister David Humphries 13 1 Ocker Hill, biography  
More About Mumpers' Dingle AM Fraser 13 1 Willenhall George Borrow, Jack Slingsby
Recollections on Dash - 2 Michael Hale 13 1 Wordsley, canals Thomas Dadford, Jacob Bourne, Graham Burns
A Black Country Ballad Tom Langley 13 1    
Ah Doh Know, Yo' Cor Mak 'Em Out 'Arf the Time Reuben 13 1 dialect  
The 'Byng Kenrick'   13 1 canals Wilfred Byng Kenrick
1879 - A Year of Depression & Despair in the Black Country DC Woods 13 1 Dudley, industry, mining, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich RA Cross, John Jones
The Yew Tree Inn HR Wilson 13 1 Blackheath, pubs Francis Gatacre, Elizabeth Swynerton
Pits and Furnaces, or Life in the Black Country CJL Elwell 13 1 industry  
The Gornal Basket Carriage Archie Williams 13 1 Dudley, Clifford Williams and sons Ben Williams,
Census Returns Aid Family History Research Bill Carter 13 1 genealogy  
The Art of Ewart Chapman   13 2    
Francis Brett Young - Doctor: Medical and of Literature H Jack Haden 13 2 Halesowen, biography William Shenstone, Jessica Hawkinson
Mesty Croft, Wednesbury Ethel Badger 13 2 nostalgia, James McDougall, Thomas Pritchard, Isaiah Oldbury
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 13 2 M+B Brewery Henry Mitchell
They Tak' a Bit O' Figgerin' Out, Doh 'Em? Reuben 13 2 Lower Gornal, mining, dialect, Pensnett, Holly Hall  
End of an Era For the Counties Oldest Newspaper Rex Langdon 13 2 Wolverhampton  
A Child's View of pre-1939 Willenhall Mary Wakelam 13 2 nostalgia  
A Dudley Castle Tragedy Richard Benbow 13 2   Frederick Lester
The Exile Edith Cotterill 13 2    
Planning Proposals for Wolverhampton St. Dudley Peter Brand 13 2    
Sir Charles Marston - Man of Wolverhampton (Part 6) Marjorie von Harten 13 2 Sunbeam, Villiers, biography John Marston, Sydney Bowers, Thomas Cureton
Spring (An Industrial Fresco) Jim William Jones 13 2    
Recruiting for the GWR in the Late 1940s Chris Burton 13 2 railways,  
The Pits in a Corner of the Coalfield Howard Gauden Hill 13 2 mining, Lye, Delph Robert Brettle
Old Black Country Colliers and Collieries DH Richards 13 2 Wednesbury, dialect, mining Bowser Timms, Tommy Nanace, AIP Feredy, Joe Callaway
Youth Hostelling and the Black Country Arthur Truby 13 2    
The Art of Ewart Chapman   13 3    
The Warings of the Lea Muriel W Caeser 13 3 Wolverhampton, Nicholas, Michael and Thomas Waring, Roger Foulte, Richard Gifford
Saltwells Wood Jim William jones 13 3    
Bromford Ironworks 1780-1980 Condensed From a History By WKV Gale 13 3 West Bromwich, industry, iron Samuel Dawes, Benjamin and Fred Scarf, Ezra Hadley, Joe Ashmore, Charles Cooper
Bottoms Up Edith Cotterill 13 3 nostalgia  
The South Staffordshire Waterworks (Part 1) CJL Elwell 13 3 Cochranes, biography, Dudley, Wednesbury, Darlaston, Bilston, cholera Samuel Holden Blackwell, JB Owen, John Robinson McClean, William Richardson, Edward Bagnall Dimmack, John Joseph Bramah
Newcomen's Beam at FH Lloyd Ron Davies 13 3 Dudley, industry A Morris, Alf Boynton
Cum on The! Say Summat Reuben 13 3    
The Beginnings of Methodism in Darlaston Malcolm Timmins 13 3   John Seldon, Edward Eggington, John Persehouse, Nicholas Winspur, Richard Dorsett, John and George Adams, Thomas and John Day, William Doffield, John Cooper, Momford Wilkes, Joseph Yardley, Joseph Parkes, Alexander Mather
In Twilight Years KJ Lloyd 13 3 Oldbury, canals, Alf Matty
The Lamp Oil Woman Esso Magazine 13 3 biography, nostalgia Harriet Elizabeth and William Bradford, Tom Winfindale
Three Victorian Policemen DC Woods 13 3 police, mining, Sedgley, Bilston, Walsall, Stourbridge, Dudley John Childs, H McCree, John Holland, Henry Burton
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 13 3 WT Avery, industry, Cradley Forge William Murdock
Recalling the Argosy Cycling Club Dot Tearne, Harold Parsons 13 3 Tipton, nostalgia Harry, William and Victor Tearne
Some Dudley Charities of the 18th-19th Century DW Hartill 13 3 Blue Coat, Dudley Joseph Cartwright, Joshua Newborough, John Tandy, Elizabeth Hinckes, Parnell Taylor, Mary Payton, Agatha Robinson, Thomas Shaw, Richard Foley, Mary Cartwright, Henry Antrobus, Samuel Taloy, Joseph Guest, John Hodgetts, Robert, Samuel and Anne Baylies, Daniel Parsons
Children's Games West Park College Students 13 3 nostalgia Mandy Miles, Jackie Byrane
The Exile Edith Cotterill 13 3    
When Pigeons Took to the Roads Archie Williams 13 3    
The Roadmakers   13 3    
The Art of Ewart Chapman   13 4    
The Return of the Tram Roy Clarke 13 4 Black Country museum  
Crime and Punishment H Jack Haden 13 4 Brierley Hill, Pensnett, Wordsley, Burnt Tree, Quarry Bank, Bilston, Dudley, Kinver James Rodgers, Elizabeth Munday, Thomas Hand, Sarah Jane Hodgetts, Hiram Geary, Joseph Burns, Joseph James, Haden Corser, George Barber, Thomas Teague, Priscilla Warr, Thomas Barnbrook, Joseph Cartwright, Josuah Carder, John James, Alfred Crook, Thomas Malpass, Thomas Timberline, William Sutton, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Thompson, Isaac Millinchip, Arthur Pearson, Albert Billingham, Thomas Jones, Lot Billingham, Edward Worrall, William Cartwright, Albert Henry Scriven, James Blackshaw, Thomas Jenks, William Piper, James Thompson, Valentine and George Smith, John William Brooke, Samuel Bromley, Edward Thomas Reynolds, Frederick Jones (AKA Hetton), William Knight, Richard and Robert Caddock, Ebenezer James, Richard Green, John and Samuel Roper, Thomas Grainger, Reuben Male, Elizabeth Farrington, Walter Perry, Daniel Holt, Samuel Beckley, William Havard, Joseph James, Elias and Lucy Ann Bate, Edward Hatton, Levi Packwood, George Rider, Elias Cooper, Phillips Price, Charles Shilvock, Mary Smith, Thomas Raybould, Joseph Turner, William Patch, Ellen Tracey, Harriet Williams, Frederick Neale, William Davies, Enoch and Edward Cartwright, Albert Holt, Edward Windmill, Arthur Gilbert, Alfred Randle, Henry Bailey, Mary Tamms, Henry Wylde, Alfred Bagley, Alice Waldron, William Stockholm, George Brown, James Harvey, Benjamin Allen, Phoebe Mansell, Joseph Meredith, Arthur Wood, Benjamin Hughes, HO Firmston, Eli Massey, Walter Howell, Robert Swain, Haden Corser, Herbert Williams, William Homer, George Thomas Waldron, John Southall, Enoch Bloomer, William Blakemore, Francis Phillips, Ellen Caddick, Samuel Williams, Joseph Claridge, Alfred Waterman, Eliza Abbis, Ann Waterfield, Frank Evers
The Lee Howl Story 1880-1980   13 4 Tipton, industry Jonathan Edwards Howl, Edmund, Oliver, Clifford and Ralph Howl, EW Bache
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 13 4 Barrow Hill, mining, Cannon Industries  
St. Mary's Bilston - 150th Anniversary   13 4    
A Black Country Day Out Arthur Truby 13 4    
Cartoons by Clebak   13 4    
The South Staffordshire Waterworks (Part 2) CJL Elwell 13 4 industry Arthur Adams, Thomas Badger, Henry Crane, Edward Lowe Cresswell, Thomas Walker, Samson Lloyd, James Solly, John Chamberlain Barlow, Jeremia Matthews
Redhall First School Centenary Archie Williams 13 4 Gornal, Margaret Hubble, Jim Ball
A Conservation Area for Wednesbury Gary Johnson 13 4    
Methodist Church Records Bill Carter 13 4 genealogy, religion Simeon Carter
Epitaph for British Steel Kathleen M Walton 13 4 industry  
The Datestone Archie Williams 13 4 Pensnett, Old British Oak  
Power in Reserve Arthur E Truby 13 4 WBA, football,  
Night Storm Jim William Jones 13 4    
Visit to a Dudley Inn   13 4 Saltwells, Dudley  
A Repast of the Past John Brimble 13 4 Tipton, James Whitehouse, Reuben Farley, BJ Sadler
The Art of Ewart Chapman   14 1    
The Deepfield Drainer Ron Davies 14 1 Ladymoor, Bilston  
Memories of the Black Country John D Williams 14 1 nostalgia,  
Last Farewell Edi 14 1    
Pity The Poor - The 18th Century Treatment (Part 1) H Jack Haden 14 1 Old Swinford, Poor Law, workhouse, Stourbridge John Yardley, John Ellis, William Parkes, Abraham Elwell, Edward Hill, Samuel Westwood, William Bowler, Joseph Cox, Mary and Samuel Newbrook, Betty Wilson, Lussey Hill, Thomas Willits, Ester Hill, Orford Downing, Francis Witton, Joseph Green, William Pardoe, John Lewis, Robert Quartermain, Edward Brocksopp, Joseph Green, Richard Aynsworth, Joseph Widdow, Elizabeth Bachell, Pheby Mannings, Richard Knowles, Joseph Westwood, Thomas Nevy, Benjamin Bradley, Kitty Pigford, Henry Owels, Arthur Woldridge, Thomas Walker, William Heathcock, John Harris, Sarah Timmins, Thomas and Molly Egginton, Joseph and James Westwood, William Hill, Elizabeth Wilson, Lucy Hill, William Pargitter, Jane Perrins, Ambrose Foster, Sam Norwood, Boaz Perry, John Marston, Joseph Symkiss, Rachel West, Sam Groves, Hanah Brooks, Abraham Grigg, James Moor, John Robinson, Hannah Harris, Anne Chetwynd, Richard Fletcher, Betty Welch, Causer Bill, Samuel Newey, David Pearson, John Marson, Edward Russell, Francis Hill, Isabell Hemming, William Best, Mary Witton, William Allbutt, Sushannah Green, Elizabeth Perason, Josh Wall, Hannah Doodey, Samuel Phipson
The Tipton of the 1890s John Brimble 14 1   Edward Hipkins, Harry Edge, AJ Harrison, WA Kendrick
A Black Country Teaser Arthur Truby 14 1    
Lea Hall Colliery   14 1 Rugeley, mining  
Working on the Railway - Aged 12 Stan Hill 14 1 Brierley Hill, nostalgia, JD Powell
Tipton Rovers John Brimble 14 1    
Bullers, Tipton   14 1   John Buller
Star Motor Cycles Jim Boulton 14 1 Wolverhampton,  
Wolverhampton's Hollywood Film Maker Ned Williams 14 1 Dudley, Wolverhampton James Whale, Lewis Allen
Sculptured Panel - Ryland Memorial School of Art B Harris 14 1    
Dressed for Dinner Len Webster 14 1    
Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd. Keith Lloyd 14 1 canals  
Griffin to Griffin in 200 Years   14 1 Netherton, industry, James Griffin, Charles Evers Swindell, Joseph Russell, George Harry Green, Eliza Tinsley
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 14 1    
Down the Mine Katherine Lloyd 14 1    
Deepfields Remembered Ron Davies 14 1 Wolverhampton, Coseley, industry Edward Sheldon,
Winter Cameos Jim William Jones 14 1    
Clayton's Folly DH Richards 14 1 Tipton John Clayton
Extract From Bentley's Guide to Worcestershire 1840   14 1    
The Art of Ewart Chapman   14 2    
A Boatman Called Eli Ron Davies 14 2 canals, nostalgia Tom Poultney, Jack Richards
Head Balancing Woman of Daisy Bank Ron Davies 14 2 Daisy Bank Sarah Nock
The Role of the Field Carpenter Howard Gauden Hill 14 2 Halesowen, mining  
Short Heath Methodist Centenary WL Pace 14 2   G Middlemist, John Hearnshaw, William Jackson, Thomas Smith, Henry Paskin, Jabez Rough, Jos and Susanna Appleby
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 14 2    
Off We Went to the Cookery Class Ethel Badger 14 2 nostalgia, Rushall  
The Cry of the Children (Part 1) CJL Elwell 14 2 Bilston, Dudley, mining James Loxdale
The Stuart Glass Cone   14 2 Stourbridge, glassmaking Richard Bradley
Pity The Poor - The 18th Century Treatment (Part 2) H Jack Haden 14 2 Dudley, Stourbridge, Poor Law, workhouse David Pearson, Jos Halles, Jane Bradley, William Tilley, Benjamin Harrop, Jos and Edward Mobberley, Richard Oldnall, Elizabeth Hill, Job Pardon, Ann Orrell, Daniel Aston, Thomas Lavender, Thomas Watts, Samuel Smith, Thomas Spittle, Ann Best, Sarah Harris, Samuel Hadley, William and Elizabeth Bach, John Lewis, Sarah Giddons, Thomas Crawley, Edward Bradley, William Martin, Joseph Gab Pardoe, Joseph Simkiss, Henry Smallman, Edward Round, Mary Knowles, William Vernon, William Bowler, Edward Baggett, Susan Wooldridge, James Sheppley, Abraham Crow, Humy Bott, George Welch, Solamon Galley, Joseph Dancer, Thomas and Sarah Haslewood, Samuel Wassell, Elizabeth Hemming, Richard Pooton, William Norcott, Hancox Pargeter, Edward Brocksopp, Sam Perks, John Edwards, Mary Darby, Joseph Skelding, Phillip Talbot, Joseph Lawly, Sarah Willets, John Ladenton, Zachy Perks, William Sidaway, Thomas Bivan, Jane Pardoe, Thomas Hall, Mary Newbrough, Mary Robins, Arthur Mason, Betty Hemming, Josiah Wooldridge, James Marsh, Thomas Robinson, Betty Quick, Henry Wakeman, Daniel Tipper, Henry and Read Shaw, Bate Richards, Mary Edgley, Richard Gauden, Ann Newton, Thomas Britton, Charles Hill, William Brooks, George Wigan, Oliver Dixon, William Franklin, John Cardo, William Waldron
The Midland Electric Corporation AE Price 14 2 industry  
Factory Basin's Lifting Bridge Michael Hale 14 2    
Thomas Chatwin, Tipton RJ Bough 14 2 industry, ironworks  
Cries of the Midlands Samuel Clayton 14 2 Willenhall, nostalgia  
The Alkali Works of Chance Brothers J Elliott Hornby 14 3 Oldbury, industry John Houghton, Angus Smith
Factory Incident Jim William Jones 14 3 poem  
Recalling Days at Kingswinford Post Office 1922-1967 Kathleen Fincher 14 3 nostalgia WH Fellows,
Born in the Black Country Margaret Stewart 14 3 nostalgia, Wollaston, Albert Harry Guest, Barbara Marsh
Patent Shaft Steel Works 1835-1980 Keith Gale 14 3 Wednesbury, industry, James Hardy, Samuel Hodgetts, Thomas Walker, Samuel Lloyd
A Sneer Was The Spur Archie Williams 14 3 Gornal Wood, Dudley John Freeman
The Cry of the Children (Part 2) CJL Elwell 14 3 Wolverhampton, Willenhall, Coseley, Darlaston, Stourbridge, workhouse, Poor Law Eliza Field, Thomas Lyons, Robert Jones, Elizabeth Round, Eliza Harris, Charlotte Jones, Charles Bleaden, Joseph Harrison, Joseph Foster, James Allen, Samuel Rogers Horton, John Nash, Thomas Barnsby
More Boatman Stories Ron Davies 14 3 Deepfields, Dudley, nostalgia Albert Davies
Hot Dog Len Webster 14 3 dialect, story  
The Tipton Slasher   14 3 short pieces, sport  
Sculptured Busts - Wednesbury Art Gallery Barry Harris 14 3   Edwin Richards, Wilson Lloyd, JH Thursfield
Sunk in the War   14 3   WJ Hayward
Silhouettes Jerome K Jerome 14 3    
Stourbridge…George Stephenson…and the Grand Junction Railway Keith J Lloyd 14 3    
Lickey Bound in the 1910s Stanley Edge 14 3 nostalgia Herbert Austin
The Bilston Brook Ron Davies 14 3 Bilston, industry  
Nationwide Reminders of the Black Country J Brimble 14 3    
Can we save Corngreaves Hall? Keith Hodgkins 14 3 Haden Hall James Attwood
The Old Workhouse, Darlaston   14 3 Poor Law  
The Art of Ewart Chapman   14 4    
Darlaston Champion of the Nut and Bolt Workers RD Woodall 14 4 Trade Unions, Darlaston Richard Juggins
Black Country Museum Chapel's First Anniversary Keith Lloyd 14 4    
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 14 4    
Memories of Sunday School Anniversaries - Park Lane Methodist Church, Tipton   14 4    
Wolverhampton's Other Folm Maker Ned Williams 14 4 Blakenhall, biography Norman Eric Franklin
The Dudley Dispensary Chris Cooper 14 4   Joseph Guest, Barnabas Wilcox
A Glimpse of Palethorpe's Rail Traffic Keith Lloyd 14 4 Tipton  
Portrait of a Champion - Pennwood Forge Mill Bryan Holden 14 4 show jumping Fred Hartill, Valerie Luckett
Postal Services in Tipton - 1897 John Brimble 14 4    
Memories of the Black Country Cicely Glazzard 14 4 Darlaston, William Yarrow Longmore, Kathie Saywell
Third Transport Rally at the Black Country Museum Roy Clarke 14 4    
The GWR at Willenhall Michael Hale 14 4 railways,  
The Cry of the Children (Part 3) CJL Elwell 14 4 Willenhall, Dudley, Bilston, mining, Poor Law James Mitchell, GH Fisher, Samuel Caddick, James Loxdale, Henry Hill, John Barker, Charles Loxton, Joseph Cotterell, Job Lester, Thomas Irwin, Thomas Ankrett
Connop's Corner, Blackheath David L Connop 14 4 Methodism Joseph and Benjamin Connop, B Trewalla, Henry Howard, William Darby, Samuel E Walker
The Latecomer Alan A Hadley 14 4    
Black Country Badge Competition   14 4    
Walter Parsons - The West Bromwich Giant Barry Harris 14 4 West Bromwich, biography,  
The Bilston Town Halls Ron Davies 14 4   John Freeman,
Recalling the Princes End Area in the 1920s H Francis (Miss) 14 4 Tipton, nostalgia Arthur Hastilow, Ethel and Doris Blunn, JJ Young, Reuben Raybould, Isaac, Martha and Joseph Watton, Moses Westwood, Isaac Clarke, George Baker
Clebak Looks Towards Christmas   14 4    
Piling Iron Jim William Jones 14 4    
An Accident in Ettingshall Ned Williams 15 1 Wolverhampton, railways JE James, Christina Smith, William Mallin
Highfields Bridge, Coseley Ron Davies 15 1 industry James Foster, George Jones, John Barker, Benjamin Bickley
The Bull Stake Plaque, Darlaston John Brimble 15 1    
Some Literary & Historical Reflections on 'Wednesbury Cocking' CJ Spittal 15 1   Jonah and George Spittle, Eleanor Brighton, Thomas Anthony Ellis, Moses Whitehouse, Anne Hawke
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 15 1    
Setting the Scene on 'When I Was a Boy' Stan Hill 15 1    
Cradley At the Turn of The Century (extract from "When I Was A Boy") Cliff Willetts 15 1   Fred Billingham, Bob Pearson
Civic Banquets John Brimble 15 1 West Bromwich, Oak House Reuben Farley
Haden Hall - an Endangered Heritage H Jack Haden 15 1 Old Hill, mining Charles Walter Bassano, George Barrs, Benjamin Best, James Payton Badley, Harry Lench, Ernest Stevens
The Cry of The Children - Part 4 - Their Parents CJL Elwell 15 1 Wolverhampton, Dudley, Darlaston, Walsall, Poor Law WH and Sidney Cartwright, JW Moss, Priscilla Hatton, Thomas Adams, John Barker, Anne Ward, James Smith, William Parker, John Tomkyns, Samuel Alcock, Joseph Woolly, Robert Bew, Dovey Hawkesford, Mary Ann Perry, Henry Broadhurst
Tipton's Derelict Gasworks Roy Bough 15 1    
The Walsall Workhouse Enquiry 1867-68 DC Woods 15 1 Poor Law  
A Private Railway in Willenhall R Shill 15 1 railways, mining  
The Building of the Library and Sergeant's House - Hill Top, West Bromwich Barry Harris 15 1 Meyrick House James Keir
A Cradley Witch Robert Williams 15 1    
Calling Photographers Dave Whyley 15 1    
Mining in Cotwall End Valley Archie Williams 15 2 Dudley, Gornal, industry, goldmining Charles Lapworth, Thomas Glaze, John Newey, Titus Hickman, Jack Cartwright, Ben Williams, Frederick Allen, Samuel Ceyney
Cradley At the Turn of The Century (extract from "When I Was A Boy") Part 2 Cliff Willetts 15 2 industry, chainmaking, football, Round of Beef, cricket Sally Jones, Percy Smith, Jack Leah, Fred Boxley, Billy Morgan, Harry Cox, Ernie Bloomer
Souvenirs Howard Gauden Hill 15 2 Baggeridge, Lye, industry, mining  
My 'city' Right or Wrong Eric Beaizley 15 2 Dudley Castle  
The Cry of the Children (Part 5) CJL Elwell 15 2 Poor Law, Wolverhampton, Cradley, Wednesbury, Darlaston, Dudley, Stourbridge, Sedgley Thomas Badger, Henry Hall, Joseph King, Thomas Bellingham, William Henry Cartwright, Isaac Clarkson, Joseph Hugill, Charles Thornhill, Joseph William Moss, Frederick Lees, Henry Augustus Betts, Jeremiah Hartill, John Fenn, Richard Castle, Peter Lowe, William Beaman, Joseph Beale, William Hilton, John Blower, Richard Fiddian, Catherine Everett, Samuel Caddick, Thomas Adams, Stephen Green, Thomas Shorthouse, William Walters, George Young, Henry Nicholls Payne, William Parkes, Richard Foster, John Hope, Henry Duignan, Paul Law, John Putnam, John Tomkys, John Thompson, George Jenkins, Francis Palmer
Black Country Freightliner - Saved? Michael Hale 15 2 Dudley, industry, railways  
Cricket at Holly Hall ATCL and EML 15 2 Dudley, Woodside, sport Arthur Woodall, Walter Cochrane, Eddie Seckerson, Joseph Edwards
Ladymoor Missions and Chapels Ron Davies 15 2 Coseley William Ford Vance, Moses Hughes, Daniel Groucutt, Alfred Hickman
Wolverhampton Chronicle 1856, Inquest Report Robert Williams 15 2 Kingswinford Reuben Denison
The Wesleyan Reform Union Ebenezer Chapel, Oldbury Chris Cooper 15 2 Methodism GJ Sheldon, Joseph Massey, Charles Gregory, Jim Webb, Arthur Cooper, Susan Priddy, Richard Eccles
Death of an Old Mill Jim William Jones 15 2    
The Detective and the Pig Arthur Truby 15 2    
The Black Country - 16c Barry Harris 15 2    
A Works Outing John Brimble 15 2    
The Cry of the Children (Where they lived) CJL Elwell 15 3 Wednesbury, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Willenhall, Wednesfield, Darlaston, Bilston, Dudley, Stourbridge, Poor Law Richard Horne, Edward Bagnall Dimmack, JB Owen, Robert Bew, William Henry Duignan, Joshua Thompson
Old Streets of the Black Country AE Price 15 3 Stourbridge, Dudley Port, Blackheath, Brierley Hill  
Black Country Men Afield - Part 1 CAG Thomas 15 3 Kingswinford, mining John and William Pearson, Richard Randall, James Harrison
Hop Picking as I Saw It Howard Gauden Hill 15 3 nostalgia  
Non-Literary Memorial Busts - Central Library West Bromwich Barry Harris 15 3 ironworks, industry Samuel, John Bayley and Charles Lees,
Man on a Bridge Jim William Jones 15 3 poetry  
Railway Scenes Past and Present Keith Lloyd 15 3 photographs  
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 15 3 Woodsetton, Benjamin Parkes and Sons  
When I Was A Boy (Part 3) Cliff Willetts 15 3 Netherend, Halesowen, nostalgia, Beaconsfield Works Will Blackwell, Wilf Moore, Andrew Thomas, Albert Cox
Eliza Tinsley - Nail Mistress Geoff Webb 15 3 Sedgley, Willenhall, biography, temperance Eliza, Theophilus and Thomas Tinsley, Benjamin Butler, George Riddio, Richard and Isaac Butler, FA Homer, Harry Green, Sarah Cranfield, Mary Farr, Jane Roberts, Mary Price
Black Country Pleasure 100 Years Ago (Part 1) H Jack Haden 15 3 Dudley, railways, sport, temperance, mining, Netherton, Stourbridge, Halesowen, Brierley Hill, Kinver Saltwells GW Hastings, Job Garratt, WR Cosens, Gilbert Bradley, EHL Noot, E Fisher Smith, J McCave, Samuel Mallen, Ernest Harris, H D'Arcy Ellis, John Skidmore, William Freer, Jos. Lewis, Theodore Bishop, Samuel King, HC Brettell
St Martins Church Bradley Ron Davies 15 3 industry, Wolverhampton, Bilston John Wilkinson, G Bidlake
St Hilda's Parish Church, Warley Woods HL Kershaw 15 3    
The Sunday School Trip Hilda Francis 15 3 Princes End, Hurst Hill Joshua Payne, Norman Mitchard
Molineux Hotel, Wolverhampton Keith Hodgkins 15 4   Benjamin Molineux
Black Country Men Afield (Part 2) CAG Thomas 15 4 Kingswinford, industry, mining Richard Randall, John Pearson, Thomas Ray
The Priestfield to Caponfield Railway Line Ron Davies 15 4 Stowheath, Bilston, Millfields, industry George Adams, William Kitson, Benjamin Gibbons, John Bickley, George Jones, Alfred Hickman, Edward Wooley
The 'Well and Proper Lighting' of Halesowen Streets by Gas Kathleen Crew 15 4   James Tildesley
Darlaston: A Short History John Hunsley Garrington 15 4   Thomas Lane, Walter Wilkes, Edward Blackmore, Daniel Cox, John More, John Wyrly, John Pershous, William Dicken
When I Was A Boy (Part 4) Cliff Willetts 15 4 Poor Law, Cradley Heath, Lye Jack Upperdine, Joseph Rock, Joe Stevens
Caponfield Church 100 Years On Ron Davies 15 4 industry, West Bromwich John Bagnall
Black Country Pleasures 100 Years Ago (Part 2) H Jack Haden 15 4 industry, Brierley Hill, Dudley, Foresters, Oddfellows, Pensnett, Wordsley, Temperance S Sheward, Gabriel Jones, ES Haines, Thomas Homer, John Ashmore, Eli Davies
Going to the Pictures David Male 15 4 nostalgia, Victoria, Regent, Alhambra, Palace, Owen Street, Tipton  
King of the Road Jim William Jones 15 4 poem  
Punch Lines on the Black Country CJL Elwell 15 4 Children's Employment, Wolverhampton, Punch,  
Industrial Archaeology Group Report Ron Moss 15 4   Andy Rutter, John Cooksey
Photographic Group Report David Whyley 15 4    
Industrial Tea Party J Elliott Hornby 15 4 Chance & Hunt, Oldbury, Wednesbury George Mallard, Alexander Macomb Chance, John Corbett, William Gossage, WAS Calder, AE Holley, W Brownlee, Monty Adcock, Mike Kenny, James Jeavons, Charles Fox, William Croft,
7 Year Olds' Views on the Black Country Museum   15 4 Foley Infant School, Kinver  
Teacher Ellen Bill Pardoe 16 1 Cradley Heath, chainmaking, biography Ellen Hardiman, TW Thirlwell
Memories of a Black Country Childhood Maureen F May 16 1 industry, nostalgia, Bilston  
St. John Ambulance Brigade - Dudley   16 1   James Slater, H Grainger, SHT Clarkson, Charles Ollis, AD Hines
The Telephone Comes to the Black Country CJL Elwell 16 1 Wolverhampton, Dudley, Edward Binden Marten, GH Claughton
When I Was A Boy (Part 5) Cliff Willetts 16 1 nostalgia  
A Lady Motorist of Distinction Bernard Williams 16 1 Dudley, Bean Cars, Walsall Kate Wilson, George Bean, JA Smith
Bull Baiting John Hunsley Garrington 16 1 Darlaston, John Waltham
Any Old Iron J Elliott Hornby 16 1    
Our Dorothy (a Tribute) Harold Parsons 16 1 Dudley, biography Dorothy Round
Early Morning Inter-City J William Jones 16 1    
West Brom's 'Willie Holt' Barry Harris 16 1 billiards George Jones, Albert Bye
Black Country Pleasures 100 Years Ago (Part 3) H Jack Haden 16 1 Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, Dudley, Wordsley WA Worthington, WB Jacks, William Platt, JL Holberton, JB Heys, John Shaw, James Allport, Christine Baker, William Maunders, John Hill, William Angell, Herbert Higgs, William Edwards, Benjamin Pierpoint
Industrial Archaeology Group Report   16 1    
Princes End Memories Hilda Francis 16 1 nostalgia, Tipton, Wakes Lydia Round, Eric Darby, Jack Roper
The Priory Hotel, Walsall Ron Davies 16 1   William, Samuel, Mary and Edward Elwell, William Ross Cattanach, Charles Francis Brown, Edwin James Diver
Inn Signs of the Black Country (Part 1) Keith & Katherine Lloyd 16 1 Tipton, Amblecote, Ansells, Waggon & Horses, Starving Rascal, Starver  
Lord Roberts Day J Elliott Hornby 16 2 Oldbury, sport, shooting Alexander Macomb Chance, WAS Calder, Phillip Pratt
The Cochrane Family in the Black Country ATC & EM Lavender 16 2 Woodside, Dudley, industry Joseph Bramah, Alexander Brodie and Walter Cochrane, James Roden, John Blunn, Esther Hughes, Hester Boulton
When I Was a Boy (concluding part) Cliff Willetts 16 2 nostalgia, Netherton Will Challoner, Sidney Wooldridge
Gornal's Blind Coalman & his BEM Archie Williams 16 2   Ebenezer Turner
Cdr. James Eaton RN Barry Harris 16 2 West Bromwich, biography  
Memories of High St. Brierley Hill Betty Jay 16 2    
Blue Ribbons and Brass Bands (Part 1) H Jack Haden 16 2 Dudley, Brierley Hill, temperance J Raybould, John Pitt, Louisa Amelia Smith, William Spurgeon
Inn Signs of the Black Country (Part 2) Keith & Katherine Lloyd 16 2 Lye, Quarry Bank  
Children at Play Hilda Francis 16 2 nostalgia  
A 110-year Look Back   16 2    
Dudley Grammar School Class, 1929-30   16 2 photograph  
The Golds Hill Chaplaincy   16 2 West Bromwich John Nock Bagnall, Francis Hutton
William Ward's Railway RM Shill 16 2 Darlaston, railways, Willenhall  
St. Pauls Church, Wood Green Ron Davies 16 2 Wednesbury Alfred Elwell, John Lyons, George Tuthill
A Midland Tour   16 2 industry, Smethwick, Chances, Oldbury, Burritt,  
Lines for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier GE Rome 16 2 poem  
A Night Landscape in Staffordshire   16 2 poem  
The Anvil Men Jim William Jones 16 2 poem  
The Family of Henn's Jewellers Barbara M Henn 16 3 Tipton, Dudley, West Bromwich Silas Henn, Eliza Bannister, Joseph Barker, James Lewis
John Roper Memorial Collection John Brimble 16 3    
The Great Oak Farm Smash Ron Davies 16 3 Glynne family, industry, Himley, Crooked House James Boydell, Stephen Glynne, Lord Littelton, John Griffiths, William Gladstone,
Matchbox Testimonial John Brimble 16 3 England's Glory, Tipton, Old King's Head J Hamblett
Salop Street, Dudley Harold Parsons 16 3    
Two Loco's With Black Country Links R Shill 16 3 railways  
An Unusual Memorial Hilda Francis 16 3 Princes End, Tipton William Partridge Greenway, Greenaway
Lost Films in the Black Country Ned Williams 16 3 Wolverhampton, Brierley Hill Thomas Jackson, Cecil Couper, Pat Collins, Thomas Wood,
The Fair Name of Oldbury Olwen Lloyd Jones 16 3 Oldbury Country High School, 1939-45, WW2,  
A Question of Sport Arthur E Truby 16 3 Walsall  
Blue Ribbons and Brass Bands (Part 2) H Jack Haden 16 3 Brierley Hill, Lye, Smethwick, Cradley John Welch, Sarah Thompson, Joseph Fisher, Joseph Brettell, Job Garratt, Spencer Rose
Inn Signs of the Black Country (Part 3) Keith & Katherine Lloyd 16 3 Tipton, The Harrier, The Sportsman Jack Holden
The Town Gaols of Walsall & Wolverhampton - 1802 Barry Harris 16 3   William Mason, George Roberts
A 19c West Bromwich Notebook Ronald Homer 16 3 Dudley, Wednesbury Alfred and Richard Partridge, Thomas Clarke, FPBN Hutton, David Morgan, Thomas Willks, Samuel Baggot, Joseph Siddon, James Ward, William Henley Henry, William Whyn
The Remains of Atlas Ironworks Barry Harris 16 3 West Bromwich, industry Israel and Ebenezer Parkes
Ney Court, Burnt Tree John Brimble 16 3 Battle of Waterloo  
Shadows (poem) Jim William Jones 16 3 poem  
The Pitt Family of Dudley Susan Cooper & Peter Pitt 16 4 biography, Woodside, Kingswinford, Stourbridge John Barratt, Richard Foley, Francis, Oliver, Peter, Thomas and Ann Pitt, Mary Cox, Elizabeth Bodeyley, Joseph and Ann Silvers, Esther and Edward Foxall, Edward Robinson, Joseph Dale, Peter Instant, Thomas Bowler, Samuel Westwood, Joseph Wright, Joseph Dale, Joseph Matthews, Mary Pitts, Hannah M Horne, Mary Ann Addison, Elizabeth Price, Edward Partridge, Isiah Barker, Samuel Packwood, Richard Latham, Simon Dando, William Toye, Victoria Patti Ellis, Joseph Webb, Jane Salter, Joseph Noake Yorke, Mary Ann Griffiths, Robert James Elliot, Dorothy Rowberry
Reproduction of Engraving of Chance's Glassworks, c. 1857 Ron Moss 16 4 glassmaking Arthur Reeves
A Black Country School in Wales - 10 Years on Ron Moss 16 4 Cradley Heath, education David Smith
Hands Jim William Jones 16 4 poem  
Bilston's Warm Entry Joseph Smith 16 4 nostalgia, japanning Josiah Smith
The Park Head Locks Walkabout Hilda Francis 16 4    
Inn Signs of the Black Country (Part 4) Keith & Katherine Lloyd 16 4 Tividale, Tipton, Cradley  
A Wolverhampton Midget SE Baggott 16 4 industry, motoring, Atomette, industry, Wolverhampton Allan Thomas
The Gate Into the Black Country   16 4    
A Capful O' Nails - Dramatised Harold Parsons 16 4    
The Boys' Brigade Centenary & the Titanic Anchor   16 4    
My Uncle Charles Walter J Smith 16 4    
Thomas Carlyle and the Black Country CJL Elwell 16 4 Halesowen, industry, Dudley  
Willingworth Hall Ron Davies 16 4 Wednesbury, Dudley Edward Sutton, Thomas Parks, Dud Dudley, William Ward, Horace St Paul, Bridget Forester, John William Yates, Thomas Savery
A Centenary Unattained Michael Hale 16 4 Halesowen, railways  
Darlaston Library - The Early Years Malcolm Timmins 16 4   Stephen Stephens, Thomas Tildesley, James Slater
Jemima Lamb Gwendolen Elwell 16 4 Codsall, biography  
Tommy Truck, the Scourge of the Black Country (Part 1) H Jack Haden 16 4 industry, Truck Act, nailmaking, Dudley, Cradley, Stourbridge, Lye Edward J Littleton, Thomas Shilvock, John Pidcock, Theodore Price, CFG Clark, Charles Girdlestone
Ramblers' Progress Arthur E Truby 16 4    
Wolverhampton Garden Suburb Ned Williams 17 1 Fallings Park Richard Paget, WJ Oliver, W Pearson, AW Worrall, Fred Beck, M Johnson, George Chubb, GT Challoner
The West Bromwich House of Victorian Gentlemen Barry Harris 17 1   John Cleveland Green, James Smith, Edward and William Bullock, Joseph Hickman Pearson, William Cross, Henry Sutcliffe, John Brearley Payne, Edward Williams, Israel Parkes, John Bayley Lees, James Dangerfield, Charles Arkinstall, Walton Walker, William Gordon, Thomas Hood, Samuel Wagstaff, Richard Plant, John Izons, Arthur Wright, Samuel Keys, John Manley, Joseph Halford, Levi Parker, Henry Haden Halford, John Whitehouse, Hermann Koelbahn, William Hall Keys
The Life and Times of Thomas Attwood James Taylor 17 1 Halesowen, biography  
Troubled Waters - a 19c Feud CJL Elwell 17 1 Wednesbury, canals John and Francis Woodward, Edward and William Elwell, James Atkins, Serjeant Clarke, Robert Thomas, Philip Williams, William Matthews
Why Not 'Plaque' Famous Wulfrunians? Rudi Herbert 17 1    
A History of the Button Trade in Halesowen (Part 1) CF Grove 17 1 industry William and Thomas Harris, James and William Grove, Thomas Lyttleton
The Molineux Hotel Peter J Larkham 17 1 Wolverhampton  
Cycle Manufacture in the Black Country Mike Knight 17 1 industry, list of makers Percy James Tallis, Constance Edwards
Bill Pardoe Leaves the Black Country John Cooksey 17 1    
Inn Signs of the Black Country (Part 5) Keith & Katherine Lloyd 17 1 West Bromwich, Oldbury, Princes End, Cradley  
Winter - in Baggeridge Colliery Country Park (poem) Jim William Janes 17 1 poetry  
Tommy Truck (Part 2) H Jack Haden 17 1 Cradley Heath, Dudley, Careless Green, Old Hill Frederick Kitson, Edward Bradley, Abraham Hill, James and Charles Watkins, Handel Bashford, Joseph Wellings, Joseph James Westwood
When Beans Weren't Has-Beens John Brimble 17 1 industry, cars, Bean Robert Hadfield
The Oldest Pigeon Loft in Bilston Ron Davies 17 1    
William Shenstone's Schoolmistress Dr Francis Burns 17 1 biography, Halesowen Sarah and Jeremiah Lloyd, Mary Arnold
A History of the Button Trade in Halesowen (Part 2) GF Grove 17 2 industry John Jones, Daniel Parsons, James and John Grove, George and Mary Parkes, Edwin Shuker, Josiah and Thomas Coley, Maria Florence, Elizabeth and Louisa Adams, Thomas Shilvock, James Cockin, Joseph Hobday, Ronald Symes
Wordsley 'Lymp' and its Proprietor (Part 1) H Jack Haden 17 2 cinema, nostalgia Anthony Bayley, Edward Oakes, GE Johnson
Memories of Kates Hill in the 1920s Ivy Emma Rhodes 17 2 nostalgia, Dudley William Horatius Harris, Anna and Frank Lloyd, Ivy Daives, Mary Sutton, Frank Guest, Elsie Davies
