Mayors of Dudley

Below is a list of the Mayors of Dudley from 1584 to 1947 inclusive. If your ancestor is amongst these and you would like any biographical detail published as part of this page then please email me. I will hopefully place some biographical detail on as many of the names as possible. My research does lead me to some interesting snippets, however, please do not ask me if I can carry out research on any specific individual as my research time is limited to a book I am jointly writing with the Blackcountryman magazine editor).

With regard to mayors of Dudley in the second half of the 18th century, local government at that time still revolved around a Court Leet, which assembled monthly at the Old Town Hall - a fine pillared market hall built during the Commonwealth years, which stood in Middle Row where the market place now exists - or, more frequently it seems in later years, at the newly built Dudley Arms. An early photograph of the Old Town Hall (demolished in about 1860) survives, enabling us to see where the mayors conducted their mayoral business. Here, public matters were discussed, petty crimes dealt with and fines levied, etc. Jurors consisted of ordinary, upstanding freeholders of the parish - though this duty to serve was often viewed as a burden. Constables were elected as the need arose - they being the only law enforcement at that time - and a bailiff was elected annually. It was usual for the bailiff, on completing his year of office, to become mayor for the following year.
(Thanks to Carl HIGGS for this information - also see his research below on various HANCOX mayors, also to Geoffrey Frogley for his research into Abiather Hawkes).

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Humphrey Jukes St. Thomas (Terrier) 1584 Joseph Payton 1839
Richard Foley St. Thomas (Terrier) 1615 Thomas Beach 1840
Thomas Finch (St. Edmund's Register) 1636 Henry Money Wainwright 1841/2
John Bageley (St. Thomas Register) 1637 Edward Terry 1843/4
Oliver Dixon 1690 James Fisher 1845/6
William Parkes Senior 1732 Elliott Hollies 1847
Henry Taylor 1733 Edward Terry 1848
John Homer 1759 Thomas Fereday 1849-51
John Bridgwater 1761 Edward Lowe Cresswell 1852/3
Joseph Cooper 1762 Edward Terry 1854
Benjamin Pickrell 1763 Edward Fisher Smith 1855
Herbert Hancox 1764 John Renaud 1856
Thomas Dudley 1765 Elliott Hollier 1857
Abiather Hancox 1766 Theophilus Tinsley 1859
Joseph Dixon 1767 Charles Francis George Clark 1860
Daniel Shaw 1768 Edward Grainger 1861
Phillips Penn 1769 Henry Money Wainwright 1862
William Finch 1770 Samuel Rudge 1863/4
Benjamin Bate 1771 Frederick Smith 1865
Joseph Stokes 1772 Charles Cochrane 1865
Joseph Johnson 1773 William Harrison 1866
Stephen Gorton 1774 Job. Taylor 1867/8
Joseph Aston 1775 Noah Hingley 1869/70
Joseph Bourne 1776 George Bagott 1871
Charles Maxwell 1777 Samuel Rudge 1872
John Caddick 1778 William Wilkinson 1873
Benjamin Price 1779 Joseph Stokes 1874/5
George Denton 1780 George Thompson 1876
Richard Parkes 1781 William North 1877/8
John Hancox 1782 Henry M Wainwright 1879/80
Benjamin Hughes 1783 Job Garratt 1881/2
Edward Hancox 1784 David Howat 1883/4
John Onions 1785 William Elwell Walker 1885/6
George Jones 1786 Benjamin Hingley 1887/8
Richard Bunn 1787 William Squires Gorton 1889
Joseph Hartil 1788 Henry Griffin Walker 1890
Benjamin Vanes 1789 Gilbert Henry Claughton 1891-4
William Royle 1790 The Right Hon. The Earl of Dudley 1895/6
John Rhodes 1791 George Henry Dunn 1897/8
Edward Geast 1795 Edward Grainger 1899-00
Zachariah Parkes 1796 John Hughes 1901-3
Joseph Moon 1797 George Frederick Thompson 1904/5
John Terry 1798 Frederick William Cook 1906/7
Robert Wallace 1799 Sir George Bean 1908
Harry Wilcox 1800 Joseph Alfred Hillman 1909-10
Thomas Homer 1801 Sir George Bean 1911/2
Benjamin Stokes 1802 Samuel Cook Lloyd 1913-16
Joseph Royle 1803 Thomas Chambers 1917
Josiah Twamley 1804 Thomas Willetts Adshead 1918/9
Charles Roberts 1805 Herbert William Hughes 1920/1
Richard Phillips 1806 Thomas William Tanfield 1922/3
Thomas Stiles 1807 James Smellie 1924/5
John Green 1808 William Bradford 1926
Benjamin Stokes 1809 Francis James Ballard 1927/8
Thomas Homer 1810 John Harry Molyneux 1929/30
Alexander Gordon 1811 Joseph Fullwood 1931/2
Thomas Styles 1812 Henry Joseph Golding 7/2-26/8 1933
Joseph Hollington 1813 John Harry Molyneux 26/9-9/11 1933
Thomas Oldham Chinner 1814 William Charles Williams 1933/4
Edward Guest 1815 Joseph Leonard Hillman 1935/6
Benjamin Whitehouse 1816 Alexander Elliott Young 1937/8
Richard Moore 1817 Bertie Thomas Horwood 1939-40
Francis Downing 1818/9 Harry Clifford Whitehouse 1941/2
Thomas Wainwright 1820 Thomas Edward Bennett 1943
Cornelius Cartwright 1821 Arthur Lionel Hillman 1944
Joseph Green Bourne 1822/3 Thomas Edward Bennett 1945
Abiather Hawkes 1824 John Collcott Price 1946
Edward Dodson Salisbury 1825 Reginald Little 1947
John Roberts 1826/7    
Walter Williams 1828    
James Bourne Jnr. 1829    
Joseph Cartwright Brettell 1830    
Francis Downing 1831    
Joseph Green Bourne 1832    
William Bennitt 1833/4    
John Roberts 1835    
John Williams 1836    
Henry Dudley Bourne 1837    
Charles Fleetwood Hewitt 1838    

