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Picture Paragraphs by (editor) Adrian Baggett

£6.50Postage & packaging: £free

The sub-title of this interesting reproduction is: ‘Things Seen in every day life: explained and illustrated’. It is an exact reproduction of a 1913 book, which had lots of tips and instructions of how things were done and made just over a century ago. The book is priced very reasonably as production costs have been kept low by Adrian. It provides an examination of how life was, and it may well be an eye-opener for modern generations. The book is well illustrated with many personal photographs, as well as accounts of those who lived ‘back to back’. You will get a flavour of the life many of our own ancestors had to endure. This is a fascinating records of our past, and one you will come back to for new information time and again.

The Black Country Dialect by Ed Conduit

£7.99Postage & packaging: £2.00

A modern linguistic analysis by Ed. The regional dialect may at first sound like bad English, but is in fact the product of 1500 years of history. With Anglo Saxon influences, unadulterated by the Normans so that only one word in seven in the dialect is French. This book is published by Laghamon and is a fascinating insight into the way we spoke in the past (and the present). Who knows what the future will bring. The book is a 2013 reprint.

Black Country Murders by Ian M Bott

£14.99Postage & packaging: £1.50

We all love a good murder, so this book should appeal to you all. This book features ten murders, most untold stories, unpublished since they first appeared in the newspapers of their day. Fully illustrated throughout.

Black Country Chronicles by Tom Larkin

£9.99Postage & packaging: £1.50

A fascinating, multi-faceted narrative of 20th century life in the Black Country. Tom, and many other members of the Black Country Memories Club have written about the way of life, sacrifices and hardships, as well as daily activities, so they are not forgotten for future generations. This is a valuable record of the reality of life.

Staffordshire Murders by Alan Hayhurst

£12.99Postage & packaging: £1.50

Murderous acts that shocked the county and made headline news throughout the nation. They include Palmer the Poisoner, murder on the canal, infanticide, a body in a gasometer, murder on Cannock Chase and much more.