The Old Glasshouse Site Richard Benbow 17 2 fire station W Willetts, WE Walker
Loco's With Black Country Links RM Shill 17 2 Pelsall  
Netherton and Darby End (or Darby Hand) George Baker 17 2 nostalgia Joe Darby, J Read
The Elisabeth Ron Davies 17 2 Bilston, industry, ironmaking Alfred Hickman, Elisabeth Stewart
Wall Heath form the 1930s Dawn Griffiths 17 2 industry, mining, ironworks  
A Great Engineer Visits the Black Country CJL Elwell 17 2 Dudley, industry  
Spring Prelude (poem) Jim William Jones 17 2    
The Woodside Ironworks ATC & EM Lavender 17 2 industry Thomas Cochrane, Willkiam Grazebrook, John Powell, Samuel Stevens
Willenhall Box Company - 50th Year Anniversary   17 2 industry H Richards
The Fountain Inn Tipton, Commemorates Tipton Slasher 17 2 pub  
Lookback to 1884 John Brimble 17 2 Dudley, trams, mining, West Bromwich  
Front Cover Illustration H Jack Haden 17 2    
A Story of Birchills and Leamore P Steele and RM Still 17 3 Walsall, ironmaking, mining Philip Williams, FC Perry, George Jones, Elias Crapper, Thomas Checkley, George Williams, John Hartland, William Budworth, John Russell
The Black Country on TV   17 3    
Some Old Bilston Toll Houses Ron Davies 17 3   William Perry, Richard Ames, Joseph Mansfield, Richard Bate, Joseph Price
A History of the Button Trade in Halesowen Eric Grove 17 3 industry James Grove
Beating Boredom Before Computers Ethel Badger 17 3 nostalgia, Bloxwich  
Advent of the Safety Bicycle - the Black Country Response Mike Knight 17 3 industry, Wolverhampton  
As the Years Have Fled (Poem) Jim William Jones 17 3    
History in Death Cards Harold Parsons 17 3 Tipton, Dudley, mining Hannah Howen, Reuben and James Howen
JF Ede (teacher, scholar, historian) John M Fletcher 17 3 Wednesbury, biography  
Wordsley 'Lymp' and its Proprietor (Part 2) H Jack Haden 17 3 Stourbridge Anthony Bayley, George Collis, Ernie Garner, Douglas Phelps, Cecil Couper
The Future of the West Midlands County Council   17 3    
A Product of Bilston - The TB Three Wheeler SE Baggott 17 3    
Wales and the Black Country - A Note on the Wrexham Connection Ivor G Hughes Wilks 17 3 industry, mining, Bilston, Dudley Isaac and Daniel Hughes, John Wilkinson
A Laureate in th Black Country CJL Elwell 17 4 West Bromwich James White
The Dudley Hutments Richard Benbow 17 4   C Kendrick, FW Cook
Wolverhampton 'Ordinaries' Mike Knight 17 4 Wolverhampton, industry, cycles  
The Battle of Tipton Green Edith Cotterill 17 4    
Steeplejack (poem) Jim William Jones 17 4    
A Mystery of the 1881 Census B Carter 17 4 Dalaston Simeon Carter, James Bridge
Piano Blues JM Fletcher 17 4 Wednesbury Mark Allen
Bilston's Ancient Pile Ron Davies 17 4   James Walker, Edward Bakers, John Freeman, Joseph Reeves
Juvenile Crime and Punishment in the Black Country 1850-1900 David Woods 17 4 Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, crime James Eynes, Harry Ormer, Harriet Hewin, Albert Edwards, Emma Meredith, B Aulton, Henry Farrington, Patrick Gavin, William Bowdler, Edward Gandy, Clare Dudgon, Charles and Arthur Davies, G Hazlewood, George and John Carter, John Tierney, Chaplin Lawton, George Stone
An Incident in Stourbridge Road, Halesowen Stan Edge 17 4 nostalgia  
Empire Variety Theatre, Smethwick Barry Harris 17 4   John Dallow, Jack Mallin, B Kennedy, WH Adams, W Jackson, AP Hicks, GR Devey
A New Station for the Black Country Ned Williams 17 4    
Private Cinemas in the Black Country Ned Williams 17 4 Wordsley, Stourbridge, Harts Hill, Himley Hall Fred Cook, John Revill, B Walker, T Womack, Frank Harvey, Eldon Firmstone, Fred Leatham
The Prophet of the Long Road (The story of Francis Asbury) Audrey Franklin 17 4 Great Barr, biography Francis Asbury
A Walsall Hero of 1927 Jim Boulton 17 4 Walsall, biography Norman Sidney Webster
Apprentices on the Run Audrey Franklin 18 1 child labour, Bloxwich, Walsall Thomas Jennings, Edward Stanley, John Harris, Thomas Birch, Thomas Benskin, William Cotterill, Thomas Middleton, Benjamin Mason, John Royley, Joseph Rollinson, Thomas Onions (aka Brown), John Walton, Thomas Layton, Robert Sproson, Thomas Fletcher, William Mills, William Meeson, Thomas Vickers, William Curtis, William Hand, Humphrey Cook, Seth Craddock, John Talton, John Cowley, John Penson (aka Holland)
Recollections of an Oldbury Private School - Miss Hollands HL Kershaw 18 1 Oldbury, education Miriam and Polly Hollands
Clarke's of Wolverhampton Mike Knight 18 1 industry, cyclemaking William Albert, Henry Steven and Thomas Clarke, Dan Rudge, John Marston
Ryecroft Junction Accident CS Taylor 18 1 railways, Walsall  
Wollaston Hall H Jack Haden 18 1   A William and Humfrey Perrott, John and Richard Persehouse, George and John Liddiatt, Frances Manning, Samuel Hunt, John Wheeler, Edward and Jonathan Kendall, William Cotton, Gregory Hickman, John Homfrey, Hannah Hodgetts, Elizabeth Grazebrook, Edward and Lydia Addenbrooke, John Pidcock, William Blow, Collis, Henry Onions and George Firmstone, Caleb William and EJJ Roberts, Ebenezer Elias Cooper, Paul H Foley, Alfred Ernest Marsh
William Paget of Wednesbury Barry Harris 18 1 biography  
Look-Back to Coseley Hilda Francis 18 1 industry  
Holly Hall Crossroads ATC & EM Lavender 18 1 Dudley Henry Gregory, Alexander B Cochrane, Charles Clay, Thomas Davies, Benjamin Greenfield, John Gregory, Thomas Pearson, Mark Pitt, Richard Longmore, Joseph Rann, Noah Young
Walsall Church Hill Marilyn Lewis 18 1 St. Matthews  
Starting Tipton's Road to Health John Brimble 18 1   Jesse Baxter, William Aston, Thomas Lewis, Henry Corns, Joseph Bradshaw, J Spittle, JC Aveling
Rolfe Street Baths, Smethwick Barry Harris 18 1   EJ Harris, Thomas Jackson, Agnes Skelding, Edwin Potter
Two Notorious Public Houses at Bilston Ron Davies 18 1   Tommy Banks
A Black Country Vicarage Garden David Durston 18 1 West Bromwich Ralph Robson, Charles Miles, Bryn Rees
Tipton Link with Nova Scotia K Bown 18 1   Richard Smith, William H and Jonah Davies
Two Pumping Engines of the South Staffordshire Mines Drainage Commission David J Humphries 18 1 mining, Bradley  
Night Watchman (poem) J William Jones 18 1    
That Was the Market That Was Ron Davies 18 1 Bilston  
A Coseley Poet Len Taylor 18 1 biography Joseph Darby
What the Black Country Means to me Monica Bennett 18 1    
Vacation at Dudley Castle - 1909 Bernard Williams 18 1   John Williams
The First General Strike in the Black Country (Part 1) CJL Elwell 18 2 Chartists, mining, Dudley, West Bromwich Joseph Linney, Thomas Cooper, Thomas Badger, Cornelius and WH Cartwright, George Scarlett
Another Darlaston Plaque Malcolm Timmins 18 2    
The Watermen of Dudley (1862-1984) BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 18 2 industry, Tipton, Dudley George and Margaret Perks, Thomas Nicholls, John Scott, John Tucker, Joseph Porter, Joseph Taylor, Moses Baggott, John Stevens, Ken Rogers
Workman's Return Arthur Truby 18 2 railways, West Bromwich  
St. Leonard's - A Black Country Church Ron Davies 18 2 Bilston Richard Wrottesley, Clement Perrye, Richard Ames, Thomas Whixam, William Colburne, Thomas Teese, Jane Rowley, John Blewer
Stourbridge Market Hall Façade H Jack Haden 18 2   Charles Beavington, John White, Edwin Stringer
How Big Was My Belly? H Jack Haden 18 2 biography, Brierley Hill, Cradley George Lovatt, Thomas Adam Tibbets, Thomas Sitch, John Carter, Anthony Bayley, JH Herbert, Samuel Murfitt
Black Country Snippets RM Shill and P Steele 18 2 Langley, Cradley Heath, industry, Corngreaves, Round Oak, Josiah Field, Benjamin Wilkes, William Thomas Kilvert, Benjamin Hodgetts, Thomas Hill, Gilbert Claughton, Daniel Northwood
The Wednesbury Residencies of Victorian Gentlemen Barry Harris 18 2   Edwin Hunt, Edwin and Hannah Richards, Charles Edward Smith, ES Escott, John Lyons, William Wood
A Black Country Flora Ron Davies 18 2    
Miss Joan Green MBE - A Tribute Audrey Franklin 18 2 Wolverhampton, biography Jenny Downes
Pity the Poor Prentice H Jack Haden 18 2 Poor Law Sarah Penn, John Rochell
Coseley Composer Len Taylor 18 2 biography Joseph Nicholds, William Harper, Fred Pritchard
Hard Stuff From Heaven Jim William Jones 18 2 poetry  
The End of an Era J Elliott Hornby 18 2 Oldbury, ironmongers Thomas and Isaac Nash, Frank Bridge
Modern Road Names John Brimble 18 2 Milking Bank  
Recalling the Last of the Chartermasters Archie Williams 18 2 Wall Heath, mining, Baggeridge Thomas Dando, Abe Cornmell, Bert Leech
GWR 150 and it's Relevance to the Black Country Michael Hale 18 3 railways  
Humphrey Gainsborough and his Steam Engine Muriel W Caeser 18 3    
Reminiscences of a Black Country Pub - c.1920 Mary Murphy 18 3 Coseley, Rollers Arms  
Picturesque Bilston Ron Davies 18 3    
Building the Bean David Humphries 18 3 Dudley, industry, car manufacture  
Where Two Ways Meet Joy Winkworth 18 3 Wolverhampton, biography William and George Singleton Tudor, Elizabeth Burns, Francis John Kidgell, Philip Burns Dumbell, Eliza Baker, Matthew Tildsley, William Spackman, Mary Cope
Black Country Machines at the National Motorcycle Museum Jim Boulton 18 3 motorcycles, Wolverhampton, Sunbeam, Clyno  
A Street By Any Other Name Malcolm Timmins 18 3 Darlaston  
Oldbury in the 1840s HL Kershaw 18 3   William Baker, Thomas Hurley, Isaac Darby
A Strange Tale Walter J Smith 18 3 West Bromwich Harold Oakleigh
Turk's Head Tale John M Fletcher 18 3 Wednesbury, prizefighting Bill Small
The Swan, Swan Village Barry Harris 18 3 West Bromwich Luke Gilbert, Richard Sterry, William Sterrer, William James, George Osborne, Stanley Holloway
My Introduction to Ma Pardoe W Steventon 18 3 Netherton, Old White Swan  
Stourbridge Skinworks H Jack Haden 18 3 industry Thomas Rogers, John Corbett, William Orme, Samuel Bate, Richard Badger, Jeremiah Gill, George Sillitoe, Joseph Cox, William Jonadab Turney, Randle Mathews
The First General Strike in the Black Country (Part 2) CJL Elwell 18 3 Dudley, Corngreave, Netherton Benjamin Best, Thomas Badger, Charles Molineux, Cornelius and WH Cartwright, William Bennett, Thomas Yate Hunt, Samuel Cook, Samuel Holden Blackwell, Joseph Linney, Thomas Danks, Henry Smitheman, James Jones Bransfield, Charles Small, Charles Twamley
The Children's Fancy Dress Ball John Brimble 18 3 West Bromwich, entertainment William Hartland, Hubert Langford
A Matter of Convenience Malcolm Timmins 18 3 Darlaston  
Civic Sunday J William Jones 18 3 poetry  
The Dark Ages Revisited Keith Prosser 18 3 Wolverhampton  
Retired Lye Cobbler John Cooksey 18 3   Alf Wilkes, James Hill
Black Country Society at the Museum Tom Brown 18 3    
Major Lock Museum for Willenhall Harold Parsons 18 3 lockmaking Edgar Hodson
The First General Strike in the Black Country (Part 3) CJL Elwell 18 4 Poor Law, Dudley, Stourbridge, Wednesbury, Truck Acts, Bilston, Sedgley Samuel Cook, Joseph Linney, John Benbow, John Mason
Pig In A Pram JB 18 4 nostalgia  
The Wolverhampton Artists Group Charles Burns 18 4    
West Bromwich Institute Cemetery John Maddison 18 4   Reuben Farley
Oldbury Gasworks David Humphries 18 4   JW Wilson
Pocket Money (early 1920s) Hilda Francis 18 4 poetry  
South Staffordshire Water Works - Walsall to Walsall BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 18 4    
Protestant Refugees in the Midlands ATC & EM Lavender 18 4    
Living With Dialect Kate Fletcher 18 4 Bilston  
A Week-end in August   18 4    
The Lords of Dudley (Part 1) H Jack Haden 18 4   John and Mary Carver, Richard Bourne, Luke Booker, Mary Burrows, John Webb, William Devy, William Law, Richard Wilkes, Thomas Caddick, John William Ward
Tipton Musical Society: Finale Geoffrey Gill 18 4    
Schooldays the Happiest Ethel Badger 18 4 nostalgia, Walsall  
Up the Yeltz! Arthur E Truby 18 4    
Entertainment Early this Century Hilda Francis 18 4 Tipton  
On Sedgley Beacon Jim William Jones 18 4 poetry  
The Grand Old Man of the Cinema - George C Smith, 1880-1960 Ned Williams 19 1 Cradley Heath, Old Hill, biography George C Smith, Walter Williams, Benjamin Priest, Leonard Morgan
Bilston in the 1930s Jeremy Cooper 19 1    
The Willenhall Furnaces RM Shill 19 1 industry  
A Monument to Stafford Road Works Ned Williams 19 1 railways, Wolverhampton  
Diggum Uppers and Other Dialect Pieces Tom Langley 19 1 Wolverhampton, grave robbers, dialect, Tipton  
The Lords of Dudley (Part 2) H Jack Haden 19 1   John Williams, Thomas Hawkes, Thomas Mason, Samuel Cook, William Hubble Ward
Some Bygone Black Country Goods Railway Services RM Shill 19 1 Tipton, Netherton  
The First General Strike in the Black Country (Part 4) CJL Elwell 19 1 Chartists, Dudley, Bilston, Smethwick, West Bromwich John Mason, William Chance, Philip Williams
A Child of the Brook (1927-33) Jeanne M Wood 19 1 Wordsley, nostalgia, education Florence Hand, Gladys and Dora Sutton, May Wright, Margaret Freeman, Philip Malpass
The Crab Mill, Oldswinford H Jack Haden 19 1 public house Edward Hartle, Joseph and John Bailey, Ernest A Lunt, WO Foster,
A West Bromwich Poet Diana Jeffcott 19 1 biography, West Bromwich, poetry Fred W Bayliss, Florence Maria Crook
James T Chance Memorial, West Bromwich Barry Harris 19 1 biography James Timmins Chance
Floral Fetes in Dartmouth Park Arthur E Truby 19 1 West Bromwich  
Winters Past John Brimble 19 1 Dudley, weather  
Black Country Town Clocks Barry Harris 19 2 Stourbridge, Wednesbury, Smethwick, Oldbury, Walsall, West Bromwich, Dudley, Willenhall, Netherton John Dallow, FB Oerton, D Willetts, T Grazebrooke, Alfred Thompson, Reuben Farley, Edward Pincher, John Archibald Kenrick, CA Westley, Silas and Joseph Tonks
A Child at the Brook (1927-33) Jeanne M Wood 19 2 nostalgia WA Guttery, Betty Harrap, Cissie May Sutton, Ronnie Hayden, Phyllis Hill
Recitation on Bilston Pubs c1899 and Current Survey Ron Davies 19 2 Bilston, pubs CW Legg
All Through the Night J William Jones 19 2 poetry  
The Paper Shop HL Kershaw 19 2 Oldbury, nostalgia  
A Move to the Black Country Muriel W Caeser 19 2 Dudley  
A Mystery Locomotive Ray Shill 19 2 Wednesbury, railways  
Never Could and Twicer - and other Dialect Pieces Tom Langley 19 2 Wednesbury, Dudley, dialect  
The Lords of Dudley (Part 3) H Jack Haden 19 2 biography William Ward, Edward Littleton, Stephen Glynne, Theophilus Tinsley, Richard Smith, Joseph Guest
Borough of Oldbury Charter Souvenir, 1935 HL Kershaw 19 2   Robert Dudley, Kenneth Wilson, BT Robbins, W Barnes, Arthur Cullwick
John Cornfield of Cann Lane, Sedgley Alex Chatwin 19 2 biography Phoebe Grainger
The Glow in the Sky Benjamin Parkes 19 2 Woodside, Dudley, nostalgia, industry  
The Autobiography of Thomas Newton CJL Elwell 19 3 Walsall, biography Richard Gleadow, Thomas Oerton, Edward Elwell Newton,
The Duce Locksmith Family and Their Trade Associations in 19c Wolverhampton (Part 1) John Duce 19 3 biography John and Joseph Duce, Thomas Parsons
Memories of the Great War Aileen Haeusler 19 3 Bilston, Tipton, Wednesbury Martha Rigby Hartshorne
The Bratch Water Pumping Station Ron Moss 19 3 Wombourne  
Pat Collins - the King of Showmen Ned Williams 19 3 biography, Walsall Clara Mullett
The Francis Brett Young Appreciation Society H Jack Haden 19 3 biography  
The First Hospital Carnival at Lye Bill Pardoe 19 3 WA Parsons Leonard J Cook,
Turks Head Tales JM Fletcher 19 3 dialect  
The Clewes Family (Part 1) Wayne Richards 19 3 Brandhall Phyllis, Jack and William Clewes, Ed Roberts
The Mysterious Round Oak number 0 Michael Hale 19 3 Pensnett, railways  
The Mines and Other Dialect Pieces Tom Langley 19 3 dialect, Smethwick James Baker
Morning Images Jim William Jones 19 3 poetry  
A Trifle from Bilston Ron Davies 19 3   Sam and Joseph Proud, Isaac Becket
Where is the Black Country? (Views from the South) Patrick Talbot 19 3    
Lock Relic   19 3    
The Blackbrook Valley ATC & EM Lavender 19 3 Dudley, Woodside, Netherton Richard and Ann Longmore, John Hope, Mark Fletcher, Thomas Baker, Francis Grazebrook, Isaac Wall, Alfred Meredith, David and Cecil Millington, Frederick and Victor Allport, Sarah Denholm, John Roper, Fred Jewess, Thomas and Alex B Cochrane
The Black Country Society Photographic Collection David Whyley 19 3    
The Duce Locksmith Family and Their Trade Associations in 19c Wolverhampton (Part 2) John Duce 19 4 lockmaking, industry George Price, Joseph Warner Duce, Thomas Parsons
The Nativity Story Pupils Heathfield High School, Cradley Heath 19 4 dialect  
When I Was A Kid (poem) Norma Washbrook 19 4 dialect, poetry  
Frank James DL. JP. (1821-1924) BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 19 4 biography, Walsall, Freemasons, Chartists, South Staffs Water John James, Ann Wells Ingram, Edward Holden
Darby End Watercress George Edwards 19 4 nostalgia  
The Clewes Family (final part) Wayne Richards and Julia Dean 19 4 Smethwick, nostalgia, biography William Clewes
Black Country 'Characters' of 60 years ago Hilda Francis 19 4 Princes End, Coseley, nostalgia Jimmy Cobourn, Tom Gener, Harry Cole
Riots, Strikes and other matters Tom Langley 19 4 Bilston, Tipton, Chasetown, Willenhall, dialect "Gammy" Whitehouse, Benny Simpkins
The Final Act (poem) Jim William Jones 19 4 poetry  
Thomas Newton's 'Annals of Walsall' (Part 1) CJL Elwell 19 4 biography Philip Pratt, Josiah, James and Thomas Adams, Walter Spurrier, Thomas Newton, William Elwell, Margaret Bedford,
Leaves from a rent book - 'Turned' and 'Collected' HL Kershaw 19 4 nostalgia, dialect  
Hail Again, Halesowen Arthur E Truby 19 4 Football, FA Vase, sport  
Bumble Hole and It's Canal Ray Shill 19 4 Netherton, canals, Buffrey, industry, Netherton John Fereday, Thomas and Isaac Badger, William Haden, Frederick Cresswell
Kingswinford Bus 1924 H Jack Haden 19 4 transport  
Stourbridges Latter Day Moses EB Marten H Jack Haden 19 4 industry, Severn Trent Water, Woodside, biography Henry Edward Binden Marten, John Amery, James Foster, John Harward, John Cochrane, William Blow Collis, William Akroyd, William Fiddian
Caldmore Boat Museum and Workshop   19 4 Walsall, canals  
Extracts From the Records of the Stourbridge Canal Navigation Martin Buckridge 20 1 industry, list of shareholders Robert Whitworth, Thomas Raybould, John Foster, John Pidcock, Thomas Brettell, Jonathan Stokes, Waldron Hill, Robert Honeybourne, George Ensell, James Dovey, John Roberts, John Worral, Richard Bradley, Mary Holmes, Abiather Hawkes, Thomas Wright
Black Country Idyll (poem) Jim William Jones 20 1 poetry  
Rowley Church   20 1 Rowley  
Turks Head Tales JM Fletcher 20 1 dialect  
The Duce Locksmith Family and Their Trade Associations in 19c Wolverhampton (Final Part) John Duce 20 1 industry, biography Joseph Duce, Thomas Parsons, Charles Aubin, George Price
Front Cover Illustration H Jack Haden 20 1    
A Yarn of Old Cycling Days Walter J Smith 20 1 nostalgia  
St. Michael's Mission and Capponfield House Ron Davies 20 1 Bilston, Colin Perry, John Bagnall, Alfred Hickman, Walter Withers
The Wednesbury Lettuce King JMF 20 1 poetry, Wednesbury Frank Holloway
Somers at Halesowen H Jack Haden 20 1   Walter Somers, Herbert W Payton
Thomas Newton's Annals of Walsall CJL Elwell 20 1 pubs Isaac Highway, Charles Hall, William Hughes, James Adams, Tom Newton, Mountford Clarkson, Michael Bass, George Thorneycroft
Further Childhood Memories George Edwards 20 1 Netherton, nostalgia, Old Hill  
Mount Pleasant Primary School, Coseley Keith Melbourne 20 1 education Sarah Snow, Amy Cadwallader, Emily Lewis, Lucy Johnson, Ethel Nicholls, Elsie Naylor, Richard Earp, Hannah Fletcher, George Stanley Grange
West Bromwich Town Hall Barry Harris 20 1   Reuben Farley, Alexander Brogden
Life With the Tipton Harriers (late 1920s) Alan Belcher 20 1 sport Jack Holden
Return to Silverhampton Geoff Stevens 20 1   Ellen and Edith Henrietta Thorneycroft, Henry Hartley Fowler
Mond Gas Geoffrey C Hartland 20 2 industry, Tipton William Siemens, Edward Howl
Walk up to Sedgley (poem) Jim William Jones 20 2 poetry  
West Bromwich (from Farm to Factory) JCM Smith 20 2 industry  
Cartwrights Step out of the Shoe Trade John M Fletcher 20 2 Wednesbury, Smethwick William Harry Wilson, John and Victor Sydney Cartwright
The Battle of Tipton Green Barry Harris 20 2 Civil War  
Both Sides of the Counter Hilda Francis 20 2 Dudley  
Lye Forge - Its Historical and Industrial Past Recalled Nigel R Perry 20 2 industry, ironmaking Dud Dudley, James Nasmyth, John and Henry Addenbrooke, John Wheeler, John and Zachary Downing, Edward Kendall, William Russell, James Fookes (Folkes)
Oldbury in the 1800s HL Kershaw 20 2 industry Francis Tarrot, George Sproston, Catherine Wigley, William Brookes
Oak Farm Ironworks WKV Gale 20 2 industry, ironmaking, Kingswinford Septimus Dudley
Coalfield (poem) Geoff Stevens 20 2 poetry  
Thomas Newton's Annals of Walsall CJL Elwell 20 2 leathermaking, industry Tom Newton, Baildon Oerton, Harry Parkes, Edward Elwell, Horatio Barnet, James Russell, John Hobbins, Frank Spilsbury
Kingswinford Metamorphosed H Jack Haden 20 2 industry, glassmaking, pubs William Fowler, Thomas Honetborne, Edward and William Darby, Richard Mills, Isaac Mullett, John Turley, David Higgs, James Tart, Edward Pitt
The Chillington Iron Company Railways RM Shill 20 2 industry, railways, ironmaking James Foster, George Jones, John Barker, John Smith
Black Country George Medal Winners - World War 2 Barry Harris 20 2 West Bromwich, Walsall Evalyn Gertrude Thomas, William Stanley Walton, Charity Bick, Richard Noel Hateley, Thomas Parson, F Thickett
Recollections of King Edward's School, Stourbridge (1921-31) Maurice V Wilkes 20 3 nostalgia, education ID Druller, JE Boyt, Alan Hickling, AJ Bennett, TL Herdman, SC Compton
Missis Joones - 1933 Jack Webb 20 3 Bilston, dialect  
Thomas Newton's Annals of Walsall (final part) CJL Elwell 20 3 Walsall Church Tom Newton, Philip Pratt, Charles Darwall, John Wellbeloved Scott
The Fortunes of a Bradley Plot of Land Ron Davies 20 3 Bilston, land sales John Wilkinson, William Burgons, Robert Barber, Abraham Hill, Michael Haddon, Andrew Fourton, James Farrar, Samuel Fereday, Ann Lewis, William Hazeldine, Joseph Wagstaff, Thomas Geddes, Edward and Fanny Walker, Elizabeth Tibbets, Stephen Thomas, Edward Leach, Seth Poole, John Vinrace, Henry Brookland Mason, John Harris, John and Job Fletcher, Thomas Worrall, WM Caswell
Smethwick - a New Appraisal Mary Bodfish 20 3    
Wartime Fire Service Duty at Coseley Hilda Francis 20 3 nostalgia  
Grand Junction 150 M Hale and N Williams 20 3 railways, Agenoria, Bescot  
Black Country Migration ATC Lavender 20 3 Low Town, Dudley, genealogy, Woodside John Addis, Joseph Lavender, John Adams, Ben Lilley
A Child's Grave in Gornal Jim William Jones 20 3 poetry  
The Old Toll House, Smethwick JCM Smith 20 3   John Gosling, John Moreton, Emma and Ethel Steventon
Sam and Bill….Kindred spirits on a revisit to old haunts HL Kershaw 20 3 dialect, Rounds Green, Oldbury Ted Thomason, Ted Hickman, Jese Smith, Jack Judge, Phil Jones, Bill Vickers
Black Country Co-operative Societies Ned Williams 20 3    
Walsall Local History Centre   20 3 genealogy  
A West Bromwich Missionary FG Ault 20 3 biography, Methodism WM Ault, Sarah Brentnall
West Bromwich Theatres (Part 1) Terence Kilburn 20 3 entertainment Josephine Charles, Charles Udall, WJ Siddons, HC Haslewood, W Showell, JG Rainbow
Missin' the Bus Geoff Stevens 20 3 dialect  
The Workers of Wednesbury Forge CJL Elwell 20 4 industry Edward and Alfred Elwell, William and Edgar Marlow, Henry Baldwin, Edward Parkes, Oliver Hill, Ada Blackham, Amos Tonks, Oliver Brown, Edwin Joseph and Ezekiah Tyler, William Hill, John Greatbatch, Tom Davies
Bantock House Museum Ron Davies 20 4 Wolverhampton John Pursehouse, Thomas Bainbridge Herrick, Thomas Walker, James Bradshaw, Thomas and Albert Baldwin Bantock
The Stars Look Down Arthur E Truby 20 4 astronomy  
Trolley Buses Return to the Black Country Harold Parsons 20 4 Black Country Museum  
Turks Head Tales JM Fletcher 20 4 dialect, Hill Top George Harborne, Eddie Williams
BCS Industrial Archaeology Group 200 Ron Moss 20 4    
An Unusual Case W'ton journal 1863   20 4 Dudley Thomas Robinson, Thomas Ford, William Spittle, Thomas Gotteridge,
This 'Forriner' Served the Black Country Hilda Francis 20 4 Dudley, biography, education Marion Richardson
Even Their Tears (poem) Jim William Jones 20 4 poetry  
The Last Years of JEB at Stourbridge Grammar School H Jack Haden 20 4 Stourbridge, education, King Edwards Thomas Watson, JE Boyt, EG Horner
A Pub and 2 Engineering Works in 19c Pensnett SD Parsons 20 4 industry David, Joseph and Ben Parsons, William Parish, Fred Gill, Thomas Holcroft
West Bromwich Theatres (final part) Terence Kilburn 20 4 entertainment  
Crystal Charms PR Rostron 20 4 Stourbridge, glassmaking Michael Grazebrook, John Robinson
Moseley Hole…a Black Country Mining Village Ray Shill 20 4 mining, industry, Wolverhampton, Chillington Iron Company  
Herbert Payton's Floral Welcome to Halesowen H Jack Haden 20 4 biography, railways Herbert Walter Payton
Cornelius Whitehouse CJL Elwell 21 1 biography, ironmaking, industry, Wyrley, Wednesbury William Murdoch, James and Thomas Henry Russell, Edward Elwell, Edwin Dixon, George Royle, Lucy Aston
The Job Garrett Memorial, Woodside Park Barry Harris 21 1 industry, biography, Dudley  
Himley Reminiscences PR Rostron 21 1 nostalgia, Dudley OF Grazebrook
The Big Town (poem) Jim Wm Jones 21 1 poetry, Wolverhampton  
How Stourbridge Celebrated the 1814 Peace H Jack Haden 21 1 Talbot Hotel, Crown Inn Joseph Robins, P Bird, F Rufford, Francis Richards, William Foster, John White, Thomas Hill, John Addenbrooke, Thomas Biggs
The Grazebrooks…a Brief History Ron Davies 21 1 Oldswinford Michael Grazebrook, Roger de Busli
The Diet Norma Washbrook 21 1 poetry, dialect  
The Old Police Station in Halesowen Jean Marsh 21 1 police, nostalgia  
Shades of Midland Language Alan J Shaw 21 1 Smethwick, nostalgia, dialect, West Bromwich  
A Black Country Pioneer - Dudley Brewery David F Radmore 21 1   James Bourne, Thomas Hawkes, Joseph and William Royle, Thomas Dawes, Joseph Scholefield
High Buttoned Shoes Ruth A Pursehouse 21 1 nostalgia  
Mundy Mornin' Craad Jack Webb 21 1 dialect  
More Childhood Memories of (in the Furniture Trade) George Edwards 21 1 Dudley, nostalgia  
Festive dinners in the Workhouse Sean Ward 21 1 Dudley, Poor Law HB Sheridan
A Fatal Tramway Accident Dr JC Cutler 21 1 Dudley, Tividale Frederick Hemmings, Mary Sheldon, James Latham, James Mccade, AH Herbert, Joseph Thomas
The Nail Maker's Lamentation J Knowles (1862) 21 1 poetry  
The Cromwell - A Football Memory Arthur E Truby 21 1 West Bromwich, football  
The Walsall and District Co-Operative Society Ned Williams 21 2 Bloxwich, Streetly, Brownhills Samuel Welsh
Drinking, Gambling and Illegal Activities in West Bromwich (part 1) Terence Kilburn 21 2   Annie Walker, Francis Williams, Joseph Morris, Thomas Peplow, Samuel Holyhead, Elizabeth Goody, Minnie Johnson, Johnathan Hywater, W Randall, Daniel Harwood
What Car and When?   21 2    
Top of the Pops Geoff Stevens 21 2 nostalgia  
Saved…Shire Horse Harness Co.   21 2   David and Barbara Lewis, Tony Evans
Memories at 72 Years Tom Crump 21 2 nostalgia, Smethwick, industry Bernard Docker, Norman Retallack, Harry Moyses, Freddie Mallet
Sam and Bill Visited an Exile HL Kershaw 21 2 dialect,  
Black Country Alms Houses Barry Harris 21 2 Sedgley, Lower Gornal, Old Hill, Smethwick, West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Bilston, Wednesfield, Brierley Hill, Darlaston, Dudley, Heathtown, Walsall John Woolley, Peter Harris, George Pearson, John Perry, Robert Foley, John Turton, Arthur Mitchell, George H Stanger, John Wollaston, John Persehouse, Edward Marsh, Harriet Lyons, Samuel Cox, John Farrington Crump, Henry Boys, FEF Bailey, William Harper (Harpur), Ellen Rawlinson, George Hawe, HE Lavender, William Mountfort, Thomas Parkes, Ann Murdock, John Pugh, Elizabeth and Charles Akrill
Kingswinford 300 Years Ago Dr PE Chandler 21 2   Roger Addenbrooke, Stephen Attelyncrofte, Denis Bradley, William Bendy, John Hodgetts, John Bradley, John Baker, Ricahrd Parkshouse, Nicholas Hancox, Richard Jukes
A Muffled Fear (poem) Jim Wm Jones 21 2 poetry  
A Wednesbury Outing Between the Wars John M Fletcher 21 2   Samuel Moseley, Ralph Johnson
The History of Hales Owen Grange J Hunt 21 2   John Ive, William and Ferdinando Dudley Lea, Charles Edward Smith, Walter Somers
Ananias Conkling, Glassmaker ATC & EM Lavender 21 2 industry, glassmaking John Conklin
Helping…Fetching…Carrying George Edwards 21 2 Hingleys , nostalgia  
Actress Barmaid TR Bennett 21 2 Cock Inn, Rowley Regis  
The Nailers' Wail H Jack Haden 21 2 industry, nailmaking, Old Hill Richard Foley, Isaac Badger
The Editor and his Successor H Jack Haden 21 3    
Richard Foley and the Iron Splitting Mill Keith Gale 21 3 Stourbridge, industry  
Kingswinford - Pensnett Chase (Part 2) Dr PE Chandler 21 3 industry, farming, Dudley, Pensnett, Himley William Skidmore, John Hill, Fowlke Adenbrooke, John Hogettes, Robert Brown, Thomas Aleyn, Ralph Cartwright, Paul Hensey, John Williams, John Duddeley, Robert Foley
Williams' Rowley Ales Anthony Williams 21 3 brewing, Rowley, biography Thomas Benjamin Williams, Alice Susannah Darby, Benjamin Horace Bate, Thomas Cooksey
The Rhinoceros Case (part 1) CJL Elwell 21 3 industry, Halesowen, mining John and Matthias Attwood, William Matthews, Philip Taylor
The Halesowen and Hasbury Co-Operative Society Ned Williams 21 3   AJ Hayward, Harry Drayton, JM Tate, Stanley Beech, Fred Jones, H Brettell, John Hill, Arthur Eades, George Albert Roper, George Tyler, Minnie Partridge, Stanley Perring, Gordon Davidson, Jack Irons, Arthur Golding, Dorothy Jacob
All Acorns Dow Grow on Trees PJ Horton 21 3 dialect, scouts Jack Gutteridge
Military Heroes True and False H Jack Haden 21 3 Lye, Oldswinford, Cradley Thomas Bryan, Edward Felix and Kenneth C Baxter, Geoffrey Herman Garrett
Towards a Greener Black Country David Humphries 21 3 Dudley, Halesowen, Ocker Hill George Allan, Thomas Harvey
Dayspring Jim William Jones 21 3 poetry  
Charity Pub Crawl Peter Hill 21 3 dialect  
John Etheridge - a Black Country Worthy Jack Smith 21 3 Bilston, biography John Etheridge
Munition Works in the Black Country RM Shill 21 3 Wednesbury, Rowley, Dudley, Walsall, Oldbury  
The A4123 W'ton to B'ham New Road Ron Davies 21 3 transport GH Sankey, Robert McAlpine, Lyon Clark
Hagley in the Horse Age PR Rostron 21 3   Alice Grazebrook, Anne Smith
The Beginnings of the 'Blackcountryman' JM Fletcher 21 4   Harold Parsons
Eminent Black Country Folk - Ian McColl Kennedy Stan Hill 21 4 biography, Tipton  
Wherry Clenches and Tenterhooks John Sparry 21 4 nostalgia, industry, Netherton  
The Rhinoserous Case (part 2) CJL Elwell 21 4 industry, ironmaking Jack Campbell, John Attwood, Philip Taylor
Brierley Hill Urban District Councillors and Officials 1937   21 4 photograph  
Before the Railways Came Michael Hale 21 4 railways  
A West Bromwich Librarian - an Overdus Tribute Geoff Stevens 21 4 West Bromwich, biography William Murray, David Christie and Henry Murray
The Kingswinford Landscape - Ashwood, Wall Heath and Prestwood (Part 2) Peter Chandler 21 4 Prestwood Thomas George, Dud Dudley, John Duncalfe, Edward Sutton, Philip Foley, Gilbert Underhill
Seventy Years On Roy Peacock 21 4 South Staffs Regiment, Brierley Hill  
Mon O' Many Parts Jo Hunt 21 4 poetry, dialect, Gornal  
Drinking, Gambling and Illegal Activities in West Bromwich (part 2) Terence Kilburn 21 4 cockfighting, prize fighting Samuel Perkins, Enoch Cush, Thomas Birch, Thomas Monk, George Timins, Walter Selly, Isaac Phillips, David Allen, Arthur Waldroe, Ben Roberts, Joseph Wall, Charles Worthington, Joseph Taylor, Joseph Hinett, Sarah Wilkins, Elizabeth Jones, Eliza Wallace, Emma Bird, Annie Kelly, James Morris, Job Whitehouse, Daniel Ruston
St. Johns Sunday School Choir Performance 1934   21 4 photograph  
Hatherton Furnace Boatmen RM Shill 21 4 Bloxwich, industry, canals George and Richard Thomas, E Lowndes, Thomas Wells,
Mons Hill Jim William Jones 21 4 poetry, Dudley  
Willenhall's New Museum Ned Williams 21 4 lockmaking  
Frederick Carder John H Martin 22 1 biography, glassmaking  
Eminent Black Country Folk - Bert Bissell MBE Stan Hill 22 1 biography, Dudley  
Ten New Screens for the Black Country Ned Williams 22 1 cinema, Merry Hill Celia Hough
Wordsley's Pooh Bah H Jack Haden 22 1 biography, education Charles Hatton, Amos Clay, John Collett, Charles Girdlestone
Letting in the Light John Sparry 22 1 mining, Stourbridge  
The Horsley Fields Railway Buildings Michael Hale 22 1 Wolverhampton, railways Edward Ebanks, George Knox, Henry Morgan, William Sheppard, Philip Henry Muntz
Winter Jim William Jones 22 1 poem  
Seventy Years On - part 2 Roy Peacock 22 1 WW1 letters, Walsall, Lye, West Bromwich, Wollescote Thomas Miller, Bert Webb, Hubert Allen, Alex Wells, Arthur Reed
A Nobleman's Agent and his Family CJL Elwell 22 1 Walsall, industry, biography, railways Peter and Josiah Potter, Francis Finch, Georgina and Edgar Ashe Spilsbury, George Potter Neele,
Parkfield - It's Furnaces and Quarries Ron Davies 22 1 Wolverhampton, industry, mining Samuel Griffiths, John Bishton, Edward Bagnall Dimmach, Henry Martin
The Rector Bert Barr 22 1 nostalgia Ezra Handley
Ah Bay! Julian Hodges 22 1 poetry, dialect Wolverhampton  