I am trying to chase information for my Father who is now in his early 70’s. His Great Grandfather (GGF) is reported to have been Mayor of Dudley at one time and owned much land in/around Leamington Spa. My Father believes his GGF collected rent from local tenant families and, upon being attacked and robbed one night, died after drowning in a small pool of water. The family surname is Marsh. Where the link between Dudley and Leamington happened I do not know but any information would be greatly appreciated.

Debbie Marsh
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Good afternoon from beautiful Port Macquarie N S W Oz where we have just had 3 inches of rain to break our dreadful drought. Firstly, thank you all for these great Web sites that allow those of us who live down under to learn some of your history. I saw the names of two Mayors who were our ancestors. Cornelius Cartwright 1821 & his nephew Joseph Cartwright Brettell 1830. Cornelius is well documented re his part in riots, what kind of a Tory was he? Joseph I found interesting, he was a mine surveyor & went to the Middle East searching for tin and oil until they were hunted out by the then powers to be.

Kath Connors (N S W. Australia)
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Theophilus Tinsley the brother of Thomas Tinsley and the family lived in Sedgley almost certainly Theophilus lived in the Limes, which is now the offices of a computer company. Mrs Eliza Tinsley, the widow of Thomas and a famous name in Cradley Heath, spent the latter years of her life at the Limes.

I have noticed that the Black Country Bugle contains an article suggesting that someone named Tinsley fought at Balaclava, in the charge of the Light Brigade. it also suggests that Tinsley Street, Great Bridge is named after this gentleman. My researches show that Mrs Tinsley set one of her sons up in a business and the street was named after the company.

I did contribute an article in 1982 which contains a reference to Theophilus.

Geoff Webb
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I am descended from Abiathar Hancox (1709-1777) who was mayor in 1766. I have researchd my Hancox ancestors in detail - though I don't really know anything about their mayoral duties, other than that official court sessions then took place at the old 17th century town hall (demolished in 1861), which stood where Dudley market now is. More often than not, however, I get the feeling that the court would adjourn to the adjacent "Dudley Arms" whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Abiathar Hancox the cooper, who became mayor in 1766, was granted with Richard Keelinge, gent. of Kingswinford, the joint lease of a cottage with barn, stable and garden, together with a glasshouse and adjoining offices - all situated at "Brettell" (now Brettell Lane, between Amblecote and Brierley Hill) on his marriage to Esther Bourn in Decmber 1743. This was in
consideration of £60 having first been paid to Esther's father by Richard Keelinge. However, this property was also, in part, a dowry from Esther's father, Richard Bourn, in consideration of property in Dudley and Tibbington (Tipton), which was owned by Abiathar's parents and which they had first conveyed to Richard as a 'provision' for Esther, should she outlive her intended husband. Later, in 1770, Abiathar owned a house and garden in Hampton Lane (now Wolverhampton Street, Dudley). According to the Dudley rate books for 1787, Abiathar's widow, Esther then owned two houses in Wolverhampton Street, as well as a house in God's Lane (near the Presbyterian Old Meeting House) in Dudley. Abiathar and Esther had ten
children, of whom seven are known to have survived infancy, though two of these surviving children died tragically in early adulthood, both at the age of about twenty.

Herbert Hancox (1712-1772) - mayor in 1764 - was Abiathar's younger brother. They were both sons of Abiathar and Judith Hancox of Dudley. The elder Abiathar was a nailor of the town but, far from suffering the impoverishment so often associated with such a humble trade, he was also Yeoman and landholder, whose children did equally well for themselves in the early 18th century. Herbert became a currier (leather worker) whilst Abiathar jnr. worked as a cooper (cask maker). Both sons married well; Herbert married Elizabeth Dudley in 1736 and Abiathar married Esther Bourne, daughter of Richard Bourne the baker, in 1743. Both the Dudley and Bourne families were prominent townsfolk. Thomas Dudley, who interposed as mayor between Herbert and Abiathar in 1765, was, I think Herbert's brother-in-law.