A Childhood Visit to the Black Country Syvia Glover 22 1 Dudley, nostalgia  
Frederick Carder in his Later Years Robert Rockwell 22 2 biography  
Doctor Extraordinary H Jack Haden 22 2   Francis Brett Young, Guy Grindlay
The Life of a Black Country Medico Charles Hatton 22 2 Workhouse, biography, Wordsley, Dudley Jack Jenkins, Dr Gordon Grimston, Guy Grindlay, Edwin Turner, AJ Thomson
Eminent Black Country Folk - Wesley Perrins MBE Stan Hill 22 2 biography, Lye, Stourbridge Thomas Musk, Mary MacArthur
Pig Town Pearl Taylor 22 2 Brierley Hill, industry, ironmaking, nostalgia  
Mr AE Marsh Quaestor 22 2 biography, Brierley Hill Alfred Marsh, Elsie Mary Roberts
The Rhinoceros Case Part 3 An Historic Judgement CJL Elwell 22 2 Corngreaves, industry John Attwood, Philip Taylor, William Mathews, George Alfred Best,
Across The Leas Jim William Jones 22 2 poetry  
Bloxwich Buildings Dorothy Speakman 22 2    
Unveiling the Plaque at Newbridge Ned Williams 22 2 Wolverhampton, canals Edmund Leach
The Horsley Fields Railway Buildings part 2 Michael Hale 22 2 railways, Wolverhampton George Edward Huntley, Frederick Lewis, JN Wilcox, George James, Thomas Harvey, James Perry, Charles Cousins, Sarah H Lees, Mary Tortoiseshell, Rebecca Hyde
The Yew Tree, Wall Heath John Sparry 22 2 Wall, Heath, Cradley, public house William Penn, Nicholas Lantoy, Jeremiah Addenbrooke, Samuel Fforestt, John Philpott, Joshua Penn, Thomas Yorke, William Mather, Mary Christopher, Joseph Munday, James Cartwright, Henry York, Alec Mason
Seventy Years On - part 3 Roy Peacock 22 2 Halesowen, Lye, Brierley Hill, Coseley T Pearson, Cedric Hardwick, C Pearson, Mary MacArthur, Charles Mason, Thomas Barratt, Wilf Perks, HL Evers, Meriel Owen
Down in the Forest a Black Country Mon Stirred Stan Hill 22 2 dialect Ray Weston
The Bilston Epidemic Susan Wright 22 2 cholera Elizabeth Cawson
Tipton's Charter   22 2    
Tipton Civic Society John Brimble 22 2    
Mr RS Hudson, West Bromwich Chemist HL Kershaw 22 2 biography Robert Spear Hudson
Eminent Black Country Folk - 4 The Rt. Hon. Peter Archer QC. MP. Stan Hill 22 3 Wednesbury, biography  
The Last of the Lyttleton Ned Williams 22 3 Halesowen Sidney and Bernard Bray, John Felton
Charles Hatton H Jack Haden 22 3 Wordsley, biography John Collett
Private Banks PR Rostron 22 3 Stourbridge William Blow Collis, James Foster
The Northern Ballet Theatre Stan Hill 22 3    
The Day War Broke Out   22 3    
Steve Bloomer Peter Barnsley 22 3 football, biography, Cradley, sport Caleb Bloomer
"Let the People goo" Simon Denison 22 3 Wolverhampton, dialect  
Picture Postcard Memories Robin Pearson 22 3 Wednesbury, Tipton William Haddon, Ellis A Billingham, BD Smith, William Bourne, Jonas Booth
The Western Orbital Road Mike Carpenter 22 3    
Black Country Humour   22 3    
Rain and Real Ale Anthony Gray 22 3 Jerome K Jerome  
Bits and Pieces   22 3    
An Old Photograph of Withymoor Goods Yard Michael Hale 22 3 railways, Netherton, industry Joseph H Pearson
Sam Girling John Sparry 22 3 Stourbridge, industry Bill Evans, Samuel Girling
The Old Nail Warehouse Andrew Barnett 22 3 Sedgley Stephen Wilkes
The Hairy Mouse (short story) Clarice Hackett 22 3 fiction  
Bilston Library Ron Davies 22 3   Thomas Brueton, Isaac Mason, John Etheridge, William Hackett, John Henry Newman, John and Frederick Harper, AB Dawson
Non-Conformism in Brierley Hill Peter Bloore 22 3 Hartshill, religion John Richards, Thomas Wyatt, John Aston, Ricahrd and John Bowater, Samuel Edge, William Grafton, Adam Stephens, John Witt, Thomas Clulow, Benjamin Bache, Henry Aston, John and Edward Addenbrooke, William Mainwaring, Joseph Fullwood, Edward Wright, William Page, Richard Rushton, Benjamin Rider, Robert Harris, Thomas Goode, Thomas Rhodes, William Henry Brooke
Old Wheels Jim Wm Jones 22 3 poetry  
Eminent Black Country Folk 5 Sir Michael Higgs Stan Hill 22 4 Brierley Hill, biography Ray Westwood
Thomas Bryan VC H Jack Haden 22 4 biography  
An Earlier Enterprise Culture John West 22 4 Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Walsall, Dudley  
Summer Walkabouts 1989 Ned Williams 22 4    
Midland Metro Ray Hughes 22 4    
Time Off WJ 22 4 hangman John Smith
The Bonded Warehouse Geoffrey Reading 22 4   E O'C Horgan, HA Tucker, W Toogood, GR Reading, JC Smales, WE Gardner
Drawings of Dudley Geoff Warburton 22 4    
Were You an Evacuee? Michael Hale 22 4 railways  
Black Country Surnames Peter Chandler 22 4 Brettell, Kingswinford, Lapal, Sedgley, Jevons John Bredhill, Richard and Roger Brethyll, John Brettle, Roger Heath, Richard Gevons
An Anniversary, not to be Disregarded Mike Carpenter 22 4 Stourbridge Ambrose Crowley, Richard Hickman, Sarah Reynolds, Ezekiel Partridge
Wolverhampton During the War Hilda Bodfish 22 4 Fire service  
Darlaston - a Brief History Ron Davies 22 4    
Tipton in World War One John Brimble 22 4   Benjamin Goldie, Joseph Davies
Black Country Humour   22 4    
Horse Manure Pearl Taylor 22 4 nostalgia, Delph, Kingswinford Henry Arthur Nock
Memories of the Lye NH Brettell 22 4 nostalgia Tom Knocker, Jack Price, Eddie Webster
A Solstical Stroll's Delights A MacLean 22 4 Amblecote  
On the 257 John Sparry 22 4 Kingswinford, nostalgia JH Wills, George Meanley
Fingers of Time Jim Wm Jones 22 4 poem  
Eminent Black Country Folk 6 Don Kenyon Stan Hill 23 1 Wordsley, cricket, sport, biography Fred Dale
Hop-Picking JR Williams 23 1    
Miles Jervis 1 Ned Williams 23 1 biography, West Bromwich Frederick Emery, Frank Bills, Ben Kennedy
Black Country Brews Michael Jackson 23 1   David Thompson, Barry Mailes
A Black Country Artist   23 1    
Tourism - the Black Country's Fastest Growing Industry Keith Cheetham 23 1    
Wolverhampton During the War - 2 Hilda Bodfish 23 1 nostalgia Philip Garston Jones, Wrottesley
Postscript on Sam - the Clock Man H Jack Haden 23 1 Amblecote, biography Sam Girling, Harry Guest
Wolverhampton - a Town of Architectural Surprises Ron Davies 23 1 St Peters, The Old House Thomas Parsehouse
The 311 Battery and Association Stanley V Haden 23 1 Stourbridge, Brierley Hill, Walsall John and George Sheldon Bayliss, Alec Wood, WFF Sirey, John W Green, JNF Cotterell, R George Higgs, Derrick R Leeson, Wilfred E Ruff, A Kenneth Cooper, FG Bridgman, MC Reynolds, Geoffrey JH Scriven, Thomas S Bray, Cyril N Randle, Ronald WP Bate, Kenneth W Bridgwater, Eric WP Grice, David G Cowley, Peter Darby, Matthew Southall, A Ronald Marsh
Ironworkers NH Brettell 23 1 poetry  
GWR Reminiscences Geoff Baylie 23 1 railways, Halesowen, nostalgia Ernie Hardwicke
Black Country Surnames 2 Peter Chandler 23 1    
Appreciation: Andrew Barnett H Jack Haden 23 1 Sedgley, biography  
A Slight Case of Mis-Interpretation Beryl Wills 23 1 poem  
My Dad Margaret Marsh 23 1 Wolverhampton, nostalgia  
St. Marks CE School, Ocker Hill FY Turley 23 1 Ocker Hill, nostalgia  
On the 257 - 2 John Sparry 23 1 nostalgia, Stourbridge Jack Billingham, Sam Girling
Down in the forest Ray Weston 23 1    
Black Country Humour   23 1    
Eminent Black Country Folk - 7 - Julie Walters Stan Hill 23 2 biography, Smethwick, Holly Lodge  
Restoring Listed Buildings Pat Hurley 23 2 West Bromwich, Malthouse Stables, Sandwell Valley  
Compton Hall Hospice Stan Hill 23 2 Wolverhampton  
Portraits in Tipton Library John Brimble 23 2 biography Joseph Hall, Edward Bayley, Daniel Hipkins, William Woolley Doughty, Thomas Edgar Salter
A Walsall Life in 1853 CJL Elwell 23 2 biography Peter Potter
Black Country Museum Mine Problems Chris Swindells 23 2    
Miles Jervis - part 2 Ned Williams 23 2 biography, cinema, West Bromwich Cyril Joseph, Walter Jelly, Arthur Griffin, Frank Crane
The Rise and Fall of an Idealist H Jack Haden 23 2 Tipton, Stourbridge, Oldbury Wilfred Wellock, Arthur Moyle, Percy H Bullas, Douglas P Pielou, Harry Evers Palfrey, Sir William Reed, Robert H Morgan
Auckland 1990 Robin Marshall 23 2    
A Tipton Chainworks in the 1890s - part 1 JR Williams 23 2 industry, chainmaking  
Some Black Country Surnames - our Window on the Past Peter Chandler 23 2    
Lace in Audnam Mike Carpenter 23 2 Stourbridge  
A Black Country Lad's Musical Progress Stan Hill 23 2   Stephen Bonsor
Newbold's Farm 1933 Christine Wenlock 23 2 Wolverhampton, agriculture James Cope, John Buttle, Richard Arkinstall
Memories Hilda Francis 23 2 poetry, Coseley  
Sanjerolla John Sparry 23 2 Wall Heath, nostalgia  
A Railway Locomotive Called 'Star' Ray Shill 23 2 railways, Tipton Ralph Thompso, John Pollock
The Tower Jim Wm Jones 23 2 poem, Merry Hill  
Walsall's Local History Plaques - Reg Wilkes 1897-1989 David PJ Fink 23 2 obituary, Bloxwich, Walsall  
The Story Behind a Book Kath West 23 2    
Eminent Black Country Folk - 8 Lord Tombes of Brailes Stan Hill 23 3 biography, Walsall Francis Tombs
Two Black Country Schools - 1 Orchard Lane School Lye NH Brettell 23 3 nostalgia, Lye  
Unusual Street Names   23 3 Stourbridge  
Memories of 1940 Michael Hale 23 3 Princes End, nostalgia  
JB Dainty - Master Craftsman in Metal H Jack Haden 23 3 Dudley, biography Charles Francis George Clark, James Caulfield Browne, Joseph Benjamin Dainty, Arthur Langman, James Smellie, Dorothy Round, Sarah Benson
Pottering About Wednesbury Michael Hodder 23 3 pottery, Oakeswell Hall Geoffrey Mosard, Thomas Brerely, John Fownes, Thomas Glover, John Crow
Barney Tooley - Fairground Fighter Vic Holloway 23 3 biography, boxing Richard Holloway
Gornal Tongues and Legends Jim Wm Jones 23 3    
The Black Country Development Corporation Stan Hill 23 3 industry, Merry Hill, Wednesbury  
The Tower Jo Hunt 23 3 poem  
The Origins of Walsall Stephen Micklewright 23 3    
The Black Country Museum Inherits History of Braithwaite Chris Swindells 23 3    
Black Country Society Reports - Photographic Section David Whyley 23 3    
Industrial Archaeology Section Ron Moss 23 3    
The Foolish People anon 23 3 poem  
A Tipton Chainworks in the 1890s - part 2 JR Williams 23 3 industry, chainmaking  
St. Marks School, Ocker Hill, Tipton Mary Carter 23 3    
Black Country Humour   23 3    
The Other Samuel Johnson John Sparry 23 3 Quarry Bank, transport, buses, biography, Stourbridge  
Wyre Forest Branch News Ray Weston 23 3    
Jerome K Jerome Anthony Gray 23 3 Walsall, biography  
Eminent Black Country Folk - 9 Surgeon Commodore FR Wilkes Stan Hill 23 4 biography, Smethwick Frank Rogers Wilkes, Samuel Round
Two Black Country Schools - 2 King Edward VI School, Stourbridge NH Brettell 23 4 nostalgia, education CP Aggleton, Jack Price, HG Easterling
A Christmas Memory H Jack Haden 23 4    
Restored Listed Buildings - part 2 Pat Hurley 23 4 Sandwell Hall, Haden Hall, Corngreaves Hall  
Walsall's Ground Number 4 Geoff Allman 23 4 sport, football, Bescot HL Fellows, Gilbert Alsop
Toasted Teacakes and Baked Potatoes John Sparry 23 4 Stourbridge, James Shirt  
Fire Power John D Williams 23 4 nostalgia  
The Welsh and Midland Counties Junction Railway Michael H 23 4 railways, Dudley Joseph Beddard, Thomas Crew, Elliot Hollier, Samuel Rudge, George Stephenson, William Timmins, Edward Underhill, Thomas Wood, David Evans
The Black Country Development Corporation Stan Hill 23 4    
My Retirement Jim Wm Jones 23 4 poem  
Elmar and Elsie - Equilibrists from Quarry Bank Susan Rachel Wallin 23 4 Quarry Bank, entertainment Percy and Elsie Beddall
Old Oldbury - The Results of Recent Excavations Michael Hodder 23 4    
Black Country Society Summer Walks 1990 Ned Williams 23 4    
The Black Country Society - Wyre Forest Branch Margaret Booth 23 4    
Longlands School, Stourbridge H Jack Haden 23 4 education Edward Hickman, William, John and James Scott, Benjamin Carpenter, Francis Witton, Thomas Hornblower, Elizabeth Morris, Michael Beasley, Thomas Haslock Richards, James Foster, Beatrice Blakeley, Frank Taylor, Albert Moyle, Samuel Fiddian, Charles King, John Donaldson Harward, Felix P Fellows, Thomas Brooks, Joseph Silvers Williams-Thomas, William Waugh, John Ewart, Lloyd Francis, Joseph E Boyt
Tom Pritchard's New Empire David Clayton 23 4 Dudley, biography, entertainment Frank Dallroy, Forrie Turner, Clarkson Rose, Dan Leno, John Hughes, Violet Friend, Fred W Harris, Fred H Anderson
Another Lost Film Peter Barnsley 23 4 cinema  
Kinver Book Fair Roy Slim 23 4    
Hell Lane Ray Shill 23 4 mining, industry, Wolverhampton William Hanbury Sparrow
Black Country Humour   23 4    
Not So Secret Weapon HL Kershaw 23 4    
Homes in the Black Country 1878 - from The Builder   23 4 mining, Netherton, Woodside, Dudley Joseph Green
Eminent Black Country Folk - 10 - Sue Lawley Stan Hill 24 1 Woodside, biography  
Recollections of Black Country Natural History FM Slater 24 1    
Remembering Bradley Hall and Kingswinford Phyllis Marsh 24 1    
Housing and the Black Country Development Corporation Stan Hill 24 1 industry, Darlaston, Tividale  
Come Again! John Sparry 24 1 dialect, story  
Foundry Visit - Part 1 Gwilym Williams 24 1 poem, industry  
What's Flat, Square and Black All Over Colin Dunne 24 1    
Crystal '90 - A Festival 300 Years in the Making Mike Carpenter 24 1 glassmaking, Stourbridge  
Over The Top Jim Wm Jones 24 1 industry  
Princes End Baptist Church Hilda Francis 24 1 Tipton, religion Timothy Burt
A First Day at the Foundry Norman Sale 24 1 industry, ironmaking Fred Danby, Tom Dunkey, Bill Bates, Sam Timmins
What the Postman Saw Donald Pigott 24 1   Grahame White
The Queen's Dance Hall, 1959-69 G Sharp 24 1 Wolverhampton, nostalgia, entertainment Dennis Patterson, Bob Potter
Foundry Visit - part 2 'Return Visit' Gwilym Williams 24 1 poem, industry  
International Interest in the Steamy Story of Prehistoric Sandwell Michael Hodder 24 1 archaeology  
Black Country Humour   24 1    
More Trouble at the Frontier Ned Williams 24 1 Wolverhampton  
Fairwell to the Plaza   24 1 Dudley, cinema  
A Capful O' Nails - Critical Analysis Paul John McDonald 24 1 literature David Christie Murray
The Black Country Society - Wyre Forest Branch Margaret Booth 24 1    
Industrial Archaeology Report Ron Moss 24 1    
Eminent Black Country Folk - 11 - Rachael Heyhoe Flint MBE Stan Hill 24 2 Wolverhampton, biography Jackie Elledge, Ann Jago, Charles Hayward
A Great Black Country School CJL Elwell 24 2 Walsall, Queen Mary's, education Phineas Fowke, Thomas Gleadow, Thomas Rogers, George Potter Neele, Edward Norman Marshall, George Hawe
The Early Days of the Tipton Fire Brigade John Brimble 24 2   TE Underhill, Stephen Aston
Sam Cotton - Councillor and Entertainer 1872-1965 Susan Rachel Wallin 24 2 Sedgley, biography, Pensnett Sam, William and Cyril Cotton, Ned Harvey, Charlie Baker, Thomas Ellis
Oldbury's Municipal History   24 2 photos and names, 1935 council Robert Dudley
Bottles on a Windy Day Jim Wm Jones 24 2 poem  
The Black Country Re-Visited Noel H Brettell 24 2 Hagley Hill, nostalgia, Lye  
1991 New Years Honours Award for the Director of the Black Country Museum   24 2 Dudley Ian Walden
Gothersley Mill Ron Davies 24 2 Willenhall Francis and John Homfray, Philip Foley, John Hodgetts, John Thompson, John Scale, George and Edward Thorneycroft, John Hunt, William Brown, Joseph Maybury, Edward Bagnell Dimmock, William Hatton,
More on Tommy Handley of 'ITMA' Radio Fame   24 2 Oldbury  
At Much Bashing in the Bashas John Sparry 24 2 WW2, Wall Heath Harry Nock, Bill Wheale
A Baker's Century H Jack Haden 24 2 Stourbridge, coffee houses, biography PJ Dowson, Ann Pearson, Thomas Webb, George Richards, Daniel Jones, Henry James, Richard and Charles Shirt, EJ Benton
Netherton Cricket Club RR Dews 24 2 sport Thomas Gower, Samuel Woodall
The Rise, Fall and Rise again of St. James School, Dudley Anne Lineen 24 2 education C Cameron, J Westbury, Edwin Griffiths
Life and Death in Sandwell - Sandwell's First Public Health Report   24 2    
The Black Country Development Corporation Education and Training Initiatives Stan Hill 24 2    
Black Country Humour   24 2    
Eminent Black Country Folk - 12 - Sir Jack Hayward OBE Stan Hill 24 3 biography, Wolverhampton, football  
Copper Kettles and Brass Plates John Sparry 24 3 entertainment  
Passenger Boats Between Wolverhampton and Birmingham, 1843-1852 Patrick Thorn 24 3 canals, transport Thoma sMonk, John Inshaw, James Shipton
Harrison's Cycle Shop, West Bromwich Dorothy Palmer and Joan Davis 24 3   Dorothy Palmer, Charles Harrison
Requiem for a Pit LL Holden 24 3 poem  
Memories of a Black Country Lad WL Pace 24 3 nostalgia, Willenhall, mining Thomas Tew, Alec Appleby
From Willenhall to Whitehall - The Prime Minister's Local Ancestry Richard Bond 24 3 family history John Major, Joseph and Abraham Thomas Ball, John Moseley, James Pritchard, Sarah Anne and Thomas Marrah, Gwendoline Millie Coates
Oil Leak into the Sea Faiuna Haseeb 24 3 poem  
The Influence of Somers Rex Bayliss 24 3 Halesowen, biography, industry Walter and Frank Somers, Arthur Timmins, Rex Dakin
The Black Country Society Wyre Forest Branch Margaret Booth 24 3    
Taken to the Banks Harold Parsons 24 3 canals, transport James Henry Rowbottom
Black Country Humour   24 3    
Cor! Strike a Light Peter D Bloore 24 3 industry  
Brunel and the Low Level Station Michael Hale 24 3 Wolverhampton, railways  
The Tangled Tale of Two Kingswinford Houses H Jack Haden 24 3 industry Henry Pearman Baggott, Joseph and Henry Webb, Edward and Thomas Hill, Henry Smith, Harry Sidney Pitt, Isaiah Barker, George Percy Pitt, Edward Partridge, Deonis Bradley, John Pidcok, Benjamin and Jeremiah Brettell, Richard Taylor, Peter Pitt, George Meanley
Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge Yvonne Bourne 24 3    
The Black Country Development Corporation Working with the Environment Jane Smith 24 3    
Stour John Crompton 24 3 canals, transport Thomas Clayton
Eminent Black Country Folk - 13 - Noel Harry Brettell Stan Hill 24 4 biography, Lye, Stourbridge Jack Price, Eddie Webster
Memories of a Black Country Lad "My Father was a Sailor in the Great War" WL Pace 24 4 nostalgia, Willenhall, mining, biography  
Old Swinford Hospital - A Personal Reminiscence Barry R Bruff 24 4 nostalgia, Stourbridge Thomas Foley, WH Bartlett
Childhood Memories Margaret March 24 4 nostalgia  
The Black Country Development Corporation Working with the Community Jane Smith 24 4    
Tales from Tipton: Long Jimmy, Ponky and Polly Ted Jukes 24 4 Tipton Percy Oliver Norman Kaiser Young
How Long Have we Been in the Black? Keith Hodgkins 24 4    
Dudley and Stourbridge Town Commissions David Radmore 24 4   James Hews Bransby, William Scott, William Hunt, Isaac Badger, William Lee, James Green Bourne
The Influence of Somers - 2 Rex Bayliss 24 4 biography William Lea, Frank and Jack Somers
Amateur Theatricals in the Dudley Area, 1856-1939 Susan Rachel Wallin 24 4 entertainment, Garrick Club WS Gordon, Frank Shaw-Furnell
Come on the Baggies Joseph W Proctor 24 4 WBA  
Black Country Water Supplies - Sedgley BJ Williams and J van Leerzen 24 4 Sedgley  
Saline Speculations John Sparry 24 4 Wordsley  
Sir Gilbert Claughton - Man, Machine and Model Michael Hale 24 4 Dudley, biography, railways Brooke Robinson, Leigh Claughton, AH Phelips, JH Molyneux, FJ Ballard, TW Adshead, HW Hughes, CJ Starling, FH Gibbons, Richard Traves, Colin Walker
Alec Colman   24 4 obituary, Tipton Elijah alec Colman
Black Country Humour   24 4    
Eminent Black Country Folk - 14 - Anthony Whittaker Stan Hill 25 1 biography, Brierley Hill, public houses Ray Weston
Tales from Tipton: Before Coral's Ted Jukes 25 1 nostalgia, betting  
Galvanised and Corrugated Iron Trade in Wolverhampton E Peter Hickman 25 1 industry, ironmaking  
The Story of a Bloxwich Empire Builder Jo Hunt 25 1 Halesowen, biography, Bloxwich Pinson Wilmot, John Parkes, Samuel Griffiths, William Sutton, Harry Smith Parkes
Memories of a Black Country Lad: I was a Locksmith's Apprentice WL Pace 25 1 Willenhall, nostalgia, lockmaking Fred and Charles Duncambe
Reminiscences of Schooldays LV Walker 25 1 nostalgia, Stourbridge NH Brettell, Eric Johnson
I don't know much about art but I know a bit about hats' John Sparry 25 1 Dudley. Education, artists Marie D'Alforde, Charles Pargeter, William Hart Dodsworth, Noah Allport, Charles Chadwick, Shadrach Hogg, Alfred Wilson, Thomas Creswick, William Berry, James Leslie Crees, Thomas Phillips, Louise Rayner, David Cox, Mary Cartwright
James Matthews and his Marvelous Flute Margaret Lowe 25 1 biography  
Crystal 91 - and thereafter Mike Carpenter 25 1 glassmaking, Stourbridge, industry  
Amateur Theatricals in the Dudley Area, 1856-1939 - part 2 Susan Rachel Wallin 25 1 Dudley, Cradley Heath, Stourbridge H Preedy, Will Pegg, Frank Richards, Jack Downing, Dyson B Williams, Chris Gittins
My Two Holidays in the 1920s Hilda Francis 25 1 nostalgia, Prines End Frank Jones
Himley Woods, Barrow Hill   25 1 poem  
Anthony Booth VC Stan Hill 25 1 biography, Brierley Hill  
Three Clues to the Past Noel H Brettell 25 1 Tipton  
Black Country, Bright Future Jane Smith 25 1 industry  
Dudley Poor Law Union New Workhouse Sean Ward 25 1 Sedgley Andrew Doyle, William Lee
Black Country Humour   25 1    
Black Country Surnames - An Update Peter Chandler 25 1 Skidmore, Flavell, Raybould, Spittle, Elwell, Haden, Badger, Jordan  
Obituary - John Herbert Folkes   25 1 biography, obituary  
Eminent Black Country Folk - 15 - Sister Winifred Jarvis Stan Hill 25 2 biography, Brierley Hill, nursing  
The Industrial Scene 30 Years Ago Michael Hale 25 2 industry, ironmaking, glassmaking  
The Mountbatten Family Home Ted Jukes 25 2 genealogy John Hollnad, John and Thomas Jukes
Bill Homer - a Black Country Man Monica Homer 25 2 biography, Brierley Hill William Homer
The Birmingham New Road - 65 Years Old E Peter Hickman 25 2 transport FW Cook
Black Country Aftermath RR Dews 25 2 poem  
Five Historical Landscapes in Halesowen Mike Carpenter 25 2 Leasowes, Halesowen  
In Search of Noel Brettell Anne Harvey 25 2 poem, biography Edward Thomas
On An Inyanga Road Noel H Brettell 25 2 poem  
Bill Pardoe   25 2 obituary  
Churchill Forge John C Pople 25 2 industry William Bache, Penelope Willetts
Sydney Ryder and Stourbridge Playreaders Susan Rachel Wallin 25 2 biography, theatre, Stourbridge Rodger Thomas
Walsall's Parson, Printer, Poet and Psalmist CJL Elwell 25 2   Randle Darwall, Robert Felton, Harriet Mellon, Anna Seward, John Alcock, William Ridge
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls Stan Hill 25 2 Brierley Hill Harold Thompson, Anthony Whittaker
Sandwell Priory Michael Hodder 25 2 archaeology  
Smethwick's 19c Bell Casters Harold Parsons 25 2 industry Wilson Patten, Charles Carr
Cum Sing wi' we Ray Weston 25 2 dialect  
Good Bye Cannon: Hullo Lighthouse Ned Williams 25 2 Wolverhampton, cinema Charlie Kettle, Cyril Joseph, Ernest Wisker
The Water Supplies of the Black Country BJ Williams and J van Leerzen 25 2 Dudley  
A Nuremburg Moon John Sparry 25 2 Kingswinford, WWII Arthur Cadman
A Tribute to Harold Parsons (1919-1992) Stan Hill 25 3 tribute, biography  
Eminent Black Country Folk - 16 - Don and Roy Richardson Stan Hill 25 3 biography, industry, Brierley Hill, Merry Hill  
Recollections of a Smethwick Florists Lillian M Jewkes 25 3 nostalgia  
Bread From Heaven (Exodus XVI) The Story of Hickinbottom & Sons Ltd. Stan Hill 25 3 Wednesbury Sam Hickinbottom, Martha Hodson
Winter Coal Ted Jukes 25 3 nostalgia  
Crossroads Care Mike Carpenter 25 3    
Black Country and its People - Memories of an ex-POW Monica Homer 25 3    
The Black Country Children's Year Hilda Francis 25 3 poem  
In Famous Footsteps to the New World J Keith Cheetham 25 3 biography Francis Asbury
The Last Trains to Stourbridge Michael Hale 25 3 railways, transport Herbert Lawrence, Cliff Totney
Bats in the Belfry Ray Weston 25 3 dialect  
Around Stourbridge Ron Davies 25 3    
A Black Country Divine CJL Elwell 25 3 Sedgley, religion, cholera Charles Girdlestone, Samuel Lowe, John Williams
Old Schools and more Hats John Sparry 25 3 Wall Heath, education Hannah Jane Powell, George Meanley
The Reverend Clement Pass WL Pace 25 3 Oldbury, biography William Henry and Ebenezer Clement Pass
25th Anniversary Celebrations Stan Hill 25 3    
Langley and Causeway Green Joan R Rawlings 25 3 nostalgia Jessie and Betty Cutler
Gorreny Wizzuds Art 25 3 West Bromwich, nostalgia  
Song for Severn Noel H Brettell 25 3 poem  
Birmingham Canal Navigations Depot - Bradley Ron Davies 25 3    
Memories of Noel Brettel Jeffrey Fenwick 25 3    
Oldbury Shops and Shopkeepers Remembered HL Kershaw 25 3   Harry Edwards, Harry Horton, John Wood, Ted Thomason, Ted Hickman, Bobby Atkins, Thomas Sanders
Old Ghosts Jim Wm Jones 25 3 poem  
Black Country Society History Harold Parsons 25 4    
What's in a Name Hilda Francis 25 4 autographs  
The Theatrical Lives of Doctor's Wives Susan Rachel Wallin 25 4   Amy Louisa Pearson, Jessie Clasterson, Henry Christopher Darby, Edwin Webster and Frederick Hardwicke, Fred, Bessie and Charles Yeates, George Rhodes
Cockfights and Ancestors John L Sheldon 25 4 Wednesbury Johan Spittle, Eleanor Brighton, John and William Dudley, John Hinkinson and William Sheldon, George Lloyd
Sunbeam Studios Jim Boulton 25 4 Wolverhampton, industry  
The Worcestershire Regiment at the Battle of Gheluvelt Barry Bruff 25 4   EB Hankey, CBS Clarke, EL Bowring, RJ Ford, GA Slaughter, EW Carrington, G Ellis, AE Kemp, F Smith, William Finch
George Rose Park, Darlaston Malcolm Timmins 25 4 Poor Law, biography W McIntyre, George Rose, CWD Joynson, Tom S Peacock, Joseph Yardley
The Grange Theatre, Walsall Paul F Viles 25 4 Walsall, theatre Kathleen Bullock, Tom Mayo, Eric Smith
Wolverhampton Road Development Don Huffer 25 4 travel, transport John Wilks
Trees Ted Jukes 25 4    
Black Country Personalities - 17 - Nigel Hallard FRSA Stan Hill 25 4 Hill Top, art, West Bromwich, biography Jack Hallard, Joe Kidger
Sergeant Major Purvis - one of the few David F Vodden 25 4 Walsall, biography William Purvis
Living and Working in the Black Country Margaret Phipson Smith 25 4 nostalgia  
Oldbury, Langley and Halesowen Occupations in 1841 Kathleen Crew 25 4 employment, demographics  
Princes End and it's Railway - 1 Michael Hale 25 4 railways  
Merry Hill to Mars John Sparry 25 4 fishing, dialect  
The Deserted Nest at Wordsley Doreen EM Massey 25 4 poem  
Naming a Locomotive Ned Williams 25 4 railways, Walsall  
Walsalls "self taught genius" CJL Elwell 25 4 biography James Gee, Henry Pitt, ohn Milner, Joseph Curtis
Up From Zummerzet HL Kershaw 25 4 Oldbury, nostalgia Julia Sambrooke
The Black Country Museum Ian Walden 25 4    
Black Country Personalities - 18 Ken Downing of Judas Priest Stan Hill 26 1 biography, West Bromwich Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Glen Tipton
Himley Recollections PR Rostron 26 1   OF Grazebrook
William Bannister & Co. Chainmakers Ron Moss 26 1 Cradley Heath, Netherton, industry Noah Hingley, Henry Persehouse Parkes, Thomas and William Bannister
When Barnum and Bailey Came to the Black Country Ned Williams 26 1 Dudley, entertainment Bert Evans
Galton Bridge Jim Wm Jones 26 1 poem  
Noel Brettell, Lye's Long Distance Poet H Jack Haden 26 1 Lye, sport, poem John H Wooldridge, Norman F and Ron E Bird
Halesowen's Municipal History   26 1 numerous Halesowen names Walter Somers, John Chapman, JB Downing, HJ Cox, A Basterfield
Wall Heath House John Sparry 26 1   William Baggott, RH Widdowson, Cyril C and Ian Messiter
Professor Robert Baker Stan Hill 26 1 Bilston, biography  
Local Studies in Wolverhampton Alan Franklin and Pat Toulmin 26 1    
My Love of the Black Country Ajit Sahota 26 1    
Mobs and Methodists - The Wednesbury Riots 1743-44 CJ Spittal 26 1   John Wood, Edward Eggington, John Sheldon, Francis Ward, Robert Williams, John Adams, Jonathan Jones, Humphrey Hands, Richard Dorset, John Wood, J Lane, W Persehouse, George Clifton
Papers Ted Jukes 26 1    
The Communications of Wolverhampton - 2 Don Huffer 26 1 canals, transport, coal trade  
Walsall Evening Institute WL Pace 26 1    
Princes End and it's Railway - 2 Michael Hale 26 1 Tipton Admund and Oliver Howl, Ethel Morgan
The Grange Theatre, Walsall 2 Paul F Viles 26 1   Beryl Nicklin, Jack Pym, Elizabeth Chester, George Blackhall,
CJL Elwell   26 2 biography  
Ashwood Pumping Station Matt Gold 26 2 mining  
Black Country Personalities - 19 Stanley George Yardley Stan Hill 26 2 biography, education, Quarry Bank Aaron Yardley, John Stevens, Andrew Cooper, Sam Perry, George Hosgson
The Man Who Bowled Bradman Chris Morris 26 2 sport, cricket, Old Hill Eric Hollies, George Harris, Fred Root, Gilbert Hackett
Grorty Ted Jukes 26 2    
Politicians, Press and the Public H Jack Haden 26 2 Wall Heath Robert Harry Morgan
West Park, Wolverhampton Sue Whitehouse 26 2   Charles Pelham Villiers, John Ross, Dan Gibson
When Sundays were Sundays Doreen EM Massey 26 2 nostalgia  
Wood's Boat Dock, Short Heath WL Pace 26 2 canals Alfred Matty, Simeon Wood
A Walsall Doctro in the Falklands CJL Elwell 26 2 biography Henry Joseph Hamblin, W Cotterill, Charles Smith Forster
Mrs Baldwins David Barlow 26 2 Bloxwich  
The Garman Ryan Collection David Vodden 26 2 biography, Wednesbury, art Kathleen Garman, Ted Moorman
The Pewterers of Bewdley and Wribbenhall Ronald F Homer 26 2 industry John and Stynt Duncumb, John Ingram, Charles Hunt
Warley Male Choir   26 2    
The Communications of Wolverhampton - 3 Don Huffer 26 2 canals Thomas Congreve
Cooper's Ducks, Cootc, Lezzers and Gobs John Sparry 26 2 Brierley Hill, Netherton, mining  
Black Country Humour   26 2    
Cauliflowers and Duck Eights Alan Price 26 2 Walsall, railways  
Mobs and Methodists - conclusion CJ Spittal 26 2 Wednesbury, Dalraston John Wesley, Edward Eggington, Jack Baker, Benjamin Constable, Francis Ward, Humphrey Hands, John Eaton, John Bird, Ric Hard Bolton, Richard Spittle, Richard Dorset, Stephen Timmins, Alexander Mather
A Night in the Workhouse Alex Chatwin 26 2   Cyril Hall
When Barnum and Bailey Came to the Black Country - conclusion Ned Williams 26 2 Wolverhampton, entertainment  
Two Poems Hugh Finn and Megan Robertson 26 2 poem  
Black Country Personalities - 20 - James Cooksey Mason OBE Stan Hill 26 3 Quarry Bank, biography Wesley Perrins, Iris Booth
An Assault Course in Walsall   26 3    
Frederick William Hackwood Historian or Journalistic Bohemian? CJL Elwell 26 3 Wednesbury, biography Enoch Hackwood, John Adams
The Commemoration of a Black Country Locomotive John S Allen 26 3 Tipton, railways James T Daly
Actresses in the Black Country 19th and early 20th Centuries Susan Rachel Wallin 26 3 Brierley Hill Marjorie Mills, Mildred Joyce Shaw, Nora and Maude Parsons, Florence Wallin, Emma Hanley
The Black Country Disaster of Autumn 1992 Reg Hooper 26 3 dialect, Dudley  
Busy Lines at Dudley Kenneth Tibbetts 26 3 railways, nostalgia  
The Clock Fields of Time Dave Cartwright 26 3 poem  
The Loxtons of Wednesbury, Walsall and Cannock John Stringer 26 3   Samuel and Charles Adshead Loxton, FT Craddock
An Elizabeth II Manor House a Hunters Lodge II George Wood 26 3    
An Elizabeth II Manor House b Another Man's Dreams Ron Davies 26 3 Wordsley  
My Richest Black Country Eid Shimila Siddique 26 3 Lye, religion  
Last Days on the Line to Dudley Ned Williams 26 3 railways Bill Clarke
The Last Tram from Kinver John Adlard 26 3 poem  
A Missile of the Thunder-god John Sparry 26 3 Harper and Bean, industry, cars Bill Sargent, George Edward Thomas Eyston
The Communications of Wolverhampton part 4 Canals - the full Development Don Huffer 26 3 canals  
Boscobel Sarah Browne 26 3    
Penn Common for Upper Penn, Goldthorn Hill and Bradmore Angus Dunphy 26 3 railways Francis D Gibbons, Alfred Hickman, Arthur and John Sparrow, Percival Birkett, William Henry Phillips
The Grazebrooks at Audnam House PR Rostron 26 3 industry, glassmaking Michael Grazebrook, Sarah Worrall
Black Country Humour   26 3    
Oakeswell Hall Ian Bott 26 3   John de Heronville, William Combeford, William Byng, Thomas Jennyns, William Hopkins, John Hawe, John Beaumont, Joseph Smith, Walter Garman
The Tipton Slasher Statue Unveiling   26 3    
Black Country Personalities - 21 - Basil Eugene Poole Stan Hill 26 4 Netherton, biography, mining, Dudley Clifford Johnson, Josiah Bloomer
Railway Reminiscences - Dudley Station 1938-41 Kenneth Tibbetts 26 4 railways  
A Day in the Country Gladys M Welsh 26 4 West Bromwich, education  
Bright the Vision that Delighted John Sparry 26 4 industry, brickmaking, Kingswinford, Quarry Bank John Bird, James John Abbott, Aquile Dunn
Radio Recollections HL Kershaw 26 4    
The Communications of Wolverhampton - part 5 Canals The Slow Decline Don Huffer 26 4 canals, transport, industry  
Tales from Tipton - dummy Ted Jukes 26 4    
The Walks Report: Summer 1993 Ned Williams 26 4    
Never a Dull Moment Doreen EM Massey 26 4 education, nostalgia, Wordsley  
Vita Brevis Jo Hunt 26 4 poem  
Paul Bloomer - our mon at the Royal Academy Stan Hill 26 4 Pensnett, biography Israel Martin, Job Wilkes Yardley
An American Citizen's Black Country Ancestors R Gordon Martin 26 4    
Israel Martin - A Family History   26 4 biography, industry, Tipton  
Job Wilkes Yardley - A Family History   26 4 Darlaston, biography William E Morris
A Link with Wolverhampton Motor Cycle History is Broken Jim Boulton 26 4 industry Jim Stevens
Jack Downing the Actor and his Gilbert and Sullivan Connections Susan Rachel Wallin 26 4 biography, Stourbridge Chris Gittins
Black Country Humour   26 4    
In Burritt's Footsteps - part 1 CJL Elwell 26 4 Dudley, industry Elihu Burritt, Robert George Hobbes
Graveston Ommissions Pat Hurley 26 4 Tipton Richard Stanton
Memories of a Black Country Lad - Wulfrun College of FE - Walsall Street Extension 1959-61 WL Pace 26 4 education  
It all Started in "The Blackcountryman" Ned Williams 26 4    
Baylie's Chainworks, Stourbridge WL Downes 26 4 industry, chainmaking Enoch Heathcock, Frank Green, Joan Martin, Dorothy Bacon, Daisy Whittingham, Reg Newman, Ted Whitehouse, Albert Henry and Fred Harris, Tom Haden, Ted and Jack Higgs, Tom Hughes, Ted Millward, Billy Powell, Frank and Stuart Richards, Ted Smith, Bill Ingles, Billy Goodman, Joe Wakefield, Billy and Jack Bills, Charlie and Geoff Taylor, Bert Tombs, Jack Marsden, Harry Jones, Tom Underhill, Jack Roberts
So What Went Wrong? Dave Cartwright 26 4 poem  
Appreciation - Jim William Jones Edward Lowbury 26 4 poem  
In Burritt's Footsteps CJL Elwell 27 1 industry, Wolverhampton James Carpenter Tildesley, James Lee, Frederick Walton, Edward Booth, Edmund Kean, Edward Bird
Consequencies Dave Cartwright 27 1 poem  
Thoroughly Modern Marje John Sparry 27 1 Cradley Heath, music, biography, Old Hill Marjorie Penn (Mayer), Mabel Brown, Stella Bloomer, Charles Hedges, Jack and Frank Wheeler, Eldon Firmstone, Sam Ault, Bill Penn
Baylie's Chainworks, Stourbridge WL Downes 27 1 industry, chainmaking Bert Harris, Frank Green, Bill Ingles, Frank Richards, Bert Tombs, Tom Hughes, Bert Smith
Memories of a Black Country Lad - Wulfrun College of FE - Paget Rd, Wolverhampton 1961-70 WL Pace 27 1 education  
The Remedies Margaret Marsh 27 1 nostalgia  
Flying the Flag in the USA   27 1 Pensnett, art Paul Bloomer
Black Country Water Supplies - Kates Hill, Cawney Hill and Oakham BJ Williams and J van Leerzen 27 1 Dudley James Wainwright, Charles Roberts, William Lee
Harts Hill Bus Garage, Brierley Hill   27 1 transport  
Erbut Ted Jukes 27 1 Tipton, dialect  
The Champ Ted Jukes 27 1 Dudley  
Black Country Personalities - Harry Eccleston OBE Stan Hill 27 1 biography Lawson Pearson, Raymond Cowern, Andrew Freeth
The Communications of Wolverhampton - Part 6 Railways Don Huffer 27 1 railways, transport William Matthews, John Barker, William Bailey, Jeremiah Wynn
An Unusual Holiday Stan Hill 27 1 Wednesbury Harry and Margaret Timmins, Brian Saddler
Wordsley Amateur Dramatci Society Bob Cotton 27 1   Horace Sutton, Sidney Evans, EW Hatton, Doris Walton, Reg Bennett, DR Guttery, Bill Swaithes, Nellie Bowater, Nora Lees, Betty Mulcahey
Mon o' Many Parts Jo Hunt 27 1 poem  
My Life at Orchard Lane JM School, Lye 1941-44 Pat Dunn 27 1 nostalgia, education  
150…..Not Out Freda Allen 27 1 Oldbury, Congregational Church  
A Fearful Pit Accident Roger Hoole 27 1 Oldbury, mining  
Black Country Personalities - 23 - Colonel Audrey Smith Stan Hill 27 2 biography AA Lucas, Aubrey Owen
Fetes, Fireworks and Flummery at Dudley Castle Chris B Round 27 2 Dudley, entertainment  
The Wall Heath Air Show C Harper and J van Leerzen 27 2    
The Communications of Wolverhampton part 7 Don Huffer 27 2 railways, transport Harry and Henry Crane, John Dixon, John Neve, Joseph Pearson, Thomas Timmins, Benjamin Walton, GB Thorneycroft, John Barker, John Perks, John Shaw, Henry Hill, Joseph Walker,
Taming the Tearaways Doreen EM Massey 27 2 Brierley Hill, nostalgia  
Museum Stalwart Moves On Ron Moss 27 2   John Crompton
Two Mobile Men John Sparry 27 2 Wall Heath Alf Couper, Joseph Ansell Wood
Black Country Gas - Early Days - A Preliminary Survey 1 CJL Elwell 27 2 industry William Murdock, Tom Hickman, John Urpeth Rastrick, James Russell
Public Art in Dudley Geoff Warburton 27 2    
Black Country Sounds and Smells Peter Shilson 27 2 Great Barr  
Work in Lye in the c19 with Specific References to the Census of 1851 and 1881 Alan Day 27 2 industry, mining, nailmaking  
Davies Brothers and their Neighbours on the "Wolverhampton 21" Patrick Thorn 27 2 industry, canals Edward, James and Peter Davies, William Maddock Bayliss
Theatrical Entertainment in Cradley Heath - c19 and early c20 Susan Rachel Wallin 27 2   WH Nock, Joe Poole, John Whiley, Harry Thompson
Nick Adams A Black Country Sculptor Andy Mabbett 27 2 Oldbury  
Wulfrun College of FE 1970-82 WL Pace 27 2 education, Wolverhampton  
Home Straight Alan Davis 27 2 poem  
Black Country Humour   27 2    
Black Country Personalities - 24 - Hilda Mantle Stan Hill 27 3 biography, Pensnett Josuah Parkes Mantle, John Fereday, Julia Hanson, Jimmy Capewell, Joyce Brookes, Tom Owen
Inside an Early Glasshouse Peter Chandler 27 3 Stourbridge, industry, glassmaking Thomas Rogers, Anne Tittery, James Keir, Joshua Hanzell, John Bulney, Nicholas Henzey, John Powell, Abigail Pilmay, John Grove, John Rogers, Charles Holden, John Smedley
The IMI Marston Heritage Centre Jim Boulton 27 3 Wolverhampton, industry John Marston, Daniel Lester, Edward Perry
Water Supplies of the Black Country - Smestow Valley BJ Williams and J van Leerzen 27 3   John McLean, Henry Marten, James Moseley
Theodore Mander (1853-1900) Creator of Wightwick Manor Patricia Pegg 27 3 biography, industry, Wolverhampton Samuel Theodore Mander, Henry Willcock, Geoffrey Mander
Dan's Overalls John Sparry 27 3 conditions in 1914, Woodside, Wolverhampton Thomas Webb, Fred Jewess
The Gypsies of Brierley Hill - The Campaign 40 years ago to provide a site Ken Russell 27 3   Kenneth Russell, Stan Hill, George Mullins, Jim Skelding, Jim Bradley, Albert Bash, Gilbert Trevis, Sydney Woodhouse, George Horwill
A Black Country Garden Ted Jukes 27 3 Tipton Samuel Fereday
Black Country Canals Bob Clarke 27 3 transport  
Brockmoor School (1887-1994) part 1 Ron Julian 27 3 education, school history J Henrietta Homer, Matilda C Eccleston, Eleanor Nisbett, Annie Isabel Wade
Black Country Gas - Early Days - A Preliminary Survey 2 CJL Elwell 27 3 Dudley, Wolverhampton William Murdock, Richard Moore, Thomas Badger, James Bourne, Samuel Clegg, Francis Downing, John William Ward, Thomas S Peckston, William Richardson, Harry Parkes, John Weaver, Benjamin Parton Mander, William Beetlestone Homer, Isaiah Danks, Henry Hordern, William Ready, William Ryton, William Hanbury Sparrow, Joseph Smart, Richard Fryer, John Dixon, Edward Clarke, John Hobbins, John Walhouse, Thomas Elwell, William Tully, James Lunn, John Swift, William Akroyd
The Mary Stevens Hospice moves on Gerald Wood 27 3    
FD Ended Bernard Minton 27 3 Dudley, vehicle licensing  
Training and Enterprise - key to the future Brian Turner 27 3 industry, training  
The Communications of Wolverhampton 9 Railways (conclusion) Don Huffer 27 3 transport, railways  
Black Country Humour   27 3    
Black Country Personalities - 25 - Ian Messiter Stan Hill 27 4 biography, Dudley  
Brockmoor School (1887-1994) part 2 Ron Julian 27 4 education, school history, Brierley Hill Mary Clarke, Lucy Proctor, Dorothy Foizey, Mary Atkinson
Early Schooldays in the Black Country Eileen Hobbs (nee Hill) 27 4 Brierley Hill, nostalgia Jack Dutton, Jack Turner, Stanley Philpott, Betty Benton, Clifford Bridgens, Harden Cartwright, Eileen Hill, Keith Jones
Reflections on Archie Hill's Corridor of Mirrors Paul McDonald 27 4 Pensnett Archie Hill
Inside an Early Glasshouse 2 Peter Chandler 27 4 industry, glasmaking, Stourbridge Thomas and William Rodgers, Thomas and Humphrey Batchelor, Paul Henzey, Paul Rogers, William Braughton, John Robinson, Philip Roles
First Job Doreen EM Massey 27 4 Stourbridge, industry, nostalgia  
Childhood in Ladymoor, Coseley F Andrew Barnett 27 4 nature, nostalgia William Price
Around West Bromwich with Ron Davies 27 4   William Smith, Reuben Farley
Ceres Works, Wolverhampton 1861 Alex Chatwin 27 4 industry, chemicals Joe Deakin, Victor Cails, Fred Charles, William Ditchfield, John Wesley, Jean Barttolla
The Walsall Anarchists David F Vodden 27 4    
A Tipton Wedding Jim Boulton 27 4   Joan Hodgkiss, Lawrence Garner
From Gladrags to Ragbags Clarice Hackett 27 4 nostalgia  
Taking the Bad with the Good Norman Sale 27 4 General Strike, nostalgia, education  
Leaving Home Monica Homer 27 4 Brierley Hill, nostalgia  
Stourbridge Students find Inspiration in the Garman-Ryan Collection Jacquie Swift 27 4 Stourbridge, art, Walsall  
From Wolverhampton to Wall Heath via Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat John Sparry 27 4 biography Dr JY Totherick, Charles Albert Berry
Julie Hanson Ken Mantle 27 4 biography, Dudley, licensing trade John and Martha Mantle, Joshua and Martha Parkes, Thomas Hanson, Thomas Hughes
Washing Day 1920 Clarice Hackett 27 4 poem  
New Feature at the Museum Bob Clarke 27 4 Black Country Museum, Browns Bridge  
The Experts aren't always right Edith Cotterill 27 4 nostalgia  
Black Country Personalities - 26 - Len Pardoe Stan 28 1 biography, Quarry Bank, WWII Joy Cartwright
Electrifying the Black Country - part 1 The Pioneers CJL Elwell 28 1 Dudley, biography, Walsall Thomas Parker, Paul Bedford Elwell, Frederick Brown
Reviving Memories of a Black Country Childhood Pat Dunn 28 1    
Eye Witness of a Kamikaze Raid John M Fletcher 28 1 WWII Norman Healey
Baldwin, Benn, Cox and Co John Sparry 28 1 Dudley, biography Len WE Cox
Pen Friends Doreen Kelly 28 1 poem  
The Return of the Native (44 years after) Monica Homer 28 1 Brierley Hill  
A Survey of Smethwick in 1828 Mary Bodfish 28 1    
A c19 Halesowen Headmaster's Lasting Impression Ray Bowling 28 1 biography, education Thomas, Charles, Percy and Jane Fox
The Society's Day at the Black Country Museum Graham Beckley 28 1    
Photographic Record of the Museum Day Graham Beckley 28 1    
Black Country Humour   28 1    
The Gypsies of Brierley Hill Kenneth Knott 28 1 Tansey Green  
Edward Evans, Coachbuilders to the Bean Car Company DEA Evans 28 1 Dudley, biography, industry Jessica and Daniel Darby, Sarah Hartshorn, Edward and Richard Evans, Fred Blunt, Arthur Collins, Jeff Morgan, Joe Bradley, Jim Madeley, Joe Tromans, George Pritchard, Alan Cope, Bob Passmore, George Baggott, Tommy Whitehouse
Facts and Phantoms of Dudley Castle Chris B Round 28 1   John Dudley, John and Dorothy Beaumont
Postcard Publishers of the Black Country Eric Woolley 28 1   John Price, Robert Ryder, JW Bernard, E Beech
Mushroom Green Ron Moss 28 1 Cradley Heath, chainmaking, industry Harry Kendrick
Women in Newspapers Lynn Hawthorne 28 1 Dudley, Old Hill Emily Thompson, Hannah Priest, Daniel Hackett
The Beacon Hotel David Hickman 28 1 Sedgley, brewing John Hughes, Tom Brown
The Blackcountry Man Bob Clarke 28 1 Stourbridge, canals Jack Harris
Black Country Personalities - 27 - Jim Boulton Stan Hill 28 2 biography, Wolverhampton, motorcycling  
The Golden Age of Cameo Glass David Whitehouse 28 2 Stourbridge, industry, glassmaking Benjamin Richardson, Thomas Webb, Philip Pargeter, John Northwood, Joseph Locke, George and Thomas Woodall, Frederick Carver, Thomas Wilkes and Charles and Walter Wilkes Webb
Keeping Up Appearances David Evans 28 2 Dudley, industry, pubs, Gornal Edward and William Sam Evans, Jim Madeley, Joe Bradley, Sid Tromans, Fred Hadley, George Checketts, Lilian Evangeline Mason, Alan Cope, Tom Whitehouse
The Blue Bottle Cavern Joan Cutler 28 2 Dudley, Wrens Nest  
The Hon. Frederick William Johnson OC SOM QC Trevor Genge 28 2 Sedgley, biography Edwin and Thomas Johnson, Laura Caddick
William Fowler's Kingswinford Way Eric Richardson 28 2 parish map  
Requiem for a Chapel Denis Brooks 28 2 Lye, Unitarians James Scott, Richard Pardoe, Francis Witton, Sarah Serjeant, Joseph Priestley, Isaac Wrigley, Joseph Westwood
Nanaimo's Princess Royal Day Stan Hill 28 2 Brierley Hill  
Around Tettenhall with Ron Davies 28 2    
Home Brewing in the Black Country Clive Billingham 28 2 Old Hill Leslie and Alfred Billingham
Pre-War Commercial Photography in Dudley and District Frank Power 28 2   Norman Lewis, Isaiah Woodall, Willetts and Thomas Adshead, Herman Smith, George Butler, James Smellie
A Black Country Scientist John Lester 28 2 biography, Gornal, Walsall, seismology John Johnson Shaw
Still Stepping Out Bob Broadfield 28 2 Dudley, dance  
Travelling Light John Sparry 28 2 gypsies, Kingswinford John Mason
Black Country Society News   28 2    
Electrifying the Black Country 2 - Supplying Current CJL Elwell 28 2 Wednesbury, Wolverhampton, Walsall, electricity Richard Williams, Wilson and FH Lloyd, Frederick Brown, Isaac Griffiths, Thomas Parker, JF Allbright
Black Country Spitfires C Harper and J van Leerzen 28 2 WW2  
The Industrial Archaeology Group 1994 Ron Moss 28 2    
Down in Dudley Robert S Arbib Jnr. 28 2 nostalgia  
Black Country Humour   28 2    
Black Country Personalities - 28 - Reverend Carol Hathorne Stan Hill 28 3 Pensnett, biography  
The Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce CJL Elwell 28 3   Joseph Pearson, Joseph Tarratt, William Leigh, William Ready, Richard Bagnall, Samuel Lloyd, Richard Fryer, Francis Holyoake, Edward Perry, Frederick Weaver, Moses Ironmonger, Frederick Walton, Henry Loveridge, Samuel Holden Blackwell, Edward John Gibbs
Walter Allen Jo Hunt 28 3 obituary  
Fraser Wood Celebrates 150 years David F Vodden 28 3 Walsall, estate agent John Fraser Watkins, George French, Walter Hughes, Arnold Pinson, Tom Mayo, Ray Taylor
Black Country Air Raid Alerts and Incidents   28 3 WW2, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill Ebby Beckley, Bessie Rowbottom
In Search of the Lost Canals of the Black Country Eric Richardson 28 3 Dudley, Stourbridge, Pensnett Fred Carder, William Fowler, Thomas Brewin, Josiah Clowes, William Underhill, Thomas Green
Songs from the Heart of England Paul McDonald 28 3 poets, Walsall Alfred Moss, James Aldis, John Darwall, Harold Parry, Henry Newbolt, Frederic Willmore, Adam Sedgewick Barnard, John Kilbourn
Cyril Manley - a Man with an Obsession H Jack Haden 28 3 biography, glassmaking, Amblecote John Frederick Bolton Bowater, Arthur Guest
Limelight Cinema Ned Williams 28 3 BC Museum, Quarry Bank, Hartshill Cecil Couper
Ivo Shaw, Artist - Craftsman Robin Shaw 28 3 Dudley, biography  
Francis Asbury - American Methodist Apostle Reverend Mark Hathorne 28 3 Hamstead, religion, biography Joseph Asbury, John Griffin, Edward Stillingfleet, Nancy Brookes
Button Gwinnett   28 3    
What's in a Name? Dave Cartwright 28 3 poem  
Listening to the Lido John Sparry 28 3 Wall Heath  
A Wednesbury Childhood Margaret Perry 28 3 nostalgia, Wednesbury Josiah Bushell, George Summerhill
A Black Country Scientist 2 John Lester 28 3 seismology, biography Malcolm J Round, John Johnson Shaw
Black Country Humour   28 3    
The Dudley Election of 1874 - Part 1 Peter Skidmore 28 3 politics, riots Henry Sheridan, Frederick Shenstone-Smith, William Wilkinson, William Barradale, Benjamin Hingley
A Spark Too Many George Marsh 28 3 Dudley, nostalgia  
Black Country Personalities - 29 - William Thomas Swaithes Stan Hill 28 4 Brierley Hill, biography, canals, education Thomas Williams, Noel Brettell
Squabbling over the Castle Dianne Mannering 28 4 Dudley John de Sutton, John Dudley
In Search of the Lost Canals of the Black Country part 2: Coseley, Tipton, Wednesbury and Oldbury Eric Richardson 28 4 Coseley, Ocker Hill, Toll End, Wednesbury, Oldbury  
Stourbridge Students Bring Art to the Community Jacquie Swift 28 4    
A Wednesbury Childhood (conclusion) Margaret Perry 28 4 nostalgia, WW2, Wednesbury  
Dancing in the Dark John Sparry 28 4 Stourbridge, entertainment, WW2 Bob Woodhouse, Jack Mees, Denzil Gennard, Vernon Round, Ken Newton, Irene Green (Watkins)
Pensnett Day Nursery Peggy Childs 28 4 WW2 Herbert Hex, Tom Williams, Dorothy Biggs, Irene Lloyd, Eileen Cook, Christine Bray, Jean Horton, Joyce Adkin, Mary Porter
Around Tipton with Ron Davies 28 4    
The Dudley Election of 1874 - Part 2 Peter Skidmore 28 4 riots William Wilkinson, Benjamin Hingley, Edward Bowen, Josiah Robinson, Thoma sFoxhall, Charles Healey, Thoma sand Henry Maitland, Jeston Homfray, John Holberton, Henry Sheridan, Enoch Harrison, James Blackham, George Thompson, Owen Wright, Levi Brittain
The Saxon Cross, St. Peters Churchyard Wolverhampton Sue Whitehouse 28 4 Wolverhampton, architecture  
CH White: Chemist H Max White 28 4 biography, Oldbury Pearce White, Rex Allen, Walter Hackett, Howson Taylor, John Kettle
The Blackcountryman's Dog (60 years of the Staffordshire bull terrier) John Wilkes 28 4   Joe Mallen, Marie Turley
Memories of Woodside Band Margaret Pearce 28 4 Dudley Howard and Eli Addis, Stanley Bloor, Frank Tombs, Harry Bachelor, Mark Loverock, Enoch and Bill Burton, George Wren, Bill Brassington
The Tramp Brian Harper 28 4   John Mason
Summer Walks and Events Ned Williams 28 4    
Lye Waste Threatened   28 4 dialect Cedric Hardwicke, Burnett Smith
The Song of Dudley Bill Swaithes 28 4 poem  
Black Country Humour   28 4    
Black Country Personalities - 30 - Frank Power Stan Hill 29 1 Dudley, biography, WW2 William Power, Edward and Rihard Mills, Keith Lowe, Norman Lewis, Horace Kinnersley, Louis Marx
Albert E Momme - An American with Bilston Connections Bryan Jones 29 1 Halesowen, Bilston Mary Amelia Irons, William Jeavons, John Firmstone
In Search of the lost Canals of the Black Country - Conclusions Eric Richardson 29 1 Bentley, Walsall, Wyrley  
Black Country Gas - Early Days - A Halesowen Postscript CJL Elwell 29 1 Halesowen, industry Edward Moore, Thomas Siviter, Thoma sMees, John Hobbins, George Grainger, Benjamin Trewolla, Thomas Bissell, Thomas Bloomer, Samuel Salt
The Pantomime of Cinderella, Kings Hill J&I School, Wednesbury c1938 Betty Richards (nee Barlow) 29 1 education George Roberts, Sylvia Harding, Winifred Bates, Marjorie Bagott, Jean Price
Squabbling over the Castle - conclusion Dianne Mannering 29 1 Dudley John Dudley
Pensnett Nursery School - conclusion Peggy Childs 29 1   Kate Rogers, Gwen Homer, Jamie Webster, Alyson Wood, Cliff Allport, Martin O'Shea Warman, Jennifer Bentley, Susan Shaw, Carole Downard
Bishop Asbury Celebrations Revd. Mark Hathorne 29 1 West Bromwich Francis Asbury
Around Willenhall with Ron Davies 29 1    
A History of Banking in Stourbridge part 1 Chris Fonteyn 29 1   Samuel Lloyd, John Taylor, George and William Blow Collis, Thomas and Joseph Hill, William Waldron, William Robins, Thomas Bate, Philip and Francis Rufford, Thomas Biggs, Charles John Wragge, John Percivall
A New Railway for the Black Country Ned Williams 29 1 transport  
Calling all Black Country Film Sleuths Paul Collins 29 1    
Elergy for a Black Country Foundry Bob Eccleston 29 1 poem  
Audree Henwood - Still Stepping Out Susan Rachel Wallin 29 1 Cradley Heath, biography, entertainment Keith Percival, Shirley Smith, Edna Homer, Vilma Henwood
Lye's Journalistic Minister Denis Brooks 29 1 biography Alan Green
Black Country Humour   29 1    
Ray Westwood - Brierley Hill Football Star Stan Hill 29 1 Brierley Hill, biography Raymond William Westwood, Alan Pilkington
The Road John D Williams 29 1 Dudley, transport  
Willpower and Witches Brew Jo Hunt 29 1 Stourbridge, Corbett Hospital John Corbett, John Addenbrooke
Focus on Brockmoor John Sparry 29 1 industry John David Ecclestone, Harry Wiggin, Frederick and Caleb Carder, Joseph Mees, George William Henry Alcock
Black Country Personalities - 31 - David John Wright Stan Hill 29 2 biography, Wolverhampton  
A Promise Kept 26th July 1995 Vera Dando 29 2   William Woodhouse
The Himley Ghost AE Price 29 2    
People Moving - Amongst Other Thngs Mike Carpenter 29 2 Stourbridge, transport, railways  
A History of Banking in Stourbridge part 2 Chris Fonteyn 29 2   James Foster, John Bradley, John Hancocks, Joseph King, William Orme, Robert Scott, Samuel Nock, John Corbett, Thomas Lea, Charles Harrison, John Amery, Thomas David Thomas, Joseph Williams, Joseph Pitman, Henry Thomas, Henry James
Thomas Fenn - Black Country Mining Engineer WL Pace 29 2 mining, industry, biography, Bilston, Willenhall John Fereday
Dudley's Political Posters Peter Skidmore 29 2    
Monday was Tyring Day DEA Evans 29 2 Dudley, industry William, Samuel and Edward Evans, Alfred Preedy, Joe Bradley, Sid Tromans, Tom Compton, Jim Madeley, Tom Whitehouse, Sid Allen, George Baggott, Jeff Morgan
The Black Country Society's Assoc. with Messrs Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. Book Launches photographs by Graham Beckley 29 2    
My Schoolfriend's Great Uncle John West 29 2 Cradley Heath, biography Ralph Minty
Jolly Hockey Sticks John Sparry 29 2 education, Kingswinford, Kingswinford Emeralds Florence Woodcock, Elsie Richards, Florence Southall, Phoebe Wood, Daisy Druller, Job Penzer
Henry John Marten - Black Country Waterworks Engineer BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 29 2 biography, waterworks EB Dimmack
The Best Laid Plans (Dudley no. 1 canal through Round Oak Steelworks) Graham Fisher 29 2 Brierley Hill, Round Oak, canals Peter Marshall
Black Country Humour   29 2    
The Boulton Paul Association Alec Brew 29 2 industry, Wolverhampton, aviation Jack Chambers, Jack Holmes
My Home Town Carole Hughes 29 2 poem  
Cum Sing wi' we Ray Weston 29 2    
Lost Canals of the Black Country Update Eric Richardson 29 2 Hilltop  
Trading the Castle Dianne Mannering 29 2 Dudley John and Guildford Dudley, William Ward, Edward Dudley
Seagers of Kingswinford   29 2 sampler Frances, Mary, Caroline, Amelia and Elizabeth Seager
Paddling in History Denys Brooks 29 2 Stourbridge, River Stour Ted Heathcock
Obituary : Dr. John M Fletcher John Brimble 29 3 obituary, Wednesbury John Malcolm Fletcher
Ralph Minty (1857-1948) John West 29 3 biography, Cradley Heath Margery Westwood, Marjorie Mary, Ethel Mabel and Holda Doris Minty, Norman Weston, AJ Twigg, John Ball
New Openings at the Black Country Museum Ron Julian 29 3    
A GI in the Black Country Jim Pickering 29 3 Brierley Hill William Swaithes, Kenneth Russell, Harry and Winnie Pugh
Dud Dudley and Pit-coal Iron PW King 29 3 industry, Dudley, ironmaking Cradley John Robinson, Richard Foley, Roger and John Hill, William Boycott, William Fownes, Francis Heaton, Humble and William Ward, Thomas Dudley, William Cox, John Finch, Clement Clerk
Stourbridge Town Hall in Context 1 Peter Skidmore 29 3 architecture William Scott, James Foster, Thoma sBadger, William Hunt, John White, Edward Smith, Charles Dudley, Henry Hughes, Samuel Jones, George Randle, Thomas Baylie
The Workers' Institute Building Cradley Heath Ron Moss 29 3 Cradley Heath, industry, chainmaking Mary R MacArthur, John Fellows, Gertrude Tuckwell, Thomas Sitch, Ruth Tromans, Howard Bishop
Stan Laurel, Chocs and the Ink Spots John Sparry 29 3 Dudley, entertainment Freda Round, Will Aston, Samuel Hawkins, Frank Mullings
Memories of Dudley Girls' High School Monica Homer 29 3 nostalgia, education  
Anthony and the Archbishop   29 3 Brierley Hill, anecdote Anthony Whittaker
Black Country Personalities - 32 - Ron Baker Stan Hill 29 3 biography, Woodsetton Violet Raybould
The Birmingham and Midland Museum of Transport Ashley Wakelin 29 3 transport  
Going Round in Circles Graham Fisher 29 3 canals  
Black Country Humour   29 3    
Wigmore Schools, West Bromwich EJ Bloor 29 3 education  
The Art Monitor David Barlow 29 3 nostalgia Wendy Wilkins, Millie Stubbins
Zeppelins over the Black Country Mick Powis 29 3 WW1, Bradley, Wednesbury, Walsall, Tipton Thomas Morris, Sarah Jane, Nellie and Martin Morris, Mary and William Greensill, Daniel Whitehouse, Thomas Henry Church, George Henry Onions, Maud and William Fellows, Joseph Horton Smith, Nelly, Thomas and Ina Smith, Edward and Betsy Shilton, Mary Ann Lee, Rachel Higgs, Rebecca Sutton, Matilda Mary Birt, Susan Howells, Winifred Palmer, Thomas Merrylees, Elijah Jeffries, Mary Julia Slater, Frank Thompson Linney, Charles Cope
The Centenary of Bilston Technical School Trevor Genge 29 3 education Robert William Baker, Harry Ecclestone, Harry Lamb, John Inch, Keith Wymer
A History of Banking in Stourbridge Chris Fonteyn 29 3 commerce Thomas Dudley, William Robinson, Gilbert Claughton, Joseph Harper Stringer, Henry Murdoch, Dorothy Wright
Tales From a Roving Blackcountrywoman   29 3    
Black Country Personalities - 33 - Stefan Asbury Stan Hill 29 4 biography, Sedgley, music  
Pushing the Boat Out David Barlow 29 4 Walsall arboretum, illuminations  
The Storm before the Calm Bert Barr 29 4    
Products of the Black Country - Anchors Geoff Warburton 29 4 industry, Netherton, Tipton Noah Hingley
Collecting the Rent and other Stories David Evans 29 4 Dudley, nostalgia William Sam Evans, Napthaniel Depthany Mason, Joseph Horton
Ocker Hill Power Station - a Brief History MJ Richards 29 4   James Hardie McLean, Charles Stewart, George Reginald James Parkinson
The Nightwatchman Fred Willetts 29 4 Wordsley George Warner, William Willetts
Milko: one man's enterprise H Jack Haden 29 4 Wodsley Percy Tozer Owen, Jack Wilson
Black Country Humour   29 4    
Short Heath Methodist - Sunday School 1935-44 WL Pace 29 4   William Jew, Allan and Sylvia Ravenscroft, Uriah Appleby, Oliver Birch, Howard Poole, Fred Onions, Clara Hawley, Olive and Connie Lowbridge, Gladys Parkes, Fred Goodwill
Cradley Castings Ltd. WKV Gale 29 4 industry, ironmaking John Ness, William Alfred and Ashley Pegg, Harry Forrest, Bill Jones, Cliff Guest, Clarence Johnson, David Powell, Hartley Clifton, Ivan Penn, Jack Roberts,
Stourbridge Town Hall in Context 2 Peter Skidmore 29 4   Hugh Sherrard, James Allsopp, Charles Evers-Swindell, William Donadab Turney, Thomas Robinson
A Walk Around the Green Piece John Sparry 29 4 Wall Heath, WW1, WW2 Frank Hughes, Edward Price, Donald Roberts, Robert Dudley, Norman Hemingway, Thomas Bowler, Jesse Bannister, Randolph Roberts, Nelly Southall, Jack Solari
Zeppelins over the Black Country 2 Mick Powis 29 4 Wednesbury, Dudley, Tipton, Walsall Thomas Taylor, Maud Fellows, Harry Harris, Anne Jeavons, Samuel Mills Slater
Glamorous Night Denys Brooks 29 4 Lye, education George and Thomas Wood, William Hugh Riley Pearson
The Dudley Chamber of Commerce and Industry CJL Elwell 29 4   Job Garratt, William Wilkinson, Wiliam Elwell and Henry Griffin Walker, Benjamin Hingley, Frederick Wiliam Cook, Noah Hingley
Summer Walks and Events Programme 1996 Ned Williams 29 4    
Grainger's Lane Methodist Church, Cradley Heath - 90th Anniversary Celebrations LK Wellings 29 4    
The Local History Fair   29 4    
More Tales from a roving Blackcountrywoman   29 4    
Black Country Personalities - 34 - Maurice William Preece Stan Hill 30 1 biography, Brierley Hill, sport Daisy Druller, WR Elliot
The Talisman - A Christmas Story Henry George Kendrick 30 1 nostalgia, Christmas  
Did Dud Do It? DEA Evans 30 1 industry Dud Dudley
Slow Boat to Selly Oak Graham Fisher 30 1 canals, Halesowen, Dudley William Shenstone
Francis Brett Young Society Michael Hall 30 1    
A Dig in Time Alan Aitcheson 30 1 education, Sedgley, gardening Samuel Britton, Isaac Bradley, Harry Fellows, Tom Hall, William Waklem, Tom Davis, Isaac Flavel, Joe Minton, George Marsh, Joe Morgan
Lone Rider Sculpture Jim Boulton 30 1 Wolverhampton, industry, motorcycling Geoff Warburton, Robert Bowers
British Made - Engineering for the Raj Peter J English 30 1 industry, ironmaking, Cochranes, Woodside, Patent Shaft  
Around Wednesbury with Ron Davies 30 1    
Commentary Ian Bott 30 1    
A Bevin Boy at Baggeridge RJ Griffin 30 1 mining, industry, dialect, nostalgia  
Bevin Boys by Ballot RJ Griffin 30 1 WW2, mining, industry  
On the Black Country Buses Gwyn Jenkins 30 1 transport, West Bromwich Polly Chamers (Perrins)
Funerals Completely Furnished John Sparry 30 1 Brierley Hill, pigeon flying, WW2 Sidney Wheeler, Arthur Roberts, Arthur Bradley, Bert Bissell, William Loynes, George Lovatt
A Bullnosed Convertible George Marsh 30 1 motoring, Dudley Horace Marsh, Edward Evans
Black Country Humour   30 1    
The Wyre Forest Branch   30 1    
Ocker Hill Power Station - conclusion MJ Richards 30 1 Tipton  
Memories of Alex SE Parker 30 1 Smehtwick, biography Albert William Wakefield
Fullwoods End Michael Thomas 30 1 poem, Bilston  
Made in the Black Country for the South Staffordshire Titanic Ron Moss 30 2 industry, ironmaking, Netherton Ben Hodgets
Richardson Developments   30 2    
Nancy Price 1883-1970, Actress, Novelist, Film Producer Joyce Perry 30 2 biography John Northwood, Henry Northwood Bate, Cedric Hardwick
Corngreaves School 1892-1922 John West 30 2 education, Cradley Heath Ralph Minty, TH Parsons, Benjamin Woodall, AA Hickman, HO Bannister
What's in a Name Keith Bloomer 30 2 genealogy, Netherton, industry, ironmaking Reuben and Ellen Bloomer, William Bloomer
The Coward Doreen EM Massey 30 2 poem  
Working in Wartime Cradley Heath Pearl Taylor 30 2 nostalgia, industry, ironmaking Cissie Smart, Charle sWilletts, FH, Norman and Jack Kendrick, Fred C Skelding, Frank Holland
The Steve Bloomer Memorial Peter Barnsley 30 2    
Sir John Campbell - Dudley's first modern MP Peter Skidmore 30 2 Dudley, politics John Attwood, Sam Cook, Richard Bradley, William Murhall
Black Country Personalities - 35 - Alderman Sir John Chalstry Lord Mayor of London 1995-96 Stan Hill 30 2 Dudley Thomas Chalstry
The Sunday Opening Wars in the Black Country Ned Williams 30 2 cinema, Brierley Hill, Sedgley, Tipton Ivy Emery, George Cooper, Joe Cannon, Howard Darby, Miles Jervis, Frank Bills
Himley Hall Ron Julian 30 2   John and William Ward, William Atkinson
A Man Who Owns a Star Jo Hunt 30 2 biography Brian Manning
Brian Manning Hon. Doctor of Science Professor Eric Ives 30 2    
Black Country Humour Beryl Bainbridge 30 2    
As Busy as Bees in Bilston Street John Sparry 30 2 Sedgley, education Mary Newton, Christopher Swaithes, Harold Fownes
The Pitman's Dissent Tom Brown 30 2 poetry  
County Youth Drama Ronald Griffin 30 2 Wolverhampton, Kingswinford, drama, Hill and Cakemore Bert Amies, Mabel Timmins, Lilian H Brown, Ernest Thornewell, Margaret Sayce
Black Country Personalities - 36 - H Jack Haden Stan Hill 30 3 biography, Wordsley Frederick Carder, Grace Gaskin, Daisy Druller, Walter Pugh, Josiah Gordon, Herbert Hadgkiss, John Clement Jones, Harry Jack Haden
The Black Country Society's 30th Anniversary Dinner   30 3    
The Walsall Chamber of Commerse CJL Elwell 30 3   Joseph Newman, Frank James, Joseph A Leckie, SB, Job and WR Wheway, Frederick Brown, HH Tucker, Howard D Clark
Steve Bloomer's Claim to Fame Peter Barnsley 30 3 football, sport  
Corngreaves School 1892-1922 Curriculum and Standards John West 30 3 education  
Ralph Meanly - the Black Country Baritone Clive Simmonds 30 3 biography, Darlaston, opera Annie Finch, John and Anne Meanly, William Worrall, Floss Tinsley, William Talbot
A Community in the Early Forties Horsley Heath Tipton Ken Blount 30 3 Tipton, nostalgia, Horsley Heath Ernest George Blount, Annie and Joseph Bradbury, Ralph Smith, George Stanton, Florrie Evans
The Sedgley Manor Local Museum Mural Ron Baker 30 3    
Around the Black Country Museum with Ron Davies 30 3    
Sir John Campbell - Dudley's first modern MP 2 Peter Skidmore 30 3 biography, Dudley Luke Booker
A Stitch in Time GG Chance 30 3 Lye Fred Cartwright
Retracing Footsteps Malcolm Clarkson 30 3 mining, biography, Gornal Wilfred Clarkson, Thomas and Ann Clarkson
Black Country H   30 3    
A Poem on Dudley Castle   30 3 poetry  
"Two Little Chicks" and other Chortles John Sparry 30 3 Brierley Hill, entertainment Harry Millward, Hazel Higgs, Marjorie Mayer, Rita Penn, Yvonne Motteram
Greensforge Roman Sites David Cox 30 3 Kingswinford, archaeology  
The Cinema in Wartime Maurice Massey 30 3 Brierley Hill, entertainment Bob Farmer, John Cheadle
Graseley Old Hall Geoff Warburton 30 3 Wolverhampton George Green, Geoffrey de Graselge, John Ridley, William Normansell
Edith Cotterill RIP Laurence Dopson 30 3 obituary, Tipton Edith Humphreys
Flying the Flag Graham Beckley 30 3    
Black Country Personalities - 37 - Stanley Adams Stan Hill 30 4 Brierley Hill, entertainment, biography George Hodgetts, Edith Guttery, Graham Campbell, Adelaide Clarke
The discovery of the Powder Plot John Sparry 30 4    
The Summer Events Programme 1997 Ned Williams 30 4    
Lottery Grants   30 4    
George Armstrong and the GWR at Wolverhampton Commemorated Ned Williams 30 4 biography JA Robinson
Harry and Carl Northwood: Wordsley Boys Make Good James S Measell 30 4   Elizabeth Duggins
Special Services Award   30 4    
Braithwaite and Kirk, Crown Works. West Bromwich Peter J English 30 4 West Bromwich, industry, British Empire, ironmaking Richard Braithwaite, Walter Kirk
I Remember 1940-47 Memories of Lapal, Halesowen and Lapal Primary School Mary Wheway 30 4 WW2, Halesowen, education, nostalgia  
Bilston Landmarks Ron Davies 30 4    
Corngreaves School 1892-1922 3 Discipline John West 30 4 education, Cradley Heath Ralph Minty, George Green, James Raybould
Christ Church Quarry Bank Celebrates 150 years The Rev. Tom Chapman 30 4   Joseph and Ernest Stevens, William Lamb, John and Mary Bloomer, John Harper, Edward Paskins, Joseph Derby, T Carpenter Dixon, TJ McNulty, Albert Dunn, Joseph Raybould, AH Vizard, CC Wood, George Larkin, Victor Irwin, Ray Grove
The Fly Boat Alan Davis 30 4 poem  
Bob Marsh, Candle Maker Philip Power 30 4 Gornal, biography, Glaize Candlemakers Edward Robert Marsh, Edward Westwood, Thomas Davies, William Mills, Doris Marsh