Herbert appears as an even more prominent landholder throughout the 1750's and 60's, holding property in Hampton Lane and Eve Hill Close, Dudley, as well as land at Bare Hill,
Rowley Regis, and also premises in Bromsgrove, Worcs. His wife Elizabeth died in 1760 and Herbert remained a widower until his own death in 1772. His property was bequeathed to his seven surviving children in his will of that year, which also names Edward (mayor in 1784) as his heir. The type of houses which Abiathar and Herbert's families occupied in Hampton Lane, may well have been similar to those 17th century dwellings in the same street as illustrated in Blocksidge's Almanac. Herbert's brother-in-law Thomas Dudley (mayor in 1765) was a tallow chandler (candle maker) by trade. Thomas and Elizabeth Dudley appear to have been children of William Dudley, described as a 'Yeoman of Dudley' in 1737.

The other Hancox mayors are also related. John Hancox (1752-1815), was mayor in 1782, a son of Abiathar and Esther. He also married well, to Elizabeth Finch, from yet another prominent Dudley family. John's burial was recorded at New Street Baptist Church, Dudley. He was recorded as Deacon of the New Street Baptist Church in 1809. John's wife, Elizabeth Finch, was already a widow on their marriage and they did not have any children together. Elizabeth was also listed as a member of the Baptist church in 1809. She predeceased John in 1814.

Edward Hancox (1748-1814) who was mayor in 1784, was John's cousin and a son of Herbert and Elizabeth Hancox. He was a currier, like his father, but also acquired much property in his lifetime and became a notable banker in Dudley (He appears to have been instrumental in the setting up of the first Dudley Bank in 1787), he was also described as a dealer and chapman (in 1803 - the year he was declared bankrupt - having to surrender
much of his acquired property, including that formerly held by his father, to his creditors). A five-guinea banknote of 1801, signed by Edward Hancox, and issued by the Dudley Bank has been preserved. However, misfortune befell Edward Hancox, as shortly after this date he went bankrupt! It is thought he and his wife Hannah then lived in Stourbridge.

The first name 'Abiathar' (with the stress on the i, as in "rice") which appears regularly through the generations of the Hancox family, is biblical. It refers to the high priest in the First Book of Kings who supported Adonijah as king in place of Solomon, thus incurring Solomon's wrath.
However, as Abiathar had been entrusted to convey the 'Ark of the Covenant' containing the Ten Commandments, together with Zadok the Priest, he was spared. Abiathar the cooper's father was the first known Abiathar Hancox (born around 1675-80). Likewise, the eldest son of Abiathar the cooper was also given this name - he was one of the two children who survived to adulthood but died at the age of twenty. Interestingly, use of this name was not confined to the Hancox family in Dudley. It also appears amongst several generations of the Hawkes family - as testified by the name of another Dudley mayor, Abiathar Hawkes, in 1824! Use of this first name continued amongst descendants of the Hancox family well into the 19th century. It perhaps implies strong religious nonconformity.

Hoping this may be of relevance and interest. All the above comes from my own research into the family, drawing on original documents - including parish and nonconformist registers, wills, deeds, and rate books, many of which are held in Dudley Borough Archives. I have written this research up as a fuller family history in several chapters, with footnotes and transcripts of original documents etc., however, only a few copies of this were printed and distributed privately. A copy was placed in Dudley Archives several years ago, but I have since updated this history and am now hoping to print a 'new edition' with revisions and amendments. Any interest from local publishers would be greatly welcomed!

One question that has always been in my mind, is whether there are any portraits or other likenesses of any of these early mayors and, if so, where they might be?

Carl Higgs
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I am researching members of the Bagley family from Dudley in the C17th. John Bageley (sic) was the father of Edward, Dudley, John Bagley and others and was closely associated with Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley.

Edward's son, also Edward Bagley, became a pewterer in London and was the principal beneficiary of Lady Elizabeth Bernand's will when her Stratford upon Avon estate was sold in 1675. Elizabeth Hall, as she was born, was the only child of Susanna Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's eldest child and heiress, and John Hall, physician. She married twice, firstly to Thomas Nash and secondly, John (later Sir John) Bernard or Barnard) of Abington, Northampton. She was Shakespeare's last direct descendant.

My research is involved in establishing the family connection of the Bagleys to Lady Bernard.

Apart from the mention of John Bagley in the register for St.Thomas which you mention, he is also found several times in the Churchwardens Book for St. Thomas 1618-1725. This also mentions some other mayors, which may help fill some of the gaps in your list for some of these years. For example, on p.151 for 24 March 1667, Edmund Wells is named as mayor. Thomas Wells, his son, also mentioned in the book, married Dudley Bagley's granddaughter, Grace. Other mayors mentioned include, Oliver Dixon Maior April 22nd 1690 (who you already have listed), John Bowers Mayer 5 April 1670 and Will Lowe meare April 21 1674.

John Bagley, Edward's grandfather, was probably employed initially by Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley to look after some of his interests, but seems to have prospered and become a substantial property and landowner.

Lord Dudley, whilst married, had a mistress, Elizabeth Tomlinson, who bore him between 11 and 14 children. One of these, Dudley Dudley is well known and documented as a pioneer of smelting iron with coke. Although, so many of his children were born out of wedlock, Lord Dudley provided for them and most married gentry. Dugdale's Visitation of Staffordshire in 1662/3 provides information on these offspring at that time. However, he spent so much of the family fortune on his interests in iron works with his son Dudley, that the family verged on bankruptcy and he was compelled to marry his legitimate daughter, Frances, to a wealthy Londoner, Humble Ward, who became the first Lord of Birmingham. The Sutton line passed down this route and the Wards are, I believe, still the successors of the ancient and distinguished Dudley Sutton family.

There is a strong possibility that John Bagley married a relative, probably a sister, Ann or Agnes Tomlinson, of Elizabeth Tomlinson. Edward Bagley, John's eldest son, had children Ann, Suttone, Edward and John. The last three are stated as with his wife Olive. Edward was to become an apprentice pewterer in 1656 and eventually the beneficiary of lady Bernard's will. Ann, who was the first born in 1634, it is claimed married a man called Brinton, became a Quaker and emigrated to America. From this line it is claimed, descended Richard Nixon. I have not pursued this line of enquiry, as it was not directly relevant to my own research, but I know that it has been researched by various American researchers and that there has been considerable controversy over the relationship of the Tomlinson women as this impacts on the descendants of Ann Bagley in terms of their connection to the noble line of the Dudley Suttons.

John Taplin
If anyone has any further details about John Bagley please email the web master, if you want to contact John pleas eemail me and I will make contact with him. Also see John's series of articles on the subject in the Blackcountryman magazine, the first part is in the Autumn 2005 issue (38/4)

I'm pretty sure that the Herbert Hughes that appears on your list of Dudley Mayors (1920/21) is the same Herbert William Hughes that is listed on your page about Baggeridge Colliery as "Herbert W Hughes, mining engineer to the Earl of Dudley..".

I believe he was the colliery manager (owner?) at Lye Cross Colliery. He published a mining text book in the late nineteenth century in which he included some of his underground photographs. He was friends with the Cornish mine photographer J C Burrow and they often worked together. In the Royal Institute of Cornwall there are many pictures as part of the Burrow/Hughes collection - One of these is a photo which is almost identical to the engraving of Wrens Nest Limestone Mine on your page about the Earl of Dudley


David Hardwick
South Glos Mines Research Group Chairman

(photograph referred to by David - by David Cox (1831), one of many in a book of Dudley Engravings. Thanks to Peter Glews for pointing this out)

I was interested in the reference to Abiathar Hawkes and am seeking further information. There was a George Wright Hawkes who came to South Australia. He was a Magistrate then Assistant Treasurer to the South Australian State Legislature (State Parliament). As far as I can determine from the IGI, George was the son of Abiathar Hawkes & Mary Ann nee Wright, and born in Dudley Sep. 16th. 1821. He was baptised at St. Thomas’, Oct. 1st. 1822.

I suspect, seeing he held such a high profile position here, that he was the son of the Lord Mayor of Dudley? George married here in Adelaide at St. John’s (Anglican) church on Halifax street, Edith Jane Stewart nee Bayley, Dec. 19th. 1854. Around Halifax street was a very upper-class residential area during the 18th Century. It still is, but most of the old mansions are doctors and specialists practices, lawyers offices, etc.

As yet I have not been able to locate any children, but George died at North Adelaide, Jan. 5th. 1908. I still have some chasing to do, but I suspect he was buried at either North Road Cemetery (Collinswood) or West Terrace Cemetery in the City. Think the Bayley’s were associated with the Customs Department here?

There is a photo of George Wright Hawkes on-line in the State Library of South Australia’s “South Australiana” collection, and a few other references. He was also a member of the Marine Board of South Australia from 1865 - 1869 … which is where my interest comes in. I’m trying to sort out the Marine Board of South Australia as to who was who, and the certificates issued for ship captains, etc. 15 years and I’m still going. The original records are a shocker! One volume was used as the “portable” coffee table … They opened the volume to put their cups on … and ripped the pages out when it became too soiled. As for dates or places born, etc. … Gee Whiz! Very lateral interpretations required!

According to the Biographical Index of South Australians’ 1836 - 1885 (South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Soc.) George Wright Hawkes arrived aboard the Gratitude in 1848. He was also Trustee of the Point Mc, Leay (Aboriginal) Mission. Until 1960, Aboriginal people were restricted to missions if not working for pastoralists (usually on the large cattle stations in the North of the State). A “Protector of Aborigine’s” was appointed by the State government to administer the missions, so I’d guess George was running Point. Mc. Leay.