A Community in the Early 40s Horsley Heath, Tipton Ken Blount 30 4 Tipton, nostalgia Cyril Murray, George and Florence Cousins, Joseph and Annie Bradbury, Gwladys Cousins
Black Country H   30 4    
Lye Forge PW King 30 4 industry, ironmaking, Cradley John and Dorcas Addenbrook, Zachary Downing, Philip Foley, John and Richard Wheeler, William Rea, Edward, Jonathan and Henry Kendall, Richard and William Cox, Thomas, William and Benjamin Gibbons
Black Country Bumpkin A Land Fit for Heroes 1919-1929 Vic Holloway 30 4 mining, nostalgia, Dudley, industry  
Footer John D Williams 30 4 Hawthorns, WBA, sport, football  
Black Country Personalities - 38 - Lord Harmar-Nicholls Stan Hill 31 1 biography, Walsall, politics  
The Christmas Fair Bert Barr 31 1 nostalgia Alister, William and Elizabeth Andrews
Wolverhampton Civic Society's Blue Plaques   31 1    
Tipton's Forgotten MP Daiv Yates 31 1 Oldbury, politics, biography John William and John Edward Wilson, Arthur Albright, Jack Judge, Douglas Percival Pielou
Black Country Living Museum Acquisition Jim Boulton 31 1    
Men Before Their Time (Mander Bros' Joint Works Council) Peter Hickman 31 1 Wolverhampton, industry Charles, Charles Benjamin, Philip, Samuel Small and Geoffrey Mander
Airships over the Black Country J van Leerzen 31 1    
Corngreaves School 1892-1922 4 Social Conditions John West 31 1 Cradley Heath, education Ralph Minty, Bert Thompson, Percy Carter
Rolfe Street Baths, Smethwick Ronald Griffin 31 1 Smethwick, BC Museum  
A Loss To Cradley Geoff E Hodgetts 31 1 biography, chainmaking Benjamin Hodgetts, Elizabeth Fendall, Joseph Bloomer, CH Sitch, George Hingley
Very Hip at the Hippodrome John Sparry 31 1 Dudley, entertainment  
Black Country Humour   31 1    
Lost Mansions of Sedgley Ron Baker 31 1    
Black Country Bumpkin 2 Family Vic Holloway 31 1 Brierley Hill, nostalgia, industry Charlie Hickman, George Nation, Harold Thompson, Ernest Marsh
Book Launches at Walsall and Lye - photographs by Graham Beckley 31 1    
Wordsley Brewery David Cox 31 1   Samuel Parrish, Edward Oakes, Henry Herbert, Anthony Bailey
SWINFORD - in search of a boundary Eric Richardson 31 1 Kingswinford, Pedmore  
Harry and Carl Northwood: Wordsley Boys Make Good - Part 2 James S Measell 31 1 industry, glassmaking  
Mr Jeston Homfray and the Old Worse and Worse Peter Barnsley 31 1 Cradley, railways  
Braithwaite and Kirk, Crown Works. West Bromwich Peter J English 31 1 railways, Bengal, industry  
Wolverhampton Statue John West 31 2    
Black Country Personalities - 39 - Frank Beckley Stan Hill 31 2 Brierley Hill, biography, genealogy, industry Samuel Beckley, Hannah Courtney, Selena Ann Cooper, Ebenezer Elias Cooper, Baruch Beckley, Alfred Bastock, Edith Worton, George Hatton
The Greening of the Black Country Peter Skidmore 31 2 Dudley, Walsall, Midland Reafforesting Society Elihu Burritt, Luke Booker
100 Years of Springmire Reservoir J van Leerzen 31 2 Dudley Henry Lovatt
From Kingswinford Church to Kingswinford Cross John Sparry 31 2 mining, industry, Kinswinford James Brookes, Thomas Marsh, Benjamin Gibbons, Albert Glaze, Nicholas Paston, William Bendy, Arden H Messiter, Polly Ball, John Ireland, Frederick Hinton, Madge Davis
Nearly the House of Dudley Dianne Mannering 31 2 Dudley Castle, history John and Robert Dudley, Jane Guildford
Cradley's Forgotten Connections Peter Barnsley 31 2 Park Lane Unitarian Church Alfred Heale, William and Marianne Bowen, Joseph and Elizabeth Rayner Parkes,
"Advice for a Commercial Traveller" Peter Hickman 31 2 Wolverhampton Charles Mander
The Tipton Heritage Centre and Museum Patricia J Lacey 31 2   Sarah Roberts, Betty Boothroyd, Tom Brown, John Wesley, JE Salter,
The Life and Works of Sister Dora - Part 1 Alan H Price 31 2 Walsall, industry, biography, Birchills John Wesley, Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, Richard Twigg, Samuel Welsh,
Christ Church, Oldbury, a Black Country Church CJN Fletcher 31 2   RB Hone,
The Sanitary Movement of the Black Country, Part 1 Wolverhampton and Bilston CJL Elwell 31 2   Charles Mander, John Neve, John Freer Proud, Thomas Thornely, John Barker, Joseph Pearson, Edward Francis, Robert Rawlinson, James Gatis, Isaac Fellows, Henry Marten, Anthony Morgan, Joseph Walker, Shaw Hellier, REW Berrington,
From a Police Surgeon's Notebook John Lester 31 2 Walsall, West Bromwich Michael Patrick,
40th Anniversary - Munich Air Crash   31 2 Dudley, football, sport Duncan Edwards,
Braithwaite and Kirk, Crown Works, West Bromwich Part 3 Peter J English 31 2 industry, India, James Humphryes,
Black Country Humour   31 2    
Cum Sing wi' we Ray Weston 31 2 dialect,  
Scarper the Chavvies Bob Broadfield 31 2 Stourbridge, nostalgia, fair  
Baggeridge Colliery - 1895-1968   31 2 mining, Herbert W Hughes,
Harry Eccleston OBE, PPRE and the Caponfield Suite 1974-1980   31 2    
Rolfe Street at the Black Country Living Museum   31 3    
Mrs Vi Wetton - President of the Black Country Society   31 3    
Black Country Personalities - - 40 - Samuel Thompson Stan Hill 31 3 biography, Brierley Hill, Wordsley, John and William Northwood, Vera Partridge
Wordsley Workhouse David Cox 31 3 Poor Law, Sandfield House, Thomas Downing, Elizabeth Dancer, John Hodgetts Foley, Robert Weale, Michael Grazebrook, William Henry Cope,
A Hymn for a Special Industrial Sunday Service Susanne L Fletcher 31 3 Walsall, Frances Powis,
The Wolverhampton Flour & Bread Company Peter Hickman 31 3 industry, Benjamin Mander, Thomas Dallow, William Coombe, Robert Lees, Richard Fryer, Abel Whitehouse, James Shelly, Thomas Wilkes, John Jones, John Bates,
The Sanitary Movement of the Black Country, Part 2 - Dudley CJL Elwell 31 3 Dudley, Edwin Chadwick, William Lee, John Houghton, John Bristowe, Thomas Davies, Henry J Marten, Edward Bindon, Joseph Stokes,
"Is Gibraltar Redundant" Part 2 of a Kingswinford Walk John Sparry 31 3   Charles Callow, Emmetta Freeman, Roger Addenbrooke, Samuel Horne, Benjamin Gibbons, Tom Peacock, Harry Hough, Harry Quarry, Harry Jones, Althea Tallet,
A Tribute to Frank Richards Ray Bowling 31 2 biography, Old Hill, entertainment Judith and Alan Horton,
Theatrical "Digs" of Yesteryear Bob Broadfield 31 3 Stourbridge, Alhambra  
A Pennfields' Hero Angus Dunphy 31 3 Wolverhampton, WW1, Douglas Morris Harris,
The Canal at Wordsley Doreen M Massey 31 3 poem  
The Life and Works of Sister Dora - Part 2 Alan H Price 31 3 biography, Walsall, Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, William Bayliss, Samuel Cox, Samuel Russell, Charles Noakes, Sidney Boyd,
100 Years of Pumping at Tack Lane, Wordsley J van Leerzen 31 3   William Orme Foster,
Nearly the House of Dudley - Part 2 Dianne Mannering 31 3   John and Robert Dudley,
The New 'Cut' at Brierley Hill Geoff Warburton 31 3 canals, Thomas Dadford,
Braithwaite and Kirk, Crown Works, West Bromwich Part 4 Peter J English 31 3 industry,  
Black Country Humour   31 3    
Memories of a Lamplighter's Lad Philip Power 31 3 Lower Gornal, nostalgia, Robert and John Thomas Marsh, Ben Williams, Alfred Allen, Owen Stanley Brettell, Harold Macefield, Austin Wakelam, Sid Badger,
The Lollipop Lady Ivor Richards 31 3 nostalgia,  
Jack Judge on Record Peter Barnsley 31 3 Oldbury, entertainment,  
Black Country Personalities - - 41 - John R Woodhouse Stan Hill 31 4 biography, Quarry Bank, WW2, education, John Bradley, Colin Pugh, Albert Baker, George Burley, Dennis Walters,
The First Motorised Lye Vehicle Robert Wilkes 31 4   H Christopher Darby, James Attwood, Edwin Webster Hardwicke, Amy and Amos Pearson, Jessie Clasterton, Claude Jackson Aston,
Ninety Years of CHAOS Geoffrey E Hodgetts 31 4 Cradley Heath, Old Hill, entertainment, opera, biography, Horace Gould, TM Tibbetts, George Detheridge, Mary and Rita Gill, Bertha Homer, Ethel Locke, Miriam Hinton, George Powell, Yorke Morgan, Charles and Mabel Sitch, Vernon Fellows, Marion Lea, Walter Cutler, Ben Hancox, Westly Fry, George Harris, Rene Boot, Elsie and Roy Preston, James R Cooke, Alice Wheeler, Daphne Hickman, Hetty Dunn, Frank Richards, Bert Newbury, James Payne, Sam Hadley, Vernon Fellows, William Penn, William Chatwin, Leonard Owen, Ernest L Fletcher, G Harry and Robert Eveson, Walter Williams, Howard Lee, Ernest Webb, Grace Parkes, William Sykes, Betty Shaw,
Open Days at Boulton Paul   31 4 Wolverhampton,  
75th Anniversary of Wolverhampton Trolleybuses D Vernon and J van Leerzen 31 4 transport, Owen Silvers,
The Sanitary Movement in the Black Country Part 3 Evil Effluents CJL Elwell 31 4   Albert Greatorex, Thomas Webster Rammell, Isaac Clarkson, Samuel Lloyd, Thomas Walker, John Bagnall, Joseph Hobbins, Richard Williams, Alfred Elwell,
Looking Back Leslie Arrowsmith 31 4 Kingswinford, nostalgia, Kingfisher Country Club, D Tanfield,
Oldbury Vicarage Recalled CJN Fletcher 31 4    
William Shenstone's 'Priory' at the Leasowes Halesowen Dr Francis Burns 31 4   George Lord Lyteltton, Thomas Jackson, Richard Graves, John Scott Hylton, Mary Cutler, Mary Arnold,
Braithwaite and Kirk, Crown Works, West Bromwich - Part 5 (conclusion) Peter J English 31 4 industry, WW2, Andrew Handyside,
Jack Judge - a Retrospective Geoffrey Bubb 31 4 Oldbury, entertainment,  
Black Country Humour   31 4    
Phone Kingswinford 8 or even Kingswinford 48 John Sparry 31 4   Edward Addenbrooke, Ralph Brookes, Denis Bradley, Ann Hoo, Arden H Messiter, Job Penzer, Nellie Southall,
The Black Country Urban Forest Christine Bradley 31 4    
The Black Country Local History Consortium Gay Hill 31 4    
An Unlikely Connection Michael Jones 31 4 biography, Stourbridge, entertainment, Dorothy and Charles Howell, Viola Rosetta Feeney, James Samuel Trinham, Frank Edwards,
The Black Country Living Museum Lottery Grant   31 4    
The 1999 'Arrowsmith' Calendar   31 4   Arthur Arrowsmith, Wilfred Byford-Jones,
Black Country Personalities - 42 - John Graham Price Stan Hill 32 1 biography, Dudley, Stourbridge, industry  
Rally of Black Country Made Vehicles Jim Boulton 32 1    
"Sagging Segars! It's Sang de Boeuf" (Ruskin Pottery) John Sparry 32 1 pottery Edward Richard Taylor, W Howson Taylor,
A Day the Remember Ronald Griffin 32 1 Bevin Boys, Dudley  
The Staffordshire Millenium Embroideries Dianne Mannering 32 1   Sylvia Everitt,
New Stamps - Black Country Connections Jim Boulton 32 1 Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sunbeam,  
A Black Country Marconi Wireless Officer in World War One John Bradley 32 1 WW1, biography, Gornal, Joseph Arthur Bradley, Sam Millington, Luther G Smith,
A Child's Christmas (c 1917) Joe Hunt 32 1 poem  
William Shenstone's Poem 'The Schoolmistress' A 1998 Viewpoint Dr Francis Burns 32 1 poem Sarah Lloyd, Robert Dodsley,
Rolfe Street's Theatre Royal Ronald Griffin 32 1 Smethwick, Charles Barnard, Edward Hewitson, Ethel Jones,
The Family and Local History Fair   32 1    
Around the Fair with Graham Beckley 32 1 photographs  
Fox Henderson and Co of Smethwick, Pioneers in Permanent Way Engineering Peter J English 32 1 industry, Charles Fox, Herbert Spencer, John Joseph Bramah,
William Cobbett in the Black Country CJL Elwell 32 1 Wolverhampton,  
Black Country Humour   32 1    
RAF Over the Black Country J van Leerzen 32 1 Wolverhampton,  
Wittimer Ray Jones 32 1 Silver End, nostalgia,  
Stourbridge Festival and Collaberative Arts Forum Susan Rachel Wallin 32 1    
The Black Country Viewed From Far Off Places Monica Homer 32 1    
We Will Remember Them Peter Hickman 32 1 Wolverhampton, Mander Brothers, WW!, WW2, war memorials, Albert E Beresford, Frederick Bradley, Joseph Butler, James R Colley, Alfred E Collins, Albert E Darby, Sidney C Davis, Arthur G Day, Thomas Devereux, Harry Eggington, Samuel Hadock, Alfred J Hadfield, Thomas Hanstock, William Hayward, W Rowland Johnson, Albert Lee, William Lloyd, Reginald Martin, Herbert Mattox, Charles Miles, Edward Millington, John B Morris, Charles H Pearson, Frederick Reynolds, Thomas Richards, Harry Savage, James E Sproson, Frederick Swatman, Thomas Tomkinson, Arthur Turner, Laurence Vitty, William Westwood, John H Davies, HAN Mander, William Wilson
James Bates' Brickworks 1840-1956 Trevor Genge 32 1 Ettingshall, Coseley, John Charles Bates
No Nudes is Good Nudes Bob Broadbent 32 1 entertainment,  
Rowley Regis Parish Church Geoffrey Bubb 32 1 Blackheath,  
Black Country Personalities - 43 - George Thomas Philpott Stan Hill 32 2 biography, Brierley Hill, industry, Clydesdale Stamping, J Arthur Bradley, Dorothy Price,
Open-Air Schooldays Francis Wilmot 32 2   Joan Murray, Jean Dwyer, Peter Allen, Norma Chambers, Roger Adams, Moira Armson, Fred Homer,
Netherton Post Office Ronald F Homer 32 2   James Frederick Tilly Eley Homer, Joseph Homer, Ellen Eley,
Sir Harry Hinsley Dr John H Martin 32 2 WW2, biography,  
The Black Country - Mind over Matter Patrick Talbot 32 2    
Noah Hingley - 1890 to 1918 Dr Kenneth Mallin 32 2 industry, biography, Benjamin, Noah, George Benjamin, Hezekiah and Henry Montagu Hingley, Alfred Hilton Legge, William Blakey Rumford, George Cyril Edwards, Cyril Peter Harris,
Memories of a Black Country Lad Hilton Main and Holly Bank Collieries WL Pace 32 2 mining, Willenhall, industry, William and George Pace,
Around Sedgley with Ron Baker (drawings) & Trevor Genge (text) 32 2    
Okra Glass Hannah Hughes 32 2 glassmaking, industry, Kingswinford, Richard P Golding, Peter Hughes, Sarah Cowan,
Cum Sing wi' we - a million smiles Ray Weston 32 2    
Florence Wallin - a Woman Worth Remembering Susan Rachel Wallin 32 2 Dudley Wood, biography, industry, chainmaking, Rachel and Matthew Bradley, Earnest Bloomer,
Fox, Henderson and Co of Smethwick Peter J English 32 2 industry, Dudley, Cochrane, Charles Fox, Thomas Astbury,
Grandad's Greyhound Chris Cartwright 32 2 poem, dialect,  
Accidents and Runaway Trains in the Stourbridge Area Clive Butcher 32 2 railways, Frederick Cook, Joseph Williams, Thomas Brett, Mary Thompson,
Parke's Hall Reservoir BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 32 2 Dudley, Samuel Edwards, Thomas Turley, John Robinson McClean,
William Shenstone's Ruinated Priory Revisited John Hemmingway 32 2 Leasowes, John Skipworth Gibbons, Tom Parker,
We Talk of Trees John Sparry 32 2 Kingswinford  
The End of Wittimer Ray Jones 32 2 mining, industry, Withymoor,  
Black Country Humour   32 2    
Black Country Personalities - 44 - William Eley Homer MBE Stan Hill 32 3 biography, Netherton, Harry Jennings, John Yorke,
Medieval Taxation John West 32 3   John of Acton, Richard of Hampton,
Memories of Domestic Service at Corngreaves Hall Edith Tranter 32 3 Cradley Heath, nostalgia, Robert Fellows, Victor Lowe,
Black Country Water Supplies Tipton Depot and Conygre Reservoir BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 32 3   Charles Bills, William Norman, Philip Kessel,
Reopening of Bantock House Peter Hickman 32 3 Wolverhampton, Thomas and Albert Baldwin Bantock, John Persehouse, Thomas Herrick, Thomas Walker, Richard Fryer, James Bradshaw,
Folkes Group Hosts Select UK Tercentenarian Firms   32 3 industry,  
The Vanishing Lidos Bob Broadfield 32 3    
Fox Henderson and Co of Smethwick, (3) Peter J English 32 3 industry,  
Autumn Colour in Your Garden Mark Warburton 32 3    
James Whale - Dudley born film director Peter Barnsley 32 3 WW1, biography, entertainment, William Whale, John Hadley Rowe,
Market Day James Sidaway 32 3 poem  
The Black Country and Postal Reform Part 1 The Wolverhampton Originators CJL Elwell 32 3   Thomas Wright Hill, Michael Beasley, Caroline and Joseph Pearson, Charles Pelham Villiers, Thomas Thornely, Joseph Bowden,
History of Wollaston (Research Group) Peter Skidmore 32 3    
Noah Hingley 1890-1918 (Part 2) Kenneth Mallin 32 3 industry, ironmaking, Isaac and George Hingley, Joseph Ernst Fletcher,
Xylophonically Speaking John Sparry 32 3 music, entertainment, Dudley, Brockmoor, Billy Bennett, Norman Wood, Bert Guise, Arthur Gennard, Cedric Field, Frank Dance, Jack Meese,
Black Country Humour   32 3    
Tipton's Lost Canals John Richmond 32 3   Eliza Jane Worton, William Oakley,
A Fatal Railway Accident at Cradley Clive Butcher 32 3   John Locke, William Davies, George Civil,
Visits to Churchill Forge Pat Dunn 32 3 Kidderminster, William and Benjamin Bache, Penelope Willetts,
Empire Theatre - Smethwick Ronald Griffin 32 3 entertainment, Ethel Jones,
A Picture of a Moment in Time Rob Birkbeck 32 4 Dudley,  
Black Country Personalities 45 Geoff Hill Stan Hill 32 4 Brierley Hill, biography, Bert Jones, Brian Higgs, Percy Stallard, George Mason, Jim Higgs,
Sunbeam Rally - 4th July 1999 Jim Boulton 32 4    
Scented Winter Plants Mark Warburton 32 4    
The Black Country Development Corporation An Historical Perspective Peter Skidmore 32 4 industry,  
Wednesbury Boys' High School CP Vale 32 4 education CHS Kipping, AC Evanson, RV Rutherford, JO Nicholls, PR Hatcher, WR Hey, WR Swale, F Coatham, AB Turner, JF Ede, S Dale Mangan, Harry Coombes, Edgar Witcombe,
Amblecote Hall David Cox 32 4   Marjorie, Donald and Margaret Gittins, Roger and Cecilia de Amblecote, John Gregory, Thissons Elwall, William Cole, John Crowe, John Stamses, Raff Gope, John Hond, William Marson, Robyn Haryson, John Walker, Richard Dalson, William King,
Disaster at Allports Pool, Dudley Brian J Turner 32 4   Albert and Leonard Frederick Snow, Willy and Clifford Smith, James Horton,
Jersey's New Stamps DEA Evans 32 4    
Oldbury Rep Richard Thompson 32 4 entertainment, Harry Anderson, Will Payne, Wilfred Edwards, Charles and Jessie Barlow,
Deliver us From Eve Hill Ned Williams 32 4    
Around Old Hales Owen Bill Hazlehurst 32 4 pictures,  
From Misses Tomlinson to Misses Hutchinson John Sparry 32 4 Stourbridge, education, Red Hill, Margaret, Mary, Sarah and Lil Tomlinson, Agatha and Anne Hutchinson, May and Henry Fawcett,
The Black Country and Postal Reform Part 1 The Walsall Witness CJL Elwell 32 4   Francis Baildon and Thomas Oerton, Tom Newton,
History is Alive and Well in Quarry Bank Ned Williams 32 4    
Recollections of a Gravedigger Alf Bradley 32 4 Kingswinford, Leonard Mark Bate, Frederick James Spencer Bowford Firmstone, Margaret Hale, Penelope Brettell, Thomas and George Corbyn, Simeon Burrow, Kathleen and John Wood, Frank and Alice Potts,
Sandcastles Christopher Brookes-Round 32 4 poem  
Medieval Taxation (Part 2) John West 32 4    
John Cochrane's Woodside Works Peter J English 32 4 Dudley, industry, Albert and Leonard Frederick Snow, Willy and Clifford Smith, James Horton,
Black Country Humour   32 4    
The Brierley Hill Railway Disaster - Sequel Michael Hale 32 4   Josephus Bailey, Frederick Cook, Baron Bramwell,
Ruskin Pottery of West Smethwick Courtney V Smale 33 1 industry, Edward Richard and William Howson Taylor, William and Wilfred Holland Forrester, Sarah Ann Holland, Emily Morlidge, William Nixon, Florence and Beatrice Lilian Tilley, Ernest Porter, Alica Ann and Maud Payne, Mabel and May Morris, Harry Samuel Edwin Hill, John Cooksey,
Born Under a Wandering Star Monica Homer 33 1 Brockmoor, Brierley Hill, nostalgia, William and Gertrude Homer,
Sylvia M Everitt's Staffordshire Millenium Embroideries Dianne Mannering 33 1   Abraham Darby, Dud Dudley,
A Locomotive Does not a Railway Make Robert Wilkes 33 1    
Bow Street Runners in the Black Country: the arrest, trial and execution of 'Lord' Howe David Cox 33 1 murder, Stourbridge, crime Benjamin Robins, William Howe, Elizabeth Barlow, Mary Hodgson,
Duncan Edwards - Unveiling of His Statue Geoff Warburton 33 1 football, sport, Dudley,  
Confrontation on the Tramway Clive Butcher 33 1 Dudley, Wolverhampton,  
Who Was Zella Vondi Ned Williams 33 1 entertainment, biography, Wolverhampton, Thomas and Nellie Wood, Ellen Eliza Hewitt,
The Aphrodisiac on the Cradley Line Peter Barnsley 33 1   Richard Evans, Charles Thomas, Mary Bridgwater, CE Swindell, WP Firmstone, CP Noel,
Spring Colour in the Garden Mark Warburton 33 1    
Black Country Personalities - 46 - David Piddock Stan Hill 33 1 biography, Kingswinford,  
Black Country Water Supplies - Warley Water Tower BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 33 1 Smethwick,  
Steve Bull - a Football Legend John Hendley 33 1 sport, biography, Jeff Evans, Sid Day,
Another Book Launch Ned Williams 33 1    
Black Country Public Art Sculptures - 'The Legger' Ron Moss 33 1    
John Cochrane's Woodside Works - Dudley Peter J English 33 1 industry, ironmaking,  
At the Sign of 'The Finger' John Sparry 33 1 Wordsley, biography, Ruth Ryder,
Black Country Public Art Sculptures - 'John Northwood and the Portland Vase' Stan Hill 33 1    
1930's Parkes Hall EA Austin 33 1 Dudley, nostalgia, Harry Griffiths,
Beastly Poems Christopher Brookes-Round 33 1 poem  
A Cottage Craft Bill Pace 33 1 Short Heath, nostalgia, industry, forging, Alfred Spencer,
Black Country Humour   33 1    
The History and Archaeology of a Glasshouse Site John Hemmingway 33 1 Audnam, Stourbridge, Edward and Ann Bradley, William Boulton,
Black Country Personalities - 47 - Margaret Walden Stan Hill 33 2 Brierley Hill, biography, entertainment, Molly Preece, Margaret Mills, Helen Pickard,
Never Buy a Dog From a Gypsy David Barlow 33 2 nostalgia, Bloxwich,  
Noah Hingley Part 1 1919-1938 Kenneth Mallin 33 2 industry, George Benjamin and Harry Bertram Hingley, JE Fletcher, Samuel Taylor,
Sappho Plaque Christopher W Perry 33 2    
Who Was Zella Vondi (Conclusion) Ned Williams 33 2 entertainment, biography, Bilston, Nellie Wood,
The Garden in Summer Mark Warburton 33 2    
Art or History? DEA Evans 33 2 Dudley, Buffery, Edward Evans, Joseph and William Haden,
Excerpts From the Diary of a Black Country Vicar - 1815 onwards   33 2 Wednesfield, Bilston, Jonah Hartill,
Foreword to 'A Century of the Black Country' Tony Copson 33 2    
Walter Iliff (1901-1999) RIP Jim Boulton 33 2 Wolverhampton, obituary, John Marston,
Christopher Brookes Round Former Dudley Zoo Curator Judith A Bradley 33 2 biography,  
Ellen and her Forgotten Mershire Tony and Joyce Perry 33 2 Wolverhampton, Ellen Thorneycroft and George Fowler, Alfred Felkin,
Farewell to the Bishop of Dudley   33 2   Rupert Hoare,
A Cottage Craft (conclusion) Bill Pace 33 2 Willenhall, Arthur Philips, Abel Tarbuck, Alfred William Spencer,
Black Country Water Supplies - Hinksford Pumping Station BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 33 2 Wall Heath, Henry Lovatt, Horace Atwell,
Wednesbury Remembered Daphne Lester 33 2 nostalgia, George Morris, Charlie Greenhough, Aggie and Clara Johnson, Margaret Wallace, Mary Buck, Margaret Humphries, Peter Hollingsworth, Frank Griffiths, Monica Drinkwater, Marjorie Whitehouse, Letitia Allen, Lionel Dingley,
By Dolly Tub to Shut End John Sparry 33 2 Wolverhampton, Kathleen Rogers,
John Cochrane's Woodside Works - Dudley Peter J English 33 2 Dudley, industry,  
Sylvia M Everitt's Staffordshire Millenium Embroideries Dianne Mannering 33 2   Michael Bass, Henry Newbolt, Jerome K Jerome, John Parsons Cook,
Royal Brierley Crystal Plans   33 2    
Black Country Humour   33 2    
Dennis The Dinosaur Christopher Brookes-Round 33 2 poem  
Black Country Personalities - 48 - Johann Van-Leerzem Stan Hill 33 3 biography, WW2, Wolverhampton, Margaret Lycett, Brian J Williams, Basil Poole,
The Dome of Discovery For The 1951 Festival of Britain John S Allen 33 3 Tipton, industry, JW Baillie, Arthur Orton, John D Vaughan, Jim Garrity, Jim Kennedy, Sidney Turley, Frank McGowan,
A Black Country Childhood Roy Edward Cook 33 3 Brierley Hill, nostalgia, Brettel Lane, Harry Swain, J Arthur Bradley, Sol Moreton, George Hughes, Ron Sweeting, George Dodd, Stan Hill, Norma Pearshouse, Billy Woods, Colin Yates, John Boylin, Jim Cadwallader, Joe Willetts, Nellie Coleman, Billy Jones, Charles Salt, Charles Richards, George Barker, John Edwards, John Withington, Billy Clouds,
The New Art Gallery Walsall   33 3    
Dudley Grammar School in the 1950s Geoffrey Gill 33 3 nostalgia, John Sullivan, Len Rushworth, TB Noddings, ASC Barnard, LA Lickfold, Jack Sibly, Cedric Roberts, Oswald Henry, Peter Shortland, Joe Morgan, Ernie Moore, DC Temple, Jeff Eales, Bobby Green, Percy Chance, Martha Evans, FT Johns, Ken Fudge,
A Brother's Grave George Woodall 33 3 poem, Wordsley Thomas Porter,
Remembrance Ronald Griffin 33 3 Baggeridge, Dudley, William and Harold Richardson,
From Victoria's Yacht to Bilston Theatre Royal John Beck 33 3 entertainment, Nellie Wood, Ray Squires,
Four Churches Geoff Warburton 33 3 Amblecote, Kingswinford, Woollaston, Himley  
From West Midlands to West Tamar June Ryan (nee Ellis) 33 3 Brierley Hill, Gladys and Horace Ellis, Amy and Bert Westwood, Annie Partridge, Sol and Sam Thompson, Dora Raybould, Tom Chattin, Mary Bennett, Betty Brockhouse, Ethel Hodgetts, George Philpott, Barbara Maybury, Mary Pearsall, Monica Homer, Beryl Reynolds, Betty Butler, Helen Jackson, June Campbell,
Lost in the Black Country Bert Jarrett 33 3 Old Hill, Fred Bates,
Noah Hingley Part 2 1939-45 Kenneth Mallin 33 3 Harts Hill, industry, Gerald Hingley, Cyril Lloyd, Richard Lowndes, GF Simms, John Bradley, Richard Sykes, JS Trinham, HJ Peart, HC Waterston,
Black Country Humour   33 3    
Wednesbury Remembered John Lester 33 3 nostalgia, Horace Jenkins, Clara and Agnes Johnson, Dr George Morris, FLG Smith, AB Turner, JJ Shaw,
Do You Remember the Fire? Mary Wheway 33 3 Halesowen Grammar School, Clifford Emmott, Baron Withers, James Clifford,
Summer Planting Mark Warburton 33 3    
Model Vehicle Collecting Jim Boulton 33 3 Ettingshall, Len Crane,
John Cochrane's Woodside Works - Dudley Peter J English 33 3 industry,  
Bill Wheale and Frederick Price John Sparry 33 3 Dudley, WW2, Wrens Nest,  
An 1887 Photograph of Brook Street Board School, Wordsley   33 3    
Black County Personalities - 49 - John Sparry Stan Hill 33 4 biography, Wall Heath,  
Belbroughton's Scythe Industry Alan Pilkington 33 4   Thomas Aston Waldron, Isaac Nash,
Rowley Roadmen Geoffrey Bubb 33 4 poem,  
A History and Archaeology of Wren's Nest East Basin John Hemingway 33 4 Dudley, mining, Francis Downing, Richard Smith,
Pilgrim's Rest - South Africa's Living Industrial Museum Michael Hall 33 4   Francis Brett Young, Alfred Brett,
More Thoughts on Dudley Grammar School Ken Bakewell 33 4   Martha Evans, Richard Baxter, Geoffrey Gill,
Wilf Kelsey, Bilston's Carnival Knight Ned Williams 33 4   TE Whittingham, AJ Lyons, TL Kayes, Dianne Moore, Maria Price, Pamela Fellows, Dorothy Corns, Anne Beddow, Terry Yeomans, Bert Owen, Ernie Howe, Ann Ramsbottom, Ben Wenlock, Malcom Gwinnett,
Back to School David Barlow 33 4 nostalgia,  
Theatre Fire Victims' Stone Restored Ronald Griffin 33 4 Smethwick,  
Churches Around Pensnett and Bromley Bernard Stokes 33 4 pictures,  
Noah Hingley - Part 3 Kenneth Mallin 33 4 industry, Cyril Lloyd, Percy Jump, Desmond Bloomer, ET Elwell, Walter Pattinson, Terry Haywood, JL Grainger,
Saving the Carder Tomb Plaques John V Sanders 33 4 Brierley Hill, industry, glassmaking, Wordsley, John Northwood, Annie Walker,
Black Country Humour   33 4    
Jersey Stamps - Black Country Interest Jim Boulton 33 4 Wolverhampton, Boulton Paul,  
It Pays to Advertise John Sparry 33 4   Alfred Green, Marc Groves, Job Mills, Evan Richards, Joseph Blackshaw, Joseph Hobson, Thomas Bull, Thomas Carless, Will Smith, Joseph Mallen, George Wise, William Henry Hill, Benjamin Green, William Chance, Isaac Ramsell, Frederick Chitty,
Multiple Frustration Arthur Truby 33 4 West Bromwich Albion, cycling, Don Cox,
The Rolfe Street Museum Project Completed Ron Julian 33 4    
The Wandering Vicar of Cradley Peter Barnsley 33 4   James Hesselgrave Thompson, Sarah Liddell, TH Gregg, John Shuck,
Black Country Personalities - 50 - Lisa Potts GM Stan Hill 34 1 biography, Wolverhampton  
The Black Country Pitt Clubs - Pt 1 Dudley CJL Elwell 34 1   Luke Booker, William Smith, Proctor Robinson, Joseph Hollington, Thomas Oldham Chinner, Edward Guest, Richard Moore, Thomas Wainwright, Joseph Green-Bourne, John Roberts, Daniel Shaw, Francis Downing, Lawyer Fellows, Joseph Haden, Benjamin Whitehouse, Cornelius Cartwright, Thoma sHawkes, Joseph Bate, Thomas Caddick, Thomas Bunn, Edward Dixon, Joseph and John Hancox, Benjamin Dudley, John and Benjamin Homer, George Dalton, John Rann, Thomas Fehr, Joseph Hollington, Thomas Blakeway, Richard Powell
Liza Ann from Mushroom Green poetry 34 1 poem, chainmaking, industry  
A Curious Case Ross Cranston 34 1 Law, Dudley Charles Elwell
How Cradley Chose It's First "Little Parliament" Peter Barnsley 34 1 parish council George Taylor, Henry Clift, Samuel and James Hingley, Charles Clewes, Robert Edmondson, Alfred Bate, Frederick Cutler, Hezekiah Walker, Charles and Benjamin Hodgetts, George Davis, George Bissell, Thomas Plant
A History and Archaeology of Wollescote Hall John Hemingway 34 1 Stourbridge John Cordell, William, Thomas and Edward Myllward, Prudence Dixon, Ann Oliver, Stephen Hipkins, Elizabeth and Joseph Kings, Esther Fletcher, John Taylor, Ernest Stevens
Wolverhampton Harry Bert Jarrett 34 1    
British Engineering for Kenya - The Black Country Connection Peter J English 34 1 industry Noah Hingley, John Cochrane
Ashwood Pumping Station BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 34 1 Kingswinford  
Nine Till Four David Barlow 34 1 dialect  
The Belbroughton Plaque Trail Alan Pilkington 34 1    
Rebel With a Cause - Remembering Paul McDonald 34 1 literature, Wednesbury  
A Pilgrim To Ypres David J Humphries 34 1   Jack Brookson
Technical Education For Craftsmen WL Pace 34 1    
My Boxing Interest Roy Edward Cook 34 1 Brierley Hill, sport Henry Attwood, Ted Hinton, Stanley (Nabber) Hall, Dennis Collins
Life In The Balance Ned Williams 34 1 sport, Stourbridge Bob Broadfield
Wosson Pool (poem) Gordon Betheridge 34 1 poem  
"The Most Popular Anvil in the World" Ron Moss 34 1 industry, Dudley Peter Wright
Wordsley School of Art Stan Hill 34 1 Kingswinford Benjamin F Mason, Owen Gibbons, BF Mason, WO Bowen, Frederick Carder, William Northwood, Thomas Robinson, JJ Slade, WHA Richardson, Samuel Elcock, W Husselbee, Thomas Woodall, WH Stuart, A Harrison-Hill, Samuel Shotton, Thomas Turner, Phoebe Carter, Martha Richardson, JT Homer
The Priory' Past and Present Margaret Taylor 34 1 Dudley, education Mike Millman
The Mystery of the Missing Pianner John Sparry 34 1    
Black Country Personalities - 51 - Angus Dunphy OBE Stan Hill 34 2 Wolverhampton, biography Dorothy and James Wilkes
The Black Country Pitt Clubs - Pt 2 Wolverhampton CJL Elwell 34 2 Wolverhampton, Swan Hotel John Hayes Petit, William Tindall, James Hordern, Thomas Boycott, Joseph Pearson, WH Sparrow, Joseph Tarratt, Thomas Walker, Alexander Bunn Haden, William Chrees, William Thacker, John Lane, Samuel Fereday, Cecil Jenkinson, Thomas Whitmore, Edward John Littleton, Granville Leveson Gower, Thomas Bedford, Thomas Giffard, Thomas Lloyd, Robert Maddocks
The Society and the Black Country Living Museum David F Vodden 34 2 Dudley John Fletcher, Richard Traves, Ian Walden
The Flight from the Bumblebee Graham Fisher 34 2 nostalgia, Dudley, Rowley Regis  
Powell and Asprey, Pattern and Model Makers 1919-2001 AT Burgess 34 2 Sunbeam, Wolverhampton, industry  
The Chapel Terry Church 34 2 Wall Heath, nostalgia  
A Trip For A Lifetime Jean M Hill (nee Allen) 34 2 Dudley, nostalgia  
George Alfred Haden Haden - Best and Haden Hill House Jack Beard 34 2   John Haden, Mary Kendrick, George Barrs, Alice Cockin, Emily Bryant, Alfred Bassano, Joseph Perry
Aunt Floss's Recipe poem 34 2    
More Antique Maps From the late 18th Century Eric Richardson 34 2 Dudley, Wordsley, Willenhall  
John Scott Hylton (1725-1793) of Lapel House Dr Francis Burns 34 2 Halesowen William Shenstone, Edward Alcock, Edward Home, David Parkes
A Little Black Country Education John Cartwright 34 2 Bilston Ted Kennings, George Benjamin and Thomas Cartwright, Percy Skinner, Billy Pearson, Richard Danks, Benjamin Billingsley, Mary Ann Walters, Eric Elwell
Industrial Archaeology Tours Ron Moss 34 2    
The Brettell Lane Canal Disaster, 1903 Pt 1 - The Collapse Clive Butcher 34 2 Wordsley Thomas Cartwright
Windsor Theatre - Bearwood Ron Griffin 34 2   Geoffrey Hewitson, Ken Vickers
The Prims in the Square John Sparry 34 2 Woodside, Dudley, Holly Hall Beryl Moseley, Derek Morris, Harold Timmins, Jean Gennard, Ron Bate, John Pearson
Redhouse Glassworks and the Portland Vase John Hemingway 34 2 Wordsley, industry Richard Bradley, George Ensell, Lucy May Holt, William Edward Davies, William Henry Hodgetts, William and Edward Webb, Philip Pargeter, Benjamin Richardson, Daniel Hancox, Joseph Worrall, Benjamin Downing, John Northwood, Tom Woodall
Signs of the Times Ron Price 34 2 industry, glassmaking, Stourbridge  
Charles Hughes and the Lions Ned Williams 34 2 Wolverhampton, menagerie  
Black Country Water Supplies - Rowley Reservoir J van Leerzen 34 2    
Black Country Personalities - 52 - Jim Shelley Stan Hill 34 3 biography, Walsall, jazz Brian Leek, David Lee, James Bass, Johnny Everett, Murray Smith, Frank Drew
The Mystery of Edmot Bradley Peter Barnsley 34 3 Wooloaston, census  