It could be his brother Abiathar Hawkes who according to Alumni Oxonienses 1715 – 1886 was born at Cape Town, South Africa around 1814. He matriculated from Wadham College May 17th. 1832 at age 18 with a Batchelor of Arts, and Master of Arts in 1846. Abiathair was rector of Rushton, Northampshire, in 1856. The LDS transcripts of the 1881 census shows:

Abiather HAWKES Head M Male 67 Cape Of Good Hope Cape Town Rector Of Rushton
Isabel HAWKES Wife M Female 68 Rickmansworth, Hertford, England Rectors Wife
Joseph MAJOR Serv U Male 25 Birmingham Groom & Gardener
Sarah HAWKINS Serv U Female 30 Layton, Huntingdon, England Cook Domestic
Mary J. CHAPMAN Serv U Female 21 Warkton, Northampton, England Housemaid
Dwelling Rushton, Northampton, England Census Place Rectory

Family History Library Film 1341379
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 1577 / 50 Page Number 2

Geoffrey Frogley Port Augusta, South Australia

My wife is descended of a Thomas Fereday,

"...a gunmaker of Birmingham in very good circumstances. His wife died at the birth of (the writer's) grandfather (Abt 1815) who was taken by the servant to live in London..."

Our Thomas must have been born in the late 1700s, and had sons, two of which were John and Caleb. Thomas is listed on Caleb's marriage record in 1840, but no wife is listed. In 1849-51, Caleb was the proprietor of Jaggers and Fereday, sugar refiners of Dublin, Ireland.

Is it possible that the Mayor was our Thomas? Do anyone know anything of the mayor's profession? Our Thomas would have been perhaps around 60 at the time.

Michael A. Shoemaker
Eugene, Oregon

If you wish to contact Michael for information or to provide information please email me at the email address below. I will then forward your email or communication to Eugene.

Joseph Payton 1770-1842

Joseph Payton, eldest son of Joseph Payton and his wife Barbara [Austin], of the Old Square Birmingham, was baptised on 9 July 1770 at St Philips, Birmingham. His father had left Dudley in the 1760s but the rest of his family still lived there, and Joseph the younger returned to Dudley as a young man to start employment as an auctioneer and appraiser, and as a carver, gilder, and print-seller.

Joseph's grandfather William Payton [1690-1749], was one of a long line of George and William Paytons in Dudley. In 1732 William married as a widower Mary DIXON [1702-1766], the daughter of Hugh Dixon, locksmith, of Netherton, Dudley, and his wife Joyce Hodgetts. When he died in 1749 this item appeared in Aris's Birmingham Gazette:

"Last Sat. died suddenly at Dudley, Mr.Payton an Officer of the Excise in that Town, who appear'd well, and dined heartily at Noon, and was dead by Three o'Clock." [Mon.12 June 1749]

William and Mary's youngest son Joseph Payton [1741-1818] moved to Birmingham before his marriage in 1768 to Barbara AUSTIN [1739-1801] daughter of Thomas Austin of Birmingham, where he was recorded as an appraiser and auctioneer of The Old Square, Birmingham, until his death.

When he was in his early twenties their eldest son Joseph [1770-1842] returned to live in Dudley where his uncle and aunts were still living. As an appraiser and auctioneer like his father, and also a print-maker, carver, and gilder, Joseph wanted to bring himself to the attention of people who could help his career. In 1794, when he was 24, he published 'An Authentic History and Description of the Castle and Priory of Dudley', dedicated to Viscount Dudley who bought 24 copies, with 12 in "fine paper".

'Dudley as it was and as it is today' [1949] has a reproduction of a painting of the "Smoking room, Dudley Arms Hotel, 1825" which includes Joseph Payton (misspelt "Peyton"), and several references to him, including a mention of the above book 'An authentic History and Description of the Castle and Priory of Dudley' [1794]. It has been wrongly written in several bibliographies that "J. Payton" (sometimes “James Payton”), a Quaker of Dudley, was the author. This error was traced back to an early bibliography of Quaker authors, where the compiler had concluded that because his surname was Payton, and because there was a prominent Quaker Payton family in Dudley, this book must have been written by one of them. However there was no "James Payton" or any other J. Payton other than Joseph Payton in Dudley Quaker records, parish registers, or P.O. and trade directories at that time.

Additionally, the bibliography compilers had not noticed the page near the back of the book, headed:

PAYTON, Carver, Gilder, and Print-Seller, Dudley.
"Having been honoured with the commands of many of the principal Nobility and Gentry, returns his most grateful acknowledgments for favours received; and respectfully informs them, that he continues to manufacture every article in the Carving and Gilding business upon the lowest terms. At the same time he begs leave to recommend his new and elegant mouldings (in burnished gold) for cornices, furbases, &c. which will be found upon inspection unequalled for elegance, cheapness, and durability.
Looking-glasses of all dimensions, superbly gilt and ornamented; paintings cleaned in the best manner, and old frames regilt to look equal to new.
Noblemen and gentlemen waited upon with patterns, and their work executed at their own houses, if desired.
The auctioneering and appraising business continued as usual, and every attention paid to the interest of his employers."