The Metamorphosis of the TAB Operatic Society Geoffrey E Hodgetts 34 3 Cradley Heath, entertainment Winifred Carter, Joe and Clara Hyde, Harry and George Carter, Dorothy Andrews, Margaret Jackson, Sheila Woolley, Beryl Evans, Christine Shakespeare, Doreen Turbin, Frank Richards, Joseph Perry, Margaret Cooper, Eric and Norman Beasley, Ethel Hobbs, Edith Edgar, Roy Bennett, Olwen Homer, Wendy and Vernon Mason, Dorothy Newman, William Allbut, Richard Edmonds, Rosemary Harris, James Griffiths, Frederick Harris, Ernest Skitt, Alan and Judith Horton, Trevor Guest, Michael JA Partridge, Ernest Webb
Early Memories Terry Church 34 3 nostalgia, Wall Heath Gilbert Winnall, Robert and Barry Hickman
Flight - A Picture for Molly   34 3    
A Little Black Country Education 2 John Cartwright 34 3 Dudley, nostalgia David Crichton Temple, Phil Chrispin, Geoff Kent, Geoff Coates, John Shipway, John Millward, John Hodgson, Bernard Willmott, Keith Hammond, Mervyn Coles, Tom Noddings
The Brettell Lane Canal Disaster, 1903 Pt 2 Clive Butcher 34 3 Wordsley John and William Wheeley
Just a Glimpse of the Circus 1 Ned Williams 34 3    
Art and the Black Country Harry Eccleston 34 3   Edwin Butler Bayliss, Arthur Lockwood
Sidney Smith Castings - Stourbridge Paintings by Arthur Lockwood 34 3 Stourbridge  
Bombelles in Britain Ed. By Joseph Hunt 34 3 Clent Hall, Leasowes, Enville Hall, Himley, Hagley  
A Black Country View CJL Elwell 34 3 Ironbridge, Wednesbury, painting Richard Williams
Artist on the Scrapheap - The Life and Work of John Petty Paul McDonald 34 3 Walsall, literature, biography  
Condemned Cattle, Umckaloabo - and Mass Radiography John Sparry 34 3 Brierley Hill, tuberculosis, Kinver, medicine  
Mabel Frances Brown, 1903-1976 A Cradle to Grave Record of her Life Jose Thomas 34 3 Amblecote, biography, Wordsley, nursing Alfred Holt
Black Country Water Supplies - Scout House Reservoir BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 34 3    
The Boulton Paul Associations Progress Alec Brew 34 3    
A Winter's Tale Geoffrey Bubb 34 3 Blackheath, nostalgia  
Harry Wood and the Earl of Dudley Jeff Wood 34 3 Brockmoor, biography, industry  
Black Country Personalities - 53 - Charles Leonard York Stan Hill 34 4 Smethwick, biography  
Aspects of Victorian Pensnett Lionel Gregory 34 4 British School, education George Hobill, William Ping, William Hinton, Edward Phillips, David Clark, John Preston, Thomas Rider, James Harker
A Common Interest Dennis Turner 34 4    
Cradley and the Diamond Jubilee Peter Barnsley 34 4 Parish Council Henry Clift, Ben Southall, George Davis, Hartley King, George Bissell, James Hingley, Solomon Auden, Fred Cutler, Joseph Jaquiss, Charles Clewes
Cookley Pumping Station BJ Williams & J van Leerzen 34 4   Bertram Addenbrooke, William Fiddian, Osborn Grazbrook
On The Loss of Three Good Friends John Sparry 34 4 Gornal, Wolverhampton, Wall Heath, nostalgia Hiram Price, Tom Davis, Florence Bradley, Donald Anderson, Douglas Bailey, Jane Richards (Mees)
How Green is my Black Country Peter R Shirley 34 4 ecology, Pensnett  
A Little Black Country Education Pt 3 John Cartwright 34 4 Dudley Percy Skinner, Wilfred Hodgkinson, Allerdyce Nicoll, Fred Nye, Reg Slater, David Jordan, Pat Carter, Margaret Benton
Star Gathering: Black Country Museum David Evans 34 4    
Bombelles in Britain Editted by Joe Hunt 34 4 Clent Hall, Stourbridge, industry, Dudley, Droitwich, Birmingham, Bromsgrove  
Just a Glimpse of the Circus 2 Ned Williams 34 4 West Bromwich, Wolverhampton Tony Felix, George Arundale
The Secret Waters of Bilston Road Dr. Terry Langford 34 4 ecology, Gospel Oak, nostalgia, Dudley  
David Plant - Volunteer of the Year 2001   34 4    
"Mars" Were Wonderful Geoffrey Bubb 34 4 Blackheath, entertainment, nostalgia  
The Mary Stevens Hospice - Stourbridge   34 4 Stourbridge George Griffiths, Kate Rogers
The Pitman's Dissent   34 4 poem  
An Old Railway Project at Stourbridge Clive Butcher 34 4    
The Black Country Living Museum Proposals, Events and Ticket Offer   34 4    
The Mystery of the Novelty Glassworks Peter Skidmore 34 4 Wollaston, industry Edward Edwards, Cyril Manley, James Marshall
Black Country Personalities 54 - Gwen Kingsley Stan Hill 35 1 biography, Brierley Hill, Colley Gate, genealogy Gwendoline Ann Smith, John Harold Levi Smith
The Blue Argus Arthur Truby 35 1 sport, football, WBA Harold Pearson, Harry Hibbs
Lawrence Hollis - an obituary Stan Hill 35 1 Sedgley Basil Poole
Black Country Water Supplies - Romsley Water Tower BJ Williams + J van Leerzem 35 1    
Pennocruicum - Roman Penkridge Pt 1 Paul Ford 35 1 archaeology  
Black Country Fields Jean Butler 35 1 nostalgia  
The Best Loved Man In England (John Wesley and Black Country Methodism Pt1) Patricia Hill 35 1 Wednesbury, Darlaston, Walsall, 'Honest munchin', Great Barr, religion Edward Egginton, Francis Ward, George Clifton, William Haselwood, Grace Murray, John Bennet, Francis Asbury
The End of an Era Geoffrey E Hodgetts 35 1 Colley Lane, Cradley, nostalgia Annie Watkins, Lilian Webster, Walter Hodgetts, Edith Goley, Thomas Allchurch, Francis Hickman, William Hadley, Doreen Turbin, Cedric Hickman, Molly Jones, Geoffrey Woodall, George Aston
The Effects of the Public Health Movement on Walsall and District, 1830-1960 Victoria L Brookes 35 1 Darlaston, Willenhall, Walsall John Crump, Henry Boys
damn her if she won't go chain her to the post!' - The Strange Case of Eliza Price and the Two Petty Sessions David Cox 35 1 Kingswinford, Wordsley, Brierley Hill Samuel Stone Briscoe, William and Eliza Price, Joseph Newey, William Robins, William Foster, George Bate, James Baker, William Onions, Ann and William Peasall, Benjamin Greenfield
A Touch of Paradise Samuel Bache 35 1 poem  
Wonderful Woodland Peter R Shirley 35 1 Wolverhampton  
Philip Foley (1653-1716) Irene Oliver 35 1 biography, industry, ironmaking Richard and James Raybould, Thomas Hitchcox, Paul Foley, John Wheeler
Memories of George Yardley James Morgan 35 1 obituary  
The Bowater Memories Carol Moore 35 1 Cradley, Quarry Bank, biography James, Elizabeth and Ann Bowater, Rev HJ Quilter, John Wesley, Josiah Cox, John Attwood
Aspects of Victorian Pensnett (Pt2 Bromley Board School) Lionel Gregory 35 1 education Charles James
A Peep Into Futurity David Cox 35 2 newspapers of history  
Wednesbury Reservoir and Wood Green Pumping Station BJ Williams + J van Leerzem 35 2 Wednesbury, Dudley, water supply Thoma sWalker, John Churchill, Richard Jesson, Richard Williams
Pennocruicum - Roman Penkridge Pt 2 Paul Ford 35 2    
The Best Loved Man In England (John Wesley and Black Country Methodism Pt2 - Methodism in Brierley Hill) Patricia Hill 35 2 Dudley, religion Noah Pearson, Edwin Newton, Joseph Norwood, Simon and Joseph Bennett, Thomas and Frederick Price, William Wood, Vera Whyles, Joe Foorman, Hilda Thompson, May Woodhouse, Myra Wood
The Sea May Cox 35 2 poem  
George Lawley, The Unknown Staffordshire Historian CJL Elwell 35 2 industry, japanning, Butlers' Priestfield Brewery Job Lawley, Harriet Jackson, John Pendrill, James Caddick, Samuel Cozens, Philip Pugh
A Black Country Messiah (with apologies to Handel) Frank Wyle 35 2 dialect, humour, Aynuck and Ali  
Real Black Country Folk E Halford 35 2 poem  
Black Country Personalities 55 - William Haynes Stan Hill 35 2 Wednesbury, biography, silversmith, jewellery  
Horkstow Bridge David Humphries 35 2    
Jack Humphries - an obituary   35 2    
Fenns Pools Peter R Shirley 35 2 Dudley, Kingswinford, wildlife  
History and Heritage of the Optical Industry in Smethwick and Walsall Victoria L Brookes 35 2 Chance Brothers, Smethwick, industry, Walsall Thomas Strutt, Robert Lucas Chance, John Hartley, Sir William Cooke, Charles Pilkington, Moses and Charles N Eyland,
On The Post David Barlow 35 2 nostalgia, dialect, Walsall  
All Saints Church Choir 1952 Bob Dale 35 2   Ezra Bagnell
Our Local Heritage Keith Wood 35 2    
Two Centuries of a Darlaston Family Faith M Speller 35 2 genealogy Mary Speller, Thomas and Alice Tomkiss, John Powell, Richard Tonks, Henry Hitch, Albert G Tonks, Thomas Tonkys, Phoebe Wilks
John Finch of Dudley and the First Liverpool Co-operative Society David Cox 35 3   Robert Owen
John Robinson McClean MP BJ Williams + J van Leerzem 35 3 South Staffs waterworks, biography Frank James, Richard Chawner, James Walker, Edward Adams, Donald McClean
Woodland Grange School Helen Hoult 35 3 Wednesbury, family history Ethel Davey, Michael Lloyd, Lynne Deeley
The Dudley Bug in 1838 David Cox 35 3 fossils, Wrens Nest  
Black Country Personalities 56 - Ron Moss Stan Hill 35 3 Woodside, biography Sylvie Griffiths, Emily Willetts
The Air Raid Shelter Ray Jones 35 3 nostalgia, WWII, Silver End  
Through the Black Country to Dovedale Arthur Truby 35 3 railways, Smethwick  
Archaeology and History of Upper High Street Stourbridge John Hemingway 35 3 markets Sir Humphrey Stafford, Thomas Earl
The Other Mary Stevens Elaine Hipkiss 35 3    
The Twenties and Thirties Dr H Max White 35 3 transport, nostalgia  
Kinver Rock Houses Bob Clarke 35 3    
Growing Up In Heaven John Stephens 35 3 Kinver, nostalgia  
Stamford House Jean Skidmore 35 3 family history, Amblecote, methodism, Lye Waste Jeremiah Skidmore, Robert Newton, Jabez Bunting, Adam Clarke, Richard Waddy, John Skidmore
The Silent Cinema in Stourbridge in 1929 Norman Robins 35 3 AJ Crump Ltd  
Francis Brett Young - the Black Countrys' most Famous Author   35 3    
The Red House Glass Cone, Wordsley David Cox 35 3 Wordsley, glassmaking, industry  
Scholarships Pearl Taylor 35 4 Wordsley, Dudley, Stourbridge, education, nostalgia Fred Carder, Granville Poole, Joseph and Joshua Harris, Wilfred Lawson Mullet
A Budgies Dream May Cox 35 4 poem  
Black Country Vehicle Rally Sunday 14th July 2002 David EA Evans 35 4    
Dr Geoff Alman Stan Hill 35 4 biography, Essington, Walsall Johnny Smith
Silver End Ray Jones 35 4   Becky Webb, Alex Shakespeare, Edith Larkham, Harry Jenkins, Joe Green, Harry Hill
Stan Davies Arthur Truby 35 4 sport, football, WBA, biography Dennis Vowles, Alf Dixon
Visit to Mushroom Green Chainshop & cottage by Class 5Y Colley Lane Community Primary School, May 2002   35 4    
A Life Given For Others Bette and George Powell 35 4 Walsall, obituary Mary Powell, Dr J Scott Wilson
Civil Unrest in the Black Country 1750-1837 Part 1 David Cox 35 4 Stourbridge, Halesowen, Dudley, Penn, Bilston Thomas Biggs (Bigges)
Water Voles in the Black Country Peter R Shirley 35 4 Blackbrook, Mousesweet  
Henry Cort and the Black Country Eric Alexander 35 4 industry, ironmaking, Dudley John Becher, Thomas Smith, Francis Homfray, Joseph Amphlett, Joseph Hall
Thoughts on Early Bedcote and Stourbridge John Hemingway 35 4 Oldswinford Ralph de Marston, Geoffrey de Kynesdale, Bernard de Bruys, John de Somery, Richard Jervoise
A Unique 3-Litre Bentley Jim Boulton 35 4 Wolverhampton, motoring RM and Ian Sievwright, Norman Bayliss
Black Country Rivals Ron Julian 35 4 sport, football, WBA, Wolves  
The Black Country Home Guard Mick Wilks 35 4 WWII  
A National Serviceman in the 1950s F Bernard Shaw 35 4 Sedgley, nostalgia  
Carnival Week in Oldbury Dr H Max White 35 4 nostalgia, Kenneth Wilson,
That Small Acreage that was Chance Brothers J Reg Flavell 35 4 nostalgia, industry, apprenticeship, Major John Hardy, Sir Hugh Chance, Reuben Camies, Jack Hill, Roland Timmins, Freddie Lloyd, Edwin Morris, Jim Burton, Dennis Parsonage, Brian Chew, Bill Tupper, John Morris,
Civil Unrest in the Black Country 1750-1837 Part 2 - The Colliers March of 1816 David Cox 36 1 mining, coal, Bilston, 1816, 'Colliers Marsh', Coseley Sir Richard Birnie, Richard Smith, Revd BH Draper, Francis Freeling, Revd Luke Booker
Seeing is Believing Harry M Scharf 36 1 spectacles, medical, monocle, eyesight  
The Black Country Toil that Enriches the Soil: Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler's The Farringdons Paul Mc Donald 36 1 Wolverhampton, biography, ironworks, religion, Methodism, novels Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler, George Thorneycroft, Henry Fowler, Alfred Elkin
The War Memorial (poem) Ray Jones 36 1 poetry, WW1 Tommy Atkins
Trivia Quiz Stan Hill 36 1    
Black Country Humour Stan Hill 36 1    
The Black Country Living Museum Ron Julian 36 1    
Marsh and Holloway Vic (Len Holloway 36 1 Brierley Hill, butcher, Marsh and Baxter Alfred Marsh, Alfred Ernest Marsh, William Holloway, Mary Cowern, Jesse Holloway, William Henry Holloway, Barney Tooley Alfred Hayes, Bill Holloway, Dyson Wright
Black Country Personalities 58 - Catherine Southall Stan Hill 36 1 biography, Brockmoor, Dudley Zoo, Wolverhampton, Tecton Catherine Spiller, Reg Spiller, Nora Spiller, Berthold Lubetkin, Tony Spiller, George Spiller, Miss D'Abreu, Mildred Hildreth, Miss Savin, Anthony Doyle, Kenneth Cooper, Bernard Roden, Margaret Tye, Lilian Cheese, Pat Bastock, Betty Hill, Derek Attwood, Jack Welsh, Janet Perry, Bernard Ambrose, Kenneth Cochrane, Pat Whiting, Margaret Smith, Margaret Preston, Pearl Thomburg, Rita Mountford, Mary Smallman, Pat Hardwicke, Jean Stringer, Donald Southall, Vanessa Williams, Archie Williams
Dudley Geological Collection Graham Worton 36 1 geology, fossils, 'Dudley Bug' Colin Reid
St Crispian - Wolverhampton's Connection With Agincourt   36 1 Wolverhampton, Agincourt, longbow  
From What I See: The Art of Christopher Firmstone David Cox 36 1 Wallheath, Wordsley Manor, art  
Cookley Ironworks Thomas H Organ 36 1 Caunsell, iron, industry Alf Organ, George Organ
Steam Engine Memories John Mountford 36 1 Walsall, Wood Green, H+T Danks  
Mrs Lewis Ray Jones 36 1 Reminiscence Harriet Lewis
The Remarkable Life of Ann Becher Eric Alexander 36 1 Shut End, Pensnett Henry Cort, John Becher, Samuel and Alexander Hood, Mary West, Lord Lyttleton, Hester Pitt, Ann Haysham, John Durant, Thomas Smith, Sarah Milward, Henry Hopson Becher, William Attwick, Robert Charles Becher
"Like a Little Watch" David Barlow 36 1 motoring Mike Simmonds
Wild in Martley Samuel Bache 36 1 Tame Valley Brian Draper
From Boats to Cars - the History of Pritchard's Garages James Pritchard 36 2 Wordsley, Canal Ron Pritchard, Thomas Dadford, John Payton, Joseph Cox, Thomas Cook, Ambrose Harthill, Sarah Hartell, Catherine Collins, Daniel Gill, Emma Gill, George Walford Frank Chatterton Turner, Frederick William Williams, Sarah Wilkes, Charles Webberley
Working for the Wolverhampton Cooperative Society Ned Williams & Margaret Brownrigg 36 1   Margaret Bowen, Horace Smith, Albert Hodson, Tom Dudley, Albert Prosser, Dan Clawley, Tommy Blower, Bill Evans, Ben Wignell, SH 'Jack' Lewis, Joe Hillman Charley Buckley, Herman Arens, Harry Brownrigg, Olive Legrow
Just Helping Out Beryl Wills 36 1 story  
The Mills of Wollaston Peter Skidmore 36 1 1699, windmill, River Stour, industry, BSR Josiah Bach, John Payton, Thomas Hilton, Robert Dudley, John Cartwright, George Darby, Isaac Taylor, Harry Court, William Dewee, Alexander Norris, Isaac Nash, Charles H Parsons
The Tipton Slasher and the American Giant David Cox 36 2 pugilism, boxing William Perry, Charles Freeman, Ben Caunt, Francis Keys, George Leadbitter, Simon Byrne, Alexander Mackay, Tom Sayers
The New Village Ron Moss 36 2 Tipton, Bilston, Mushroom Green  
Rambling is so Relaxing! Noel Blackham 36 2 story  
Obituary and tribute to Freda Allen RIP Stan Hill 36 2 Oldbury, obituary, Walsall Freda Terry, George Thomas Terry, Fred Allen, Pat Collins
The Black Country Living Museum Ron Julian 36 2    
Opened in A Blaze of Glory - Closed in Obscurity Ned Williams 36 2 Wolverhampton, Penn Cinema, Dunstall Cinema, Danilo, Brierley Hill Cyril Moore, Harry Bayliss, Winifred Shotter, Roland Matthews, Morris Christopher, George Formby
After Work at the Black Country Museum (poem) Janet Aston 36 2 poetry  
Living on the Clent Hills Irene Edge 36 2 Hill Cottage, reminiscence Wallace Price, Lily Beatrice Price, John Price, Edward Price
"Dozy" of Dartmouth Park Arthur Truby 36 2   Jim Russell, 'Dozy' Abel
Was this Dudley's First bad press? Dianne Mannering 36 2 Dudley Castle Sir Amyas Paulet
A Trail Through Time: Dudley's Millenium Scultpure Trail Steve Field 36 2 Art, Dudley Southern Bypass, sculpture Mike Lyons, Andrew Logan, Michael Konn, John Vaughan, John Mulvaney, Andrew Burton, Dud Dudley, John Walters
A Cup of Tay Pearl Taylor 36 2 tea drinking  
Washing Ray Jones 36 2 reminiscence, Wittimer, Withymoor Walter Marsh
David Bagnall of Wednesbury (1832-1925) Colin Bagnall 36 2 1834, Round Oak, Brockmoor, Methodism Mary Ann Perry, Mary Ann Talbot, William Aucott
"The Secretary Regrets...the horse has died" the history of Walsall Golf Club Terry Henwood 36 2 Walsall Golf Club Howard Smith, FJ Cozens, JW Dixon, H Souttle, AN Greatrix, HR Windl, J Mylis, Ernest Heath, Alistair MacKenzie
'The Red Beret' and 'Falklands' Clay (poems) Spider 36 2 poetry  
Black Country Personalities 59 - Tommy Mundon Stan Hill 36 2 biography, dialect, Halesowen Harry Harrison, Frank Bissell, Bert Bissell, Keith and Tony West, Ray Hingley
Johann Van Leerzem M. Phil. RIP Stan Hill 36 2 obituary Brian J Williams
Jesse Pennington meets Stanley, Earl Baldwin Margaret Dallow 36 2 sport, football, WBA, Albion  
James Foster - 150 years on Roy Peacock 36 2 Stourbridge, Agenoria, Stourbridge Lion, 1840, industry John Rastrick
The Burglar's Bible: George Price's Treatise on Locks (Part 1) Pat Tempest 36 2 locks, keys, industry, Wolverhampton, locksmith, Willenhall, Bilston, Coseley, Wednesfield George Price, John Wilkinson, Isaac Pedley, Joseph Ball, John Ball, Thomas Brueton, James Carpenter, Richard Manning, John Roughley, Thomas Wright, Thomas Hart, James Gibbons Jnr, Charles Aubin, Charles Chubb, Joseph Price, Joseph Pedley, Richard Noakes
Running the Distance Mark Dabbs 36 2 Walsall, sport, running  
Along the Towpath (poem) Beryl Wills 36 2 poetry  
From the Black Country to the 'proms' - The Life of William Fellows (1921-1970) Michael Jones 36 3 entertainment, Cinder Bank, Messiah Baptist Church, Netherton William Jeavons, William Skidmore, AH Cutler, F Allison Green, JS Stanton, Frederic Jackson, Graham Whettam, Geoff Hampton
Helping Mr Lewis Ray Jones 36 3 reminiscence  
Dudley Grammar School Cricket First XI 1938 Dr John Cox 36 3 sport, Dudley Dennis Canning, Graham Price, Ron Poole, Leslie Fellows
Three Lost Landmarks Arthur Truby 36 3 West Bromwich, Wasson Pool, The Pound, Jacob's Ladder  
The 'Ten Bob' Piano Dianne Mannering 36 3   Arthur F Welch
Black Country Personalities 60 - Ken Rabey Stan Hill 36 3 Wollaston, biography, Brierley Hill, music Kenneth Rabey, Isaac Nash, Norman Thomas Rabey, Joseph F Pearson, Don Kenyon, Roma Mobberley, David Ian Rabey, Lionel Hamilton
The Burglars Bible (Part 2) Patricia Tempest 36 3 lockmaking, safes George Price, Charles Aubin, Samuel Chatwood, William Dawes, Charles Chubb, William Milner
St. John's Church, Kate's Hill, Dudley Professor KGB Bakewell 36 3   Doctor Rupert Hoare, Revd Janet Fulljames
'Living History' 2 - The Lunt Roman Fort, Baginton, Coventry David Cox 36 3 Baginton, Coventry  
So, you think you have done a good day's work? William F Homer 36 3 Netherton, Post Office, Home Guard Leonard Eley Homer, Fred Homer, Hilda Parrish (nee Portman), Irene French (nee Knowles), Phoebe Bagley, May Homer, Lily Grainger, Pan Cooksey, Norah Bennett, Len Owen
My Fear (poem) May Cox 36 3 poetry, spiders  
Brierley Hill National (CofE) School Pearl Taylor 36 3 education Pearl Mullett, Anthony Rolly, Lily Hall, Betty Dix (nee Lowther), Viv Yates, Nellie E Mullett, Ray Weston, D'arcy Jones, Thomas Williams
The Fly Boat (poem) John Alan Davis 36 3 poetry, canal  
Commemorating Wolverhampton's Historic Vehicles Steve Field 36 3 Sunbeam, Star, cars Peter Barby, David Evans, Kaye Don, John McKenna, John Harding, Ray Jones, Robert Bowers, Michael Scheuermann, Martin Jones, David Davies, Geoff Stevens, Joe Stevens
I Can Still Hear Bobby Shafto: when Priory Nursery was young/Listening to the Past (poem) J Reg Flavell 36 3 poetry, Priory Nursery, Dudley, education, 1938, reminiscence Nancy Astor, Dr Andrew Scotland, Eileen Collier
How we led the D-Day Invasion - A Reluctant Soldier Remembers John Beck 36 3 1944, Netherton Jack Palmer, Martin Palmer, Jean Beck, Dr Millington
Mr Samuel Salt's Grand, Never to be Forgotten and Most Clever Lecture of 1852 (Part 1) Norman H Jones 36 3 1852, Halesowen, nailmaking, poem T Attwood, Billy Budge, Joe Biggs, Jim Etheridge, Joe Higgs, Dick Hacket
A commemoration of James Foster of Stourbridge, 1786-1853 Peter Skidmore 36 3 Stourton Castle, Agenoria, Stourbridge John Bradley, Roy Peacock, Ron Moss, Paul Collins, John Urpeth Rastrick, Garth Wyles, Dennis Emery
Bedlam in Wednesbury Lyn Tambe 36 3 1848, High Bullen, cholera, asylum, Poor Law Isaac Hawes, John Wesley
Mr Samuel Salt's Grand, Never to be Forgotten and Most Clever Lecture of 1852 (Part 2) Norman H Jones 36 4 1852, Halesowen, nailmaking, poem  
In A Black Country Practice Dr John Lester 36 4 Walsall, 1954, dialect, reminiscence  
Aynuk's Revenge Arthur Truby 36 4 dialect, Aynuck and Ayli  
Our Visit to Dudley (poem) Janet Ruston 36 4 poetry, Dudley  
The Industrial Progress of the Black Country 1868 Margery Ellis 36 4 industry, Jackey Pits JC Tildesley, Abraham Darby, Lord Dudley
A Black Country Man (poem) David Muir 36 4 poetry, nailmaker  
The Story of 'Sleipmir': Commemorating Wednesbury's Viking Heritage Steve Field 36 4 sculpture, Wednesbury, poetry Ralph Flavell, John Bevan
Still Ahead - a Reluctant Soldier's advance through Europe Jack Palmer 36 4 1944, WWII Jack Palmer
From Gornal to Gippsland Lakes - The Art of Life and Owen Piggott John Beck 36 4 art Elsie Guest, Mick Waterfield
Pen a Line Harry M Scharf 36 4 writing  
West Bromwich Ellesmere Athletic Club Margaret Dallow 36 4 sport, 1911, athletics Joseph Charles Bird, Gertrude Rock, David Richards, WT Poultney, Alexander Ramsey, Walter C Hackett, Cyril Wilks, Hilda Richards, Sam Worley, Joe Bord
In The Black Country Museum's Chemist Shop (poem) Janet Aston 36 4 poetry  
Remembering my Father, Arthur Cashmore, 1907-1986 Dianne Bird 36 4 1907, biography, West Bromwich Margaret Preedy, Ronnie Allen, Henry Hall
Black Country Personalities 61 - Barry Randle Stan Hill 36 4 biography, Wordsley Tony Rutter, Don Hamer, Reg Gower, Janet Beasley
'Wind in the Willows' - the story of Syd Royall - last of the Black Country Bellow-makers Mike Woodyatt 36 4 biography, Tividale, Vaughans, Dudley Tom Wilkinson, David Tart
The Clayton Collection David Cox 36 4 Cannon Foundry, photos, Dudley Archive  
Why is the Black Country Funny? Dr Paul McDonald 36 4 humour, comedy Patrick Thompson, Phil Drabble, Dolly Allen
Disappearing Brierley Hill Ray Jones 36 4 reminiscence Round Oak
Black Country Humour Stan Hill 37 1    
The Black Country in Domesday Book Dr John Lester 37 1 Greensforge, Crockington, Haswic, Cippemore, Dudelei, Ache, Hantone, Swineford, Pendeford, Halam, Offlow, Billestune, Wadnesberie, Segeslei, Himelei  
A Dream or Nightmare? (poem) Mary Cox 37 1 poetry  
History and Hearsay F Bernard Shaw 37 1 dialect, WWI, Oldbury, Cradley Heath Dr William George, Jack Judge
The Black Country Home Guard (Part 2) Mick Wilks 37 1 Dudley, John Thompson Ltd, Noah Hingleys, Bishton's Bridge, Halesowen George Barton, Hedley Porter, A Tanfield, AW Burton, CG Elkington, SB Simpson, Gilbert Salter, B Batt, BJ Keene, DH Brindley, AB Hodson, TW Barber, A Stephens, T Holden, JBL Stevenson, SH Hamersley, LCH Brown, WH Reynolds, HJ King, JC Christopherson, AA Powell, E Byron, WJ Ward, E Gilbert, GG Watson, GS Chadwick, F Hejl, AB Clibbery, WCI Boulton, AH Taylor, RB Greatorex, Harry Brooks, TS Lancaster, TC Fillery, WJ Balderstone, JT Hobday, AE Church, H Prince, REH Humphries
Allotment Associations in the Black Country Sarah McNicol 37 1 Allotment, 1914, Wordsley, Walsall, Dudley, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton Harry Thorpe
The Photograph Dianne Mannering 37 1 Tipton Simon Etchells, Arthur Welch, Beryl Welch
A Taste of Success 'Inky' 37 1 beer Peter Hill, Freda Allen, Frank Power, John Clarke
Black Country Personalities No 62 - John Massey Stan Hill 37 1 biography, Wordsley, Ashwood Nursery Roy Wood, Beryl Price, Tony Cartwright, Pat Edwards, George Russell
Which Way Did the Romans Go? Angus Dunphy 37 1 AD 40-43, Greensforge  
The Tramp Ray Jones 37 1 Prestwood, reminiscence Harold Thompson
Standing on One Corner of Black Country History Dr Terry Langford & David Humphries 37 1 Willingsworth, Ocker Hill, Wednesbury Revd F Brighton, Bert Richards, Rob Millward, Adrian Robinson, Stanley Weston, Douglas Dilworth, Phillip William
The Effects of Mr JA Crabtree's Early Death David F Vodden 37 1 Walsall Wood, biography Eliza Hughes, Mr Turnpenny, John Ashworth Crabtree, Gwendolen Edith Crabtree, HFJ Fletcher, Canon Thompson Elliott, Frank Cooper
Bryan White (1934-2003) RIP Stan Hill 37 1 obituary, Dudley Wendy White, David Vodden
One Sunday in November (poem) 'Spider' 37 1 poetry  
Major John Berryman VC Colonel Stuart Archer & Jenny King 37 1 biography, Dudley, 1825 Eliza Suright, Lewis Nolan
The Landscapes of Mr Lucton's Freedom Joseph Biddulph 37 1 novel Francis Brett Young
Memories of Tipton before Wolverhampton New Road Dr John Cox 37 1 Woodsetton, reminiscence Gwen Rogers, Zena Rogers, Douglas Cox
The Dosser Ray Jones 37 2 Brierley Hill Harold Thompson, Anthony Whittaker, Margaret Wilkes
Operation 'Frozen Loaves' Dianne Mannering 37 2   Margaret Allen, Sylvia Everitt
Andrew Yarranton's 'Lost' Blast Furnaces and Iron Works, Glasshampton, Worcestershire Margaret Dallow 37 2 archaeology, industry, 1929 Sir John Winford, Sir Henry Winford, Mercy Cookes, Thomas Geers, John Watson, Walter Acton Moseley, Walter Michael Moseley, Sarah Freeman, Denham JJ Cookes, Revd Cecil Jones, James Brindley, Robert Chamberlain, Ambrose Crowley, John Bradley, James Foster, Dud Dudley, Edward Sutton, William Chamberlain, Capal Hanbury, Enoch Baldwin, Spencer Comley
A Bit of Local Colour Norman Johnson 37 2 dialect  
A Nostalgic Walk in Fox's Lane, Wolverhampton Peter McHugh 37 2 reminiscence, canal, railway Duncan McHugh
All Life is Here (poem) Anthony N Rosser 37 2 poetry  
Hop Picking - the Nailmaker's Holiday Norman H Jones 37 2 Halesowen, 1884 William Hackett, Neddy Grainger
Black Country Personalities No 63 - Robert Perry Stan Hill 37 2 biography, Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, education, art Ernest Perry, Tony Rutter, Billy Warren
Wings of Angels (poem) 'Spider' 37 2 poetry  
Woden and Wednesbury John Hemingway 37 2 Tipton Joseph John Davies, Jack Taylor (Samuel)
Dudley (poem) Francesca Waddigton 37 2 poetry  
Spectrum Poets Carol Deakin 37 2 Halesowen, poetry Jeff Graham
My 'contribution' to Cunard Vic Holloway 37 2 education, industry Ewart Williams, Ernest Marsh
Holt Road Junior School, Blackheath Norman Taylor 37 2 1937, education Denis Wilson, Freddie Hill, Terry Jones, Dennis Cole, Adrian Jacquis, Geoffrey Bell, Ivan Smith, David Blackford, Roland Tibbetts, Betty Stuart, Sheila Powell, Norman Hadley, Doreen Wardle, Audrey Plant, Madge Griffiths, Mary Ellis, Raymond Rudge, Norman Taylor, Geoffrey Hadley, Max Male, Kenneth Jackson, Eric Southall, Gordon Field, Bobby Badham, Alf Cutler, Ken Bant, Reggie Hill, Teddy Crane
The Metal Spinner (poem) David Muir 37 2 poetry, industry  
The Black Country on Antique Maps Dr John Lester 37 2 cartography  
Penn Hall Angus Dunphy 37 2 1728 Dr Raphael Sedgwick, Anne Sedgwick, Thomas Bradney, William Baker, William Pershouse, John Marsh, Richard Bailey Marsh, William Underhill, George Harry Bradney Pershehouse, Thomas Francis Waterhouse, Francis J Gibbons
2004 - 50th Anniversary of the death of Francis Brett Young Michael Hall 37 2 biography, Halesowen Dr Thomas Brett Young, Annie Elizabeth Jackson, Jessie Hakinson, Alan Pritchard
Article on Arthur Spiers Janet Byard-Jones 37 2 Wollaston, biography, education Andrew Bassett-Spiers, Arthur Thomas Spiers, Edward Hackwood, William Spiers, Hannal Bassett, Emma Smith, Revd B Gilbanks, Mary Ann Pritchard, Adele Rosslin Talbot, June restall
BCS Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Fund Stan Hill 37 2    
Country Bus to Lower Penn, Trysull and Bobbington Angus Dunphy 37 3 Wolverhampton, railway, GWR, buses, reminiscence Samson Tharme
Different Ball Games Arthur Truby 37 3 sport, West Bromwich, Oldbury, pushball  
Royal Society of Artists Stan Hill 37 3    
Getting in the Spirit R Aston 37 3 story, ghost  
Abbey Farm, Lower Gornal Pearl Taylor 37 3 reminiscence HA Barnett, Joe Harris, Phoebe Harris, Will Smith, Joyce Dews, Archie Williams, Hannah Jane Mullett
First Bus up Mucklow Hill (poem) Anthony N Rosser 37 3 poetry, Halesowen  
The New Hampton Loade Ferry Stan Hill 37 3    
Memories of Hill Top, West Bromwich David C Rogers 37 3 reminiscence William Hancock, Florence Rogers, June Brooks, Barbara Bull, Jean Withington, Keith Worthington, Brian Pearce, Harold Beasly, A Povey
Joan White BCS President 2004-5 Stan Hill 37 3    
The Crash Ray Jones 37 3 reminiscence, WWII, Adelaide Street, Brierley Hill  
The Ghosts of Haden Hall (poem) Andrew Pardoe 37 3 poetry  
Black Country Personalities No 65 - Donald Barry Southall Stan Hill 37 3 1935, biography, Gornal, education May Irene Field, Arthur Bradley, Annie Southall, Cyril Field, James Greenway, Kerry Field, Revd H Shallcross, Arthur Evans, John Franklin Jones, Ewart Southall, Duncan Edwards, TB Noddings, Catherine Spiller
The Curious Disappearance of Arthur T Spiers (Part 2) Janet Byard-Jones 37 3 1899, Wollaston, education Edward Hackwood, William Spiers, Isaac Nash, Francis Taylor, Harry Neild Collis, Joseph Wooldridge, AW Foster, William Orme Foster, Revd George Gilbanks, George Edward Whitmore, George Hesketh, Cedric Hardwicke, Joe Pearson
And We All Danced (poem) J Reg Flavell 37 3 poetry, entertainment, reminiscence  
Waterways of the Midlands (poem) Doug Winterborn 37 3 poetry, canal  
Amazing Sights on the Nailmakers' Holiday Norman H Jones 37 3 hoppicking, reminiscence, Halesowen William Hackett, Charlie Brettle, Wilfred Wellock, Francis Brett Young
Jack Holden RIP Norman H Jones 37 3 obituary, Bradley, Palethorpes  
Brierley Hill Grammar School, 1953 Terry Church 37 3 reminiscence, education, 1953 Gillian Lake, Frank Holmshaw, David Greenway, Jeannette Amor, Vic Reynolds, Sid Beardsmore, John Smith, Roland Davies, Norman Morris, Ken Knight, David Anderson, Leslie Sykes, David Lowe, Josephine Perry, Vera Dunn, Brian Gardner, Derek Budd, Margaret Cartwright, Rupert Scriven, John Cozgill, Judith Foley, Brian Parsons, John Clarke, Clive Whiston, Rose Davies, Michael Parton, Frank Cox, Janice Dyke, Peter Allcock, Tony Cooper, Brian Gwilliam, John Williams, Peter Gought, Brian Hudson, Benita Webb, Peter Gough
West Bromwich Roller Rink Margaret Dallow 37 3 reminiscence, West Bromwich, 1928 Thomas H Birch, Frederick Francis, Bert Kirby, Edward Salmon
Mond Gas - A Black Country First and Only HR Jones 37 3 industry, Dudley Port Ludwig Mond, William Murdoch, David Lodge
Mayors Honour Memory of Midlands Author Stan Hill 37 3 Halesowen, Francis Brett Young, civic service, Winstanslow Canon John Everest, Revd David Walker, Michael Hall, Alan Pritchard, Rosemary Tomkinson
Lord Ednam Air Rifle League Peter Hollingsworth 37 4 Boer War, Dudley Robert Stevenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Earl of Dudley, Sir Gerald Nabarro, Donald Taylor, Arthur Dennis, Dave Court
Did you Like Your Kali, Ayli? (poem) Arthur Truby 37 4 poetry, West Bromwich  
'Woodbine Willie' Margaret Dallow 37 4 canal Geoffrey Anketell Studdart Kenneday, Thomas Carden, William Temple
Harris and Pearson Company, Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill David Trevis-Smith 37 4    
Henry Comes to Stay Lillie Doreen Wilkie 37 4 Wordsley, reminiscence Henry Sturgeon, Jack Bean
Houses and Landlords Ray Jones 37 4 Silver End, reminiscence 'Tummy' Lowther
Adventures of A900 JEA David Cox 37 4 motoring, reminiscence, Himley Hall, 2004  
Too Much of a Good Thing Beryl Wills 37 4 reminiscence  
Museum's Cycling Cornucopia - a tribute to two centuries of pedalling pleasure John Beck 37 4 Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton Tom Norton, David Higman, Reg Harris, John Boyd Dunlop, Jan Berksen, Arie Van Vliet, Percy Stallard, Jim Willis, Frank Patterson, Edward Elgar
Black Country Personalities No 65 - Mary Archer Stan Hill 37 4 biography, Halesowen, Girls' Brigade, 1942 Mary James, Cecil Hughes, John Archer
Jan Kudanowski Martyn Round 37 4 Perryfields, violin-making Derek Lewis, Jim Waring
Greywolves (poem) J Reg Flavell 37 4 poetry, football, Wolverhampton Wanderers  
Cat-astrophe Sophie Homer 37 4 dialect  
Avonbank Hall, Pershore B Stewart 37 4 hoppicking Gladys Cosnett
A Penny for Friendship Len Webster 37 4 memoir, Smethwick Bert Swingle
White Shirt, Black Country   37 4 sport, football Bert Williams, Freddie Wheldon, Steve Bloomer, Freddie Pentland, Steve Bull, Ray Barlow
The Black Country's Light Railway Equipment Suppliers Trevor Lodge 37 4 Smethwick, Oldbury, industry, Dudley, Tipton Alfred Allen, WG Allen, William Lewis, James Summerhill, EC Theedam, Ernest Wilkes, Thomas Holcroft, Thomas Piggott, Charles Wade
Six Wiks 'Olliday (poem) Norma Washbrook 37 4 poetry, Walsall  
Farley Clock Tower Dianne Mannering 37 4 Carter's Green, West Bromwich, reminiscence, Oak House Reuben Farley
Hill Top School (Part 1) Dr Derek Thomas 38 1 education, Christmas, Empire Day, examinations, 1911 J Brockhouse (Brockhurst), Frederick James Mitchell, J Head, JR Griffiths, W Whitehouse, A Grave, C Edwards, Dr Stocks, Miss Barlow, Miss Wickham, JE Pickles, R Lowe, Miss Caddick, Luther Baggott, John Davis, George Thompson, Charles Mitchell, William Evans, Edward Field, Fred Lewis, Thomas Masters, Harold Homer, James Brocklehurst, Frank Fenton, Leslie Pembridge, Archibald Kenrick, JE Cox, LE Hazel, WT Poultney, JG Tomkins, A Lellow, CE Jackson, RW Lowe, W Coley-Homer, A George Clarke, Joseph E Cox, OE Jackson
Avoiding 'The Bitterness of Party Strife' Borough Politics in Wolverhampton 1848-88 Dr John Smith 38 1 1848, Wolverhampton, politics, Congregationalists, Methodists John Barker, George Thorneycroft, Prince Albert
Eric Brett Young Michael Hall 38 1 biography, New British Ironworks, Corngreaves Hall Francis Brett Young, Thomas Brett, Annie Elizabeth Young, Christopher Wiseman, Revd Frederick Luke Wiseman, Eric Leacroft, Compton MacKenzie, Margaret Allan, George Allan, Philippa Loveday Drew
Comparisons at School - Family History Pearl Taylor 38 1 1905 reminiscence, Sedgley, Mount Pleasant Quarry Bank, Brook School, Wordsley, education, Brierley Hill Mr D'Arcy Jones, Donald Jones, HC Roberts,
Mon Next Brian Dakin 38 1 poem  
Robert Plot and the Black Country Dr John Lester 38 1 Wednesbury, Dudley, Sedgley, Willenhall, Walsall, Bilston, Kingswinford, Wednesfield Robert Garner, Thomas Moreley, William and Thomas Perry, Sampson Erdeswick
Getting Steamed up About Black Country Boilers Trevor Lodge 38 1 industry, Tipton, Horseley Company, Piggott's, Crescent Ironworks, Willenhall, 1850, Lloyds Foster, Old Park Iron Works, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, Vulcan Ironworks, Harvill's Hawthorn Jonah and George Davies, Joseph Hill, Jesse Tildesley, Benjamin Whitehouse, James Russell, John Russell, John Spencer, John Brotherton, Edwin Lewis, Thomas Pritchard, George Salter, Alfred Vaughan, Tom Danks, John Thompsons, John Russell, Edwin Lewis
Schooldays - the Happiest Days? Olga Rose 38 1 1940s, reminiscence  
Homer Bros - Foster Mother Specialists Ronald F Homer 38 1 Dog fanciers, Baptist End, Netherton, Kennel Club, GWR JF 'Fred' Homer, George Homer
Disappearing Brierley Hill in Pictures Ray Jones 38 1 art  
The Watch-Night Service Norman Johnson 38 1 Christmas, dialect  
The Twelve (Black Country) Days of Christmas PG Jones 38 1    
To Tea or Not To Tea Arthur Truby 38 1 catering, West Bromwich, dialect  
When 'Arry Went to France Tricia Westwood 38 1 poem  
Jamaican English in the Black Country Joseph Biddulph 38 1 linguistics, Smethwick, dialect  
Our Butch Norman Washbrook 38 1 poem  
Documenting the Workshop of the World Peter Evans 38 1    
"And a Partridge in a Pear Tree" Angus Dunphy 38 1 Christmas, Penn, Tettenhall Dicks  
Our Town Alan Price 38 1 poem  
Peter Skidmore RIP (1937-2004) - obituary and tribute Stan Hill 38 1 obituary  
Merry Hill 123 'Inky' 38 1 shopping, dialect  
Further Memories of Hill Top Olive Coley 38 1 education, High Bullen Thomas, Wheatley, Frank Bratts
West Midlands N Gauge Model Railway Club Ken Jones 38 1 model railway, Warley, Langley  
Black Country Personalities No 66 - John Scott Allen Stan Hill 38 1 biography, West Bromwich, Horseley Bridge + Thomas Piggott, Tipton, 1925, Newcomen Society Joan Hodgetts, Joshua Hodgetts
The End of the Earth Arthur B Nicholls 38 1    
BIP Pioneer in Plastics Mike Butler 38 2    
Ocker Hill - how did it get its name? David Humphries 38 2    
Something About Anniversaries Ned Williams 38 2    
More Memories of the Farley Clock Tower, Carters Green Dr Arnold J Mason 38 2    
In the Beginning Martyn Round 38 2    
The Bottom's Outa the Truck Jeff Wood 38 2    
Hill Top School (Part 2) Dr Derek Thomas 38 2    
'Come on, Our Mon!' Arthur Truby 38 2    
Black Country Personalities No 67 - Paul Bloomer Stan Hill 38 2    
Bilston Beginnings Margaret Jarrett 38 2    
Pills and Potions - 'Who's Who' in Wolverhampton Angus Dunphy & Merrill Miller 38 2    
Rediscovering William Shenstone Audrey Duggan 38 2    
Memories of Bilston Ron Price 38 2    
Corbett Hospital - 3d a week Pearly Taylor 38 2    
Coming of Age - Letters from Gallipoli, 1915 Penny Wright-Thompson 38 2    
Infants' and Junior School Ray Jones 38 2    
The Origins of Holt Road School, Blackheath Marjorie Homer 38 2    
How the Black Country Has Changed Ron Moss 38 2    
From Boy Scout to Sunderland Flying Boat Pilot Bill Riley & Pat Dunn 38 2    
Crash Landing at Brierley Hill Ken Russell 38 3    
In a Twist Beryl Wills 38 3    
Wummun in Th'lottmunt Billy Spake Mon 38 3 poetry  
Wednesbury Pendant Mystery   38 3    
Honest Tom Parker, one of the Black Country's Unsung Heroes Bev Parker 38 3 1890, trams, industry, invention, motoring, Kyrle grate, Wolverhampton, Blackpool Tramway, Elwell-Parker, Tettenhall, Bushbury, Birmingham Tramways, Electric Construction Corporation, phosphorous, Wednesfield, Liverpool Overhead Railway, Coalite, Metropolitan Railway, Kingswinford Thomas Parker, Thomas Wheatley, Anne Parker, Jane Gibbons, Abraham Darby, Philip Weston, Paul Bedford Elwell, Sir William Preece, Sir Henry Mance, AE Robinson, Sir Daniel Cooper, Charles Tertius Mander, Thomas Graham, William Thomas
Mrs Hyde's Rant Morwenna Griffiths 38 3 poetry  
The Church Hall, St Bartholemew's. Penn Angus Dunphy 38 3 Pensnett, Pennhouse, Penn Villa, Kingswinford, Oxley Manor Reverend Charles Henry Cole Webb, Sam Wells Page, John Jenks, Edward Bagnall Thorneycroft, Llewellyn Howell Twentyman, Ann Elizabeth Savage, Neville Mander, William Huskisson, Oswold Holden
Worcestershire Salt and the Black Country Saltmen - Part 1 Margaret Dallow 38 3 Droitwich, lumpman, Dodderhill, salt, canal, Black Delph, Stoke Prior Geoffrey Chaucer, John Corbett, Andrew Yarranton, James Brindley, Joseph Corbett, William Furnival, Alexander Law, William W Young, Jonathan Fardon, Richard Parkes, Frances Rufford, John Matthews, Richard Wallis, Thomas Ferbuler, William Gossage, Henry F Fardon, Frank Clark Hill, John Scott
Pollution History of Black Country Streams Terry Langford 38 3 Upper Tame, Wednesbury Oak, Bradley, Gospel Oak, Ocker Hill, Tipton, Conygre, Bescot, Wolverhampton, industry, Walsall Bert Richards, Douglas Handley, Douglas Dilworth, Ian Baird
Wordsley World War 2 Air Defences Mystery David Cox 38 3 Cooknell Hill, WWII  
Baggeridge Colliery Commemorative Medal Mike Pearson 38 3 industry, mining, 1899 - 1968  
Sundials in the Black Country John Lester 38 3 West Bromwich, St Peter's Church, Wolverhampton, Penn Hall, Wightwick Manor, Wednesbury, Walsall, Smethwick John Williams
Senior School Ray Jones 38 3 education, reminiscence Reg Shotton, Sidney Highway
In at the Beginnings Geoffrey Bubb 38 3 reminiscence, Baggeridge, Blackcountryman Martyn Round, John Fletcher, John Brimble, Lucy Woodall, Harold Parsons
The Farrier Sergeant's Memory Len Webster 38 3 poetry  
Black Country Dialect and Nicknames in 1861 Eric Jenkins 38 3 1861, dialect, Prince's End Samuel Evans
Black Country Personalities No 68 - John Parker Stan Hill 38 3 1921, biography, Toll End, Tipton, WWI, Great Bridge, Wednesbury, Wednesbury High School, Horseley Bridge Company, Wimpey & Co Bert and Mary Jane Parker, CS Kipping, Madeline Carroll
The Brickle Anthony J Haywood 38 3 Price Pearson, brickmaking, Lye, industry, clay bricks Stan Boden
Ann Maria Bannister (nee Smith) 1877-1964 Irene May Andrews 38 3 reminiscence, 1877, Halesowen, Short Cross, Colley Gate, Wolverhampton Esau Smith, Isiah Smith, Ann Maria Smith, Jane Mattocks, Thomas Eden, Jeremiah Hill, Francis Brett Young
Baleful Bleatings of a Black Country Boy, 1926 Arthur Truby 38 3    
A Black Country Distopia: John Perry's The Last Refuge Paul McDonald 38 3 1919, Walsall  
Iron Links Carl Higgs 38 3 Holly Hill, Ettingshall, Tipton, Metallum Martis, Lower Gornal, iron, Quakers Richard Pershouse, (Parkshouse), Edward Sutton III, Lord Dudley, Elizabeth Tomlinson, Dud Dudley, Colonel Leveson, John Darby, Thomas Bradley, John Asteley, Edward Parkshouse, Margaret Parkshouse
Shakespeare's Granddaughter and the Bagleys of Dudley John Taplin 38 4    
Romance and Excitement Among the Cabbages Dianne Bird 38 4    
Black Country Personalities No 69 - Ralph Meanley, Black Country Baritone Stan Hill 38 4    
Libraries Then and Now Pearl Taylor 38 4    
Varnished Leaves - review of Mander History Mike Pearson 38 4    
Black Country Character - Ivy Round Doug Winterborn 38 4    
A Black Country Radical - The Poetry of John Cornfield Paul McDonald 38 4    
The Blue Ribbon Mission Ned Williams 38 4    
"Godly Cleanliness" Robert Spear Hudson - Chemist and Congregationalist Nigel Lemon 38 4    
A Hole in the Ground Where a Hole Don't Belong Patrick Talbot 38 4    
Eldon Firmstone of Wordsley Manor Trevor Rogers 38 4    
Nine Black Country Artists Robert Perry 38 4    
Culture Alive! Brian Dakin 38 4    
The Black Country and the Industrial Revolution John S Allen 38 4    
Major Nichols of West Bromwich Alvin Smith 38 4 obituary  
Dead Elephant Mike Tinsley 38 4 poetry  
Worcestershire Salt and the Black Country Saltmen - Part 2 Margaret Dallow 38 4    
Visiting Sleipnir Joseph Biddulph 38 4    
Play Ray Jones 38 4    
A Crown for Staffordshire (execrpt Dianne Mannering 38 4    
Black Country Weeds Kath Brown 38 4    
Black Country Personalities No 30 - Frank Power Stan Hill 39 1 biography  
Canada Comes to Penn Angus Dunphy 38 4    
Shakespeare's Granddaughter and the Bagleys of Dudley - Part 2 John Taplin 39 1    
When is Fossil Fuel not Fossil Fuel? Bob Hart 39 1    
The Man who Sang of Iron: the Poetry of John Evans Paul McDonald 39 1    
Worcestershire Salt and the Black Country Saltmen - Part 3 Margaret Dallow 39 1    
Homes for the Poor Ned Williams 39 1    
Sunday School Ray Jones 39 1    
Rock Music? Arthur Truby 39 1    
Black Country Personalities No 70 - Dennis Masters Stan Hill 39 1    
Jim Boulton RIP Stan Hill 39 1 obituary  
A Crown for Staffordshire - excerpt part 2 Dianne Mannering 39 1    
Pop in Cradley Heath Anthony John Haywood 39 1    
I am my Voice and my Voice is me Brian Dakin 39 1    
The Story of Two Tipton Churches John Allen 39 1    
Those Spectacular Press Balls andhow we got to see the Editor's Braces John Beck 39 1    
James Whale letter to Ivo Shaw   39 1    
The History of your Family or Your Family in History - Part 1 Mike Pearson 39 1 genealogy  
Kathleen Ferrier's Concerts in the Black Country Michael Jones 39 1    
Shakespeare's Granddaughter and the Bagleys of Dudley - Part 3 John Taplin 39 2    
Joe Hunt Michael Hall 39 2 obituary  
The First Schoolboy International Terry Harrison 39 2 sport, football  
The Early History of the Horseley Company, Tipton John Allen 39 2    
John Kilbourn: The Great Barr Nightingale Paul McDonald 39 2    
Sedgely and the Pen Industry David Humphries 39 2    
Presentation to the Black Country Museum Transport Group   39 2    
Dudley Zoo Ray Jones 39 2    
Beeches Road School, West Bromwich Arthur Truby 39 2    
Black Country Personalities No 71 - Fred Willetts Stan Hill 39 2 biography  
Baron Bilston of Bilston Mike Pearson 39 2    
A Crown for Staffordshire - Part 3 Dianner Mannering 39 2    
A Little History Revision by the Editor Ian Elliot 39 2    
Master Craftsman or Just the Master? - Majoy Nichols Alvin Smith 39 2    
A long road to the air race Bob Hart 39 2    
WH Peplows - Clockmakers, Silversmiths and Jewellers of Stourbridge and Worcester Margaret Dallow 39 2    
The History of your Family or your Family in History Mike Pearson 39 2 genealogy  
The Walsall Bombs John Harper 39 3    
Master Craftsman or just the Master? - Major Nichols - Part 2 Alvin Smith 39 3    
The Old Lady and the Doctor's Muse: Life and Works of Frank Layton Paul McDonald 39 3    
Memories of a 6 Year-old Evacuee from Smethwick Alan Taylor 39 3    
Evacuee Days J Reg Flavell 39 3 poetry  
Going to the Pictures Ray Jones 39 3    
Burne-Jones, Baldwins and the Black Country David Cox 39 3    
Black Country Personalities No 72: Derek Hemming Stan Hill 39 3 biography  
A Notion of Territory - A Social Change Brian Dakin 39 3    
Gunners Bombarded Terry Harrison 39 3    
Car Snobbery Bob Hart 39 3 poetry  
Brierley Hill Men Meet up in Africa Colin Day 39 3    
When everyone knew and respected the local paper's district man John Beck 39 3    
Yet Another Side of Dud Dudley Martin White 39 3    
It all seemed so unfair at the time Dianne Mannering 39 3    
Memories of Dudley Grammar School - a True Blast from the Past Donald G Southall 39 3    
Perplexities from the Past Arthur Truby 39 3    
Old Photographs received from D Brian Batchelor   39 4    
GI Bride Betty Margaret Meador 39 4    
Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall - Part 1 Janet Byard-Jones 39 4    
Any Glass by Chance? David Encill 39 4    
Westwood and Wright, memories of the gas valve manufacturers Tony Hollinshead 39 4    
My 1948 Lawnmower Stanley Eveson 39 4    
How I Remember the 'Pictures' in Brierley Hill Pearl Taylor 39 4    
The Empire Picture House, Dudley Marilyn Crowther 39 4    
Black Country Personalities No 73 - Michael Joseph Coyle Stan Hill 39 4    
Are Black Country People Thick? Ray Jones 39 4    
John Brimble RIP Keith Hodgkins 39 4 obituary  
Master Craftsman or just the Master? - Major Nichols - Part 3 Alvin Smith 39 4    
A Day by the Sea Arthur Truby 39 4    
New Doors, Ode Fodes ... Billy Spakemon 39 4    
The Life of Mary Percy Jackson - Part 1 Lilly Doreen Wilkie 39 4    
Fires in the Shows Ned Williams 39 4    
A Window in Time Bob Hart 39 4    
In Defence of Walsall Poetry: Arthur Brockhurst and Alfred Moss Paul McDonald 39 4    
The White Feather Margaret Dallow 39 4    
Milestones of Black Country History David Humphries 39 4    
George Borwick of Baking Powder Fame Nigel Lemon 39 4    
The Forgers' Black Art Sylvia J Millward 39 4    
The Life of Mary Percy Jackson - Part 2 Lilly Doreen Wilkie 40 1    
The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall - Part 2 Janet Byard-Jones 40 1    
The Hailstone Brian Dakin 40 1    
The Murderer Ray Jones 40 1    
The Root of the Matter Arthur Truby 40 1    
Robert Broad and the Horseley Company, Tipton John S Allen 40 1    
Price Street Mission Anniversary: Memories from the 1950s and 1960s David Hughes 40 1    
Beasleys and Farmer Stuart Robinson 40 1    
An unusual Horrible Murder Eric Jenkins 40 1    
New Book on James Foster   40 1    
Back to School David Barlow 40 1    
Groping for a Higher Truth: the Literature of William Henry Robinson Paul McDonald 40 1    
I've Been to London to see the Queen Freda Millward 40 1    
Jew's Harp Manufacture in the West Midlands - 1800-1900 - Part 1 Michael Wright 40 1    
Fire at the 'Bump' Ned Williams 40 1 cinema  
Dynasty Miss WR Probert 40 1 Walsall  
The White Black Country Gordon Hensman 40 1 weather  
Black Country Personalities No 74 - Michael Hall MA. Stan Hill 40 1    
Sire Edward William Elgar and the Black Country Connection - Part 1 Margaret Dallow 40 1    
The Railway in Wall Heath J van Leersem 40 1    
The Missing Teneant of Wollaston Hall - Part 3 Janet Byard-Jones 40 2    
Jews Harp Manufacture in the West Midlands - 1800-1900 - Part 2 Michael Wright 40 2    
The Extraordinary, Ordinary Man Billy Spakemon 40 2    
The White Black Country - Part 2 Gordon Hensman 40 2    
Sir Edward William Elgar and the Black Country Connection - Part 2 Margaret Dallow 40 2    
Black Country Personalities No 75 - Christine Charles Stan Hill 40 2    
Tracking the Lion - From Bradley's to Baltimore, The Stourbridge Lion Nick Baker 40 2 Foster and Rastrick  
Auction at Fieldings of the Estate of H Jack Haden Stan Hill 40 2    
A Legenc J Reg Flavell 40 2   Duncan Edwards
Marjorie Crosby - the Poet of Penn Fields Paul McDonald 40 2    
Walsall's own 'Lady With the Lamp' Miss WR Probert 40 2   Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison
An Essay on Modern Day Management RW Abley 40 2    
Dear Editor - Follow-up to 'Fire at the Bump' Arthur Nicholls 40 2 cinema  
A Legendary Headmistress Peggy Talbot (nee Freeman) 40 2    
William, 1st Earl of Dudley and 11th Lord Ward - Part 1 Dr Trevor Raybould 40 2    
Henry Timothy Tilley - a Black Country Vicar DE Yates 40 2    
The diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge - Part 1 Richard Hugh Perks 40 2    
Black Country as an Urban Park   40 3    
The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers David H Barlow 40 3   Henry Joseph Round
The Diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge - Part 2 Richard Hugh Perks 40 3    
Henry Timothy Tilley - a Black Country Vicar - Part 2 DE Yates 40 3    
Tales of Tumble Fold: Joseph Whittaker's Wolverhampton Paul McDonald 40 3    
Simon Evans - a Forgotten Poet Arthur Truby 40 3    
William, 1Earl of Dudley and 11th Lord Ward - Part 2 Dr Trevor Raybould 40 3    
The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal (SWC) and Society (SWCS) Graham Fisher MBE 40 3    
Medeleine Carroll Judith Watkin 40 3    
The Lucas Sisters Janet Byard-Jones 40 3    
Money to Burn Carol Hathorne 40 3 short story  
Samuel Wilkes - Wood Wittling Champion of the World Brian Dakin 40 3    
I was There - wartime aircraft crash 1944 Derek Newton 40 3 WW2, Brierley Hill  
Buck Genner Ray Jones 40 3    
Late 19th and early 20th Century Family Life in Oldbury Ivan Walker 40 3    
The Airmen of Perton Angus Dunphy 40 3    
Charlemont Farm, West Bromwich Margaret Dallow 40 3    
William Humble Eric Ward, Third Earl of Dudley, 1932-1969 Dr Trevor Raybould 40 4    
Laurence James: Biker Hero and Black Country Bestseller Paul McDonald 40 4    
Detonators Ray Jones 40 4    
Descriptions of Birmingham and the Black Country in James Woodhouse's 'Life and Lucubrations of Crispinus Scriblerus' - Part 1 Stephen van-Hagen 40 4    
A Ballot Box and a Wrekin View Patrick Talbot 40 4    
'Is Life in 'Is Onds Billy Spakemon 40 4    
Bird Thou Never Wert Arthur Truby 40 4    
Hickman and Co material by David Hardwick 40 4    
Maxwell Trimble - Racing Driver Margaret Dallow 40 4    
Coach Outings with the Black Country Society Inky 40 4    
The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal (SWC) and Society (SWCS) Graham Fisher 40 4    
John Thomas Hyde Legge - Electrical Engineer Janet Byard-Jones 40 4    
John Thompson Louis Willis 40 4    
'A Country Called Black' Mike Pearson 40 4    
In Memoriam: John Fletcher, the Bishop and Me George Wiley 40 4    
Obituary - Barrie Nicholas Roberts Miss WR Probert 40 4    
Update on 'The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers' DEA Evans 40 4    
Weight Watcher Ray Jones 40 4    
Black Country Vicar - 'Come Ye Faithful People' Revd Carol Hathorne 40 4    
As Others Saw us - some perceptions of the Black Country Dr Trevor Raybould 40 4    
William Humble Ward, 2nd Earl of Dudley, 1885-1932 Dr Trevor Raybould 41 1    
Acid Ray Jones 41 1    
Descriptions of Birmingham and the Black Country in James Woodhouse's 'Life and Lucubrations of Crispinus Scriblerus' - Part 2 Stephen van-Hagen 41 1    
Christmas Past Alan Cadman 41 1 poetry  
Black Country Vicar: Sour Opples an' Sweet Chocolate Revd Carol Hathorne 41 1    
Kanya Wackett's Observations Brian Dakin 41 1    
Documentating the Workshop of the World Cheryl Williams 41 1    
Simmonds Brothers - Radio Pioneers Dave Simmonds 41 1    
A Flame in my Heart - John Petty's Forgotten Novel Dr Paul McDonald 41 1    
My Life With Jack James Morgan 41 1    
Change in the Midlands images by Arthur Lockwood 41 1    
Kidderminster Rose Margaret Dallow 41 1    
Chance Encounter Arthur Truby 41 1    
Coach Outings with the Black Country Society Inky 41 1 Bakewell, Haddon Hall  
Martin Lickert: Bass Player, Bookmaker, Barrister James Morgan 41 1    
The course of the Smestow Brook: Wolverhampton's River Angus Dunphy 41 1    
Maxwell Trimble Updated Helen M Berry 41 1    
Any Glassware by Chance? David P Encill 41 1    
A titanic Journey Lucy Sidaway & Jenny Powell 41 1    
A Million People: Black Country as an Urban Park Ron Julian 41 1    
'A Country Called Black' - Update   41 1    
The Bitter Divide - Religious Conflict Then and Now Ben Wetherall 41 1    
The Lords Dudley, 1774-1833 Dr Trevor Raybould 41 2    
'God Bless Yer, Nurse!' Marion Roberts 41 2    
St John's Church, Kates Hill Deb Brownlee 41 2    
George Cosens - distinguished midlands black bartist pastor and evangelist David Watts 41 2    
A Fighting Man: Henry Treece's Lesser Known Black Country Novel Dr Paul McDonald 41 2    
The Future of our Past Brian Dakin 41 2    
The Smestow from Aldersley to Compton Angus Dunphy OBE 41 2    
Young Folks A Blackcountrywoman 41 2 dialect  
Black Country Vicar: 'With This Ring' + 'The Depths of Theology' Revd Carol Hathorne 41 2    
A Vanished World Ray Jones 41 2 paintings  
Charles JL Elwell OBE Stan Hill 41 2 obituary  
The Upper Severn Hydro & Navigation Company Ltd   41 2    
The Staffordshire Giant Miner Margaret Dallow 41 2    
William Nock, Glassmaker Peter King 41 2    
Playthings Ray Jones 41 2    
Smethwick and the Truth of Chance David P Encill 41 2    
The Rebels: Henry Treece (1953) Dave Walker 41 2    
The Beastliest Beast Ray Jones 41 2 poetry  
Lost Manufacturing Gerald Darby 41 2    
Tolkein's Mordor: Black Magic in the Black Country Patrick Low 41 2    
Black Country Green Alan Cadman 41 2 poetry  
The Healers Billy Spakemon 41 2    
The Story of West Bromwich Operatic Society   41 2    
The Smestow from Compton to Perton Angus Dunphy 41 3    
A Black Country Writer Ray Jones 41 3   Archie Hill
Dudley Grammar School, 1562-1975 - Part 1 Dr Trevor Raybould 41 3    
Peter Jones: a Black Country Imagist Dr Paul McDonald 41 3    
The Island in a City Jill Tromans 41 3    
Elizabeth Ann Warren SRN Stan Hill 41 3 obituary  
Four Old Photographs Norman Taylor 41 3 Halesowen Grammar School, photographs,  
So Many Southalls in Dudley Julie McNeill 41 3    
The Lather Boy and the Starter Upperer Billy Spakemon 41 3    
Adventures in the Hop Fields Don Lister 41 3    
Black Country Heraldry Philip Tibbetts 41 3    
The Dunera Boys Judith Watkin 41 3    
Grange Furnace Dr Peter King 41 3    
The Territorial Army: 100 Years of Service Keith Jeavons 41 3    
The Beech Tree Colliery Timber Delivery Mystery Peter Barnsley 41 3    
Hobbs & Sons - Fish and Chip Shop Proprietors - Part 1 Ned Williams 41 3    
Lost but not Forgotten Terry Church 41 3    
Margaret MacDonald Wendy Viner 41 3    
Post-War Walsall and Walsall Law Association's Diamond Jubilee David F Vodden 41 3    
Black Country Vicar: 'Who do You Think Yo Am?', 'RIP for a Non-aviating Avian' Revd Carol Hathorne 41 3    
Brockmoor Life Joyce Perry (nee Chuter) 41 3    
Growing up in Wartime Lye Pat Dunn 41 3    
Local History in Oil Paintings John Lester 41 3    
The Smestow from Perton Mill to Trescott and Furnace Granges Angus Dunphy 41 4    
Dudley Grammar School, 1562-1972 - Part 2 Dr Trevor Raybould 41 4    
Black Country Vicar: ''A Perfect Disguise', 'The Missing W' Revd Carol Hathorne 41 4    
Derek Doogan: Charismatic Maverick John Beck 41 4 football  
Hobbs Fish and Chip Shop - Part 2 Ned Williams 41 4    
Aunty Poll and Uncle Bill Len Webster 41 4    
National Service: Devises Ray Jones 41 4    
The Fortieth Anniversary of the Black Country Living Museum David F Vodden 41 4    
Victoria Alan Cadman 41 4 poetry  
Victoria Park   41 4 photographs  
An Old Choirboy's Memory Dr Norman Allen 41 4 Wollaston Church Choir  
Widening Circles: Edward Lowbury'a Black Country Anthology Dr Paul McDonald 41 4    
The Bitter Divide: Religious Conflict then and now Ben Wetherall 41 4    
John Cornfield - the Coseley Poet Alison Gale (nee Cornfield) 41 4    
On John Cornfield Dr Paul McDonald 41 4    
Industrial Biography: The Black Country Chapters Greg Stokes 41 4    
A Famous West Bromwich Undertaking Ivan G Walker 41 4    
Wireless in a Coal Mine   41 4    
Accles and Pollocks (1962 to 1969) Part 1 Terry Henwood 41 4    
A Census of the Landscape Paul Quigley 41 4    
Wolverhampton's Famous Elephants: 'The Legend of Salt and Sauce' Ned Williams 41 4    
John Swallow Ned Williams 41 4 obituary  
The Smestow - Seisdon and Trysull Angus Dunphy 42 1    
Dudley Grammar School, 1562-1975, Part 3 Dr Trevor Raybould 42 1    
Wish You Were Here - Great flood of Stourbridge 2008 Graham Fisher MBE 42 1 canal  
Accles & Pollocks - 1962-1969, Part 2 Terry Henwood 42 1    
Black Country Vicar: Rabbit Rabbit Carol Hathorne 42 1    
Gooin' 'Oppin Pat Dunn 42 1 Hop Picking  
Storytelling Ray Jones 42 1    
Tipton Canal and Community Festival 2008 Malcolm Jones 42 1    
Unveiling of a Plaque to Major Kenneth Hutchinson-Smith Ron Davies 42 1    
Black Country Writing in the 21st Century Dr Paul McDonald 42 1    
The Black Hole of Dudley Arthur Truby 42 1    
Q for Queenies Final Flight Ken Russell 42 1    
Adventures on the Wrenna Donald Lister 42 1    
Alternative Viewpoint on Black Country Heraldry Joseph Biddulph 42 1    
Oldbury 1891 Glenn Thornton 42 1    
Moving on Beryl Wills 42 1 short story  
The Life and Times of a Forge 2008 Silvia Millward 42 1 poem  
Pegasus Ray Jones 42 1 poem  
The Black Country: a Hotbed of Football Kevin Smallbone 42 1 sport  
Holiday in the Country A Blackcountrywoman 42 1    
Planet Ice Joan Blundell 42 1    
Journey J Reg Flavell 42 2 poem  
Dudley Grammar School, 1562-1975 - Part 4 Dr Trevor Raybould 42 2    
Obituary Michael Hale Ned Williams 42 2    
The Black Country: a Hotbed of Football? Part 2 Keving Smallbone 42 2 sport  
Accles & Pollocks - 1962-1969 - Part 3 Terry Henwood 42 2    
Would you Like to Hear Auntie Moan Arthur Truby 42 2    
Farewell Ollie Graham Fisher MBE 42 2    
Archie Hill Roger Steel 42 2 biography  
The Kendall Family - Stourbridge Ironmasters - Part 1 Janet Byard-Jones 42 2    
Stourbridge Caverns James Morgan 42 2    
A Simple Black Country Man Ray Jones 42 2    
Obituary Geoff Allman 42 2    
A Clash of Cultures: Meena Syal's Anita and Me Dr Paul McDonald 42 2    
Black Country Vicar: Abide With Me Revd Carol Hathorne 42 2    
A Loss of Identity - the Towns and districts Taken over by Wolverhampton Matt Mills 42 2    
Lest we Forget Sarah Guest 42 2    
David Plant RIP Stan Hill 42 2 obituary  
The Bilston Road Lido: Cycling Round the Pond Professor Terry Langford 42 2    
A Walk Among the Wilkinsons Dr Norman Allen 42 2    
Chuckery in Walsall and its Two Factories David F Vodden 42 2    
Dudley Grammar School 1562-1975 - Part 5 Dr Trevor Raybould 42 3    
The Black Country: a Hotbed of Football - Part 3 Kevin Smallbone 42 3 sport  
Accles & Pollocks - 1962-1969 - Part 4 Terry Henwood 42 3    
Black Country Vicar: Born and Bred Revd Carol Hathorne 42 3    
The Smestow - Trysull Mill to Smestow Bridge and Heathmill Angus Dunphy 42 3    
VJ Day 15 August 1945 Trevor Steventon 42 3    
May Cox (nee Green) David J Cox 42 3 obituary  
Spirited Judith Watkin 42 3    
The Clock A Blackcountrywoman 42 3    
Paul Robeson Ned Williams 42 3    
Black Country Tartan Pictures   42 3    
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre Robert Evans 42 3    
The Kendall Family - Stourbridge Ironmasters - Part 2 Janet Byard-Jones 42 3    
An Irish Girl comes to the Black Country - 1936 Mike Page 42 3    
Black Country Miners Migrate to Vancouver Island 1854 Margaret Dallow 42 3    
Gone but not Forgotten: the Demise of Newspaper Obituaries James Morgan 42 3    
What was lost in the Merry Hill Centre: Catherine O'Flynn's View of the Black Country Shopping Mall Dr Paul McDonald 42 3    
War Hero Rests in St John's Churchyard, Kates Hill David Hughes 42 3    
Wollaston Schools in the 1930s Dr Norman Allen 42 3 education  
Dudley Grammar School - 1562-1975 - Part 6 Dr Trevor Raybould 42 4    
Black Country Vicar: Fame at Last Revd Carol Hathorne 42 4    
Royal Books of Cradley Heath Ned Williams 42 4    
Idle Thoughts on the Jerome K Jerome Society Tony Gray 42 4    
On Having a Heart Attack Ray Jones 42 4    
Maurice Wiggin: the Bloxwich Maverick Dr Paul McDonald 42 4    
Norman Morris - 1927-2009 - a great choral conductor Janet Southall 42 4 obituary  
A Close Run Thing: how non-league Walsall survived the Great War Terry Harrison 42 4    
Arley Ferry Ron Moss 42 4    
Politics A Blackcountrywoman 42 4    
Welsh Wizadry Arthur Truby 42 4    
Mario Lanza - AJW Still at Large Mike Pearson 42 4    
William Bourne - 1811-1870 Dudley Architect Jean Weston 42 4    
Bradford Earls and Chuckery in Walsall David F Vodden 42 4    
A Musical Life in the Black Country - Stourbridge Choral and Orchestral Society Michael Jones 42 4   Frank Edwards
Battle Stations Joan Blundell 42 4    
Moving to Moxley in 1946 Mike Page 42 4    
Wife Selling in the Black Country Margaret Dallow 42 4    
Windmill End Railway Station Steve Burdett 42 4    
The Tests Norman Allen 42 4    
Memories of Kates Hill Primary School in the 1950s - Part 1 David Hughes 42 4    
Three Stories from the Haunted Black Country Charlotte Duckworth 42 4    
Sandwell Valley 1975-2008 - from Bill Stott to Biodiversity - Introduction Peter Shirley 42 4    
Dudley Grammar School, 1562-1975 - Part 7 Dr Trevor Raybould 43 1    
Along the Brook to Smestow Mill Angus Dunphy 43 1    
The Death of Charlie Radford Terry Harrison 43 1 sport, football  
Sandwell Valley, 1975-2008 From Bill Stott to Biodiversity - Part 1 Peter Shirley 43 1    
Memories of Kate's Hill Primary School in the 1950s - Part 2 David Hughes 43 1    
Forder and Travers - Wolverhampton Velocipede Manufacturer - Part 1 Ray Miller 43 1    
Black Country Vicar: By Any Other Name Revd Carol Hathorne 43 1    
Writer on Writer, Bill Hipkiss, 'the Langley Laureate' Billy Spakemon 43 1    
Ghost Cottage Beryle Wills 43 1 poetry  
I Want to be an Engineer Mike Page 43 1    
Roy Fisher's Black Country Dr Paul McDonald 43 1    
Weather A Blackcountrywoman 43 1    
The Rocks of the Imagination Still Remain Joan Blundell 43 1    
The Weldless Steel Tube Co Ltd Geoffrey Kernan 43 1    
Wolverhampton Art Gallery - Victorian Display Olga Baird 43 1    
Tipton Grammar School 1957-1962 Terry Henwood 43 1    
Mapping the Black Country's Historic Character Paul Quigley 43 1    
Black Country Officially Recognised Mike Pearson 43 1    
Who Were These Men? Roy Peacock 43 1 war memorials  
Dudley Grammar School - 1562-1975 - Part 8 Dr Trevor Raybould 43 2    
Letter from Dr John Cox, pupil at Dudley Grammar School, 1932-1939 Dr John Cox 43 2    
Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - from Swindon to Hinksford Angus Dunphy 43 2    
Black Country Vicar: Hour of Fame Revd Carol Hathorne 43 2    
Introduction to World War II Anthea Smith 43 2    
Jeeves and the Black Country Ray Jones 43 2    
Strewth its About Time Dr Urszula Clark, Dr Esther Asprey, Brian Dakin 43 2 dialect  
He Served God Best who most Nobly Serves Humanity Olga Baird 43 2    
Forder and Travers - Wolverhamptone Velocipede Manufacturer - Part 2 Ray Miller 43 2    
Sandwell Valley 1975-2008: from Bill Stott to Biodiversity - Part 2 Peter Shirley 43 2    
Further Memories of Norman Morris - 1927-2009 Barbara Starrs 43 2    
Grave Matters in Wordsley Nick Baker 43 2    
The Price of Progress Joyce Perry 43 2 poem  
Everyone has a Story to Tell Diane Matthews 43 2    
Damned Yanks A Blackcountrywoman 43 2    
An Odeon Experience J Reg Flavell 43 2    
A Night Remembered at West Bromwich during WWII Margaret Dallow 43 2    
In Walsall Does Familiarity Breed David F Vodden 43 2    
Black Country Ladies Joan Blundell 43 2    
The Mystery of the Cow in the Window Ivan R Warren 43 2    
Under Threat - 2009 Silvia Juliet Millward 43 2 poem  
Dudley Grammar School - 1562-1975 - Part 9 Dr Trevor Raybould 43 3    
Bedcote - A 'Likely' Tale Dave Simmonds 43 3 Stourbridge  
Hang out Your Masterpeices - Artist in Residence Robert Hazel 43 3   Fred Barnfield
Sandwell Valley 1975-2008: from Bill Stott to Biodiversity - Part 3 Peter Shirley 43 3    
Black Country Vicar: Aynuck and Ali Revd Carol Hathorne 43 3    
Along the Brook to Smestow Mill: The Himley, Straits and Holbeche Brooks Angus Dunphy 43 3    
Black Country Geological Society Gordon Hensman 43 3    
Dialect and the Inhuman Billy Spakemon 43 3    
Harry Eccleston OBE Stan Hill 43 3 obituary  
Service of Re-Dedication - Black Country Living Museum   43 3    
Prestwood Ray Jones 43 3    
Black by Day, Red by Night   43 3    
Joseph Woodcock and the Oak Farm Ironworks Anthony Smart 43 3    
From Stick Insects to Mr Meatyard: A Pillar of Society in Victorian Wordsley Sarah Chandler 43 3    
Sankey Apprentice at Bilston, 1960-1963 Mike Page 43 3    
When Men Were Men and Football was for Gentlemen - Part 1 Len Webster 43 3    
Ghost Clouds Joyce Perry 43 3 poem  
Sandwell Valley 1975-2008: From Bill Stott to Biodiversity - Part 4 Peter Shirley 43 4 Sandnats, entymology, Festavalley, Bill Oddie, Roy Croucher, Malcolm Smart, David Bellamy, Pete Forbes, Pete Hackett, Tim Hextell, Tony Disley, John Fortey, Roger Hancox, Terry Parker, Andy Purcell, Steve Welch, Bill Moodie, John Little, John Shrimpton, Tony Wood, Mike Bloxham, Mike Poulton, Sheila Hadley, Bill Stott, Terry Jukes, Dennis Colnforth, Chir Moore, Paul Smith, Matt Darby, Jo Miskin, Andy Warren, Tony Whitehead, Jay Haugh, Colin Home, Lee Copplestone, Harvey Smith, John Whittaker, Ellen Pisolkar
Black Country Vicar:Just Common Sense Revd Carol Hathorne 43 4 humour, Willenhall  
Gospel Union Tabernacle, Fenton Street, Brierley Hill Stan Hill 43 4 religion, Enoch Harris, Mrs M Baxter, Mrs Bodie, Miss Emma Beckley, Mr EC Downing, Mr David Holt, Mr S Newton, Mrs M Whitaker, Mr WA Baker, Revd. Bill Lynn, Mr J Grainger, William Alfred Baker, Emily Florence Baker, Freda Burgess
Memories of the 'Darlaston Loop' Railway Mike Page 43 4 Wednesbury, Wood Green, Atlas Works, GKN, Rubery Owen, Walsall, Moxley, Cowley's, Don Powell, John Boynton, Fred Page, Annie Page,
From Redhall Junior to Dudley Grammar Arthur Nicholls 43 4 education, Eleven Plus, May & Baker, Williams and Little, Trevor Raybould, Mr Evans, Dr Hirst, Richard Baxter, DC Temple, Mr Finney
The Rag an' Boon Mon's 'Oss David Hughes 43 4 dialect, Dudley, Roseland Madge Beach, Ivan Warren
Well, as Margaret Thatcher once remarked, 'It's a Funny Old World' James Morgan 43 4    
The Older 'Shropshire Lad' and Other Musings: A Tale of Halesowen Joseph Biddulph 43 4 St Kenelm, Romsley, Brimstrey, Francis Brett Young, Dr Samuel Johnson, William Shenstone, Thomas Shenstone, Anne Pen, Thomas Moule, Eilert Ekwall, Chaucer, AE Houseman, Arthur Waugh, Thomas Mottle, Roderick Barron, Una Rees, JAW Bennett, GV Smithers, Thomas Jones, FN Robinson
Ponies Take Pride of Place at Performing Arts Festival   43 4 art, Brierley Hill  
The Black Sheep, the Artist, and the Goody Two-Shoes, the Children of Oswald Meatyard of Wordsley Sarah Chandler 43 4 Audnam, Bilston, Boars Head, education, Hope Street School, RBSA, art, Oswald George Meatyard, Herbert Rutland Meatyard, Elizabeth Myren, Sidney Harold Meteyard, Miss Gilbert, Miss Maginniss, ER Taylor, Edward Burne-Jones, Rob Dickens, Rod Stewart, Lizzie Sarah Wilkes Fairfax Mackley, Joseph Fairfax Muckley, Kate Eadie, Edward R Taylor, Oswald Ernest Meatyard, rev Richard de Crespingy Thelwall, Brian Doolan, Walter Thomas Hill, Revd George Thelwall, William Pleethe, Caroline Meatyard, Stephen Wildman
Pig Scrapers   43 4   Richard Filmer, John Wilson
'Merry Hill Memories' Prize Competition Martyn Round 43 4   Peter Miller, Sue greenaway, Ian Brough, Ray Jones, Stan Hill, Pearl Taylor, James Morgan, Ian Brough, Sylvia Smith
The Black Country - What, Where, When? Dr Trevor Raybould 43 4 industry, Iron Country, drunkenness, railways, dialect, manufacturing Dud Dudley, Henry Cort Wilkinson, Thomas Carlyle, James Nasmyth, William Cobbett, William Hawkes Smith, Elihu Burritt, RH Horne, Dr Luke Booker, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Stan Hill
A Splendid Day Out in Salisbury Martyn Round 43 4 Arundells, Edward Heath, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, John Corbett, Joan White, Linda Button
Intrepid Motor Scootering Pair Hand Over Proceeds of Charity Ride   43 4 Modern World Scooter Club Carl Timmins, Megan Baker, Luke Moore, Ed Gibb, Lee Gough
Dr George Barnsby 1919-2010   43 4 obituary Sue Thomas, George Barnsby
When Men Were Men and Football was for Gentlemen - Part 2 Len Webster 43 4 sport, Brasshouse Lane, Albion, Newfooty, Ted Swingle, Bob Potts, Mr Hughes, Mr Owen, Ben Cotgrave, C Skidmore, Joe Crimes, Wally Owel, Albert Perry, Stan Jones, Ellis Howell, Harry Turner, 'Iron' Phillips, Jess Green, Arthur Baker, George Burford, Ben Garrison, Archie Hughes, Alf Tipper, Harry Gregg, Vic Buckingham, Nat Lofthouse, Walter Owen, Frankie Holden, Julie Walters, Matt Busby, Ray Wood, Duncan Edwards, Colin Webster
The Brierley Hill Temperance Hall Ned Williams 43 4 Trinity Street, Bishop Brothers, Bromley Methodist Church, Good Templars, temperance Stan Hill, G Lafford, Henry Jennings, B Perkins, F Dudley, C Turner, B Cartwright, Mrs Allchurch, Joseph Holmes, Miss Hooper, Fred Baker, Frank Baker, David Reginald Guttery, Enoch Harris, Charles Wilkes, Mr & Mrs Hallman, George Hallman, Mr & Mrs Gibbons, Mrs Battrum, Chas Wilkes, Mr Perkins, AG Hooper, Joseph Malins, Revd John Blackburn, Mr Pearson, AE Marsh, E Pardoe, H Dix, Mr & Mrs Cairns, Alan Hallman
Arthur Truby 1918-2010 Mike Pearson 43 4 obituary Joan Truby
Giggetty, re-launch of 1974 album 'Dawn to Dusk in the Black Country' Brian Langtry 43 4 folk music, Wombourne, Graham Green, Dave Whalley, Bill Caddick, Nigel Jones, Jon Raven, Ian Campbell, Barbara Dixon, Gerry Rafferty, Richard Digance, Tony Capstick, Dave Cartwright, Aynuck and Ayli, Tommy Mundon, Harry Harrison, Geoff Stevens, Lizzie Wiggins, Tom Coyne, Ray Deer, Ken Ash, Dan Fone, Michael Billington, John Richards, Rosie Hardman, Malcolm Stent, Billy Connolly, Mike Harding, Alex Campbell, Noel Murphy, Jake Thackray, Dolly Allen, Ron Burns, Jim William Jones, Winston Homer, Chris Phipps, Noel Edmunds, Len Holden
A Power Station Apprentice in the 1950s Malcolm Richards 43 4 Wednesbury, Ocker Hill, Edith Cotterill
Music A Blackcountrywoman 43 4    
A Recent Find in the Local Archives Mark R Cooper 43 4 listed buildings EA Underhill, Edward I, Edward IV, Tomm Cann, Tass Parker, Edward VI, AP de Comines, Edward III, Tipton Slasher
George William Prescott James Morgan 44 1    
Black Country Vicar: My Hero Revd Carol Hathorne 44 1    
John Shearan - a Journey from West Bromwich, Around the World, and back to West Bromwich Peter Shirley 44 1    
From Redhall Junior to Dudley Grammar - Part 2 Arthur Nicholls 44 1 education  
The Telly A Blackcountrywoman 44 1    
Archibald Stanton Whitfield 1899-1974 Philip C Ray 44 1    
A Special Order at Round Oak Steelworks Colin Pardoe 44 1    
Sunday Walks Along the 'Cut' Mike Page 44 1    
Remembering Merry Hill Ray Jones 44 1    
Did the Ghosts of Lapal Tunnel help save Dudley Canal Tunnel? Richard Amon 44 1    
The Carnival Orchestra Chris Woodward 44 1    
The Statue of Apollo at the Priory Mark R Cooper 44 1    
Hagley in the 1920s JW King 44 1    
Dave Gunning   44 1 Art, Bilston Craft Gallery  
Mr Goronwy Williams - One Man's Railway Angus Dunphy 44 1    
Flippin' Good Joan Blundell 44 1    
The House Where I Was Born - Part 1 David Hughes 44 1 Kates Hill  
Every Family Had One Margaret Dallow 44 1    
Thomas Dudley Launch - 5 November 2010 Mike Pearson 44 1 Lenny Henry  
My First Car Malcolm Richards 44 1    
Don't I Know Him? Billy Spakemon 44 1 dialect  
Night School Ray Jones 44 2    
2011 is a Census Year Neil Langford 44 2    
British Glass Foundation Launch   44 2    
The Treasure of the 'Bull and Bladder' Nick Baker 44 2    
Before Round Oak - Timber!! Dr Trevor Raybould 44 2    
A Grammar School Place in 1946 Shirley Davies 44 2 education  
Along the Smestow, from Hinksford to Devil's Den, its confluence with the Stour Angus Dunphy 44 2    
Wheels Within Wheels Graham Fisher MBE 44 2 glassmaking, canal  
The House Where I Was Born - Part 2 David Hughes 44 2    
The Founding of the Stourbridge School of Design James Measell 44 2    
Merry Hill Memories Bert Barr 44 2    
The Geology Matters Website shows the history of the Earth   44 2    
My First (and last) Motorcycle Stuart Bridgman 44 2    
The First Black Country Night Stan Hill 44 2    
The Art of Serendipity J Reg Flavell 44 2    
My Beloved Bus Stop Joan Blundell 44 2    
Black Country Society Christmas Event Mike Pearson 44 2    
The Black Country and the Black Shirt. Part 1 Craig Morgan 44 3 WWII, Wolverhampton, internment, BUF, Boulton and Paul Oswald Mosley, Lord Rothmere, Diana Mosley, Winston Churchill, Herbert Morrison, Harry Pollitt, Mr F Chapman, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Mr H Prosser, DN Pritt, Ken White, George Grainger, Norman Bennett, Bert Morrison, Lewis Whilton, IC Hannah, William Adamson, Sire Robert Bird, Geoffrey Mander, FH Abrahams, Richard Thurlow, Robert Skidelsky
Simeon Carter Master Coach Smith & Iron Roof and Bridge Builder (1818-1890) - Part 1 Peter Carter 44 3 industry, Darlaston, Rubery Owen, Kings Hill Simeon Carter, Bill Carter, Kathleen Carter, Bill Carter, Samuel Rubery, James Carter, William Carter, Lucy Guest, John Guest, Mary Guest, Elizabeth Village (nee Blundell), Reuben Carter, Martha Bayley, Samuel Bayley, Mary Bayley, Ann Jones, John Jones, Lucy Jones, Mary Carter, Samuel Carter, Mary Clees, Rachel Taylor, William Cooper, Henry Mansey, Ann Carter, Jabez Carter, Lucy Carter, Elizabeth Carter, Joseph Carter, Mary Jane Carter, Levinia Booth, Isaac Ennes, William Horton, Enoch Horton, Arthur Norris, Emily Carter, Simeon Leonard Carter, Sarah Wynne, John Carter, Albert Carter, Harriet Barnett, Harriet Carter, George Perry, Alexander Brogden, Joseph Ford, James Slater, David Rose
Merry Hill Shopping Centre Pearl Taylor 44 3 reminiscence, Central Selective School, Brockmoor LG Walton, SE Williams, Mr Nock, HC Roberts, Reg Guttery
Education in Amblecote in 19th century James Morgan 44 3 education, Madras School, Stourbridge, Dr Andrew Bell, Joseph Lea, Causer, Wragge, Hunt, Bate, Rufford, Robbins, James Foster, John Pidcock, Joseph Pitman, John White, John Heming, William Blow Collis, Florence Starkey, Lord Lyttleton, Rev JW Grier, Rev RP Turner, William Orme Foster, WC Firmstone, J Webb, Messrs Broughton, WS Wheeley, Miss Baptie, Miss Caddick, Miss Webb, Miss Coley, Miss Johnson, Miss Hamblin, Miss Bowen, Miss Hatton, Messrs Scott, Messrs Jordan, Messrs Yeats, Messrs Aston Corser and Pearson, Rev J Bromley, J Amery, Mr Bullock, Frank C Cooper, Philip Marks, DR Guttery, H Jack Haden, Eliza Hopkins, Maria Hopkins, James H Meese, Miss Walters, Miss Thompson, Miss Page, Miss Scott
John Frederick Jewes: Postman Pharmacist Stan Hill 44 3 biography, Brierley Hill, Brockmoor, Fred Jewes, Charlie Shepherd, Dr Fisher, Dr Wilson
Professor Sir Maurice Wilkes (1930-2010)   44 3 Obituary, computing, EDSAC  
Vicky's Royal Sunbeam Bicycle Silvia Juliet Millward 44 3 poem  
A Tale of Two Castles Malcolm Richards 44 3 railway, Ocker Hill, Mike Page
Dudley Canal Tunnel Transport Trust - Red Wheel Award Vic Smallshire 44 3 canal, British Waterways, Stuart Wilkinson, Vic Smallshire, Peter Miller, Tony Hales, Sir Frank Price
Black Country Vicar - Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be Revd Carol Hathorne 44 3   Carol Hathorne, Mark Hathorne
A Black Country Train Spotter Mike Page 44 3 railways, GWR, Bilston, Bradley, pigeon-racing, Moxley, Patent Shaft, Darlaston, Wolverhampton Ian Allen, HW Mason, John Wilkinson, Joseph Sankey, Alan Pegler, Micky Kimber, Brian Murty, Sir William Stanier
Starting Work Ray Jones 44 3 Gibbons and Hinton, industry, tile manufacture, Wordsley churchyard, Mr JD Wicks, Matt Gittens, Jack Guest, Miss Compton, Harry Thompson, Joe Thompson, Owen Gibbons, Frank Gibbons, William Morris, Hubert Wicks, James Darley Wicks, AG Tomkinson, Colin Wicks
The Mystery of Mr Isles Carol Atton 44 3 Walsall, Wolverhampton, photography, WW1, Frederick Henry Worker, Mr Isles, Edwin Haseler, Rebecca Haseler, Henry Isles, Joseph Isles, William Isles, Charles Isles, John Isles, Fred Isles, George Worker, Blanche Turner, Wilfred Worker, Annie E Warrender, Francis Henry Worker, Earl of Bradford
Wunderbars in Pictures   44 3 industry, Cradley Heath Tim Jones, David Gill, Wayne Gill, Adam Grant
Wickham King (1862-1959): a Memoir - Part 1 JW King 44 3 biography, geology, Oldswinford, rowing, genealogy, mountaineering, William Wickham King, William Henry King, Jane Firmstone, Henry King, William King, Thomas Firmstone, Betty Wickham, Nicolas Wickham, EW Bernard, Roger King, Elizabeth Farr, Elizabeth King, Mary Farr, Thomas King, Geoffrey King, John Panting, Prof. C Lapworth, Prof. LJ Willis, Sir Arthur Smith Woodward, Rachel King
O'd Folks a Blackcountrywoman 44 3 dialect, humour  
What a Coincidence Pat Dunn 44 3 1920s, MG TD Francis Brett Young, Arthur Truby, Alan Rankin, Elizabeth Aldridge
Tipton Canal and Community Festival 2011   44 3    
Do You Have a Moreton?   44 3 religion Revd William Moreton, Pat Evans, Rev'd Titus Neve
How Long is a Piece of String Bill Kirk 44 3    
Wickham King (1862-1959) - Part 2 JW King 44 4    
Mary Stevens Mangle Dave Cartwright 44 4 poem  
Simeon Carter (1818-1890 Master Coach Smith and Iron Roof and Bridge Builder - Part 2 Peter Carter 44 4    
Nockers 'Oss Ray Jones 44 4    
Dr Henry John Perry (1804-1864) Dr David J Cox 44 4    
Dudley Girl's High School Association   44 4    
Birmingham Jazz Festival at Black Country Museum   44 4    
Dudley Canal Trust (Trips) Ltd - Development   44 4    
Championing the Black Country: Call for a Flag Vote   44 4    
Black Country Vicar - It's the Way 'e Tells 'um Revd Carol Hathorne 44 4    
John Parker   44 4 obituary  
Strange to Tell Dave Simmonds 44 4    
The Battle of St James Schools - Fascists and Communists Clash on the Streets of Wolverhampton Craig Morgan 44 4    
Before the Precinct was Built David Hughes 44 4    
Parson Moreton John D Harper 44 4    
Mario Lanza and Serendipity Mike Pearson 44 4    
The Evolution of a New Publication: Cricket Lyrics by Thomas Disney Stan Hill 44 4    
Nine Locks Ordeal 1869   44 4    
Home of Metal Exhibition   44 4    
Launch of Crystal Tea Rooms: Redhouse Cone   44 4    
When Dudley Tunnel Met Castle Hill Dr Trevor Raybould 44 4    
A Tribute to Vi Whetton Ron Moss 44 4    
Simeon Carter (1818-1890 Master Coach Smith and Iron Roof and Bridge Builder - Part 3 Peter Carter 45 1 industry; Simeon Carter, Samuel Mills, Richard Mills, Martha Mills, James Slater, Samuel Rubery, Alexander Brogden, Edward Eastwood, Enoch Horton, Andrew Shirlaw, John Turner Rubery, Anna Wood (nee Rubery), Lucy Carter, Mary Jane Carter, Simeon Leonard Carter, Arthur Norris, Elizabeth Poat (nee Bott), George Bott, Sarah Bott, George Poat, William Joseph Poat, Joseph Ford, Samuel Ford, Enoch Bird, Joseph White, William Balter, Thomas Maybury, Samuel Steatham, Joseph Steatham, John Jones, Thomas Timmins, Benjamin Guy, Jabez Carter, Charles J Rusher, John Sinclair Pirrie, James Thomas Bateman, George Edward Abrahams, Charles Henry Ewen, Arthur Cooper, Ernest Charles Keay, James Keay, John Masser Richardson, William Maeve Ward, Mary Keay
Poems by Neal Leadbetter - 'Dudley Port' and 'Ann Street' Neal Leadbetter 45 1 poem  
Making of New Portland Vase Replica   45 1   Richard Golding, Ian Dury, John Northwood III, John Northwood, Phillip Pargeter, Terri L Colledge;
Sydney John Sankey: A Wulfrunian in Flanders Field Chris Twigg 45 1   John Sankey, Elizabeth Sankey, Joseph Sankey, Sydney John Sankey
Adventures up 'The Blood Tub' Don Lister 45 1   Jack Darby, 'Basher'
Attending Holy Trinity Infants School in the 1940s Mike Page 45 1   Tess Page, Harry Page, Michael Page, Horace Page, Harry Page Snr, Beatrice Stott, Father Connolly, Father O'Reilly, Bill Bailey, Walter Diffy, Michael McKinnon, Derek O'Connor Mrs Marchant, Miss Johnson, Miss Stott, Father Adams, Brian Walker
The Stringer Shop James Morgan 45 1   Levi Cooper, Edwin Stringer, Jack Haden, Charles Beavington, GT Radcliffe, Mr Foley, John Richards
A Family and a Factory John Palfrey 45 1   Ephraim Blackmore, Ephraim Palfrey, Mark Palfrey, Elizabeth Evers, Elizabeth Palfrey, Mark Evers, Charles Evers, Frank Palfrey, Keith Palfrey, George Brettell, Marcus Brettell, Geoffrey Brettell, Donald Evers
A New Archive Centre for Dudley   45 1   Colin Wilson, Nicholas Barlow
Jack Daniel Powell - railwayman Stan Hill 45 1   Jack Powell, Eric Hatton, Mr Preece, Mr Wilkinson, Annie Conn, Mr Bastock
Tipton Boat Gauging Station Stan Hill 45 1   Vic Smallshire
Black Country Society Trips 2011 Martyn Round 45 1   Graham Beckley, Linda Button, Joan White, Lance Warren, Pauline Warren
Black Country Society Lectures   45 1   Chris Phipps, James Morgan, Pop Edwards, Cliff Willets, John Yates, Neville Chamberlain, Jasper Carrott, Arthur Lowe
Dudley Chamber of Commerce - Minute Books   45 1    
Black Country History Day   45 1   Dr Terry Daniels, Roger Montgomery, Sir John Dudley, Dr Jean Debney, Mary Macarthur
Dave Simmonds - obituary   45 1   Cliff Simmonds, Bert Simmonds
Heroes and Villains: 2nd Midlands Crime and Policing History Day 29/10/2011   45 1   Dr David Cox, Michael Pearson, Dr Jo Turner, Dr Helen Johnston, David Cross
Van Gogh in Birmingham Ray Jones 45 1    
The notorious Rev. William Moreton Audrey Franklin 45 1   William Moreton, Titus Neve, Brice Storr, Thomas Reynolds, Joshua Fletcher, John Fletcher, William Mott, Thomas Walker, Alexander Bunn Haden, Thomas Giffard, Jeffrey Tildesley, John Beebee, Edward Butler, Joseph Hincks, Mary Thomas, Richard Read, Thomas Banks, Mary Powell, William Devereux, Joyce Horton, John Horton, Charles Neve, William Thacker, Samuel Thomas, Thomas Hincks, Edward Best, Benjamin Crockett, Thomas Walker, Joseph Whitehouse, James Whitehouse, William Stokes, Mary Payne, William Young, George Hutchinson Fisher, Elizabeth Compson, Henry Wakelam, John Hinks, John Hinks, William Weate, Norman Tildesley
Rosie's Words Olga Rose 45 1 funfair, reminiscence Lennie Harris, Maisie Willetts, Charlie Willetts, Jennifer Jarvis, Maurice Jarvis
Skeletons in the Closet Ivan R Warren 45 1 Tipton, reminiscence Elizabeth Warren, Edith Cotterill, Joseph Gillott, Horace Dudley, Julia Lamsadle
John Corbett (1817-1901) 'The Worcestershire Salt King John Hodges 45 1 biography, Chateau Impney, industry, Sir Winston Churchill, John Corbett, W Lester, Joseph Corbett
The Bespoke Black Country Mon Brian Dakin 45 1 oral history, tiers of protection, Aston University Lozz Hipkiss
Stage & Screen in South Staffordshire and the Black Country Mike Pearson 45 1 cinema, theatre, book launch Ned Williams, Terri Williams, Ted Bottle, Len Watkins, Harry Gilmour, Stan Hill, George Formby
Simeon Carter Master Coachsmith and Wrought Iron Bridge and Roof Builder - postscript Peter Carter 45 2 industry, Wednesbury, Black Horse, Darlaston, railway, tramway Reuben Carter, Simeon Carter, James Corns, Enoch Horton, Samuel Rubery, James Slater, Richard Mills, Bill Carter, Bev Parker, Arthur T Walmisley, Samuel Griffiths, Andrew Shirlaw, James Thomas Bateman, Herbert Spence Smallman, Houston Stewart Stewart
The Y Station on Perton Ridge Angus Dunphy 45 2 Perton, Wrottesley, WWII, wireless Stephen King
Steel Silvia Juliet Millward 45 2 poetry, industry, Round Oak  
Full Steam Ahead   45 2 Newcomen, steam engine Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Carolyn Pugh
Day of Firsts for Stourbridge 2012 Portland Vase Project   45 2 Glass, Auldjo Jug, Ruskin Centre Ian Dury, Terri Colledge, Will Farmer, Leigh White, Phillip Pargeter, John Northwood, Marion Simpson, Daniel Hancox, Charles Hajdamach, Joseph Worrall, Charles Hancox, Benjamin Downing
Entering a Painted Horse in a Race, 1876 Eric Jenkins 45 2 Wolverhampton, racecourse, Stafford Assizes, Francis Longland, Thomas Warren, William Moseley, Charles Matthews QC, John Toon, Thomas Garner, Rev. Granville Howard Vyse, George Turner, William Bliss, James Weston, Andrew Anderson, Thomas Meersham
Memories of Albright Girls School, 1955-1958 Shirley Davies (nee Winchurch) 45 2 Tipton, education, Oldbury, smog, reminiscence Elizabeth Drewry, Elizabeth Smith, Alice Lunt, Pauline Walliter, Miss Boot, Mary Eccleshall, Tina Pine, Pam Samson, Mrs Gooch
John Thompson's 1947-1970 Part 1 Louis Willis 45 2 industry, Ettingshall, reminiscence, boilers, furnace Hugh Smith
William Eric Richardson Stan Hill 45 2 obituary Eric Richardson, Nancy Richardson, Stan Hill
Press Pack at Brierley Hill Ken Russell 45 2 newspaper reporters, Midland United Newspapers, Jim Simmons, George Mullins, John Beck, Harry Carpenter, Jim Poulson, Derek Stiff, Tod Ireland, Mike Ellis, Phil Malpass, A Clifford Webb, Leila Webb, Hubert Cooke, David Richards, H Jack Haden, Kenneth E Bolton, Sir Harold Evans, Harold MacMillan, John Clement Jones, Enoch Powell, Josiah Gordon, Herbert Gentry
New Local History Collection Dr Trevor Raybould 45 2 Wombourne, local history, May Griffiths MBE
A Chance Discovery Pat Dunn 45 2 Glass industry, ornithology, Pound Green Brett Westwood, Edgar Percival Chance, Robert Lucas Chance, Oliver Pike
Chamber Safeguards Historic Records   45 2 Dudley, Wolverhampton, Chamber of Commerce Margaret Corneby, James Morgan, Charles Hamner, Paul Bennett
A Tipton Modelmaker Malcolm Richards 45 2 Toll End, Tipton, GKN, RAF Cosford, Ted Richards, Mary Richards, Isaac Richards, Mary Doody, Frank Neal, Geoff Hartshorne, Wal Parkins, Syndney Camm, Eileen Richards, Gail Richards, Claire Carr
Report of Select Committee on Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway 1844 Dr Trevor Raybould 45 2 Railway, OWW, Francis Downing, John Benbow, Lord Dudley, Earl of Dudley, Lord Hatherton, James Loch, Richard Smith, Mr B Best, Isaac Badger, Serjeant Wrangham, William Matthews, W Grazebrook, Richard Vardon
Full Steam Ahead   45 2 Newcomen, steam engine Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Carolyn Pugh
St John's Preservation Group   45 2 Kates Hill Deb Brownlee
Mystery Connection Between Parsons and Bailey, Pegg & Co Rodney Marshall 45 2 road traffic sign, Parsons, Brierley Hill  
Dudley Zoo Updates Mike Pearson 45 2   Donald Southall, Renal (Reg) Spiller
Richard Thomas and Baldwins in the 1950s Terry Church 45 2 industry, Brierley Hill, steel Miss Hicks, HC Roberts, Pat Hidden, Jennifer Timmins, Pat Horner, Norman Johnson, Phil Blencowe, Ken Bowen, Mike Northwood, John Timmins, Alan Westwood, Vic Bird, Dave Crofts, Tony Reaves, Dave Dorman, Keith Goodman, John Muldoon, Martin Pugh, Pat Shiner, Pat Willis, Gerald Tregaskas, Lol Worton, Arnold Naden, Bobby Watson, Dave Wright, Tony Yates, Brian Moon, George Davies, Dr Marks, Roy Parton, Alan Blackford, Stan March, Pearl Roughton, Joan Weaver, John Austin, Joe Boland, Mike Cogzill, Mick Franks, Bob Glaze, Bob Harris, May Geary, Bob Astley, Geoff Hickman, Colin Homer, Ron Jones, Trevor Mills, Joe Partridge, Mike Sheward, John Smallman, Bob Smart, Malcolm Wells, Billy Chambers, Cyril Clarke, Pat Gutteridge, Derek Hidden, Ernest Hughes, Christine Millard, Peter Millard, Roy Northwood, Ken Porter, Tom Rew, Fred Trafford, Ron Williams, Brian Williams, Bob Watson, Dennis Mears, Bob Forster, Albert Hill, Bob Wiggins, Bob Malin, Barbara Homer, Jean Masters, Fred Ramsden, Ray Davies, David Harrison, Linda Hunt, Tony Eaves, Barry Thompson, Emmanuel Zuridis, Alan Sugar
Ray Jones RIP Mike Pearson 45 2 obituary Ray Jones, Stan Hill, Peter Miller
Bernard Pumfrey David G Harris 45 2 Wolverhampton, art, Park Lane County, Tipton, Churchfields, West Bromwich, Bernard Pumfrey, Frank Brinkworth, John E Hallam, William Wheeler, Beryl Emery
Midland Theatre Company Stan Hill 45 2 Netherton Arts Centre, Ned Williams, William Logan, John Ringham, Grahan McCann, David Croft, Joss Ackland, Michael Aldridge, Jean Aubrey, Michael Barrington, Sir Alan Bates, Stephen Boyd, James Brabazon, Wilfred Brambell, Earl Cameron CBE, Rodney Diak, Ronald Fraser, Edward Jewesbury, Rowena Ingram, Bill Kerr, Bernard Kilbey, Patrick Macintosh, Patrick McGoohan, Graham Stark, Gwen Watford, Irene Worth, Frank Hauser, Alec Guiness, Vera Dando
Bug-a-Warning Phil Franks 45 2 Lyng Lane, West Bromwich, childrens game  
School Days: The Unhappiest of my Life Stuart Bridgman 45 2 King Edward VI, Stourbridge, reminiscence Geoffrey 'foggy' Forest, Mr Burleigh, Mr Stray, Bob Cotton, Billy Webb, Arthur Robinson, Bryan Littley, David Gray, Mr Elliott, Tommy Handley, Fred Fletcher, Geoff Cookson, Ben Coley, Mr 'Bodger' Timbrell, 'Dossy' Dawes, 'Gandi' Elliot
Earl and Countess of Dudley 1905 David O'Donoghue 45 2 photograph, Dublin  
Swinford: from Hwiccan borderland to English Manor (Part 2) Dr Kevin James 47 1 Anglo-Saxon history, Kingswinford, Oldswinford, Pedmore, Wychbury Hill, Penkridge, Clent, Swinford, Hagley, Cradley, Lutley, Rowley Regis John Hemingway, King Ethelred, Wulfwin, Turgar (Thorger), Earl Algar, Godric, Dr PW King
National Service Days J Reg Flavell 47 1 Reminiscence, 1958, Chance Brothers Roger Bruton, Roy Briggs, Roley Rollason
The Library of Birmingham Mike Pearson 47 1  
Boy Scouts Stan Hill 47 1 Scouting, Cubs, Brierley Hill, Talbot Street Dennis Davies, Miss Colwell, Wesley Bishop, Cecil C Brinton, Francis Colwell
Lye: "this unlovely spot" Coral Beavis 47 1 Alhambra Theatre Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Edwin Hardwicke, Annie Swan, Bill Bailey, Tommy Pardoe, Jim Priest
Black Country Society Chairman's Classic Car Successes Stan Hill 47 1 Sunbeam Talbot Alpine James Morgan
Lye: 'an appalling place to live' Coral Beavis 47 1 Annie Shepherd Swann,
Glass Charity Acknowledges Major Bequest British Glass Foundation (BGF) 47 1 Portland Vase Ian Dury, Graham Knowles
Making Things: A Reassessment of British Manufacturing (Part 2) Pat McFadden MP 47 1 industry, Bilston, Stewart and Lloyds', Walsall, Chamberlain and Hill Rajay Ojelay, Jagat Ram, John Cridland, Tim Hair
What You Need to Know: Bob Jones Mike Pearson 47 1 Blakenhall, CAMRA, politics, Goldthorn Park Violet Amy Fletcher, John Bird, Enoch Powell, Nick Budgen
Black Country History Day 2013 - Report 47 1 Bob Tolley, Graham Worton, Mark Curthoys, Gill Alleeson, James P Jones
Pearl Taylor (obituary) 47 1  
On the Nose Graham Gough 47 1 Kates Hill Junior School Keith Keeling
St Mary's, The Mount, Walsall Michael T Doyle 47 1 Father Francis Martyn, Joseph Cox, Joseph Bagnall
Learning to Play the Game Brian Dakin 47 1 reminiscence, dialect  
Edward Hughes: Seaman RN Allan Bealt 47 1 Great War 1914-1918, Willenhall, Black Prince James Bailey, Alfred Hughes,
Poetry Pot Pourri Eileen Ward Birch 47 1 poetry  
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 1) Janet Byard-Jones 47 1 Wulflaf, Wullastan, Withybrook Field, Mount Carmel William de la Platte, Peter de Prestwood, Roger Pyrote, William Taylor, John Cardell, William Wall, George Liddeatt, Symon Bullins, John Payton, Thomas Egginton, Thomas Foley, Samuel Hunt, Thomas Olliver, Thomas Moody, John ffranks, Thomas Hurtle, Humfry Whiles, Richard Smallman, James Insoll, Henry Littleford, John Ainger, Josiah Bache, John Wheeler, Edward Kendall, Edward Dyson, Thomas Smallman, Thomas Hill, James Foster, James Paget, Charles Grazebrook, Edward Elcock, William Nickless, Sophia Bradley
Remembrance Day 2013 47 1 Dudley, Wolverhampton Revd Andrew Wickens, Gordon Willetts, John Henry Carless, Cllr Mohammed Nazir
Red Paper Poppies of Remembrance Ian Henery 47 1 poetry  
Charity Evening: Mapseekers, Aldridge 47 1  
Black Country Global Geopark Project 47 1  
Believe it or Not: Railroad Tracks 47 1  
Harry Cartwright (1923-1972) Pat Dunn 47 1 photography, Stourbridge, Lye  
Happy Days at the CCSS (Part 1) Mike Page 47 1 reminiscence, Wednesbury, school Mrs JB Denison, Mrs Nicol, RC Smith, G Williams, GF Lynall, WB Emery, R Lloyd,
Henry Foundry Smethwick Arthur Lockwood 47 1 Mafeking Road  
Cyril Stanley Christopher Yvonne Moore 47 1 Rounds Green, Oldbury, Oldswinford, Cradley, Dudley, Methodist Church, Dudley Madrigal Society, William FH Christopher, Elizabeth Harris, Sophia Lester, Joyce Round
Happy Days at the CCSS (Part 2) Mike Page 47 2 Mr TH Harry Bayley, Mr Smith, Mr WC Donithorn, Mr Williams, Judy Mason, Valerie, David Woodberry, Brian Rushbrook, Tony Taylor Pauline Monaghon; Valerie Simcox; Gillian Price and Sam Woodberry, Shirley Astbury, Christine Mason, Jeanette Bee; Mary Southall, Mary Nicklin, Brenda Roberts, June Leeding, Michael James, Malcolm Goff, Judy Constable, Margaret Hollander, Michael Page, Patricia Southam, Joyce Wood, Christina, John MacLaren and Roy Laight, Wolfgang Simm, Frau Simm, Henry Harvey, David Woodberry, Sam Woodberry and Michael Page, Glenda Roe, June Hinks (nee Leeding), Mary Jamdrell (nee Nicklin), Ann Williams (nee Lloyd) Jean Baker (nee Harper) Mr Postings, Mr Beech, Mr Simpson, Mr Donithorn, Tess Page, Mr H Harmon, Mr W M Cottier, Mr RC Smith, Dave Walker, Keith Cherrington
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 2)) Janet Byard-Jones 47 2 Charles Parsons, Joseph Whitmore, Edward Parsons, John Henry Whiting, Albert Guest, Henry Nickless, William Nickless, Joseph Burton, Joseph Cuttler, John Horne, Harry Forest, Mrs Martin, Harry Harper, CS Hall, Frank C Cooper, Percy Wakeman, Sarah Nickless, Elizabeth Nickless, Emma Nickless, Frank Nickless, William Rylands, Joseph Bennet, Edward Shuck, John Hughes, Samuel Collins, John Wall, William Whitmore, Edward Ward, Sophia Bradley, Sarah Hill Thomas Cooper, John Billingsley, Richard Oakley, Joseph Walter, George Grubb, John Billinsley (sic), Harry Cort, John Davis, Hannah Davis, William Cox, Liveall family, Mr Bill, Joseph Wilks, Edward Elcock, Susan Elcock, Ann Elcock, Susan Wood
Austin Frank Moseley James Morgan 47 2 Obituary, Artist, Black Country Society Founder, Black Country Scenes and Landscapes Austin Frank Moseley, Sylvia Moseley, Martin Moseley
The Real Worth of Old Sports Meeting Programs Chris Holloway (Tipton Harriers) 47 2 Sports Programs, Cycling, Family History
Ordnance Survey Maps of the Black Country 1814 - 1817 Peter Chandler 47 2
Nigel Hallard - A Black Country Artist Mark Andrews and Graham Gough 47 2 Nigel Hallard, John Major
Great Barr Hall - Walsall's Downtown Abbey Ian Henery 47 2 Ian Henery, Laura Henery, Mike Kalam, Adrian Andrew, James Watt, Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, Joseph Priestly, Barbara Wedgwood, Hensleigh Wedgwood, Mary Galton, Samuel Galton, Sir Joseph Scott Richard Scott, Sir Francis Scott, Samuel Galton, Mary Galton, Bruce George,
John Pearson and His Beloved Lye (How a humble pan maker served his community) Eric Pritchard 47 2 John Pearson, William Pearson, Emma Chapman, Emma Pearson, Benjamin Hingley, Rev Wrigley
John Cooksey (1936 - 2014) Keith Hodgkins 47 2 John Cooksey, Dorothy Woodward, John Crompton, Peter Harrison, Roy Wagstaff, Ron Moss, Julie Cooksey, Linda Cooksey Wendy Cooksey, Tony Cooksey
The Chapmans Story Mike Pearson 47 2 Arthur Chapman, Mary Chapman, Robert Chapman, Mary Green, James Chapman, Ewart Chapman, William Chapman, Ann Chapman, George Chapman, Eliza Southall, Mary Wheelwright
Black Country Society Lecture Programme 2013-14 47 3 David Clark, Max Keen, Helen Rappaport, Michael Hall, Andrew Lound, Trevor Raybould, Samantha Badger
Dudley Race Riots 1962 Graham Gough 47 3 photograph Supt JW Hullah
Linley Woods Caverns (Part 2) Cliff Dilger 47 3 Rushall, Aldridge, Walsall, Bayliss, Jones & Bayliss John Wheeler, Alf Dean, Dave Allen, Colin Bradford, Paul Downton
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 3) Janet Byard-Jones 47 3 Egginton Farm, Platts Meadow William Nickless, Frances + Thomas Elcock, William Hukill, Albert Davies, John Henry Whiting, Frederick Davis, John Todd Tuckley, Rebecca Johnson, Joseph Gilman, Thomas Vickers, Tom Grazebrook, Reed Tooby, William Henry Foster, Robert + Jane Bill, John G Saunders, Edward + Elizabeth + Charles Parsons, Frank Charles Cooper
A Black Country Pioneer Kenneth Hadley 47 3 Nanaimo, Wordsley, Brierley Hill, mining Mary Anne Charles, John Knight, John + Helen + Emma + Elizabeth Hubball, John Meakin
Wilf Barratt Eric Broadbent 47 3 biography, Dormston School, photographer, Dudley Camera Club, Gornal, Ruiton James Smellie, Doreen Barratt
Per Adua ad Astra - Through Effort to the Stars (Part 2) Arthur B Nicholls 47 3 reminiscence, WW2
Quest for Airman Kenneth Russell 47 3 Doug Cochrane, Gerald Joseph Boucher
Great Barr Hall - Walsall's Downton Abbey (Part 2) Ian Henery 47 3 Lunar Society, Walsall, Revd John Wylde, Thomas Hoo Sir Francis + Mildred + Douglas Scott, Lord Dartmouth, Billy Meikle, Lydia Robinson
Tipton Slasher Statue Commemoration Mike Pearson 47 3 William Perry, Revd DHS Mould, Sam Wright, Jack Holden, Ian Walden, Jim Holland, Derrick Rollinson
Jean Mary Hill Mike Pearson 47 3 Obituary Stan Hill
Ettingshall Catchem's Corner Railway Station Eileen Ward Birch 47 3 Wolverhampton, Bulls Head, Miller's Bridge
Colliery Fatal at Wednesbury Mike Pearson 47 3 Blue Ball Inn, Barebone Colliery, Leabrook, inquest Ron Jenkins, John David + Laura Maud + Samuel Cooper, WN Atkinson, Thomas Corfield
Busiest Society Committee Member - Graham Beckley Mike Pearson 47 3 River Stour, Stourbridge
The Angela Scott Diaries Angus Dunphy 47 3 Wolverhampton, WW2, cinema Andrew Scott, Joyce Mackinson
Dennis Turner - Lord Bilston obituary Mike Pearson 47 3 obituary Bert Turner, Pat McFadden
How Bescot Marshalling Yards Came to be (Part 1) Mike Page 47 3 Railway, Walsall, Darlaston William Jones, John Urpeth Rastrick, Joseph Locke, George Stephenson, Edward Elwell, TF Wood
Jesse Pennington - Hero and Legendary Footballer Margaret Dallow 47 3 West Bromwich, Smethwick Centaurs, Nettlefold's, Strollers, George Salter's, Carriage & Wagon Works, William + Horace Pennington, Nellie Florence Shuttleworth, Joseph Ash, Earl Stanley Baldwin, Joseph Bird, Hannah + William Garranton
The Mysterious Death of a Servant Girl Michael Evanson 47 3 Wollaston, 1865, Mary + William Dorrell, Henry Hicklin, TM Philips, Martha Holloway, Neri + Diana Wooldridge, Mary Lockett, Thomas Lavender, Elias Eveson, John Carpenter, John + Emma Cartwright, Dr Campbell, William Lloyd
Living Down the Black Country Name 47 3 Queen Victoria
The Gibbons Family: Ironmasters Dr Trevor Raybould 47 3 Brierley Hill, Stow Heath, Bilston, Corbyns Hall Benjamin + John + William Gibbons, William + Benjamin Bickley, Thomas Butler, James Neilson
What Dialect is - What Dialect isn't Joseph Biddulph 47 3
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