Joseph Payton was listed in various trade directories under 'Auctioneers & Appraisers' and also under 'Carvers & Gilders' as Joseph Payton of High Street, Dudley. These included 1808, 1809-11, & 1820 Holden's Triennial Directory; 1820 & 1823 Worcestershire Directory; 1828-9 & 1835 Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory; 1839 Robson's Directory, Dudley.

Photograph of miniature of Joseph Payton,
courtesy of Sue Pedersen

In 'An Authentic History and Description of the Castle & Priory of Dudley' Joseph Payton mentioned the Dudley Locust and some of the geologic and mining features of the area. In 1827 he was the author of a short, untitled article on Dudley fossils: 'Fossils found in the neighbourhood of Dudley, Specimens of which may be seen in the Collection of Mr. Payton, Dudley.' In the publication Bentley's History and Guide to Dudley, Dudley Castle, and the Castle Hill, and Alphabetical and Classified Directory of the Borough of Dudley, 1839?, Joseph Payton was listed as a "fossil dealer" (p. 120) and "auctioneer, &c." (p.88).

Joseph married Ann HUGHES of Newtown Linford, Leics on 27 Oct.1795, and their nine children were baptised at St Thomas, Dudley from 1796 to 1809. Ann was baptised on 1 Oct.1769, the daughter of William Hughes & Ann Mee, and was buried at St Thomas, Dudley on 26 July 1814 aged 43.

Joseph Payton, widower, died 3 Oct.1842 aged 72 “Gent., Old Age" at the residence of one of his sons, in Himley, Wombourn, Staffs.


Information provided by Sue Pedersen, if anyone wants to contact Sue please email me and I will forward your email.

My family have connections with Edward Grainger 1899-00. Edward's Sister Harriett married my Grandfather James Edward Beddard. Edwards Nephew Arthur James Beddard was killed on 13th April 1918 during active service in France. Edward Grainger's Niece Doris Beddard formally of 19 Stanmore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, emigrated to the USA . I think, following the death of her uncle Edward.

I appreciate you are unable to carry out research but wonder if you may have any knowledge at all of Mayor Edward Grainger in your notes.
Mike Beddard

Anyone who has any information about Edward Grainger, or may be related, please email me and I will pass on your details to Mike

George Bagott, mayor in 1871, was my great great grandfather. He was the son of John Bagott, a Dudley tailor who seems to have been quite wealthy, judging from the amount of property he left in his will. I have not traced John Bagott any further back with any certainty, but I think he must be a connection of the Bagot family of Blithfield (probably illegitimate!).

George Bagott was a 'Chemist, Alderman and JP', and lived, with his wife Ann Blakeway and their 13 children, at a house called The Laurels, 45 Wellington Road, Dudley. George was one of 10 children, all of whom did well for themselves.

One of his older brothers, John Bagott, was an eccentric character who ran a clothiers in Bilston, and who was murdered in his house by intruders in 1861. This was widely reported, as he was apparently a 'Scrooge'-like character, and regularly kept as much money as £200 in
a sack under the floorboards in his bedroom. The murderers got him drunk, and then returned to rob him, having found out where he kept his money.

Another of George's brothers, Edward Bagott, was also an Alderman.

Jane Rimmer

Anyone who has any information about George Bagott, or may be related, please email me and I will pass on your details to Jane.

I have been browsing the Mayors of Dudley and noticed a Frederick William Cook in among them.1906-7 I believe he could be the brother, or half brother, of my G Grandad Elijah Cook.Does anyone have any info on Fred please.Much appreciate it if they do.

Sylvia Churchill

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As a Black Country boy earning a crust in Yorkshire I was intrigued to see mention of one Benjamin Hingley (Mayor 1887-88). My maternal grandfather was also a Benjamin Hingley and my mother (now 85 yrs young) claims that granddad was either a nephew or a 2nd cousin. Could you please find time to see if this is in fact true? If it helps I think granddad (who died
very shortly after my birth- shock probably) married May Robinson, but I dont know when.

Rodger George

Anyone who has any information about Benjamin Hingley, or may be related, please email me and I will pass on your details to Rodger.

My name is Sandra Jukes, The first Mayor of Dudley is my line, Humfrey Jukes/Jewkes. His family were from Knightwick and areas around Worcester, before that Essex and Lincolnshire their names then were Joselyn/Duke/Hyde. In the 1400s Alice Duke Married Thomas Joselyne, he was a decendant nephew of St Gilbert of Sempringham near Bourn Lincolnshire who was a grand child of the daughter of Louis 4th. They were called the de Gaunts and Baldwin the 4th of Flanders they were called Jocelynus they were Knights of royal parentage. The English kings tried to get rid of them in the 1400s thinking that the kings of France wanted England, Alice and Thomas died early 1400s and their family scattered and changed the spelling of Duke taking the J,S from Joselyneus, there is no Jewkes/Jukes before 1450. Those that stayed Duke had to leave England on the orders of Cromwell to West Indies then America.

That is why they say the there is a hidden biblical tablet it must have been put there in Shropshire at the time of John Duke to Alice Campinion of Northumberland about 1450, they lived at Cotton, Shropshire, their son was Thomas, his grandfather's name. The Joselynuses were decendants of Baldwin the 1st whose parentage was from a Princess of Jerusalem, they were called the Knights Templers John was Joselyne not Duke but took his mother's name
Samuel Jewkes of Dudley became second in charge of the Mormons.
I have been looking at books and the computer for several years, I have been to Sempringham
and found this out, there is a castle in Belgum of the Joselynus family, and in France of the de Gaunts.

Hope this is of interest to some folk in Dudley and areas around
Sandra Ybert nee Jukes

A further update from Sandra:

I have taken this family back as far as 800 AD, if any one has pictures of the Jukes/Jewkes/Jux
Dudley/Sedgley/Tipton/family, I would like to see them up on the site. My interest came as I was looking at the IGI for names and the name went back as far as Humfyreson, now Knightwick by Martley Worcestershire and Shrewsbury Jewkes, We seem to be the only
DUKES left in England. That was not our name it was Joselynus, one married Alice Duke
and then being a Land owner went out of fashion with the King in 1450 he wanted the Barrons out of England, because he thought the de Gaunts who were us, might give England to the French. We had to move Quick out of the line of fire so we changed our name, but still used the J some used Jockes at first. A Baldwin the 1st of flanders married a Princess of Jerusalem, we were Crusaders and it is possible that this family did bring the Holy Grail from Sempringham in Lincolnshire to Shropshire or Worcestershire.

Sempringham was a watering hole for the Normans they kept all their un-married women there in convents and that's were they put the daughter of the last king of Wales. She lived there for 52 years. St Gilbert the great grandchild of Balwin the 1st and grandchild of Baldwin 4th and the grand daughter of Louis 4th of France had a Brother Geodfrey that is our line.

All the men who started the industrial revolution must have come from good family as they could read and write in the 14/1500s they must have got this from monks, only the Normans had this teaching no one else could afford it. there was a teaching monastary at Holt then by Worcester

Frances Jewkes Martley Engraver artist 1750
Samual Jewkes 2nd in charge of the Mormons born Kateshill went to Salt lake city 1860
Joseph Beete Jukes Geologist Knighted 1850
Joseph Jukes Fancy button maker1750
John Jukes his son carried on trade 1750
John Jukes of Bordesley 1800
Leonard Jukes Sign Writer 1920/50 B,Ham and Alvechurch
Leslie Albert Jukes of "Jukes and Curiton Advertising", Birmingham 1960/70
William Jukes landowner Birmingham 1700
And Humfrey Jukes the first Lord Mayor of Dudley

Anyone who has any information about the above information, or may be related, please email me and I will pass on your details to Sandra. Especially if anyone knows where paintings can be found of the persons named above.

If Sandra reads this - please email me, I have forwarded a couple of emails recently with no responses - thanks - editor

I've recently started to put together my family tree - mainly because of looking at a very old photograph album that belonged to my grandfather (Arthur Lionel Hillman 1884 - 1958) who was mayor in 1944. Joseph Leonard Hillman (mayor in 1935/6) was actually the father of my godfather, and my grandfathers first cousin. Joseph Alfred Hillman (mayor in 1909-1910) was Joseph Leonard Hillman's father. So - three Hillman mayors of Dudley. All that is really quite straightforward. The reason behind the letter to you (and Sandra Jukes) is because Joseph Alfred Hillman's father was Joseph Hillman and he was married to Lucy Vanes. Lucy Vanes had a sister called Fanny (born in 1821 in Dudley) who married John Jukes. So..albeit rather a tortuous route...there is a connection between the Hillman's and the Jukes's. I know there are a lot of Jukes's in Dudley, but I wondered whether John Jukes (b 1822) was a relative of Sarah? Just to add another twist to the saga...yes, you probably guessed right from the start, the photograph album has got various handwritten annotations against certain pictures...and one of these is written beside a Billy Jewkes (?). I have not as yet actually got around to connecting Billy to the Jewkes/Jukes family but am sure it must be the same family. Looking at the family tree again, I note that I have a William E Jukes (born 1866) there. I suppose that this could be "Billy".

Chris Hillman

An interesting addition to the growing jigsaw, maybe Sandra and Chris can compare notes on Hillman and Jukes mayors and help to join some of the strands together. As always any further questions or information please email me.

William North became mayor in 1877, one of his achievements was to create a free library in Dudley. A public meeting was held in September 1878, it took a while to persuade those in attendance, but after former mayor Joseph Stokes proposed a motion, seconded by the then vicar of St Andrew's, Netherton, Rev. SJ Marriott, a vote unanimously agreed to adopt The Public Libraries Act, 1855 and Amendment Act, 1866. The first books were issued by the library in October 1884. Netherton and Woodside also benefitted from new libraries by 1894.
(Much more information can be found in the Black Country Bugle - 31/8/06)

John Renaud was proprietor of the Castle Foot Glassworks, Tower Street Dudley. He held many posts in the town. He presented to the Countess of Dudley on the occasion of the opening of the newly erected fountain 17th Oct 1867a beautiful glass goblet designed and made at his glassworks with an exact representation of the fountain engraved thereon. He was also instrumental in obtaining from the government the two cannon now sited on the castle keep.

The Renaud family, they were originally from Switzerland, one Daniel Renaud b.1697 was their ancestor, arriving in England as a boy of 13, he became rector of St Dubricius, Whitchurch, Herefordshire.

John Renaud was the son of Edward and Ann (formerly) Price of Birmingham. John's obituary notice in the Dudley Herald (Saturday May 27th 1893) is well worth perusal for it refers to his introduction into glassmaking and details of his earlier life. Philip Rufford of the Heath Glassworks at Oldswinford had married Margaret Price sister of John's mother and thereby became his uncle by marriage.

The family lived at various locations at Dudley but in 1900 the business was sold by auction and Edward John Renaud 1838-1919 (son of John) retired to London. There is a picture of John with a group of Dudley worthies taken at a castle fete c.1857 and I think it is in a book associated with E. Blocksidge, a Dudley printer.

John Renaud died at High House, (now Stirling House) Hagley Road, Oldswinford and is buried in the family vault at St Mary's, Oldswinford.

Sincerely Yours Derek Garforth (a descendant)

I have just returned from New Zealand to visit relatives and to try to fill in a little more of my family tree. I have discovered that a Golding was mayor of Dudley and looking on web site Mayors of Dudley I have come across Henry Joseph Golding - 1933. I understand that he/and or members of the Golding family have to do with some stained glass window in St Andrews church, Netherton. I am wondering if you can clarify:

1. Information regarding the stained glass windows at St Andrews - have they to do with the Golding family - or can you point me in the right direction for further information please.
2. Can you clarify the dates that Henry Joseph Golding was Mayor of Dudley for me please.
3. Do have any other information regarding the Golding family?

Thanking you in anticipation.
Jancis E. Barlow

As always, any information to me and I will pass it on to Jancis

Was it you who was compiling the Mayors of Dudley? (The “Contact” address has lost its link.) I had a hard drive crash in Feb., and lost all my old addresses.

I sent you the Joseph Payton info some years ago, and thought of you when I saw this bio of one of the mayors of Dudley :

Sue Pederson sent me this link relevant to Hollier (Hollies)


I have been told that there were 5 Mayors of Dudley named Bourne, and a street named after one of them. Having managed to find the list of Mayors, I then followed on and have delved into your website for the first time. I notice that Carl Higgs has written a very thorough history of his forebears. Amongst them is Abiathar Hancox, a cooper, who married 1743 an Esther Bourne, daughter of Richard Bourn(e).
As my forebears are from Dudley, I am writing to try to find links to the Mayoral Bourne's.

I was born 1937, West Smethwick, and from 7 months old, brought up in Wolverhampton (Wv). My father Arthur was born 1908, Wolverhampton, as were my GF Roland 1879 and 1xGF William 1852.

Along with all previous known Bourne forebears, my 2xGF William was born about 1819 Dudley, died 1882 Wv. He married 21 Mar 1842, Christ Church, West Bromwich, Eliza Deel(e)y b ?1819 Oldbury, Shropshire. It appears that they moved to Wv between their marriage and the birth there of Anne in 1846, and there were at least 3 more girls and a second boy, all born Wv

My 3xGF James b ?1794 Queen's Cross, married 30 Mar 1819 St. Thomas, Mary Ann Cartwright ?1794 Oaken, Staffs. I think that they had a son Josh Christened (Chr) 6 Oct 1816 St. Thomas (possibly hers but not his?) - a known total of 4 sons, 3 dau's.

My 4xGF ?James Chr 7 Jan 1762 St. Thomas, married 21 Dec 1786 St. Thomas, Elizabeth Green. Their first of twoknown sons, Joseph Green Bourne b 31 Dec1787, married 18 Sep 1823 St. Thomas, Eleanor Bennitt b ?1802. He is likely to be the 1832 Mayor. They had a son also Joseph Green Bourne b 26 Sep 1826. He was a witness on a marriage cert which I have.

My 5xGF ?Joseph Chr?9 Apr 1746 St. Thomas, married 23 Oct 1770 St. Thomas, Mary Finch Chr ?12 Apr 1748 St. Thomas. Interestingly, Carl Higgs has John Hancox (1752-1815), the son of Abiathar and Esther Bourne, as marrying a widowed Elizabeth Finch.

My 6xGF ?Joseph b ?1715 married an Elizabeth ?. I think that they also had a dau Jane Chr 27 Jun 1734 Dudley.

I would dearly like to know if anyone has any further information, especially relating to Esther Bourne and her father Richard, along with proof of my 3x though 6xGF's names and details.

Best regards,

David Bourne.

email the web master Mick Pearson: